Love Is the Golden Grown of the World

The Uncharming End of the World

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The end of all things, so mythical, is a picturesque candle in the night;
oh, the dramatic change of things in the world is a flaming ball of fire and a flickering candle burning in the night. Who had ever believed that things would have gotten to this?
Doomful rockets; blazing in the dark,
eerie sanctuary of night’s gloom; slam into the homes of the innocent ones;
they scream into the night’s bowels; no one responds.
See how it flames like tongues of fire, lunging before the wild eyes of fear.

Behold the children of the night;
they ardently await the next trip to the Throne;
They’ve moved from life and darkness to lifelessness and greater darkness;
but that Is only their first round, down into the chasm of doom:
Another trip is rapidly Approaching, a trip that questions their way of life in the previous world.
Who will pass the test and find solace beneath the Great White Throne Judgment?
Oh, love, an old man now, has lost his way in the storm: The mist is thick and raw;
Who’ll find him again and restore the joy that he once had?
The time on earth is Over: The light of the sun and has come and gone;
alas, the boiling lake of flames is As wide as the world;
the fire is everywhere, and it is hotter than hell’s.