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The Massive Complexity of Dating Today

One might ask, “Why has morality fallen so rapidly, and what is spurring young women to have sex with dogs?” This is abominable, yet most people are totally insensitive to this kind of behavior; they are quite cavalier about this extreme departure from what is traditionally viewed as the standard. Thus, there has been a dramatic breakdown in moral behavior, as is reflected in these strange abominations. In part, the level of societal violence today is a strongreaction to this jarring abomination of the human race; many women have been battered by romantic lovers and cannot handle it anymore battery: They say that they are safer with their dog than with their male lover and that, at least, their dog would not abuse them physically and emotionally. This is where society is today—and, to some degree, they are partly correct: According to one statistic, every day, at least three women die at the hands of their romantic lover in the United States of America. In addition, these dog-loving women claim that they do not have to leave home to find love and sex with their dog; he is always right there and obedient to their command. As a result, an increasing number of women are taking this love-making route and are having sex with their dog.

I know that it sounds strange and crazy, and is, disturbing and disgusting; but what is even more disturbing is the prospect of falling in love with, and marrying, someone who has been having sex with her dog for an extended period of time. It is disturbing becauseshe would never tell you, her new man, that she has routinely had sex with her dog. This demonstrates how complicated the world has become because things are so far from being what they appear to be and what they ought to be.  For example, you may see a very attractive woman and be attracted to her—that is quite normal: What you may not know is that she routinely has sex with her dog—and she may not tell you that, but do you need to know that the woman to whom you are attracted is also attracted to dogs and has sex with them?—absolutely. Thus, this new level of complexity renders dating today much more complicated than it has ever been before; especially in the light of all the hook-up sex apps and websites that are offering dating situations right now. There is no way for you to know who is who anymore because everything is simply thrown into one pot. All these events render life and the world increasing complex, recondite, hostile, and unsettling.

And, in view of society’s violent nature today, if we take a hypothetical situation where a guy connects with a one-night stand hook-up lover who has been intimate with her dog, she is not going to tell him that. Thus, he goes over there, hot and ready to ride her chest and does just that. Two days later, he’s at it again and hooks up with another girl who knows the girl with whom he went two days earlier; and that girl’s name happens to come up in the conversation. Her friend responds by saying , “Oh, Patsy, she told me that she usually has sex with her dog three times a week and that you haven’t had sex until you’ve had it with a dog!” Now, that feller is at a total loss; suddenly, he loses his erection and calls off the date: The girl is totally distraught, confused, and upset—well, quite naturally so and very understandable as well. “What you mean by saying that you are calling off our date—I drove forty miles to get here to you.” She said to him in a loud, rowdy tone of voice; disturbing his neighbors, who call the police. Fortunately, the police did not respond right away because they get dozens of those kinds of calls every day. 

He staggered and waleds away; she told him, “No, you’re not doing this to me: I’ll blow your “F”ing brains out if you insist on leaving me here alone.”

“Well, what do you want me to do; I don’t have an erection: I screwed your friend Patsy the other day, and she did not tell me that she was intimate with dogs;  she did not tell me that she had an intimate relationship with her dog: I’m going to get her—I’m pissed.”

His date, pearl, put her piece of iron back into her purse and began stirring him up; then he asked her if she, too, has been intimate with dogs; and she said, “No.”

He asked her how did she expect him to trust her when she brought a twenty-two in her purse; she told him not to worry; she wouldn’t hurt him—she wouldn’t hurt a fly, and she continued stirring him up, saying that she is not leaving without a piece of the action that he displayed to her on that hook-up website’s screen. She told him that he had the exact size that she enjoyed most in sexual encounters with men and that she was not leaving until she got what belongs to her.

This is just how complicated the world has gotten and how funny things, that used to be so simple, have become. Finding a mate used to be a relatively straightforward matter: You went out there, looking and smelling good, attract your type, and you simply take care of business; taking it from there. That is no longer the case; dating has, by all measure, become extremely complicated. You must either take a lot of abuse from men—and sometimes violent men with sharp, destructive tempers—or you find yourself in a relationship with someone who routinely has sex with her dog. Ideally, women who resolve to make their dog their sex partner should not date regular people—and if they do, they should be honest enough to let the other party know that they have been intimate with their dog.But that is the problem: The world is not fair, and people do not tell the truth. This element makes dating extremely complex; it is like a woman finding out that her boyfriend is bisexual and has a male lover—this is disgusting! But this is where society is today, and it is rapidly getting worse. What does all this mean? It means that human society is plunging over the moral cliff of destruction.

Society’s Downward Spiral: Sex with Animals

As the violence has become increasingly destructive and lachrymose, more and morein-home sex is now taking place—is rapidly growing and becoming mainstream. Many women who have been hurt and heartbroken by their male lovers have pulled off a most amazing and shocking moral stunt: Many of these women have now either turned to their pets or other family members for love; accordingly, two of the fastest growing trends in America today are sex with dogs, horses, and with other family members. Many women claim that their boyfriends and sex partners just don’t make the cut anymore; they are simply to da gone phony and dishonest. They come, pump you up with semen; get you pregnant; and then disclaim the baby, saying that it is not theirs. And quite naturally, these women’s position is rather understandable. They claim that sex with their dog is better than with their boyfriend because their dog hasa larger, more satisfying penis than their boyfriend; their dog never says no them, and it never gets them pregnant. Moreover, they say that sex with their dog is out of this world and that they would not trade it for any man, regardless of the size of his penis.

This is what liberal America has become—and, for all practical purposes, America, in general; nothing is off the table anymore: This is an anything-goes world now. And to what does this translate, in terms of numbers? Because of the nature of bestiality and the rapidity with which it is spreading, a conservative estimate of women having sex with dogs puts it at about twelve percent population—and that is a conservative estimate: it is probably higher; but, because of the nature of this activity, it is relatively difficult to arrive at a correct figure. However, if we assume that, in view of the speed with which sex with animals is growing; about twelve percent of women have turn their dog into their lover:In view of this slant on things, the number of women engaging in sex with their pet is somewhere close to four million in the United States today: When you crunch the numbers for the rest of the world, you would be shocked at what you would find. More and more women are opening up to the prospect of living with their dog as their lover; in part, because the issue of being ashamed has faded away from society completely. Shame and disgrace have been abolished, and that eases and soothes these women’s conscience; they do not have to worry about other people putting them down in a politically correct world society. But can a society realistically exist without shame and disgrace? Perhaps, contemporary society thinks so and is acting in accordance with that thought.

As the world waxes increasing insane and demon-possessed,virtually nothing is right or wrong anymore: The world now truly reflects the nature of the broad road that leads to destruction; and, in that regard, you don’t have to look far to see where the world is going.The broad road is a road that has no rules—you make up your own rules as you go along. Thus, quite a few women are making up their own rules and are increasingly choosing their dog as their lover and sex partner. Many women ooh and aweat the how wonderful it is to have their dog give them a good blow job; they say that it is out of this world. So, whether you believe these things are true or not is utterly immaterial: This is the way society is going now; and like it or lump it, these are the choices that many women are making. They have chosen their dog as their sex partner, and they are dead serious about their conviction, regardless of what you think. Now, you have to remember that these are choices for which people were once stoned to death if they were caught perpetrating these shockingly abominable behaviors—no more!

As more and more people notice this fact and the world becomes more demon-possessed, the world will continue to change in unimaginable ways—ways that will blow your mind! Who would have ever thought—or even imagined that women would be having sex with dogs and other animals? However, as things change in the moral realm; and more and more people see that this world is a lie, more and more women are going to notice that they cannot get pregnant having sex with a dog; and, perhaps, more and more women are going see that sex with dogs can be more entertaining because it last longer, and dogs generally have larger penises than men. Who would have ever imagined these ideas twenty or so years ago? But this is the way how people are thinking today; and, in this regard,not only does the internet bristle with hook-up websites of women degrading and disporting themselves and their bodies; it also blooms with bestiality websites, teaching you how to have sex with animals—and both men and women are getting in on the act. It has to do with the fact that society has entered the tunnel of darkness, and people are no longer ashamed or afraid to do anything.

The Intimate Space Confusion

In view of the complexity of having sex with dogs, more and more women are choosing a different alternative to intimacy with animals because it is, by any measure, extreme behavior: The reality, though, is that anything or anyone whom you allow into your intimate zone or sexual space will eventually conquer you sexually—this is a law. If you allow your dog to hug and kiss you, pressing itself against your breasts; it will eventually trigger sexual excitement in you because, unbeknownst to you, your body is a sex machine; Your knowing that is utterly beside the point. Human beings are sexual beings—their bodies are designed to have sex: They are designed to respond to tender, amorous touching; thus, if you start hugging and kissing on your dog and keep that up; after a while, sexual excitement will be triggered in your body for that animal—and you will begin craving sex with that animal just like you crave sex with a human.At the same time you are doing that, you are also stirring the dog up because the dog, too, is equipped with a sexual mechanism just like you; thus, behaving intimately to the dog generates the same results as behaving intimately to a man.

it is just like erotic writing; you start writing about sex, and you yourself begin to get horny because your body is designed to behave that way:It does not care whether what you are saying is true or false—it can even be total fiction—that is just how the body works. Thus, hugging and kissing on your dog will eventually spark the boyfriend effect and stimulate you sexually; and, interestingly enough, most women are surprised that their dog can turn them on. When that discovery happens, their vagina begins to respond sexually; becoming wet. Sensing that fact, they begin to remove their panties because they realize that the dog can do the same thing that a male lover can do; thus, they begin to get ready for sex.  After a while, it is amazing to see the level of sexual relationship that skilled dog lovers can develop with their dog: They train their dog to have sex with them; and after awhile, the dog is totally trained what to do in order to get the ball rolling. It is just like a mother and her son; at first, it is awkward because it is not right—and they both know that. The same thing is true with the dog; but, after a while, it all becomes normal to the woman and her dog lover: It becomes just something that they do, with both parties knowing exactly what to do to get the ball rolling. Once the woman gets accustomed to having sex with dogs, that quickly becomes normal to her: She understands the routine and how to get the ball rolling, and some women may never got back to sex with men again.

Violating the Intimate Zone

Though men, too, have sex with dogs; it is much more common among women.By and large, women are more guilty of this than men; and male dogs can readily make the distinction. Thus, this is what has been happening on two fronts: It has been occurring with dogsand with family members. Many women become careless and allow men, who should not be in their intimate zone,there. The term intimate zone is just that—intimate; in this regard, you should not behave intimately with your dog nor with a man who should not be accorded that kind of sharing; especially if you are already in a relationship or are married. This has been occurring in two regards: many married women and women in long-term, intimate relationships have been letting men into their intimate zone, on their jobs and in other situations.

According to the article, Glimpses of Human Civilization’s Crashsite, this kind of run-away moral decay provides a glimpse into human civilization’s crash site; in other words, these jarring and obscure behaviors are mere harbingers of the end of human society in the world. We see this careless and cavalier freeness and looseness,even among women in strong relationships; where they wantonly open themselves up for their intimate parts to be reaped by men with whom they become so careless. It is this kind of carelessness that breaks up and destroys marriages and families, putting people on the streets because their income is now cut in half and can no longer meet the monthly bills; thus, people’s lives are being destroyed because of this carelessness with their sex zone. Some people are just promiscuous and not suited for marriage.Marriage is not for everyone; it is not for immature, mentally unstable people.

What does it mean to let someone into your intimate zone? It means creating a sense of intimacy with that person; such as opening up yourself to him, being alone with him, engaging him in personal conversation on a regular basis, looking at him in a suggestive and intimate way, and giving him nonverbal, body language green light to intimacy with you—and all that may be done without ever saying a word. People talk more with their bodies than with their mouths; of course, we all know that the mouth is part of the body; but, in this context, the body here does not refer to the mouth because we already know that the mouth is the apparatus of speech; however, body parts talk, too—and sometime, louder than the mouth. Someone does not have to tell you that he or she wants to be with you intimately for you to know that and set it up: People talk with their body parts, the level of physical closeness that they deliver to you, the tone of their voice, the brightness of their eyes, the level of excitement that they evince when they see you, and in a host of other ways. Although these things don’t always indicate interest in sex, participating in them sends messages whose reply you may not want or be ready to receive because there are people out there who are constantly looking for these specific messages so that they can harvest their content.

In this regard, you can see that the intimate zone covers a range of circumstances and situations that, when interpreted properly and harvested by the receiver, can be very effective in unleashing intimate energy in the right places.  When women engage in these behaviors on jobs, they tell men that they are available, and, perhaps, people are always thinking about sex—sex is always on their mind. Thus, these intimate indicators are very useful and powerful in sending messages about sex to other people who, probably, are hunting for these signals.For this reason, work sites are one of the most common centers of adulterous affairs. Loose married women open up themselves to men of their fancy and mash up their marriages.  All of these behaviors reflect the burgeoning growth of social change and lawlessness in American society—and in the world at large.Although many of these behaviors are shameful and disgraceful, because the shame and disgrace elements have been removed from the societal scene, people are much more flexible and willing to engage in these unbecoming behaviors that damn the human race.  These intimate messages, sent out by people, can be both helpful when they are sent to the right source; and harmful when they are sent to a contradictory source, for example, when these messages are  sent to married man or woman, they can be very harmful and destructive to families.

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