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The intricacy of Intimacy and the Cave of Incest

There is no question that society is being slammed with senseless change; and, unfortunately, most of this change is negative and abominable. In addition to all this social change that has occurred and the violence the has swept society, many women have changed their perception of reality and no longer think that they need to find a man on the outside of their homes with whom to enjoy sex; and, some women are responding to all this change overload in very interesting ways. Because dating has become increasingly risky, many women are seeking alternatives to traditional modes of intimacy. Moreover, because of the many unlooked-for surprises connected to dating today; some women, as we’ve seen in this series, have moved on to being intimate with animals:Others have moved on being intimate with family members. Here again, we see the striking and extreme behavior factor in society today; where people are increasingly willing to violate societal boundaries and break societal rules. Interestingly enough, some of this bravado and dashing effrontery involve living in, and understanding the cave of, incest, a hide and seek booby trap.

In view of the violent and destructive mood of society today, perhaps, substantial basis does exist for the shocking level of incest that we see now.Incest is growing so rapidly that it has virtually become a mainstream activity now: Society has gotten so sick and psychopathic that people are literally afraid of one another and are willing to endure the stigma associated with incest. At the end of the day, people have feelings and want to survive; they have needs that need to be met regardless of the circumstances. According to the article, Solving Life’s Problems and Resolving its many Complex Issues, too many people are writing books just because they can; and by the same token, too many family members are having sex just because it is there; they often fail to consider the darker side of incest and its wash of problems that show up later on down the road.

The fact is that, although society has become increasingly amoral, unshameful,  undisgraceful, and stigmaless; incest is still not okay—and especially certain brands of it. While incest between cousins may not be harshly judged in some societal circles, other types may not get away that easily. A woman, having sex with her dog, can easily get away with her bestiality because most people still wonder if people really have sex with their dogs; and, at the same time, it is normal, and even faddish, to have a pet dog. thus, what she is doing gets over looked: The truth about bestiality’s rapidly rising popularity and incidence has not sunken into society’s consciousness as yet. Thus, many women, having sex with dogs, go under the radar of detection; and they do not go around broadcasting it either. Thus, it appears as if they are just regular, every-day women who keep a dog: Contrariwise, certain brands of incest do not get away that easily. They are harshly judged and viewed as grotesque forms of cannibalism. A twenty-seven-year-old mother, having sex with her fourteen-year-old son, is still strongly condemned as being a cannibal by a double-standard-driven society, and you see this in the many incest blogs.

The Mother-Son Incestuous Grooming

However, the forces that are increasingly driving women to have sex with their dogs are the same ones that are luring women into having sex with their sons; many people still view women, of this ilk, as being abusive because they aver that women are mothers and should not go there with their sons—I will agree.Women are mothers: They are protectors and should not stoop that low as to open up their vagina to their sons. Well, one might say, “Six of one, half a dozen of the other: Which is worse? —a woman having sex with her son, or a woman having sex with her dog?”It’s a difficult task of two evils, but that is what society has chosen today.

It is called transhumanism: The more conservative side of society says that a woman having sex with her son smacks cannibalism and poor home training on the part of the woman.However, with the rapidly growing no-fault divorce, millions of women are left stuck with boy children who grow up fast. Let us say that the divorce occurred when the young man was eight years old and has seen his mother through all the perils of that divorce. Around that time, his mother was still bathing and taking care of him; as time went by, though, the young man began to grow and develop; and his mother saw his development and other things, too.Over time, she began to notice that his penis kept on growing to the length of a fully-grown man; and she began getting thoughts about her son’s growth.

How Mother Son Incest Develops

Well, ideally, his mother should be looking for a man for herself and should not be looking to her son for sex; however, it hardly ever begins after her son began developing into a young man: It often begins long before that. Because the child was his mother’s only source of comfort during, and after, the divorce; she interacted with him incorrectly, thus sparking and activating her intimate zone. Remember: your intimate zone is for intimate matters and people only; but you don’t have to know that—you can play around with it if you want to, but it will not play around with you.

Once the mother begins feeling intimately about her son, she must take immediate action to correct the flaw.If she does not, the feelings will keep coming back to her like yoyo, and it tends to become harder and harder to curb it once it comes back. As a result, it tends to happen again, and again, and again; each time it happens, it becomes and feels more relaxing because, after all, he is your son—and you love him. Thus, you cuddle him in such a way that stirs you up, activates, and meddles your intimate zone. Obviously, as the child grows past twelve and thirteen, he is no longer a child; and if the mother does not find a man to take care of business for her by then, she will increasingly begin to see her son as a suitable lover—and it always begins in the form of loose talk with, and showing love to, her son. Although he may still be innocent, he will begin to figure out what goes where.

More often than not, the mother camouflages her lustful love that she is showing her son as a mere mother’s love to him—and the young man, having been there all the while for, and with, his mother through and the thin, enjoys his mother’s cuddling. Over time, the young begins to respond to his mother’s sexual challenge, and things begin to happen because you dare not play around with fire: Once she opens up her intimate zone to the young man, she is now ready to teach him how to have sex with her, and then a whole lot of mess begins to happen. The fire of sex is no respecter of person; once you open up that zone, the fire will begin to blaze; and you will not be able to control it.

Her son’s sexuality now begins to come alive; and because she has trained him into showing her affection, squeezing him against her breasts; they could only keep that up for so long without sex. Such behavior is merely part of the grooming process because the mother knows exactly what she is doing.Thus, they continue all that hugging and caressing until one day, either her son or she is going to introduce the sexual element because; although she is his mother, by now, they are both teamed up sexually and cannot contain it anymore. But it never begins that way; it begins with the mother being loose with her intimate zone: Once those wires are crossed and the sparks fly, the pattern gets crystallized and becomes virtually impossible to hold it back. The problem lies in exposing her intimate zone to her rapidly growing and maturing son.

Theremay be some initial embarrassment; but they soon get past all of that, and then routine sex ensues between them. And sometimes, that can go on for years; especially if the mother is young and sexually appealing. The fact is that she got to him when he was young and has already programmed him that way;thus, being his mother, a natural romantic relationship can last a very long time between them, to the degree where they are not even aware that they are mother and son anymore. Ultimately, if the relationship holds, what most shrewd mothers would do is to move from that neighborhoodto some other place where they can have a more romantic relationship with their son. Is this right? Absolutely not; does it happen?—All the time: This is why I emphasize so strongly that the world is a lie; people’s understanding of the world is false. Although this is so common place today, most people are still aghast at hearing about this sort of thing.

The Societal Contextof Mother-Son Incest

Depending on the age gap between the young man and his mother, he may decide that he wants his mother to be his wife; and that often has a great ending. However, not too infrequently, it does not end well: the son begins to notice his mother’s aging and naturally begins to be attracted to younger women; which is never good for the mother, especially if she has two, three children for him. These matters are complicated; and sometimes, they work out: Other times, they don’t. What is pretty obvious here now is that the context of society’s looseness and its frequency of divorcelend themselves to such developments; and as long as that context remains, mother-son sexual relationships will continue to bloom, especially in the current mood of society.

With virtually everybody being in a very sexual mood, locking up amother and her teenage son in a house alone is a plain recipe for incest: The same thing is true for a father and his daughter; especially if a strong attraction exists between them.People are just too sexually sensitive and active nowadays to endure these strange, potentially incestuous living arrangements without sex—there is just too much sex in the air. Somehow or other, reality has been redefined; society has bravely and boldly gone about rephrasing and redefining things, giving it a script that matches people’s perception of reality. Thus, the moral looseness that we see today is by design; this is the kind of society that people want. Unfortunately, this is the very same society with a destructive, end of world spin to it.

The Rational Framework of Incest Today

In view of the dramatic increase of incest in the world today, one might ask, “Why are so many people choosing incest above conventional relationships—is this a new fad or something?” And the question is, indeed, a valid one: As we have seen above,society has changed dramatically; and many dispute the safety that casual dating requires in order to be successful at it today: It is not possible to date successfully in a society of this nature; there is just too much volatility and violence. The rampant and rapidly growing incidence of violence has rendered traditional dating no longer tenable on a mass scale. This does not say that it has been abolished or abandoned altogether, but it just cannot function the way it used in the past, when society was more Christian.

Incest and Moral Decay

People need to have a clear and strong sense of safety in order to date someone outside of his household; and, if doing that becomes increasingly risky, dangerous, and life-threatening; then it leaves society with just two choices: Taking and enduring the risk of dating non-family members or looking for sex within the family itself—and this is exactly what has been happening in society recently. People need sex and will not go without it; thus, they will find it wherever they can; and homes that are equally balanced sexually become playgrounds for family sex—is it right? Absolutely not, but nature abhors vacuum and will find a way to fill it, one way or another; and the reason that so much of this is happening is because of the moral breakdown of society. Things are just not as safe as they used to be in the past.

It is not necessarily correct to say that these trends are surging because society is hypersexualized; that may very well be true, but it may not be the only truth in this framework. As was noticed above, the intrinsic nature of family life renders incest particularly attractive; even when things are tame and normal: This is especially true when certain conditions are present in the home. Homes with an even distribution of the sexes are particularly conducive to incest; where the boy-girl distribution is strongly conspicuous, more and more family members would open up to incest; and this is especially true where the Christian influence is not strong. Where this is the case, the moral influence would also not be strong because, although most people do not recognize it, Christianity is the fundamental pillar of morality in any society. Organized religion used to stand up for morality in the past; however, as the world has gotten increasingly corrupt morally, religion no longer stands up for morality.We see this kind of snubbing of morality in Thailand’s Buddhism: This is also the case in Burma, and other Asian societies.

The Unraveling of Organized Religion

Religion just isn’t standing up for morality anymore—and illustrates the falsity of all none Christian world religions; they are a mere mirage.  The fact that organized religion no longer stands up for morality has expedited the process of moral and societal decay worldwide. What it again demonstrates is that Christianity is the only true religion that connects people to the God of the universe; all the others are mere fraudsters: They break down in the moral arena. During a time when the Christian influence was stronger, organized religion pretended to stand up for morality; however, since the jarring breaking of the Christian influence worldwide; suddenly, organized religion has drifted away from moral principles.

My point here, though, is that home environments; with an even sprinkling of boys and girls, along with a low sense of morality, in particular, Christian morality; are more susceptible to incest. This, in part, is so because these are also the same homes that would subscribe to pornographyand would tend to violate each other’s sexual space. Incest tends to thrive within a particular kind of social environment. It thrives in a social environment with loose moral standards; particularly in situations where family members routinely view pornography—and this happens across a wide spectrum of situations. Some home environments are just loose, and this looseness can develop between parents and children or among the children themselves. If brothers and sisters routinely view pornography, in time; they would come around to having sex with one another.Sometimes, the incest can be triggered by merely looking at a movie that is laced with raw sexual episodes; this, quite often, can be the initial impetus or spark for the initiation of incest within a home. Generally, there always some initial spark that causes the incest.

How Incest Develops in a Home

The people involved may never have even thought of having sex with one another; it may have been an innocent situation that utterly changed their perspective and perception of their relationship with one another. Over time, one lewd movie may have led to the thought of renting movies; and, as time went by, the family gradually moved on to looser movies and, finally, to pornography. Once they get to the stage of regularly viewing pornography and stirring up one another’s juices, it manifestly becomes much more difficult to control their sexual passion, even though they themselves may have relationships on the outside. While they may have relationships of their own on the outside, they may still want to try sex out with one another.Again, because of the conducive and handy nature of the sex right there in the home, it just tends to happen; especially if the feelings are mutual—and nothing renders people’s feelings more mutual and ready for sex than pornography. I believe that the rapid growth of pornography in society is the single most critical cause or factor behind this frightening rise of incest that we see in society worldwide. Today, incest is a timebomb and is consuming homes like hot cakes. It is happening in every imaginable form.

So, incest arises out of sex-driven home environments; but it also arises in environments where there is no conspicuous presence of loose sex and where there is a clear sprinkling of boys and girls in a home.In a hypersexualized society, incest even tends to develop out the clear blue—and this is especially true if that society is very violent;thus rendering normal, outside relationships increasingly untenable. In these situations, the close social, psychological, and emotional environment does definitely lend itself to the development of sexual interest in one another. And, as was said earlier, when you throw movies and pornography on that, it is like throwing gasoline on dry brush and then throwing a match. In this regard, it is obvious that incest will continue spreading indefinitely and become more mainstream in society because things are so pornographic.Hence, we see more and more grotesque, surreal, and unbelievable images of young men having sex with—and even marrying—their mothers, aunts, sisters, nieces, and cousins. By the same token, we also see images of women having sex with their fathers, brothers, uncles, and cousins. What we are really looking at is the incest bomb—a ticking time bomb that threatens to consume the whole world.

In fact, there is so much parent-child, brother-sister, and niece-uncle sex today that cousin-cousin sex is not even mentioned anymore; it has become totally mainstream.  The strong growth of incest in society today arises from a society that is totally obsessed with sex and the pleasures that it offers; it is not obsessed with the responsibilities that naturally come with sex itself. in addition, even when there is not an even distribution of the sexes in a home, because society is damaged by this powerful, frenzied sex craze with which it is currently gripped; incest often develops anyway. Sometimes, the male-female ratio in the home is lopsided; there may be three brothers and one sister along with the mother, or there may be three sisters, female cousins, and one or two brothers and cousins. But again, because society is so hypersexualized and obsessed with sex, incest tends to develop in these situations as well.

Just the other day, at the start of the Covid Crisis, when schools went into lockdown; one mother left her two daughters and son at home, never ever thinking that they would begin having sex; but she was wrong: The seventeen-year-old young man, somehow or other, introduced his two sisters to sex, began having sex with them regularly, and impregnated both of them in the home. The older girl wassixteen, and the other daughter was thirteen years old; and he impregnated both of them. Well, isn’t that the nature of sex; it involves live sperms and productiveeggs; and as long as men and women keep having sex, they are going to have children, other factors equal. Thus, locking up men and women in a  house along is a clear recipe for incest—and it seems to happen every time.

Sex’s Gripping Appeal

Well, quite naturally, sex is innately interesting and exciting; especially to people that young, being locked up in a home alone by themselves. One might ask, “Well, how did that happen—did it ever happen before the start of the Covid lockdown?” Well, it very well may have happened before; but because of the inherently crabbed environment with their mother being present all the time, the context of the home environment choked off their incestuous passion and doused the fire with water. However, with the onset of the Covid lockdown and the mother being utterly removed from the picture because she had to go work every day, they were left to themselves at home and had all the time in the world to screw each other. This gave them untrammeled access to each other sexually, and they might have very well engaged in orgy-like sex without the use of any kind of sexual protection. An idle brain is the devil’s workshop; and being locked up alone by themselves, what better thing to do than to engage in some exciting sex—and that was exactly what they did. This left their mother with two pregnancies at one blow.  One might ask, “Well, was the boy having sex with his mother before moving on to his sisters?” This was improbably because the mother would have known that her son was already incestuous and would have avoided that senseless booby trap.

Different Incestuous Environments

So, here was a situation where there were three sexually active females in the home and one brother; typically, what happens in these situations is that the opposite sex parties begin violating one another’s personal space and intruding on one another’s nakedness. All too often, this begins rather innocently; no one intended to violate the other person’s intimate space, but, as like everything else, brothers and sisters are men and women, especially at that age. They recognized each other’s sex and the fire that was present between them: In homes with strong morals, that fire is contained; and the sexual element is curbed. The curiosity is always there, but the strong moral factor interdicts the relatives from tangling up with each other sexually.And so, no sex occurs between them; however, where that moral element is not strongly developed, the siblings’ curiosity about each other and the sexual enjoyment that is possible between them grows over time, and they wonder what it would be like to engage in sexual intercourse with each other. That curiosity spark is what drives the sexual intercourse between them.

Once they get to that stage, it becomes only a matter of time before they solve the whole equation and fix the arrangement for the sex. When several siblings are involved with fewer brothers. it is more difficult to pull off the sex because all the parties have to come to one mind; and, quite often, the other brother may not want that. Thus, the sexual interest and relationship typically develops between two individual people; and it may be hard to persuade the other brother to come aboard. Thus, this can hinder the progression to sex between the two who are already interested in tangling sexually with one another. In this regard, incest develops much more slowly when there are several siblings in the home: This is because they are often not on the same page morally, and the two who are interested in each other have to work things out outside the home; and sometimes, they just eventually outgrow the initial incestuous interest because the home environment is too difficult to pull it off without their parents’ knowledge. And this is the problem with incest: It is a cave of hide and seek, which is often not conducive healthy adult living.

Life in the Dark Cave of Incest

Unfortunately, though, the dramatic changes and jarring violence that have occurred in society have pushed things in the opposite direction; and siblings are increasing turning to incest; especially in situations that are more naturally conducive to it, as in the case of a divorced mother and her son, a divorced mother, her son, and daughter, or a divorced father and his daughter. Incest generally works better in these situations. and the circumstances are often more conducive to it when fewer people, of the opposite sex, are involved. As in the case that was mentioned above, the home was ideal for incest; it included a working mother, her teenage son, and her two teenage daughters whose ages were relatively close to each other. This situation is particularly conducive to the development and flowring of incest from various angles: The son can develop a sexual interest in his mother; perhaps, because he is attracted to older women, and if she is open to it and loose enough for him to get to her; a sexual relationship can develop between him and his mother.

Such a relationship can develop between them; where he, pretty much, becomes the father figure within the home or the man of the house. However, if the girls find out that he is his mother’s lover; it will tear the home in pieces: This is why incest in not a healthy emotional environment for anyone.If the son decides that he loves his mother sexually, it is going to be very difficult for him to pull that off without tearing up his home; however, having his mother’s confidence and trust, they can pretty much steer and manage the home in such a manner that allows them enough privacy without the girls’ knowledge. The young man can become his mother’s man of business and someone whom she trusts; and this can go on for a relatively long time, even if the young man brings home a phony girlfriend. He can have a girlfriend to shield the fact that he and his mother are way too close, even to arouse jealousy among the girls; however, this brand of incest is very difficult to pull off because of the technical elements involved. It would be very difficult to veil the girls’ eyes from seeing that something funny and out of the ordinary is going on between their brother and mother.

Thus, in a context like that, it is highly unlikely that a mother-son sexual relationship would develop—even though it can, and often does. Some mothers love their sons so much that they just would not, and cannot, let him go; and, as a result, sexual relationship inevitably develops between them because of the nature of male-female love. There is a very thin line between mother-son love and man-woman sex; they seem to be wired along the same line.Nonetheless, though, in a family situation with a mother, in her early thirties; her fifteen-year-old son; and her thirteen- and sixteen-year-old daughters; it is highly unlikely that the sexual relationship would develop between the mother and her son. It is also unlikely that it would develop between her son and both sisters; however, in this particular situation, it did.

The Guileful Trick of Sex and Incest

The boy began having sex with both sisters: How they pulled that off was not explained. What is clear here is that both girls agreed to the sex, whether individually or collectively. It is highly unlikely that both girls did not know about what was going on with their brother and sister. What is particularly powerful and important here is the power of environment in spurring these kinds of hide and seek incestuous relationships. It would appear as if the sex acts were done in separate situations and not in the presence of each sister; it also appears as if they were done rather hurriedly because of the conspicuous lack of birth control. Both girls knew that they could have gotten pregnant and ought to have protected themselves: The fact that they didn’t would seem to intimate that they took care of business rather hurriedly, not taking the necessary caution to avoid pregnancy.

It does appear that the sexual relationship began with one of the girls, probably the sixteen-year-old sister; and then her younger sister caught on to what was happening, and they brought her aboard by getting her involved and giving her a taste of it.Once she got a taste of it, she wanted more; and they kept going; and as usual, sex often does what it does best: Deceive and trick people into unhealthy and unsafe behaviors.If the two parties did it consensually with each other’s knowledge, it would have been more systematic and carefully planned; where both sisters would have sat down with their brother and have a more rational conversation, reflecting their need for birth control and for handling things in a more adult manner. Thus, these sex acts were hurriedly executed without the use of condoms and other forms of birth control, and with a stronger focus on the fun part of the game. For example, if they had planned the sex acts more carefully and systematically, they could have both decided to use condoms and the morning after pill or have gone on some longer birth control regime where everything was very carefully hidden from their mother.

The lack of careful, adult planning here and the incidence of both girls becoming pregnant for their brother, at the same time, do indicate immaturity on the part of both sides. In view of the evidence that is present, the sex acts were very childishly executed—and this is the problem with sex, and particularly, with incest: It is a dark cave of muddy secrecy that never works because of the intrinsic shame, disgrace, guilt, and complicated pregnancy with which it is often associated. Incest is a pool of muddy water; although it may quench your thirst for sex at the moment, it may very well poison you in the long run.

Woman-initiated Incest

Currently, nonconsensual incest is against the law worldwide; it is tantamount to rape and is a violation of the law all over the world: That kind of sexual behavior is rape and child abuse. However, incestuous rape does occur between adults, where the man forces himself on the woman, forcing her to deliver sex much against her wishes: This, by any measure, is rape and a crime. In this situation, the woman is clearly not consenting to sex with the man; and perhaps, because of the power of political alignment, the man feels justified in forcing his daughter or niece or cousin to have sex with him.  This is the nonconsensual kind of incest and is a violation of the law; and, in reality, any form of clearly credible, forced sex should be punishable by capital punishment: No person should be subject to being forced to have sex with anyone; however, husband and wife situations need to be given special consideration because it is spiritually wrong to deny your spouse sex. The Bible is clear on this matter; no woman has the right to deny her legitimate, unabusive husband sex: Under normal circumstances; denying your sane, nonabductive husband sex is a sin and a form of witchcraft; that is called manipulating the marriage in order to control your husband. That is deadly evil and sick. It is a form of control that some women, who had no business being married, use to control their husband and the marriage.

None of this has to with any of the incest discussed here; incest, by any measure, wrong, whether it is consensual or non-consensual. The fact is that incest is biblically wrong and would place a curse on your family for over a thousand years; these false patterns of behavior follow you down the generation line and are your family for, in excess of, a thousand years. This explains why incest is still happening today; once these false behaviors get started, they tend to stick like crazy glue to families and go on, and on, and on: It is as if they never end. Although much of the incest that is being perpetrated today is non-consensual, much of it is consensual: Consensual incest is the situation where blood relatives knowingly consent to sexual intercourse with one another—and this is what has risen very sharply over the past quarter of a century or so.In many cases, the incest is driven by the female: The woman is the one pushing the incest and forcing her father, her brother, her uncle, or her cousin to have sex with her. Many a father has gotten into incest because he was pushed into it by his daughter; and as it turns out, women often have a stronger sex drive than men.

In the past, men have been the ones who have traditionally been more aggressive than women; women were viewed as angels, even though they were the first sinners. Accordingly, in many incestuous situations, the aggressor is the woman; the incest is either directly or indirectly brought by the woman. This touching story underscores the truth that women are often more aggressive in incestuous situations than men. A father; who loved his daughter, with fatherly love quite a lot; lived with her mother: The family sent the twenty-two-year-old daughter to a prestigious university, far away in the countryside. And so, after several months, he decided to go and check up on her to see what she was doing; so, he drove for over two hundred miles to go and see his daughter. For unexplained reasons, the wife did not go with him; but he, with all the best intensions, went to see his baby. But he got the shock of his life when he got there; his daughter was anything but his baby—and he quickly found out who she was!

The Shock of her Father’s Life

What he did not know was that his daughter had been eying him in a sexual way for years: She noticed how big his chest was and how sexy his overall appeal and demeanor were; thus, she secretly craved sex with her father and fantasizing over it, but she did not know how to it off. Well, far away from the rest of the family and way out in the country, where there were no prying eyes; she put on quite a show.When her father got there and greeted her, she grabbed him; hugged him in a sexual way, pressing her stiff, tight breasts against his hairy chest. Well, the gentleman was confused and did not understand what his daughter, who had longed for this opportunity, was doing. She told him that she had been watching how muscular and sexy he was; she also told him that he had the kind of sexual tools that she loved and wanted to make love to him because she truly loved him as her father and as a very sexy man.

She explained to him that she had been looking at him since she was sixteen years old and had been craving sex with him. The father, stunned and shocked by his daughter’s admission of craving sex with him, pulled back and shoved her aside; calling her crazy; but she was anything but crazy. She had been sexually active and understood how to take down a man; she knew that she could not get her way by reasoning with her dad;so she dropped to her knees, unzipped his pants, plucked out his already erect penis, and began giving him a good blow job. What was so interesting here was that, by the time father caught himself, his daughter had already arrested his sexuality and conquered his resistance to her.Thus, by the time the girl touched his penis; being the touch of a tall, sleek, sexy woman; she had already conquered his resistance and driven him into the act with her. As the saying goes, sex has no reason. That girl lured her father into full-blown sex with her; and it was the iconic kind of unprotected incest: She lured him into sex with her so fast, she did not consider the possibility of becoming pregnant, which is the signature pattern of incest—unprotected sex and pregnancy. All that girl wanted that day was to feel her father’s manhood, and she succeeded big time.

Her poor father, still a fairly young man and lost in the fog of his crazy daughter, succumbed to sex with her—she had lured him into an ideal incest-driven environment and conqueredhim sexually. By the time she was done with him, he was in and so sexually aroused, he had no choice but to succumb to her request because she had his penis in her mouth. Her poor father may have never thought about that before, but that sentiment had been so fully developedin his daughter that, at the arrival of the first opportunity to pull it off, she went for it with all the gusto that had been growing in her for years; and eventually, after the father succumbed to sex with her, she apparently was a sexpot and sexaholic. As the story goes, the sex with his daughter was so wonderful; he said that it was the best sex that he had ever had in his life—he told her that: he told her that he thought that she was crazy, but it was the best sex that he had ever had in his life.

Well, that was not wise on his part; he should have still behavedlike the her father; but instead, he behaved like her true lover; endorsing and sanctioning her rogue behavior. Thus, he added fuel to the fire and caused his daughter to want even more because, as she had said earlier, she loved his penis’ profile—long, thick, and straight. Therefore, that one sexual episode was not enough; and the father had now become a rogue dad, having been fulling converted to his daughter’s wishes and way of thinking. Accordingly, theywent on a week-long honeymoon date in a boondock country, way in the desert; where they could be alone and away from all prying eyes. And presumably, they did not include any form of birth control;moreover, this is the typical pattern of incest. The sex is good, the parties fail to use good judgement; and the same results are had every single time. They spent one week together alone in this desert area, wining and dining each other; but one month later, when the girl’s periods did not show up; it was a horse of an entirely different color: Now, the explanations had to be crafted—and they better be genuine. The upshot of the matter was that the girl had to admit to her parents what she did to her father was wrong—essentially, she raped him and forced him to have sex with her. And although he paid for the honeymoon, the problem was caused by his daughter’s reckless, out of control sexual behavior.

 She caused it; she brought her father to a point of no return. He could not say no anymore because she had tied up his mind and reasoning—and his wife fully understood what happened and forgave him: The girl, the sex maniac, was now forced to bring the baby amidst all the shame and disgrace in the community.She was now saddled with an unplanned, untimely pregnancy for her father; and perhaps, the sex continued within that family. It is highly unlikely that had stopped there, even though it might have eventually stopped. What did certainly happen was that that girl was never the same again; she learned her lesson about sex—a costly lesson about sex. And this is how incest tricks people; though it offers instant sexual gratification, it always leads to pain afterwards. Incest always leaves its victims in pain and deep regret.In hindsight, would it be correct to say that that incest there was consensual?

The Problem with Consensual Incest

Absolutely not: That was not consensual incest; it was psychologically induced rape because the father was brought to a place where he was unable to exercise good judgment without enduring severe pain   How, in the world, could the father have gotten out of that vise into which his daughter put him? She literally handcuffed her father mentally and psychologically, and forced him into her incestuous mindset, even if it continued—and it probably did and mashed up that family, which is what incest typically does. Incest is a demonic weapon against the societal arrangement that God has established for mankind; and when people go crosswise that divine societal plan, all kinds of problems come into the picture and muddy up people’s lives, just like they did with that girl who seduced her father in such a shabby, and disgusting, and despicable manner.

What is particularly interesting here is that it is very difficult to assess incest among sexually active people because the incest could have been initiated non-consensually; and then, because the person’s sexuality was stirred up, it ensued on the heels of all that stirring. Perhaps, initially, one of the parties was against the sexual intercourse; but, as the other party continued the tormenting temptation, the second began to respond. Therefore, in this regard, incest is almost never consensual because one of the parties can manipulate the other to such an extent, in that captured environment that he or she eventually brings the other party aboard, forcing him or her into incestuous act.

However, society is replete with totally consensual incest; and what is particularly disturbing is that this brand of sex is becoming increasing mainstream.Now, consensual incest is nothing new; this has been around for as long has man has been on the scene, and, at one time, incest was allowed in the Bible. However, as the human race waxed increasingly sinful and evil, God prohibited incest because of complex problems that are often associated with it. Typically, people get involved and trapped in the incestuous net because of its sexual benefits—not because they truly love each other and want to marry one another and live happily ever after. There is hardly ever any living happily ever after with incest because it is almost always stirred by lust and the need for immediate sexual gratification.

Incest, the Powerful, Destructive Snare

People, involved in incest, almost never tangle sexually because they love each other. This is almost never the reason that people get ensnared by incestuous sex; they often do because of incest’s peculiar ability to deliver mind-blowing sex in a flash, and the sex is often that good because of the wrongness of incest itself. The fact that the behavior is wrong and false forces the evil spirit behind it to make it particularly intense and appealing to the parties involved, especially in situations where the people do not have to do a lot of hide and seek, as in the case of a mother living with her son, or a brother and sister living with their parents. What is conspicuously present in almost all cases of consensual incest is that the people find themselves either living, or caught, in a captured environment that is conducive to intimacy, without any prying eyes possibly looking on and checking things out. However, the same environment that is often so conducive to mind-blowing incestuous sex is the very one that is the booby trap to confuse and tie up your life later on down the road—isn’t life a trip.

One of the peculiar attributes of incest is that it is driven by evil spirits because the behavior is wrong; thus, in order to make it particularly attractive and perpetual, the evil spirit infuses the behavior; impregnating it with excitement.Thus, incestuous sex is more exciting and thrilling than normal sex, especially that first orgasm with your mother or father. This was very evident in that father-daughter sexual tangle that occurred there between those two. Because it was so wrong, intense, and powerful; they wanted more of that strong orgasm that the incest delivered. Similarly, this is how incest works: Because that first orgasm is so powerful, you naturally want a repeat; and thisis what keeps these false, evil behaviors alive—this is what perpetuates them. Unfortunately, though, the same strange and muddy excitement that drives incest or sodomy, or adultery, is the same thing that destroys the person’s life. In this regard, incest pays you to destroy your own life. The same first hit from that that drug or homosexual orgasm delivers is the same craving for more of that first hit; what the people don’t understand is that this is how the destructive system of evil works in the world of man. There are concrete forces that drive these ruinous behaviors that confuse and mess up people’s lives with the very thing that they seem to crave.

So, you had that first orgasm with your brother; and it was a mind blower! He had the ideal length that drilled its way deep down into your vagina, and you just can’t wait for a repeat. More often than not, though, in the hide and seek of incest and unwillingness to come out into the public with it; the parties’ behavior is often not rational; and good judgment is not used.Typically, enough planning for the next orgasm is not done. Thus, the parties tend to behave as if pregnancy is not in the program—they act as if it is an extraneous element that cannot be encountered in the incestuous sex. That kind of thinking is usually an illusion that causes the woman involved to get pregnant in the incestuous fling.

The Awkward, Long-Term Incestuous Relationship

 Now, generally, pregnancy is never in the mindset, even among normal, heterosexual couples: people hardly ever have sex in order to have children—sex is almost exclusively for the fun that it delivers. The people involved are just having fun, or so they think; and this is exactly what causes the pregnancy and the immediate crisis for the need for an abortion. On discovering that your incestuous partner is pregnant; suddenly, the taste of sex changes, and the incestuous couple comes to their senses overnight. The man, understanding what the pregnancy means, encourages his sister to commit murder and have an abortion. She, too, understanding the seriousness of the revelation, does it; and they continue with the consensual, incestuous relationship in a more careful manner.

Now, of course, they have come to their senses and have become more mature and rational about their sexual behavior; but, as everybody knows, it is relatively difficult to conceal sexual activity; and now, they must find a way to fix their hide and seek incestuous behavior. Now, they have a problem that they have to fix. However, by this point, they realize that the sex is no longer as exciting as it was before; and may be, the whole incestuous arrangement was not such a brilliant idea after all.  They must now either decide to scrap the relationship or move on with it, moving to a different location where their sexual activity could be more public and at ease. The brother may go to one state, and the sister to another in order to cover up the incest; or they may both go to the same state under the guise of business—and that is if they are able to get along otherwise. All heterosexual sex is exciting, especially when it is fresh and new: What most incestuous couples later realize about sex is that it is no magic wand for a happy and successful relationship.The elements of compatibility have to be present—you have to be compatible with the person because you cannot have sex twenty-four hours per day,and you cannot live with someone whom you do not like. Unfortunately, though, this fact is hardly taken seriously during the initial phase of incest; the sexual pressure is often the main driving force of the behavior.

Incest, a Booby Trap in your World

Even when the incestuous union is very good, such relationships are riddled with a lingering sense of guilt, shame, and disgrace; and you have to deal with all of that. What you find out, over time, is that the lure of incestuous relationships is not worth the long-term, negative effects of incest on your life; and for heaven’s sake, don’t impregnate her and bring forth a severely handicapped child or a monster baby with several penises, three hands, and four ears. These are some of the negative effects of inbreeding or incestuous unions; but isn’t this typical of sex and its strange, invisible booby traps. One of the strangest and most interesting aspects of life is its often-unseen booby traps in which people fall and are ensnared every single day; the world is a nasty illusion, and quite often, you don’t see the traps until they fly with you in them.

The Societal and Medical Cost of Incest

While some incestuous couples do bring forth normal children, many bring forth severely deformed babies which become a societal liabilityand burden to the state, costing it millions of dollars to foot the medical bills of your deformed incestuous baby. So, does incest work? Well, it depends on what you mean by the term work and the circumstances in which the incest occurs; more generally, people should avoid incestuous relationships—period—because of their smoky, foggy nature; for one thing, they are riddled with frustrating experiences, complicated surprises, and strange, disgraceful discoveries. However, if you truly love that relative and are willing to declare your love for him or her in public, hiding nothing from anyone and enduring the long-term guilt and frustration often associated with incest;an incestuous relationship might be worth a go—and this is only if you are not of a Christian persuasion. Today, we see a number of so-called Christians engaging in squarely unbiblical behaviors; such as swinging, homosexuality, incest, and polygamy: It is highly doubtful that these people are saved and are not going to hell. The way things are going now, no one should be playing Russian Roulette with his salvation; you need to know that you are saved and on right track.

In terms of the broader population in the world, there are many situations in which people find themselves that are particularly amenable to incestuous relationships, and whether they are right or wrong, they develop anyway; however, the Bible, God’s manual for life, strongly prohibits blood-relative relationships, and the Law does, too; and, if I am not mistaken, the consequences for incest;in the Old Testament;were stoning to death: God takes incestuous relationships very seriously and considers them an abomination to him; moreover, as society continues to decline and to wander away from God; incest will definitely continue to increase and confuse society. Nonetheless, society’s rapid negative changes and surging growth of violence are making incest more and more attractive to a growing number of family members—family members who don’t care a damn about what others have to say about their incestuous relationships with their parents, siblings, uncles, and aunts. Thus, this is Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World; it is alive and well today: People are doing whatever they want—even having sex with animals.

However,people should avoid incestuous relationships because of the inherent complexities that they often embody: Deformed babies, the shame and disgrace associated with having sex with your own mother or father, the secrecy to which you are forced to subject yourself, and innate uncertainty of your life. Because most relationships, by and large, are merely a phase through which people go; incestuous relationships, too, are a phase and do eventually come to an end. In this regard, it seems as if people should orient their lives to more open and pragmatic relationships that are innately more lasting, meaningful, and substantial.

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