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Understanding the Intimacy Zone

Intimacy is the blending and thorough mixing of two opposite-sex people’s worlds; it is that quality that makes intimate relationships so special and different from all other relationships: Intimacy demands access to the other party’s intimate space and world. Interaction in this rarified zone almost always involves the sharing of secrets and physical space; however, in view of how cheap and amoral society has become, physical sex is not necessarily intimacy. Sex without choreographed love that involves lengthy communication, rational agreement, and clear understanding of motives is not intimacy; it is senseless and often costly recreational sex that is costing millions of little babies their lives. This article’s essence is to understand the intimacy zone and what meaningless tampering with it does; obviously, this is a zone that ought only to be accessed by very special and trusted friends and intimate lovers. Unfortunately, this zone’s specialness and crucial importance have gotten lost in the moral mayhem unfolding in the world today; those qualities have gotten lost in all the confusion and randomness that occur in everyday life today. As a result, because of the moral cheapness of life today; the zone of intimacy gets violated by the wrong people, often with disastrous consequences. Somebody’s wife hugs a colleague on the job, triggering a strong reaction from those two parties. More often than not, that reaction leads to an extramarital affair that breaks up a fifteen-year-old marriage. Along this same line, a mother hugs her son a little too long; resulting in a shameful incestuous relationship that destroys her family. What is crucial here is that the intimacy zone has a special function and should not be cavalierly tampered with as if there are no consequences. It is a very sensitive zone that is only designed for a very special purpose; it is not designed to be carelessly violated by people who have no business interacting with it because it represents a person’s treasured secrets and very life. Thus, no one has any business being there but those people who are supposed to be there; when it is cavalierly violated, it wrecks the person’s very life.
A person’s intimate space in the gateway to his intimate world, and it is the very device that sets his life on fire; thus, careless tampering with it tends to have consequences far beyond one’s wildest imagination. In this regard, it is very obvious that such a rarified zone should not be invaded nor infiltrated by anyone who has no business being there. Something that often gets lost here is that opposite-sex intimacy sparks the fire of sex, and it does not matter who the parties are who are tampering with this intimate zone: This zone is exclusively designed to trigger intimate reactions; and even though it may have been activated inadvertently, that does not invalidate the fact that it sets off the person’s sexual fires. Opposite-sex parties who come into one another’s intimate zone and play around with it would ultimately wind up having sex, whether they had that in mind or not. Sex, therefore, is a place that two people consciously reach in the reality dimension spectrum. This place can be reached through imagining being there with someone or by violating a person’s intimate space by force. The same thing happens when inadvertent contact is made with a person’s intimate world and that person begins to imagine having you in bed. Thus, in the intimacy tug of war; much imagination is needed to fuel the system of getting the person’s mind where you want it to be; therefore, the thought of sexuality spreads from the aggressor’s mind to the mind of the other person who, initially, was not thinking along the line of sex. Thus, physical intimacy is very mentally and situationally driven; therefore, if you do not want to be intimate with people, you should avoid getting into their intimate space and embracing intimate environments with them: Those situations tend to create a mind of their own.

The order of Intimacy in Society

In order to understand how intimacy, it is critical to understand how intimate space or how the intimacy zone works. Opposite-sex intimate space has several dimensions: The first dimension is used to express intense family love; this is called romantic family affection, and it is appropriate in a tightly controlled time framework. For example, a sister who hasn’t seen her brother in a long time can embrace him very tightly for a few seconds, in a breast-to-breast, chest-to-chest embrace at the airport, without sparking any incestuous feelings currents. However, if that embrace lasts too long or becomes too frequent; it alters the brother-sister relationship and begins to operate in an entirely different dimension; even if the parties are not consciously trying to initiate an incestuous brother-sister relationship with each other. The incestuous reaction is sparked by merely tapping into each other’s intimacy zone, especially if either of the parties mirror strong erotic sparks. The erotic spark or lure is the trigger of the sexual intimacy between the two siblings –and it really does not matter who is doing the tampering with the intimacy zone; that zone is designed specifically to respond to sexual prompts. Thus, that gently, soothing rub on the back can burn down your house if you do not control it because it is a sexual spark, just waiting to be troubled by the right pair of hands. Thus, careless tampering with this spark or intimate zone causes sexual desires and one’s erotic fires to flare up and drive parties into surprising sexual intercourse. That is the first dimension of the intimacy or the intimate zone.
The second dimension of the intimacy zone is recovering trash: What is intimacy trash? Intimacy trash is anything that gets in the way of intimacy, impeding the love-sex relationship. Unacquaintance, hate, different priority, unattractiveness, unfriendliness, weirdness, and any push factor that blocks and opposes the stream of intimacy from flowing smoothly between two people. Thus, intimacy is a social geographic current or factor that influences how physically close two opposite parties can become—and these laws are always working weather you think or not: This is how society work. In some ways, intimacy is like lanes on the street: each lane is a measure of how much intimacy is allowed under normal circumstances. One lane reflects a parent-child relationship, in terms of much physical closeness is permissible between them; it determines how much hugging and physical display of affection is allowed between them—and they know how much that is: They know how close they should be with each other. Thus, when they violate that reasonably expected closeness norm, they know exactly what they are doing and where it is leading them. For example, while a mother may be given more leverage in showing physical affection to her son, that same level of affection may be viewed as incestuous between siblings. A mother may embrace her son tightly, and even kiss her him on the cheek if she had not seen him in a very long time. In that situation, a one-time inordinate display of affection is quite alright and normal; however, if this becomes the norm and the regular pattern of behavior between a mother and her son; then it waxes incestuous because the mother and her son would be violating the law of intimate space, in which case they would know exactly what they are doing—they want to have sex. Whenever the law of intimate space is wantonly violated, it is usually done purposely; and that is what causes the incest, or, in more general terms, the inappropriate relationship to develop and tear up things. Generally, one or both of the partners are driven by incest and want sexual intercourse—and that is exactly what follows after all this unwise and inappropriate behavior.
Usually, a one-time excessive mother-son affection is quite normal; especially when the circumstances clearly justify the excessive show of affection. The same thing is true between siblings; however, the public will be less tolerant of a brother squeezing his sister’s breasts against his chest under any circumstance whatsoever; thus, sibling relationship can be viewed as lane two in the order of level of intimacy allowed in public. What is also quite telling and compelling here is what this type of public display of affection says about what is going on behind closed doors. If the affection is jarringly excessive in public; it is, most likely, sexual in private. It is simply amazing what mere observation tells you about how human society works. When sexual activity is involved among family members, it really cannot be hidden—it just leaks out on its own in public. Thus, for the most part, if you see excessive affection being displayed between a mother and her teenage son, you can rest and be assured that that is a sexually involved mother-son couple; and while lane one may accommodate a certain level of intimacy between a mother and her son, that is still subject to the level of affection that they normally should display in public: Anything beyond that is telling the full story of what goes on behind closed doors.
Lane three reflects the level of affection that may be viewed as normal between a nephew and his aunt and a niece and her uncle: again, reasonable display of enthusiasm at seeing each other is normal; going beyond the normal, in excessive display of affection, is not and is incestuous. The same thing is true about cousins and the level of affection that is due them in public; it is interesting to note that the further away you get from the parent-child relationship; the less affection should be displayed, and the more awkward excessive affection in public becomes. The same thing is true of friends and dating couples. Thus, the level of affection displayed in public among family members may be viewed as lanes on a road, with some lanes being safer than others. The same thing is true of friends and dating couples, and the same concept can be applied to work environments, with married and unmarried people constantly coming into contact with each other. many marriages are destroyed and wrecked at work because most people cannot handle their intimate space and because people, in general, are dishonest and false; they have poor intimate space table manners and often allow people into that space who have absolutely no business being there.

Management of One’s Intimate Space

Poor management of intimate space in public settings; and in particular, in work environments; is one of the principal causes of destructive extramarital affairs and marriage break-in in America today. It is as if people cannot handle their own intimate space—and that is so merely because they are dishonest with themselves, their spouses, and the extramarital partners who lure them away from their spouses. Many are too oversexed and dishonest to be faithful to their spouses, and that is rather regrettable. The same thing that happens to families that causes incest is the very thing that causes extramarital affairs on job: Lost in, and overpowered by, the sexual lure; people ignore the forbidden and defeat their own selves. Family members who hug and embrace too long and too frequently wind up having sex and confusing their family situation, forcing themselves to answer complicated questions and to be in situations in which they would rather not: The poor management of their intimate space winds up destroying their sense of family, rendering family get togethers extremely confusing and awkward. Ultimately, these tremendously complicated relationships eventually get worse when pregnancy occurs and complicated decisions have to be made about the child’s destiny: If you abort the first one; what are you going to do with the second. and the third… and ninth one. Sperms and eggs produce babies in sex; if you keep having sex long enough, you will get pregnant; no matter what birth control measures you use. When the baby comes, that will be that embarrassing moment.
The same issue is true in work environments with married women who cannot manage and control their intimate space properly. As I said before, intimate space is just that: Intimate; it is not space that should be available to every guy on the job. Thus, young married women who go around hugging and embracing every handsome guy on the job, sooner or later, will connect; and that connection may very well end their marriage at home. The issue of intimate space and the need to manage it properly is one of life’s most crucial skills that especially women must inculcate: As a woman, you must inculcate proper management of your intimate space, otherwise, you will soon morph into a whore and a person whom you do not like.
And interestingly enough, everything has an intimate space or zone: That space must only be shared with that special person whom you love; otherwise, it loses its value rapidly. If everyone man on the job can screw you, you are a cheap piece of crap—and somebody needs to tell you that; eventually, that cheapness soon turns into depression. They will screw you and then, avoid you as the whore on the job. Your intimate zone is for your lover, and more symbolically, for special friends whom you trust as bosom pals—and they should not be men because, as a woman, it is difficult having men as bosom pals. A lot happens in that intimate zone; you exchange attributes with that special person in the process of creating a oneness effect through sex and other intimate sharing, where a system of need fulfillment is generated; and you become dependent on each other for satisfaction of that sexual need. People who violate the law of intimacy or intimate space wind up misunderstanding themselves and putting their bodies to the wrong use. You need to understand that sex is marriage, and marriage is sex; when you have sex with someone, you are exchanging and sharing all parts of you with that person; thus, sex should be exclusively reserved for that special person in your life.

Intimacy, the Essence of Understanding the world

Intimacy is the essence of understanding the world; it teaches you how the world works, and how it ought to work. When a man and a woman become intimate, three other elements are brought to bear: Pleasure, procreation, and displeasure. Because most people today do not spend much time building the intimate foundation of their lives, most relationships are short-lived and become bitter very quickly: The displeasure quickly follows the pleasure component, alerting the sex partners that sex is not the joy ride that they thought it was. People come together for pleasure; but, instead, they reap displeasure from the aborted baby and the cruel nightmares that follow for years on end.

The Displeasure and Wrong Side of Sex

Why does sex ultimately produce displeasure? Judging from the volume of people undergoing shockingly nasty divorce situations, it is obvious that sex’s value has been way overblown in the muddy stream of contemporary society. It is as if people are willfully being deceived about sex and its panacean effect; the shockingly repulsive message today is that porn is the norm, and people are cavalierly told to just go and have sex: You will feel better. Well, it is a rather comforting message; other than the fact that it does not work: Millions of people have given up on the message, and hundreds of thousands take their lives every year; which is a direct response to the Porn is the Norm Message that society is tacitly wiring to everyone today; and, at best, it is a dangerous message. Sex eventually produces displeasure because it is the essence of intimacy, and intimacy’s main goal is to point out what is wrong with the world—not to give you pleasure. It does seem that way up front; but you do not judge—and at least, it is not wise—to judge something merely by what it does, or what it seems, to do up front: things should be judge on the basis of what they ultimately do and cause in the world. Sex is the rawest form of intimacy, and it points out what is wrong with the world.

How does sex point out what is wrong with the world?
  • When a man has sex with a woman, they pick up each other’s germs and diseases, antics, pains, and poverty woes. Sex is one of the principal transmission lines or conduits of disease and evil spirits in the world: On the surface, it does not seem to be that way because the world is an illusion. Most people believe that sex begins when the penis enters the vagina or through some other opening in the body; but that is not true. The mind is man’s greatest sex organ, and Jesus says that, if a man looks upon a woman to lust after her, he had committed adultery with her already. Most of what we call sex today begins in the mind: Sex begins with violating the law of intent; if you look, speak to, or touch a woman with, the intent of sex; you’ve had sex with her already. Thus, sex does not just transmit its poisonous contents through penis-vagina sex, it also does this through the intent of the heart via the mental mechanism of thought, looking, speaking, touching, and penetrating the opposite-sex party of your affection.
  • Thus, sex functions, and can be experienced, at a variety of levels; and it inflicts damage on the world at each level of intimacy at which it operates.
How does Sex Inflict Damage on Society?

Remember: Intimacy’s main purpose in the world is to point out to man what is wrong with the world. Therefore, sexual intercourse, especially that without love, produces unwanted, unplanned babies and sourness of soul in the world: This, alone, should alert mankind that something is wrong with the world and apprise him of the fact that whatever is wrong with the world, it is his responsibility to determine what it is and to fix it. If you are hard-nosed, you may be prompted to ask what kind of sourness does sex produce, even though it is very obvious what kind of sourness sex produces in the world—the ravages of sex are everywhere in the world.

What Kind of Sourness that Sex Produces in the World?
  • Sex produces unwanted pregnancies that most people cannot afford, again teaching you that something is wrong with the world—it is full of what seems to be unavoidable poverty. In this regard, sex is a friend that tells you the truth.
  • Sex is a conveyor belt or transmission line of evil spirits from one person to another. Sex is the mixing bowl that transmits the ingredients of one person’s life to that of the next. For example, having sex with a bisexual person opens you up to that bisexual spirit. Now, I understand that you may not believe that bisexuality is a spirit; your understanding how this can be in utterly immaterial: There are many things that you don’t understand that you do not question. Bisexuality is a spirit in the world of man; people were not born that way: The heterosexual attraction is the universal appeal, and it loses sway as society waxes increasing corrupt. Look at the United States today; when it was much more naturally driven, heterosexuality was the norm: today, all that has changed. What liberals need to ask themselves and honestly answer is this question: Why does homosexuality thrive mainly in sick, psychopathic societies; undergoing massive societal change and breakdown?
  • The reality here, though, is that liberals are not interested in truth; therefore, you cannot win an argument with them because they have already decided with is true from what is not—they don’t care about what is true. They know what is true, but they don’t care about that; they only care about what they want in the world. All major world civilizations were smashed to pieces as they waxed increasingly liberal; thus, as to whether bisexuality is spiritual or not is utterly immaterial to liberals. However, that is the case; and having sex with bisexual people causes the bisexual spirit to transfer to you whether you believe that or not. This is why most people who view themselves as heterosexuals routinely engage in homosexual acts, but they do not view themselves as homosexual. What they are actually saying is that they have homosexual feelings and occasionally give in those feeling but are not homosexuals themselves. But that is not all that they are saying: What they are also saying that they do not understand themselves and why they have these homosexual feelings. I am telling you why.
  • Somewhere along the road, you’ve had sex with a bisexual person, and probably engaged that person sexually over a certain period of time. In the course of time, they became that way by accessing the spirit of bisexuality by dint of having sex with a bisexual person. Sex mixes people’s ingredients up and passes them through the transmission line of the orgasm; that is why people behave so wildly when they are having an orgasm: Spiritual contents are passed during that time. If you are a heterosexual male, and you begin having sex with a bisexual female, that bisexual spirit will be transferred from her to you. You may not recognize it right away, but at some point; that bisexual spirit is going to remind you that it is in your system and wants expression; in other words, sooner or later, that spirit is going to remind you that you are bisexual, and you would not know what happened to you. All that you would know is that one day, you woke up having those feelings. You may not act on it, but you will be conscious of its presence in your sexuality. Once you get to that point, only Jesus and a stern resistance to that lifestyle can save you from being bisexual because that force is a spiritual force or intelligence that is programmed to making people bisexual, and you may not be able to fight it with your natural will, especially in a liberal society like the United States today. You may have to call on Jesus to divest you of this strange influence in your sexuality.
  • A lot of normal heterosexuals have been coaxed by professors and other influencers to stimulate their anuses and later found out that they were gay. Well, they weren’t; they just opened the door to that spirit, and it came though and turned them that way. The same thing is true of people who’ve been to prison and have been exposed along that line: They have had the same experience. Someone sexually abused them in prison, and they have not been able to kick that experience from their minds.
  • Sex conveys diseases and germs from one person to another: Why? It is because sex is a mixing bowl that blends people’s substances together; in essence, sex is really a blood transfusion: That is what sex really is, so that what is in one sex partner passes to the next sex partner through the orgasm; and some of the diseases passed by sex are deadly. The intent of these deadly diseases tells you how serious some of the problems in the world are. Remember: Intimacy’s main goal is to point out to you what is wrong with the world and how serious the problems are and how serious the problems in the world are. Because people don’t heed the message does not mean that the message is not there—people just don’t heed it or think that that is what the message is saying doesn’t mean that that message is not there.
  • In addition to all these problems, sex often produces betrayal and heartbreak, alerting mankind of the fact that the system of reality in the world cannot be trusted; and that fact comes out in matters of business, love, sex, marriage, and family life. The intimacy of sex reveals that people don’t get along and that the world is a very dangerous place. All this is revealed in the pain, poverty, and heartbreak that sex causes in the world.

In sum, the pleasures of sex are merely illusions: sex is a wonderful friend that warns mankind that the world is a lie and a very dangerous place. Thus, sex is a friend with an urgent message: The world is a lie and is going in the wrong direction.

Intimacy and Romantic Friendship

Intimacy is the entrance into, and the mixing of, the ingredients of two opposite-sex parties inner world; a person’s inner world is the world that outsiders are not allowed to see nor enter because it is the quarters in which the real person live. A person’s inner world is that area in which clothing is not worn, and where the truth and secrets about that person’s life are highly visible. You need to understand that the smiling wonderful person whom you met a week ago is not the person who lives in that inner world; people behave and carry themselves completely differently in the outer world from the way they do in the inner one. Most people maintain two clearly defined lives, and it is a miracle when you don’t find these two distinct persons with the same name. The world is false; people know that and adjust their lives to suit and to conform to that reality: That explains why the world is so confused and messy.

The intimate world is where a person’s spirit lives and is, therefore, a very sacred place where only special friends and one lover should be allowed. It is in this intimate space where life is really lived: Life, in the outer world, is a lie and a plain joke. Most people can’t afford to be real in, and with, the outer world because that is the place where lies and illusions are the norm; therefore, the inner world of truth and realness has to be cordoned off from the outer world of lies, deceptions, and illusions. This explains why so much hurt transpires in human society; itis because the whole thing is a lie, but it has been misunderstood and presented as a world of truth by cunning people who are its architects. The inner world is the world of truth about a person’s life that, probably, only he and, perhaps, one more person know—only he and that other person know what is true about his life in that world. Because of the nature of how the world is set up, only your lover and special friends should have access to your inner world. This is one aspect of the mystery of intimacy; the world that you see out there is false but everybody does not know that; it is a mystery because it is cavalierly presented as a worth of truth and legitimacy.

Although the truths about a person’s life are really lies, only he alone knows naturally know this: Virtually everybody out there is wearing a mask, but that is not how people present themselves to others: They pretend to being their real selves while they are strapped with the mask of hiding who they really are. They know who they are, but they would never tell you that. What the person calls truths in his inner world are nothing but dirty, little secrets—and sometimes—serious crimes are among those secrets; thus, all people must be viewed with suspicion because the world is false; and for that reason, they are, too, and should be viewed that way.

What is Intimacy?

Intimacy is a special room in your life that is only reserved for you and your special friends. In this regard, this brand of intimacy has starkly different functions. The term intimacy is largely symbolic, alluding to the nakedness that true intimacy fosters; thus, intimacy here is used interchangeably with nudity. Therefore, there are two kinds of nudity or levels of truth in a person’s life: One is symbolic, the kind of nudity that you would expect from trusted friends. This kind of nudity is used interchangeably with trustworthiness and should only be reserved for special friends whom time has shown to be trustworthy. Thus, this level of nakedness here is symbolic; you do not undress before people who are not your intimate lover—you just tell them more about your life than you would tell others. This symbolic nudity or intimacy is for special friends, and you should only be symbolically naked with these people. Symbolic nudity or intimacy here means that you truly trust these people with your life, and you choose to be naked before them but it is not a natural form of nakedness as you would become and present before you lover; it is merely symbolic in nature: This is why it is called symbolic nudity; it is merely a symbol of nudity or nakedness—it is not the real thing.

At the same time, it is important to notice that there is a sharp difference between people whom you think you can trust and people who deserve your trust, and these two groups of people are as different as night and day. This is because people whom you think that you can trust may not be that trustworthy after all; thus, your intimate space or world are the people who deserve your trust. In this regard, symbolic intimacy should be reserved only for people who deserve your trust; but there is another level of nudity: Natural nudity, reserved only for your lover; this is the nudity that involves the real stripping of your natural garments for sexual intimacy. Unfortunately, this brand of nudity or intimacy has undergone dramatic decline and most people who are having sex today are no longer intimate and are playing Russian Roulette with their lives

The importance of Symbolic Nudity

Symbolic intimacy is based on trust and solidly developed friendship; therefore, it ought to be a precursor for natural nudity: You should not take off your clothes with people whom you cannot trust and who do not have your back. Accordingly, wise people stipulate the necessity of friendship and building a solid foundation of intimacy before any kind of serious, long-term, intimate relationships. The concept of romantic friendship has been thrown around recently, and it simply implies friendship on a very profound level, where people display deep emotions for one another but falls short of sexual activity. The friendship is very profound and intense but yet platonic. These friendships are called affective or romantic friendships. In view of the nature of these friendships, it would seem as it they are the finest precursors for long-terms, serious, romantic relationships because they embody all the ingredients of strong symbolic intimacy and would set a marriage on a much stronger footing. Romantic friendship sets marriage on a much safer and surer course than any other kind of relationships in the world because they bring people together who have been true friends for a very long time, thus giving them plenty time to build a strong framework of symbolic intimacy, a precursor of natural intimacy.

Affective Friendships

Many people believe that friendship is a fundamental component of happiness and that finding solid friends strengthens and enriches one’s life: As solid as this may seem, it is difficult to prove mainly because of the innate falsehood of the world. However, the basic premise here is correct: A good, strong, and substantive network of real friends can certainly enrich and strengthen one’s life; and, as was stated before, friends like these who have weathered the storms of friendship and past the many tests that are normally required to prove true friendship would make excellent spouses: For one thing, you know that they have your back—they are real. They are not just friends whom you trust; they are friends who deserve, and have earned, your trust. No one better qualifies to be a spouse than someone from this pool of affective friends; unfortunately, because society is so looks-driven and appearance-obsessed, many people have passed over great spouses and chosen looks that only lasted a few days. At the end of the day, looks fade; and what you are truly looking for is not just some dashing sex symbol whom every hot and tot wants to screw: That for which you are looking is a faithful, honest, and loving spouse who would not cut and run when the chips are down—and there is where most people fall away. They are shallow and untrustworthy.
Oh, how sad: Which is better? A good-looking spouse that only last for a few days; or an average, affective friend with whom you’ve gone through the thick and the thin? I guess that it is a matter of perspective; but given the choice between the two, I would most certainly select the average spouse with whom I’ve gone through the thick and the thin. In dozens of my books, I’ve strongly advocated that you should never select prettiest and sexiest girl with whom every man in town wants to have sex—it is a bad idea. It can be difficult being put in that thorny, spiny situation where a handsome guy is constantly pulling at you, trying to get you to go to bed with him: You may be able to resist it for a while, but most women eventually give in and stain their marriage with adultery. Excessive beauty is a cynical friend and a nasty enemy; in this regard, I strongly recommend building sturdy, friendly relationships with all potential lovers and sex partners; getting to know the real them over a few years and building a genuine, romantic friendship without sex for the first two or three years.
All the stats show that people nowadays are all too ready to rush into bed with total strangers and then to subsequently get their buts kicked by the mule of folly. At the end of the day, what really counts in a great relationship is a dynamic friendship and a great sex life—and you don’t need the most beautiful woman in the world for that. Unfortunately, it is kind of difficult to date romantic friends because they are usually in their relationships; and reality is often not that cut and dry where you can observe a romantic friend for several years, in view of starting a relationship them. However, where this is possible, romantic friendships generates the finest kind of love relationships in the world because you know that that person really cares about you. Some people balk about dating their friends of many years; they say that sex changes the friendship and turns it into something else. While that may be true, all you need to do is to continue being your true self to the friend that you’ve known all these years: What has worked through the years will also work even better now.
Your romantic friendship with your affective friend is a secret; he or she doesn’t need to know that you are watching him or her, in view of a romantic relationship: Those people don’t have to know that you are looking at them as a potential spouse; that is an intimate, inner-world secret. It is then that you would get to know and see the real person in action over time. This, in my opinion, is the solution to phony lovers that only use your vagina and then walk away; leaving you feeling cheap, cheated, used, and lost. Romantic friendship is the wisest choice in town nowadays. Society has become too dark, dismal, and corrupt to fall in love with just a pretty face that sticks out across the room: That is Russian Roulette kind of love nowadays.

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