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Why you should not marry A very Beautiful Woman

Obviously, there are numerous reasons why spouses cheat on one another: Life is funny and can get quite intense at times; people who used to love each other, later on find out, that they had made a huge mistake in marrying their current spouse. In all honesty, because of the false nature of society, reality is filled with blind spots; and people wind up marrying the wrong person for a number of reasons. Society’s bias towards physical beauty, sex appeal, and wealth automatically gives rich, beautiful, sexy people the edge in the spouse-selection market. For this reason, one does not get selected as a spouse, based on pure moral and spiritual merits; those qualities are almost never considered in the spouse-choosing masquerade. Thus, selecting a spouse based, on her beauty and sex appeal is innately riddled with risks and storms because you are selecting wife whom every man wants to taste. Virtually everybody is in the rush for sex, beauty, and wealth: What this means is that average and ordinary-looking people are almost never considered as possible spouses. The understanding here is that only beautiful, sexy, and wealthy people can make great spouses and can make you happy. That, my reader, is a lie: Happiness is not necessarily found in beauty, sex appeal, and wealth; rather, happiness is found wherever you find it—and it may not be where you think it is and where you expect to find it. Happiness is where it is; you cannot find it unless you understand this fundamental principle: This explains why so many people marry the wrong person.

Society’s false nature blindfolds people to the truth that sex appeal, beauty, and wealth are not necessarily suppliers of happiness; it blocks people’s view that these same sexy, beautiful, and rich folks are among some of the hardest spouses to keep in a long-term, marital relationship: This is because so many people want to have sex with them—and, in most cases, they don’t mind at all.  The tremendous resistance that is required to fend off competitors for these rarified people’s private moments is not worth risking a long-term relationship with them.  In other words, maintaining intimate relationships with the prettiest and sexiest woman in the room may not be as easy as you think it is; the competition is too stiff, and too many people want to taste your wife. That is a problem, and it is not a problem that your wife is going to have to solve—because she may not mind being tasted by all these handsome men who want to taste her—it is a problem that you are going to have to solve, and that is going to be a difficult problem to solve. I strongly urge you to fetch and read the book, Crashing Streams of Change: Rise of World Government; it will open your eyes to a lot of things about which you’ve never thought—things that can change your life forever!

There is a particularly high divorce rate among these very good-looking, sexy people with whom virtually everyone in society wants to have intense, private moments. It is not worth the risk having the prettiest face in the crowd as a wife: it is tempting to do so, but it is a temptation that is, at best, shallow and fraught with confusion and trouble. The grandest and most priceless thing that a heterosexual, monogamous relationship can offer anyone is a good assortment of strong erotic tools and regular, electrifying sexual workouts; and folks, you don’t need the most beautiful face in the room, or on block, in order to have that. What many people ignore is that the most physically and sexually appealing woman does not necessarily guaranty regular, exciting sexual workouts—and that is that for which most people are looking. Have ever wondered why some good-looking women are not able to keep a man? In many cases, it is because they are too good-looking; and the guys who come around are too intimidated by their looks and the number of men who make passes at them during a five-minute block. No one needs all that competition; and no one, in his right mind, can handle all that public attention from people.

Thus, in a lot of cases, these extremely good-looking and sexy people are basket cases for the very reason of their exceptionally good looks: They get too much public attention, and they cannot handle it. As a result, many of these women sink down to being downright whores and societal dropouts, screwing with every man who compliments them. This explains why some of these very nice-looking women often wind up with very ordinary men, presumably because of the virtue and power of their erotic tools. Some women prefer men with jumbo penises; and if the man whom they marry does not have one, their beauty will attract one to them: This explains why it is so risky to marry exceptionally beautiful, curvy women—it is so easy for them to find another sex partner and leave you holding the bag!  The truth is that, picking the most beautiful spouse on whom you can put your hands is a bad idea. These women have too many problems, too many insecurities, and too many hang ups; for that reason, wise men leave them alone when it comes to marriage. As a result, many of these women flounder and stumble, finding it difficult to connect with the right man who wants them for their moral merits and not for the meat that they are carrying around. For this reason, these very charming women should do two things before they marry: First, they should test themselves to see how secure they are in themselves without horny men’s constant stream of compliments.

The Real Price of Beauty and Sex Appeal

They should test themselves to see if they can handle the almost incessant barrage of compliments, passes, overtures, and lewd comments from men all day long and day after day, after day: That is the real price of all that beauty and sex appeal that they carry around—that is the music that they face every day; they have to learn to deal with it, and every pretty woman can’t handle it. In many ways, beauty and sex appeal are like molasses and flies; the more of them you have and carry around, the more flies are going to bang around your life—and it just goes with the territory. These women must determine if they can handle so much public pressure from men, trying to get them in bed for a few moments of sex; thus, in many ways, society views them as mere meat to be consumed Secondly, they must determine if they can stomach being and having sex with one man for the rest of their lives. These women get so much attention that standing up to the pressures of marriage is itself a major crisis for them because so many guys are constantly coming after them—and they don’t know what to do with themselves. This explains why so many of these women eventually slump into adultery: They cannot handle that adulterous pressure coming against them every single day! In most cases, you, the husband, have not a clue about what is going on in your wife’s mind and life.

Can you imagine being wooed by forty men a day. This pressure is so maddening that many of these women pretend to be stuck-up and proud when, in reality, they are not that stuck-up at all: They just find it very difficult to handle the load of sociopolitical pressure that is brought to bear on them, and they merely use the stuck-up stance as a coping mechanism; otherwise, they will simply collapse. What is often overlooked in all these situations is the seductive lure of newness—what a few moments of sex would be like with this hunk seducing me here. For this reason, many of these women cheat on their spouses; they just cannot handle the attention overload that is directed at them daily. Can you imagine being removed from your ordinary station in life and being put in a mess like this: That is with what these women have to put up every single day. Being on the outside looking in, you might crave their station in life; but once you get into their seat and see how complicated and messed up their lives are, you may not want that for yourself at all; for that is the real price of beauty and of marrying a woman of that ilk. Again, I would like to encourage you to purchase the book, Crashing Streams of Change: The Rise of World Government, and see how the world really works.

Many nice-looking women who married young realize that they had made an egregious mistake; as a result, most of these women wind up marrying four and five times in a single lifetime. By the time they understand how life really works, it’s almost time to go. The main problem that these very beautiful women face is that of defining themselves within the framework of reality: All too often, these women are the first to be picked in the mate selection scramble; but that does not always work to their best interest. Because they are so good-looking, being the first to be picked puts them in a bad situation, in that the person who picks them may not be the best match for them; especially if the pick results in a hasty marriage. When that is the case, divorce is almost a take-it-to-the-bank certainty; and such a traumatic sociological experience, so early in life, can cramp their self-confidence for a good while. The fact that this often happens—as was in the case of Elizabeth Taylor who was married seven times—these serial marriages do take their toll on these women after a while, thus diminishing their self-concept and aplomb. In this regard, always being the first to be picked puts you in the hot seat and does not give you enough time to figure things out for yourself.

The Hot Seat of Physical Beauty and Sex Appeal

Oh, the curse of excessive public attention and the damage that it does to people who are insecure and unable to handle it properly. Evidently, some people can handle their sex appeal physical beauty quite well; they manage all that public attention that goes along with their beauty very well. Unfortunately, though, that is the rare bird that can do that. Excessive physical beauty is a societal strange trap, in that it keeps you at the center of attention all the time, and nobody can live like that; this explains why people vacate and go into disguise—they are tired of all the public attention that society levels on them, and they know that they are not all that. You see, God made the universe and made man to worship him; but man has rejected God. However, because he was made to worship God and has rejected that role, he has to find some other object of worship. So, what he does? he worships people instead of worshipping God whom he was crafted to worship. Man’s obsession with physical beauty and sex appeal is a reflection of his desire for something to worship. That was the same reason that Simone Biles just crashed at the last Olympics; she was getting too much undue attention, and all that attention made her somewhat self-conscious. She began to wonder, “What if I fail; I would be brought back down to the ground; accordingly, she just decided to pass on the Olympics because she has her own insecurities and issues with which she is dealing; failing at the Olympics could have smashed her to pieces.  She saw the problem and wisely averted it.

In this regard, the best thing that society can do for people, like Symone, is to simply not pump them up so much; treat them like ordinary human beings—and guess what? That is how they want to be treated because they know that they are not God. She is still the world’s best Olympic gymnast; she just could handle—and didn’t want all this—pressure that was leveled against her to perform and be the star that everybody wanted her to be. In a similar vein; beautiful, sexy women who are first picked in the mate-selection market are often rushed off into marriage before knowing who they really are. They are judged almost entirely on how pretty and sexy they are; and though those qualities are flaming and stellar, the person who possesses them needs time to figure out how best to use and develop them; unfortunately, being first picked and rushed into the strange quarrel of marriage; they are often unprepared for the role of bride and mother. All too often, many of these marriages end in plain-view disaster, crippling the person and strangling her real potentials as a human being. As was stated above, when society pumps you up, you almost always fail; and the results are never good.  That is the old proverb says pride goes before a fall; and God lifts up the humble and casts down the wicked or the pride to the ground. God resisteth the proud, but he giveth grace to humble. When you put your trust in people, they will always fail you: People will fail you again, and again, and again when you put your trust in them. The problem with society is that it puts its trust in beautiful, sexy women who always fail them.

In this regard, the best thing that these very sexy and charming women can do for themselves is to treat public life and all of its flatulent compliments at arms’ length and to cultivate a sense of self-confidence and self-worth that are based on personal merits, having to do with their human potentials—not flimsy physical appearance and sex appeal: These are merely temporary gifts that need to be used much more wisely than depending on them to prop you up all the day long. The seat of the beauty queen is a difficult seat in which to sit; it is difficult to be all that society wants you to be with these wonderful and priceless gifts: Society wants you to the hottest girl in town, being chased by the most handsome men who come around with all their talk about what they would do for you: A weekend in Paris, a trip to the African Safari, a date to a top-class New York City restaurant, a blue-diamond engagement ring, and on and on they go all day long. And then there are those who are much rawer, telling you how much they want to pin you at the waist, carry you to the moon, and bring you back safely again. Others, tall and handsome, tell you much they would like to screw you and give you a sex workout that you would never forget.

The Quandary of Marrying Beautiful, Sexy Women

The man is crushed when his wife comes up short and he gets the short end of the stick; his life is decimated by the news that his wife has been unfaithful to him—and sometimes, this has been going for years. It so happens that, sometimes, the affair partner has stronger erotic tools than you, the husband, thus sealing the adulterous affair over a long period of time. She did not want that, but the man brought it to her: She resisted—for a while, and then she found herself going along. So, both spouses suffer great loss: the beautiful, sexy woman has to put up with all this constant pressure from all kinds of men, talking to her in all kinds of ways. Eventually, she connects with a man with whom she resonates; but even before that happens, she found herself drooling over some guy who had come up to her, and she began secreting sexual juices, wishing to meet that guy again. You see, it is the constant attacks under which they come that eventually cause the adultery; quite often, their husband begins to take them and their beauty for granted; and that feeds into the system of chaos at the other end. Ultimately, these beautiful, sexy women find themselves going along. Over time, their husbands do not value them and their beauty as they once did; they begin to take them for granted, and then, things begin to go wrong. They start finding other guys sexy and interesting and begin drooling over them; something happens their centerpiece when a certain guy is around.

Imagine being to subjected to all that pressure, day after day, after day! That can be worrying and harrowing because, after all, you are just a human being, and you may go for the raw talk of that sexaholic who just got into your blood and bones, even though you may be married and know that it is wrong. These are some of the consequences of being picked first and of marrying the most beautiful woman in the crowd: Both parties suffer from the psychological damage that such booming societal noise makes in their ears all day long. The beautiful, sexy woman who is subjected to this constant societal barrage of confusing attention and air-tingling compliments has to be extremely strong for her husband: It is here where we see how much the world is a war because the world is a lie.

Here we see this woman is constantly bombarded with sexual enticements from all kinds of guys who don’t care whether she is married or not—they could care less. And she will have her weak days when she, too, would want to go for that erotic ride with the hunk standing in front of her there. At times, she would want to go for that ride with him, and he would not be the last one, standing there for the day. He fades out the picture, and another one comes right along.  While she may have very good erotic tools that deliver strong and exciting sexual workouts, why put yourself through all of that when you can get the same thing from a much simpler-looking woman with the same erotic tools, or even better! These sexy, beautiful women are under so much pressure all day long, they are not happy because they have to live up to too high a standard that keeps them under pressure and stress all the time.

These beautiful, sexy women have to constantly fend off good-looking men who are deadly serious about tasting them in bed, and the fact that they are married creates another dimension of complexity in their lives because, if their marriage breaks-up, these men who’ve taken them to bed in the shadows of their marriage would not want any serious, long-term relationship with them. Thus, both the man and the woman lose in the end: If the woman cannot hold up her end of the faithfulness in marriage deal, her weakness winds up destroying her because of her adulterous behavior. While she can easily find another man, her first divorce sets a precedent that renders her second marriage increasingly liable to fail again, crumbling under the same pressure as the first. These are factual elements that harm and haunt many beautiful and sexy women who wind up eating rock to find a man who would stay with them over the long haul, especially in the shadow of advancing age. You see, the truth is that the world is a spiritual place and is ruled by spiritual laws and demonic forces. If the woman fails in the first go round, she is likely to fail again—and fail much faster and easier than before. This is the reason that people need God to help them not to fail because, once you fail, especially in matters as serious as adultery and marriage; you have created a precedent that predisposes you to fail again, and again, and again. This explains why these same sexy, beautiful women wind up taking their own lives; and you stand there and wonder, “How, on earth, did all that happen to this beautiful lady who used to live across street over there—how did that happen! The world is an illusion and a spiritual machine: You cannot enjoy it without God, its maker. The Bible calls trying to do that sin, and that is what most people try to do—and it does not work.

If you’ve been moved by this article and would like to get more information along this line, be sure to fetch a copy of the Book Crashing Streams of Change: The Rise of World Government. And please, at least, leave a comment, reflecting your thoughts, one way or another.

Intimacy’s Loss and Societal Decay

Nothing stirs up as much interest as the topic of sex; no other subject catches as much fire and commands as much attention as the subject of sex: It appears as if people are more interested in the subject of sex, as an activity of fun, than as intimate family pastime between a husband and a wife. As a result of this strange perverted bias, the whole issue of intimacy has been virtually ignored; while most people are aware that sex is the highest and most involved form of intimacy in the world, they hardly seem to treat it that way. Society has become so loose nowadays and are so marginalized, that the intimacy component of sex is now almost not even there anymore as more and more people push it to the side of the road. Today, sex is viewed almost entirely as a fun pastime in which the intimacy element is lost; as more and people open up to swinging and all the group sex that unfolds in these vile, revelrous sex orgies; the intimacy, connected with sex, is gone forever.

Intimacy Stripped Away from Sex

However, sex without intimacy is like wet without water; and it drags society down to the dogs, with sex being placed at the side of the road. Things are happening so fast, one hardly has time to digest the pace of change today; but one has to ask, “What has caused this terrible reaction to intimacy—why, all of a sudden, the intimate part of sex is being lost as moral and societal decay continue to drag society down into the trash?” If sex is not intimate anymore, where do we go from here—are we staring down an abyss? This meaningless movement is fueled by the sense that there are no consequences for these jarring and vile changes in the societal code of ethics and conducting oneself. In this regard, it seems fitting to take a good, hard look at intimacy; in view of understanding why it has taken such a hit recently. If the Zone of intimacy is so intense and pleasurable—and yet, so ignored and minified—it appears as if more attention should be given to this striking change in human attitude towards sex and intimacy: Is the world being suddenly taken over by the devil? –what, in the world, is going on?

Swinging and group sex that used to be back-room experiences are now hosted in high-end, five-star hotels; signaling there has been a decided sociological change in human attitudes towards the whole idea of intimacy and sex. These changes suggest that society no longer sees these behaviors as private sociological conduct, a fact which hints the end of human civilization because such moral and societal decay is simply unsustainable. What is happening now is tantamount to bringing pornography from the bedroom into the public spotlight, and where does it go next? The way things are going now, it is clear that pornography and all of its sex orgies and mother-son sex are headed for sprawling public billboards, where sex acts will be glaringly portrayed for pubic entertainment. This is the moral abyss at which human society is staring right now. In view of intimacy’s rapid loss from public life, it is, at least, relevant and fitting to look at the countercultural movement that is taking over the world and turning it into a strange morgue; as the other side of uncontrolled public sex is violence like society has never seen before

And to that end, it is fitting to clarify what intimacy is and what it is not: Intimacy is the process of mingling, mixing, and blending two people’s inner worlds together through communication, understanding, and romance. What is clear here is that intimacy requires concrete communication, agreement, and understanding before the fire of romance should be brought into the picture; however, this is not the model that we see floating around so freely today: The specialness of love, communication, agreement, and understanding has been utterly lost; and now, all that is left in plain-view sex, as if that can stand on its own—and it cannot. Thus, what we have left is a staggering societal disaster of moral decay and millions of aborted babies: In a world where all the emphasis is placed on the few moments of pleasure that sex appears to hand its participants, society is dying—fast! But does it seem to matter how the intimate zone should function in a world where so few seem to care about that aspect of things? Absolutely not! What needs to be made abundantly clear here is that sex without intimacy is a terrible societal mistake that would bring more pain and sorrow into society than anything else—it is a dramatic disaster of epic proportion in which more and more babies are going to be aborted.

Few people seem to understand why the Corona Virus has killed so many Americans: Standing now at over 700,000 dead; it is not far from reaching the million mark, and it has wrought its havoc on society with an urgent message: Straighten up or else, more is coming your way; and we know that this is true because the sorrow and destruction have not only been unfolding in the disease realm; other natural disasters have been issuing the same message: We see this pattern of societal chaos unfolding in a rash of deadly societal uprisings, hurricanes, floods, fires, suicides, and a host of other warnings from nature that society has seemingly not been heeding—and the consequences have been catastrophic. Thus, what we see unfolding now are not just natural disasters; they are human calamities with an urgent message: Fix this problem of moral and societal decay and lawlessness; otherwise, you would be sorry—at least, sorrier than you are today. And sorry society has been and is.

Two Different Types of Intimacy

The idea of trashing the specialness of intimacy in matters of love and sex and turning it into the vile masquerade of swinging cannot be overlooked:  Look at the destruction that such cavalier moral and societal decay are causing on society. In other words, there are some heavy consequences for trashing the intimacy zone. Intimacy is the blending of the inner worlds of a man and a woman through rational agreement and romantic fire; the zone of intimacy cannot function effectively without rational agreement and effective communication—an intimate relationship cannot thrive on mere sexual fire. Any such endeavor is a fairy tale—and oh, what a fairy tale it is today! Intimacy is the opening up of the gate of two opposite-sex parties’ intimate world; when a man and a woman open up to each other intimately, appropriate nudity happens or results. In this regard, intimacy produces appropriate nudity along two different planes: symbolic nudity is the revelation of forbidden truths or life secrets, which are just the natural result of experiencing real intimacy. The person brings you into a place where no one else is allowed; only very special friends should be allowed in this place, realm, or world; it is a special dimension in relating to others. The word intimacy, as used here, is synonymous with the word nudity. Because nothing is hidden from people who interact at this level with one another, they are said to be naked before one another.

Whatever you do, fetch a copy of the book Crashing Streams of Change: The Rise of World Government; it would show you some things that you needed to know years ago; it shows you surprising ways how the world works and how you can use that very critical knowledge to your advantage, thus helping you to fix and turn your life around. The world does not work the way most people think it does.

The second intimacy plane, or form of nudity, is natural is natural nudity or intimacy; thus, real intimacy produces both symbolic and natural nudity. This tells us that human beings are alone and are always looking for a partner with whom to share their lives, their nude selves, and their secrets. Symbolic intimacy is the nudity that results in secrets being shared as trust is built; this is usually a precursor of natural nakedness that involves the sexual element. Typically, people do not share intimate life secrets with folks whom they’ve just met and do not trust—and wise people certainly do not have sex with people whom they do not know and cannot trust. The new, sassy model of nonintimate sex brings virtual strangers into intimate, hard-core sexual intercourse without any strong foundation of love, meaning, and intimacy. That is a recipe for disaster of all kinds—and this is exactly what has been unfolding in society today; it is as if the entire society is breaking up and imploding.

Weakening of the Traditional Christian Influence

Generally, this new model is clearly a scrapping of the traditional Christian model of love and intimacy; this new fad is sex without any foundation of meaning, agreement, rational understanding, and real intimacy. It is as if the old guard of carefully choreographed love and intimacy has been utterly trashed for the new, in-your-face, looking for a whore to screw tonight and dump tomorrow: The whole thing now has been turned into a sex trap that is riddled with deadly diseases, dead abortion mothers, and millions of murdered babies: this type of recreational sex that has resulted from all of this is itself a death trap that is conspicuously not treated in the oversexualize, fast-moving culture of today. The zone of intimacy used to the be the place where the human mask of guile was stripped and removed; now that that zone has been abandoned, the mask of guile in now never removed; leaving society in a perpetual state of darkness and falsehood. The darkness is now perpetual because not enough time is taken to develop the intimate part of these new relationships.

With no intimacy in place, chaos and destruction are the inevitable result of such a model of reality; but even more disturbing, truth and reality don’t seem to matter anymore. As a result, ever sixteen hours, a woman dies at the hands of her lover or estranged lover in the United States. This is an indication that the new model is deadly destructive and is tearing society in pieces. The intimacy zone is critical to society’s survival and advancement because it is out of this cocoon from which society sprouts and develops; and when it is cast aside, society is destroyed. The babies that are supposed to be born are aborted and thrown into the trash.

Because the world is filled with imperfections, people find it necessary to wear the mask to cover up a variety of imperfections; however, they often choose to unmask in the presence of people whom they love and can trust. Because life cannot thrive purely on sex, that solid foundation of intimacy is critical to the survival of any intimate relationship; and now that that is gone, the very foundation of society has been dug out and removed, leaving people’s lives built on sand and straws. All their ugly spots and stains are covered with the flimsy mask of guile. These are spots and stains that people do not want anyone to see; but in a false world like this, those stains eventually surface; and when they do, the ramifications are often devastating. People wear the mask to block the public from seeing the blotches and lies in their lives; but in a world where intimacy is not a priority, nothing can be hidden for long. And when the ugliness appears and surfaces, calamity strikes from the blue.

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