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The Vanity of Election Cycles in America

Uplifting Corner

In a world that is rapidly unraveling in all directions, people who operate at the helm are going to have to be made out of sheer steal. Involvement in politics merely for the power grab is a plain drain on society’s scarce and precious resources. In a world where morals have all but dried up, leaders will have to be people of unvarnished integrity and loyalty to truth and purpose at hand. They will have to reinstitute morality to its former glory and force lawlessness to grind to a screeching halt. Unfortunately, we live in a world whose cracked, parched, infertile soil no longer produces leaders of that caliber; therefore, if you think that merely putting another new face in the Presidential Palace–oops, The White House (I am sorry), would change things; you are in for a rude awakening and great disappointment. What is so particularly unnerving and unheartsome here is the cavalier abolition of sober morals in the West. In the wake of traditional morality’s abolition and demise—in the face of the blithe rampant disregard for Biblical morality and disgrace, election cycles and new presidents are virtually meaningless occurrences. And yes, It always appears as if some new president smack from the blue would change things, solve the problems, and make life better for all Americans; but judging from the past dozen or so elections, as far as I know, virtually all of the problems in America have remained unsolved: Wealth is still immensely maldistributed; the aristocracy still runs the show, and the gap between the rich and the poor has continued to widen indefinitely and wonder out of control.

In view of these stark facts, it is evident that election cycles in America today are a rank waste of time and taxpayers precious blood, sweat, and tears; but paradoxically, most Americans have hardly noticed this stark, acutely painful fact: They are still locked into the iron illusion of election cycles that only benefit the rich, one way or another. There are two types of rich people in America: Rich Democrats and rich Republicans. From the looks of things, it appears as if they have made some under the table pact that all other players must, by all means, be locked out in the cold. Why Americans have not noticed that Elections cycles no longer have the effect and serve the purpose for which they were instituted anymore, is anybody’s guess. Such seemingly radical analysis does appear to be heresy and gross nonsense; but oh, when the plain facts are scattered on the table, examined, and the verdict arrives; what seemed to be so radical and heretical turns out to be truth as plain and pure as milk itself. As to why most Americans have not inculcated this conspicuously visible fact is the tenth wonder of the world.  The book, “Crashing Steams of Change”, a difficult stroll away from mainstream societal understanding, is a very good place at which to begin figuring out the egregious injustices that are meted out to ordinary people In Western societies to today.

With the crystallization of the New World Order and its spry shoal of fantastic promises to the human race, the whole world has waxed antsy for change and cannot wait for this great new world that is unfolding on the horizon. Few have noticed that it is a world where moral principles mean absolutely nothing. In the wake of the mushrooming growth of globalism worldwide, prostitution has become industrialized; more and more children are becoming sexually active earlier and earlier. Some virtually experience full-blown adulthood as early as five years old.  The painful trouble with this insensate obsession with all this sex on demand is its plain catastrophic consequences on the human society. Millions of babies are being born out of wedlock; an uncounted number of little children are transmuted into hard-core adults well before the time is right; and many of them are being washed away in the massive tsunami of ruin that is sweeping the world of precocious young adults today. When life’s powerful, baneful storms howl and hiss against these premature adults’ lives, they cannot stand: They are not able to treat the overwhelming pressures of adult life. And when these deadly storms swoop down upon them like a katabatic wind, they will all topple over like drums in a tempest. And what is the result—mass suicide. The Western World’s abolition of the Bible has instituted problems that most people today cannot solve; and judging from the incandescent hatred of Christianity that one sees today in the West, things can, and will, only get worse.

In the surging wake of the new problems that globalism has introduced to the world, the only people who seem to doing well are Western aristocrats and other filthy-folks around the world. The global business elite, with their pockets stuffed with cash, are soaring into the heavens: Perhaps, a good place to start an objective analysis of the New World Order’s efficacy is the redistribution of society’s economic resources that would allow every human being to lead a decent life and have equal access to higher education and competent medical care. “Crashing Streams of Change” spotlights the fundamental fallacy that drives reality in this world today and helps you to understand how the world really works. If the sobering tone of recent world events bothers you and you sometimes feel lost, lonely, and forgotten in the world’s rapid disassemblement and race to its own crash site; a good read of this groundbreaking book would clear things up for you and set you on your way. You need to be admonished that this is not age in which to depend on government handouts: This is a “Dog eat dog world”—not a government handout one. You need to understand now—right now, not tomorrow—that government will not be there for you. If you are going to clean up your life, you must start now with your own wits. You better figure out what you are good at doing and begin cranking up some kind of business around it   And may I warn you, “Don’t wait: Tomorrow will be too late.” Reset your mind set and begin thinking financial independence from vain government handouts that are not going to be there tomorrow.

I am cognizant that this kind of plain, matter of fact talk bothers some folks: They are still living in an America that used exist one hundred or so years ago: Folks, do not be deceived; don’t fool yourself.  America has changed: Elections cycles are virtually meaningless. You might as well open your own eyes and behold the fast-approaching future where America’s global reserved currency status is yanked by China; a different world order develops overnight, and America is no longer merely allowed to go on printing dollars. Inflation will rise to the roof, and the three hundred trillion dollars that America now owes will be due—and oh, what a mad scramble that is going to be. You think it was bad during the Great Depression, the Great Recession of 2008, and even now: You better fasten your seat belt and get ready for a crash landing that most Americans refuse to see coming. Whatever you do, give “Crashing Streams of Change” (available at is a good read: It will open your eyes or help you to grow new ones!