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The World of Intimacy and Selecting a Mate

Self-publishers have always had a hard time in getting ahead in the literary industry and have faced tremendous headwind: Many self-publishing writers are just as inexperienced, financially ill-equipped, and unbusinesslike as their pre-information revolution counterparts. The idea of writing one book, promoting it on a million free-book websites, and giving it away to anyone who wants a free read is the wrong book-marketing model. This approach to book marketing has led to what is called “free-book catastrophe”; this is the book marketing catastrophe  that we see in the market today; and now that so many books are being written, this has inspired many writers to make their books available for free. In addition, many readers have become accustomed to free books, this has ratcheted up the challenge of marketing self-published books today. According to the article, The Nature of Reading, reading enables one to process information and plays an important role in brain development. In view of such highly prized benefits of reading, it would seem as if readers should not adopt the niggardly perception that writers ought to engage in giving away their books for free—it clearly does not make any sense.  According to the article, The Glorious Benefits of Reading, reading is a delightful view into the soul of man. Reading brings you into distant and unfamiliar worlds that you would otherwise never visit: It is just downright stingy to want these golden benefits that reading delivers for free—nothing in the world is free. Why should authors engage in the foolishness of free books—why should they participate in the plain folly of giving their books away for free? Books are not to be made available for free; they are to be properly marketed and earn their authors a decent wage.


According to the article, Understanding how Marketing works, self-publishing writers are solely responsible for marketing their own books. As a self-published writer, if you do not market your own book; who will? While self-publishers do lack the business and marketing savvy needed for real results in the industry, they cannot put forward a lackluster effort in marketing their books: They must step up to the plate and acquire the skills needed to make things happen for their writing career. However, far too many self-publishing writers are too lazy and are not too keen about marketing their own books. For this reason, most self-publishers, in this current digital age, now experience a titanic struggle with book sales. In part, this is tied to many self-publishing writers’ supine attitude towards marketing. In a broader sense, though, lackluster book sales are connected to another factor: Many readers are no longer buying books because of the wash of free books that are available today. This sweeping availability of free books has literally spawned a free book catastrophe that is driving thousands of writers out business because they cannot survive this tremendous washout of their talent. In the article, The Destructive Train wreck of Trashy Writing, the writer ardently inquires whether too many poorly written books are on the market today and have, therefore, cheapened the whole idea of reading. Perhaps, to some degree; this careless, complacent attitude about writing has produced the tsunami of literary trash that finds its way into market; thus, forcing many readers to expect cheap and free books. As a result, this has caused the catastrophe of freebies that we see in the marketplace today—and it is rather harrowing to behold.


According to seasoned author Jessica Scott’s article, Why Free Books don’t sell, the idea of making one’s books available for free is a horrible one and a terrible sales model. She considers it bad advice being pushed by insiders in the literary industry—and she was not alone: She was accompanied by a chorus of writers who have had the same negative experience of making their books free, receiving thousands of downloads, and virtually no sales nor reviews.  This idea that, in order to make your presence felt as a writer, you need to make your books available for free is an execrable and tremendously wrong notion that is being pushed by some book-marketing pundits today. This has led to the what some writers and industry view as a free-book catastrophe. You know, some things are just wrong: No matter how you look at them, they still turn out wrong—they just have the wrong ring to them. It is like someone telling you, “Send your wife over to my house to sleep with me tonight, and I will give you the job tomorrow.” Even though you may need the job that badly, the whole proposition just has the wrong ring to it—it’s just not right. In a similar vein, free on-line books hurt the author and divests him of payment for hard work over, sometimes, several years. Writers work very hard and should be paid for the hard work that they do: They should not be trapped in the free-book catastrophe into which the cheap, mean-spirited reading atmosphere today had dashed them.


 Obviously, one’s wife is not a whore and would strongly resist such an overture by her husband: The same thing is true of someone telling a writer who has spent thousands of hours on his book to give it away in order to sell it. The whole idea sounds so absurd, it is not even worth repeating. Is it that to which professional writing has come? Is that all writing is today? You bet; That is the ditch into which the free-book catastrophe has brought professional writing.  The whole notion of giving away one’s hard-earned book for free does not have a good ring to it.  In the article, Building Networks, the writer irons out the real benefits of marketing in promoting a product and stresses the importance of creating networks as an integral part of the marketing process. The mere idea of giving your book away for free ignores the basic law of the resource; if your book is not worth anything, then you are operating at the zero-profit level—a level at which you cannot remain for long, and this is the level which has caused the free-book catastrophe.


 What is wrong here? Well, for one thing; giving away books that took so long to be written and perfected is, at best, a bad idea. Moreover, things would not have been as bad if so many nonwriters were not writing shoddy books; plainly, it is the law of supply and demand that has been calling the shots here. Too much of anything is poisonous—and this is exactly what is happening the literary world today; accordingly, only those die-hard writers; bent on honing their craft and marketing it until real results transpire; are going to be successful. Self-publishing writers who are banking on writing that iconic one-off million-seller can almost forget it—it is not going to happen in this current free-loading, book-distribution landscape. Two bad things are happening here at the same time to books: First, too many books are being written by too many unseasoned nonwriters; thus, cheapening the whole idea of books’ inherent value. As a result, this cheapening of books’ innate value has occasioned the nasty free-book catastrophe to which so many writers have become accustomed. Secondly, too many readers are free-loading off the battered, saturated book industry; hence, forcing thousands of real writers who cannot survive the current free-loading shock out the literary industry. Accordingly, the industry is currently bleeding budding stars with answers to many of the conundrums that batter and shake world society today.


In this regard, the answer is two-pronged: Free-loadings readers need to grow hearts and to understand that nothing is free in this world: Those free books that they are reading have cost many budding writers their career, and that is a fact of which they need to be aware and of which they need to think for a good while. The free-book catastrophe is rapidly destroying society, as many of its finest thinkers are forced to retire from their writing career: This means that a sizable body of societal thinkers is forcibly removed from their post as suppliers of answers to many of society’s problems and conundrums.  As dark as the world has become, urgent answers are needed now more than ever before; and which professionals are more likely to supply than writers who spend virtually all of their time thinking and organizing them in their minds.


Powerful Sociological Distractions

At the same time all of this is happening, fewer and fewer people are reading books; as many alternatives to reading have sprung up in society. For the most part, these alternatives to reading are merely distraction—and many of them are deadly from a societal point of view. In the article, Solving Life’s Problems and Resolving its many Issues, the author recognizes the complexity of reality and the need for answers, especially now. These sociological distractions that we see in society today are merely harbingers of more worrisome times ahead: People, sensing that society is not working the way it used to in the past, have become antsy and jittery; they now flounder about the place; looking for new kinds of answers to their meaningless, confused lives.  Net plex’s movies are definitely a powerful competitor of reading, and many people prefer to look at a movie than to sit down and read a book. Unfortunately, most of the movies today are not morally wholesome; they are riddled with pornography and illicit sex, behaviors that do not require extensive brain development. In addition, for the most part, these distractions are negative and orient people to living wrong. Due to the shoddy, licentious movies that people spend hours viewing; there has been a sharp spike in extra-marital affairs and an attendant rise in the number of domestic violence in society.  As a result, a sizable of women are being butchered by their intimate partners. thus, helping to nudge society further and further into the chasm of moral and societal decay that we see today.


   In addition to regular movies, pornography has become a new fixture in just about every American home today and has caused towering moral waves in society; as a result, just about everything has been going wrong in America today. The incidence of incest is at an all-time high, and extra-marital affairs have become mainstream, everyday events. These dramatic moral changes have sharply affected and molded people’s perception of books’ innate value; as a result, many people who used to purchase and value books very highly now just see them as useless objects, lying around the house. Thus, these people are not likely to spend money on books; paradoxically though, that is exactly what they need to do in order to clear up their murky consciences. Devoting a sizable portion of one’s time, watching morally polluted movies and shockingly disgusting pornographic scenes, has demeaned them and cluttered up their consciences. This has created an American society that is drunk with anger, lust, guilt, sorrow, and unhappiness; four out of every ten people in the United States are afflicted with, at least, one sexually transmitted disease.


According to the article, Millions of Americans Have an STD: Report-MedicinNet, more than $16 billion are spent on curbing sexually transmitted diseases in the United States every year, and more than 110 million people in the United States. Even more disconcerting is that there are 20 million new sexually transmitted diseases every year, and more than 10 million cases occur among young people. As more and more people read fewer and fewer books; overall societal behavior has waxed increasingly irrational, violent, and dangerous. The sociological distractions mentioned above have obviously spurred all the anger, the lust, the guilt, the sorrow, and the unhappiness that are so conspicuously noticeable in American society today. Many former book lovers have wandered far away from the path of safety; they are out there, lost in the fog. Many have become stingy book readers who would not pay a dime for a really good book; thus, helping the free book catastrophe to gain momentum and to drown the book industry in the dense fog of broke writers and confused Americans. We must pull out society back from the edge: It is not even safe to go anywhere anymore; irrationality and emotional outburst are the rule of the day. Is this all that America represents?


These dramatic and insane behaviors were not this highly noticeable in an earlier time when Americans read the Bible and locked themselves away with great and wonderful books. In the light of the recent storming of the Capitol building in Washington DC, it is not hard to see that something is terribly wrong with American society today. The Bible says that the wicked and the nation that forgets God shall be turned into hell, Psalm 9:17. Has America been turned into hell? You might say, “Don’t preach to me; I don’t want to hear that.” At least, you’ve made your position very clear: What is not clear is exactly where America is heading if it does not make a very quick about-face turn. Who can’t see that our society is quickly losing control of itself is just plain blind, but this is the way nature warms civilization: The warnings always come first; the writings always appear on the wall before the wall comes tumbling down.


And of course, America is no different from all the great civilizations of the past: They all believed the lie that they were too great to fall. Where are they today?  They’ve all fallen, and their great buildings and walls are now but mere rubble in the sand. It is clear that godless America is heading in the wrong direction; this is not the tidings that most want to hear: They want to hear how great America is. Great societies don’t storm their lawmakers’ building and turn their session upside-down—do they? Oh it is so easy to blame Trump for all the chaos, but truth has a funny of making it clear who is at fault and will always return for second demonstration of where the trouble really lies. Make no mistake about it, wantonly the setting mob on fire with the flame of senseless rhetoric was an egregious mistake: Yes, Trump has made some odious mistakes and must be held accountable for them; however, the story here is not a one-man show: Rather, it is the show of devious politicians with dangerous agendas—and this is what is wrong with a mendacious world where truth means absolutely nothing. This is why books are so important to train the mind to think properly and wisely so that hard-working writers can continue writing to save society and to head off the free book catastrophe bedeviling society today.


This is why people need to spend more time with good books that teach their minds to think soberly and to act rationally: This is also why people need to eschew and abandon dangerous universities that teach people to hate God and to love false ideas that have all been tried before and failed—is anybody home. Why push ideas that don’t work—and they already know that they don’t work! Who are they trying to fool with their senseless tomfoolery rant? In this regard, today’s writers have been deceived and betrayed both by their readers who won’t buy their books, and by their political leaders who have turned to the devil to fix things. Surely, the emotions are very raw on both sides of the aisle; and no one is willing to give up anything: We have forgotten is that no divided house, city, or nation stands a chance in this world. Somewhere along the way, we’ve gotten wrong; and that truth is very evident in the eyes of all today: Few, however, are willing to retrace their steps and are dead set on implementing and executing policies that would further divide society.


What we are looking at today are two diametrically opposite civilizations that are being played out in the political arena; people, belonging to the top of both civilizations, are at war; and the preservation of American society is at stake: It is will be very interesting to see how the war will end. It is a funny thing when people, at war, pretend to talk peace when they already know that they are only interested in one thing, and one thing only: The spoils of the war that they are conscious is already in motion. The truth is that only writers on the fence can articulate adequate clear and sober ideas to turn back the galloping mules of war. Although war does not fix things, man’s false nature believes it does and will resort to it again and again and again. War doesn’t fix things; neither does senseless rioting, but great books, written by brilliant writers, do. A good book is worth a million dollars, and a great thinker and writer is worth a billion! Drop your guns and spears and get back to reading, America; you’d be glad you did.  Get back to patience and good books, locked away all by yourself! Stop the free-book catastrophe and keep great writers doing what they do best: Writing.


Unless truth is identified, respected, and accorded its rightful place in American society; the distractions, mentioned above, and their consequences will just keep right on coming. America needs to get back to reading books and the Bible and to giving truth its place of honor in its midst. This is the answer to all five of the sobering dilemmas mentioned above. People need to get back to good books in a quiet room away from it all. The shocking effects of these new distractions to reading in America are plainly visible, as the level of domestic violence and societal anarchy has risen rather sharply within the past year or so.


The Shocking Surge of Domestic Violence

The number of women losing their lives to adulterous affairs has increased rapidly; and today, at least three women are dying every day from extra-marriage related violence. The upshot of the matter is that these new sociological distractions are proving to be much costlier than most people initially thought. What is particularly disturbing here is that, unless this upward spiral of naughtiness and moral decay is halted, more and more people are going to pay this terrible price for the shocking societal changes that have overwhelmed the United States. In this regard, going back to the reading pastime of years would benefit more people than most realize today. American society has drifted way too far to the left; and this cavalier drift to the left has thrown the society completely out of balance, to the point where discussion of this nature is viewed as preaching and off-limits speech.

 According to an article put out by Gerald Boyum, A Letter to the Editor: Why the Left Hates America and Trump; the writer distils the notion of the liberal Left’s perception of society as a utopian place, based on Marxian ideas where everyone is equal. These ideas are clearly mendacious and have never worked. Leftist politicians are not so interested in promoting Marxian ideas as they are interested in getting rid of freedom of speech. They already know that Marxian ideas don’t work—it has failed everywhere it was tried in the world: What they are really after is the shutting up of Christians and the elimination of every vestige of God from society. This would allow them to practice every imaginable kind of immoral behavior in the books. Human society will never be equal because human beings are innately selfish, greedy, and agenda-driven. These problems can only be solved with the mature ideas of great thinkers and writers who spend their entire lives mulling over these cantankerous issues that divide society today and finding ways to bring balance and reason society.  In this regard, the ideas of these writers are the solution to most of the ills that plague society today. Their unwavering faith in God gives them a monopoly of truth because of their objective and colorless understanding of things. These brilliant writers’ books ought to be promoted so that they can remain in business. Free-book catastrophe is the result of Americans drifting away from the path of truth into the dangerous territory of liberalism, a system that desires to rob them of their lunch.


Simple logic has demonstrated that America is clearly going in the wrong direction; and what a massive price that it is currently paying. The Covid19 slaughter should be a wake-up call for most folks; unfortunately, it means absolutely nothing to the average person until all the rest of society fades away as well. The Coronavirus is one of the writings on the wall for America; nonetheless, millions continue living as if nothing at all has happened. Is the Covid19 slaughter a spiritual message to Americans? It is unique in many ways and has hit American society the hardest in the world; therefore, it is, at least, something to stare at and ponder for a good while. Just in case God is talking and no one is listening, the next calamity is likely to be worse because whoever is talking will get his message across—one way or another. Let us bring an end to the free-book catastrophe; nothing in this world is free: You simply get what you pay for. It is far better to hug a good book and enjoy its many pages than to be slaughtered by your lover in an extra-marital affair gone bad. All that it costs you is the purchase of a few books that cost anywhere from $5.00 to $15.00 apiece.


The Tamer Past of Yesterday

 My advice to Americans is to get back to books—good books: Read them and become their friends again; for there is no kinder and gentler friend than a good book.  Drop out the rat race of lies and distortions before you have to understand the cryptogrammatic message that is being etched on the wall of American society today. The spiritual message contained in the Covid19 slaughter in America is utterly missed; its cryptic message has not been properly deciphered because it has been snubbed, and change has not come.  In the simplest of terms, most Americans would fare much better is they move back to pastimes, such as reading a good book, finding time to play with their children, and to simply sit down and enjoy a family evening together. One of the things with which no one can argue is the truth; America has simply become too toxic, polarized, rogue, and senselessly violent.  Getting back to being shut away in a quiet room with a great story all by yourself would do much to repair American society today. The answer, my friends, is getting back to reading and enjoying great books and wonderful stories that warm the heart and uplift the spirit.


Cheap Free-Loading Readers

This is not what the new distractions are doing in America today; they are doing the very opposite: Shoving it further and further to the left and tearing up the fabric of the fabric society. Many of these people have stopped reading books, and most who have continued now feast on liberal contents that are the essence of all the trouble in American society today. This new disdain for good, old-fashioned stories is a powerful driving force behind the free-book catastrophe that is crippling so many writers’ financial situation today. The problems of the past were not as stark, prevalent, and poignant as the ones that are so highly visible today. In the past, most people cheered the idea of purchasing a great story, locking themselves away, and devouring that book in their pastime; and to be sure, that was a much tamer and safer past than today.  In the article, Give Away, Do they make any Sense? The author argues that exposure is essential to book sale, and I cannot agree anymore; however, making one’s books available for free does not necessarily result in greater book sales and reviews: It would have been wonderful if that was the case, but the facts are not borne out in a variety of research that has been executed.


Again, and again, and again; authors have spent thousands of dollars in book advertisement only to have very futile results; similarly, authors have also made their books available for free and have not experienced any appreciable change in book sales or reviews. Currently, there is a tremendous amount of pressure on authors to make their books available to readers for free: It is a crash course in career suicide—and that is sad indeed. The truth is that the free-book catastrophe has been slowly destroying the literary industry, forcing thousands of good and capable authors out of the business.  The real paradox and troublemakers here   are those business that encourage writers to discount their books or make them available for free. These businesses that charge writers huge amounts of money to either steeply discount their books or to make them available for free are traitors of the literary industry, and they are becoming filthy-rich off the backs of competent writers who should be making a decent living off their writing. What these traitorous businesses are doing is that they are taking writers’ royalties and giving them away to free-loading readers who are too cheap to pay for a good read.


The reality is that, if they can read the book for free, they can pay for it, too: Many of these free-loaders complain that the books are of an inferior quality; well, if they are so inferior, why are they reading them—they must have some kind of inherent value and provide valuable entertainment to them why they continue to read all these inferior books. At the end of the day, though, the real traitors are writers who give away their books for free because, as long as people can get books for free, they are not going to buy them. Rocket science is not even needed to see this simple explanation why so many writers are struggling to survive today. Writers need to wake up and stop giving their books away for free. Yes, the situation is dire and a massive quantity of books are written and published every year; but that is beside the point: Books cost writers a lot of money and time—and that should not be made available for free. Every person who works needs to be paid, and writers are no exception to that rule. The free-book catastrophe is a problem, and it is damaging the writing industry. No free-book catastrophe existed in the past, when people truly enjoyed reading great stories: The digital age has been both a blessing and a curse; and selling shoddy, ill-written books and giving away well-written ones are the curse of the day. Some dashing self-publishers; insistent on taking shortcuts; are just not going to make it and will, sooner or later, drop out the race.


In order to bring a good book to market in this digital age of writing today; the writer must spend, at least, $5000.00; or, if he is able edit his own work objectively, he may end up just spending little over $700.00. Some people can edit their own books; others can’t. And don’t give me this bit that no one can edit his own book: The reality is that no book—I don’t care who has edited it—is entirely free from flaws. The truth is that no book is ever finished and can never be completely written: All that happens with a book is stopping after so many rounds of editing. In addition, editing has become a massive snake-oil industry; and I am not sure that what many editors charge is worth the money. As I said before, some people are not natural writers and do not have a good hold of the English language. Thus, you know, if you cannot speak good English; you will not write good English—and will most certainly need many editorial revisions. Additionally, writing is for intelligent people: Writing reflects a certain measure of intelligence; thus, it should be a task reserved mainly for the well-educated and well-equipped. While I am aware of the difference between intelligence and imaginativeness, they seldom come alone. With that said, too many uneducated, unintelligent people are writing books—and it shows in the shoddy writing that they deliver in the market place. Writing books without intelligence is tantamount to entering a beauty pageant with an ugly face—and that is not cool


Many who are writing books today are truly not legitimate writers; their writing reflects many mechanical problems with grammar, punctuation, and internal paragraph cohesion: Those errors need to be corrected. Putting out a long stream of poorly written books is a horrid idea and creates terrible name recognition. Books need to be well-written and cared for, even if they only describe steaming pornographic sex. No matter how witty and clever you are in describing these naughty sex scenes; if your book is riddled with all kinds of errors, sooner or later; your readers will move on. Accordingly, the ideal self-published book marketing approach is to produce squeaky clean, exquisitely edited books that are charmingly type set and covered with a dazzling wrap and a beautiful storyline. But that is not where the story ends: No matter how wonderfully written your book is, it must be vigorously and ongoingly promoted. I will tell you one thing: You cannot keep putting out books of this sterling caliber that would not sell; eventually, your stories are going to begin to catch fire in the marketplace, and word about your great books will get around. If writing is your plaything; do not give up: Hang in there until all your ships come in.


The truth about marketing self-published books today reflects the following hard-hitting facts:

  • Just by virtue of the sheer number of books that are being published today, self-publishing writers should be restricted solely to those people who truly enjoy writing, and according the article, What Books Sell Best, they should publish self-help and erotica books and be prepared to write several books. because one is are hardly going to be successful by simply writing one or two books, he should prepare himself to publish several books over a protracted period of time. The more books you write, the greater the odds that you are going to be successful. The problem is, though, if you do not have the knack for writing; you are not going do what putting great books require.
  • According to Jessica Scott, Why Free Books Don’t Sell eBooks, the competition is fierce and much hard work is involved. Because of the tremendous competition that is out there now, with more than two million books published per year; self-published writers should be prepared for a good, long fight; promoting their books against their many fierce competitors out there now.
  • They need to be good writers; to put out quality, well-written books; and to become book-writing machines because, obviously, no one can ignore the golden value of high quality and abundance. Thus, self-publishing writers must face the iron fact that they must be prepared to churn out one book after another before things begin to happen for them. Merely writing one or two books just do not cut it anymore; the more high-quality books that you put out there, the more respect you will earn from readers; and they will devour them like hot cakes!
  • In addition, self-publishing writers today are merely wasting their time; giving away their hard-earned books: Writing is difficult enough, and to write a book and give it away for free is clearly sending the wrong message to the reading audience. In this regard, self-publishers must price books competitively and keep the price while they spring another, and better-written, one on the market. Just when they look around, you have another title out: That earns you respect folks—and that kind of respect cannot be ignored.
  • While utilizing free book-promotion sites is a good idea, in that it gives you exposure to, and discoverability by, the book-reading world; it is simply not a good enough marketing effort to begin triggering the kind of book sales that you want. Let us be real here: The free-book stunt has crippled the book publishing world, in that people who normally would purchase books—even they be for mere $.99—are not going to purchase any when so many millions are now available for a free read. The free, book-marketing stunt had created a book-selling catastrophe; and many writers are simply fooling themselves: Free books are nothing short of marketing suicide. Nothing in this world is free; free, especially online, means run for your life! When you see the term free anywhere online, you better run for your life! Nothing free is free; thus, why should writers give away their books for free; it is a sour waste of time and effort.
  • And readers, shame on you for wanting authors’ hard-fought books for free: A well-written book today costs, at least $5000.00 to bring it to market, other factors equal: Why should it be made available to you for free—where is your conscience? And writers, stop selling yourselves so short and giving away your books for free. There are some things in life that are worth fighting for, and the real cost of your book is one of them. Price your book competitively; keep writing, and for God sake, do not give it away for free—even if you charge a nickel. Giving it away for free is sending the wrong message to readers: Writers are their suckers, and they have them on a leash. People tend to see whatever is cheap and free as being worthless. I am a motivational speaker with a multimillion-dollar lesson plan or blue print for any man who is willing to roll his sleeves and jump into the war of success: I stand by my principles—and I will not give them away for free. At $400.00 per person, I stand on my blue print for creating multimillionaires.
  • I will not give away my multimillion-dollar success blue-print for free; It has helped me to write more than thirty-one three-hundred and four-hundred-page books: If you get a hold of it; you will do the same, or even better. I have great confidence in my multimillion-dollar success machine: I will not give it away for free; It is not a taste-testing program. Neither should you give your books away for free. Whatever is free is never truly appreciated and treated with respect in this digital age. If you can’t write books that are worth anything, stop writing and do something else. This is the plain truth! We have become so inure to lies nowadays, nothing seems to work anymore—truth has been tossed into the sea. Folks, giving away your books for free is a lie and a devastating book-marketing catastrophe—stop it. Since 2010, hundreds of bookstores have closed their doors: Book World folded, Borders faded away, and now Barnes and Noble is on life support. Why? To many books that they should have sold were given away for free. If your book is not worth anything, leave book writing and find the reason that you were born—that is worth everything in the world.

If this article has inspired you and given you fresh insight about how to make your life more successful, drop me an encouraging comment. In addition, I am looking for marketers to work with my publishing company. Leave your information, and I will get back with you right away.



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