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The Female Teacher-Male student Sex  Problem

The briskness of the pace of female teachers’ sexual involvement with sexually active male students underscores the level of unmet needs with which society is currently grappling and the degree of pain that every-day life brings to so many people today.

Female School Female Teachers’ Warped Judgment

Here we see the problem illustrated in living color; many female teachers are in stark pain, both at the public school and college level: At the lower educational level, public school teachers deal daily with so much mess that their judgment has become severely impaired and warped.

Stressed-Out Female Teachers

While all female teachers know that having sex with students can get them in trouble, many opt to do so anyway as a kind of quaint vacation from the craziness with which they deal every day.

The Hidden Discipline Problems in the Classroom

Society is not aware of the tremendous difficulties within the classroom; and many female teachers, entering the profession, have no idea into what they are plunging themselves. Just within a few months, the sheer shock of the classroom’s torridness and the plain lack of administrative support drive many female teachers completely off the wall.

This is what distorts and warps their perception of reality and judgment, eventually driving them to sex with their students; thus, their initial perception of teaching and what they eventually faced in the classroom are diametrically opposite and different from each other.

Hypersexualized Classrooms

For one thing, the children are adult—they have adult minds and think that way, and they live in a heavily oversexualized, pornographic society. This renders the problem of female teachers, having sex with their sexually active male students, starkly unsolvable.

However, this is not the spin that you get from media; it is always the oversexed female teacher taking advantage of the poor, innocent, angelic male student—a mere child. Folks, that spin is false and utterly twisted out of context. These female teachers see hell in these classrooms from these horny, sexually active male students: This is the plain truth about the matter—not a mere spin.

Female Teachers’ Sexual Harassment by their Male Students

After being sexually harassed, over and over and over again, by horny young men and not being given the administrative support that they deserve; what else does society expect from these beleaguered female teachers—what else!

The Daily Grind of Ill-Disciplined Students and Lawless Classrooms

The ongoing stress and strain of having to work with such ill-disciplined students eventually gets the better part of these female teachers. In view of these difficult circumstances that they face every day in the classroom, and the fact that they are mere fallible human beings; many often swerve to the left.

They lose themselves and cross that forbidden line for some relief ; they crave relief from their intense frustration with phony school administrators, crazy parents, and dishonest district officials who merely wink at the problems that are in the classroom. Is that fair to these female teachers? You tell me!

The Lawless, Chaotic School Atmosphere

The amoral school environment is an inherently painful one for teachers because they are trapped in the brunt of the moral storm and cultural war against morality and decency in our society.

No one confronts this titanic and internecine storm like teachers—and they have to confront it every day. As they look at their situation, that opposite-sex student who has been challenging them to a sexual romp becomes increasingly attractive by the day. Remember.

The Oppressive School Environment

These female teachers didn’t start out that way; it got that way because of the oppressive school environment, the flagrant lack of discipline, and unwholesome morality in the classroom.

They lose their way, in part, because the liberal environment in which students are taught is driven by liberals that spurn morality and discipline; they view it as a throwback to the old, archaic Christian system that they hate with a passion.

The False Liberal Ideology is the Core of the Problem

Looking at things from this point of view, it is evident that the school atmosphere itself is a huge part of the problem; and, perhaps, some of the teachers, themselves, are liberals and start out handling the problem entirely wrongly, to begin with.

The Problems at Work in the Sex Crisis

Thus, three sets of problems contribute to the rapid rise of female teachers’ sexual involvement with sexually active male students: First, the inherently dishonest educational bureaucracy that manages the public educational system fails to support worn-out, dispirited teachers.

Secondly, a skewed philosophical system that favors amoral liberalism over a more conservative, traditional system of clearly defined, wholesome moral guidelines that are strictly observed around, and in, the school environment.

In addition, because of this ultraliberal bent in society today, I would lay a wager that many—not all—of the teachers who screw up themselves with students are staunch liberals who do not believe in traditional discipline and Christian conservatism.

Notwithstanding, that is only half of the story; the problem is much deeper than that. Teachers have, traditionally, not been properly supported by school administration; they just let the children do whatever they want to do and then blame the teacher, whom they would not support for the in the classroom. At the end of the day, the teacher can only do so much in a lawless, messed-up school environment where discipline is clearly not a priority.

Thirdly, teachers work in an utterly chaos-driven environment where students are not socialized to become well-disciplined adults. This problem is further exacerbated by the society’s overall moral looseness and its slipshod relationship with the free availability of iron-core pornographic content.

School Administrators are Fooling themselves

Against this backdrop, If any school district or administration thinks that it can stop female teachers from having sex with oversexed, sexually male students, it is are stone crazy.

It’s just not going to happen because the problem is connected to so many other problems that are way beyond teachers’ jurisdiction and control. For one thing, the teaching profession is heavily staffed with young, attractive females who, for whatever reason, are not satisfied sexuall.

These Female Teachers’ Lack of Sexual Satisfaction

For whatever reason, they seem not to get enough access to satisfactory sex—a further risk factor that renders them even more vulnerable to having sex with their horny male students.

It is evident that women are not the only ones who view the classroom as a sexual hunting ground; men are the leaders in this regard, but more women are caught in the act—why?

Why so Many Female Teachers Engage Male Students in Sex?

Because men are more logical than women, they tend to figure things out more accurately and create a more realistic and pragmatic sexual experience than their female counterparts.

For some unexplained reason, women tend to be more on the emotional side of things and to let the risk of the sexual relationship with their sexually active male students get out of hand.

Thus, this explains the rapid rise of female teachers being caught in sexual misconduct with male students, to the point of even becoming pregnant for these little boys.

Many of these women Teachers have Carelessly Dropded the Ball

That tells you that these horny women either willfully or carelessly dropped the ball, for it doesn’t get any more asinine than that, does it. I mean, if you are going to bring a little boy into your intimate world, the least you can do is to protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy—wouldn’t you agree?

I mean, to allow a thirteen-year-old boy to impregnate you, a twenty-seven-year-old woman, is just downright dumb: Where was your mind—why did you let that happen?

This is a glaring testimony of how lawless public education in America has become; these women go that far because they felt that they could get away with it because they have gotten away with it for so long.

Female Teachers’ Warped Sense of Reality

I mean, a woman doesn’t just get up, open up her vagina to a thirteen-year-old, and let him impregnate her just like that—life doesn’t work that way. This must have been going on for quite some time to where she got too comfortable with it and felt that no one was looking—and perhaps, she was right.

No one was looking. However, you can have sex in some bushes, even at the side of the road; and no one would notice or even, especially in view of the way things are going now.

However, if you come out from the bushes and have sex on the side of the street, everybody would see you—and may even join in. This is how young female teachers become pregnant for their sexually active male students.

Female Teachers’ False understanding of Sex with Underage Boys

They have done it for some long and have gotten away with it that, after a while, it became old hat to them. Not too long ago, there was a case where a very hot female teacher had sex with a male student in her classroom, with all the students present. What do you call that?

Now, that is insanity gone bad—wouldn’t you say? It is a testament of the level of chaos in these classrooms and how much administrative oversight that is present at these schools—teachers know that with which they can get away—and they go for it!

Their Frazzled, Hyperemotional State

The fact that these hyperemotional female teachers allow themselves to get pregnant for their sexually active, underage male students tells you that they, indeed, have several loose screws, themselves—and who has loosened those screws?

The unruly children, not disciplined at home, have stolen these teachers’ minds and have unwrapped and disrobed them smack in the classroom. these female teachers’ raggedy and spotty love and sex lives; the dysfunctional school itself; and the mercenary school district officials, who are in it just for what they can get out of it, are the real culprits here.

Whichever way you look at it, the teacher is in pain that has been brought on by a broken society that has left its first estate of the Bible and decent, wholesome morality. The same thing is happening at the college level.

Female College Professors’ Choice of Sex with Male Students

Trapped in a moral dark hole; female college professors, realizing that their career is not as exciting they thought it would have been, seek out every opportunity to disgrace their profession and devalue the students who are entrusted into their custody.

At both levels, the teachers come to the conclusion that things are not what they thought they were going to be, and they find shabby and crummy ways to make their career more fun, such as viewing the classroom as a hunting ground because of their warped sense of judgment—and of reality as a whole.

Built-in Corruption within the School System

At both ends, the stakeholders and power brokers are disappointed: Students are confused for a range of reasons; and the teachers are disappointed with this, that, and the other.

The world has turned out to be other than what they thought it was as they find themselves in one spat after another with their superiors, jockeying for positions of authority and lying all over the place to keep up with their colleagues.

As they find themselves in these strange situations, they often become tangled up in a knot of bureaucratic red tape; they are forever being told to fulfill bureaucratic demands that seemingly have nothing to do with instructing their students.

Liberal Bureaucrats’ Distaste for Discipline and Morality

The Bureaucrats, who don’t believe in discipline and morality, have sowed to the wind and have reaped the whirlwind. Today, America is full of trouble, in part, because bureaucrats have minified and marginalized the role of morality and character in public education and life in general, in part, because they don’t have any themselves.

These unscrupulous and mercenary politicians have disciplined and fired teachers who have tried to bring some measure of sanity into the classroom; thus, all’s well that ends well.

The Hindrance of Bureaucratic Red Tape

The whole world is now able to see that public schools in the United States have never been set up to educate young people; the program was always set up to dumb them down, especially those in minority communities. This has been done in order for them to fail in school; become drop outs; and find themselves on the streets out there, where they become whores and jailbirds. And isn’t this that which has been happening through the decades?

Racism and Its Fixed System of Injustice

Young, uneducated people; with no one to care for them but welfare and the prison system; have been drowned in the foaming sewer of public education in the United States. They’ve been trapped in the senseless bureaucratic red tape of a school system that has failed to educate and prepare them for the real world.

In this regard, public education in America has greatly accomplished its goal through the years; its imminent failure should not be lamented; but rather, it should be celebrated and viewed as a boon and the end of a nasty era of American life. As was stated earlier, female teacher sexual misconduct is the ultimate outcome of a rude, pert educational system that was set up to fail and to embarrass teachers.

The Lie of Public Education in America

The fact that teachers do not get the support that they so direfully need from both administration and parents explains why the system has fallen apart so rapidly; suddenly, more and more people are now realizing that public education in America is failing everybody.

Now that the moral pendulum has swung all the way to the left and that the climate in the classroom has gotten way out of control; suddenly, everybody is up, and their eyes are open.

The Growing Acceptance of Lawlessness in the Classroom

With an ever-increasing number of female teachers undressing themselves before their male students and having sex with them, it is not hard to see why things have spiraled out of control.

Suddenly, everyone now realizes that the liberal approach to education is not working and that the whole system is at risk of utterly imploding, collapsing, and embarrassing the bureaucrats who have created and perpetrated it. They walk away with millions of dollars in their pockets and big, fat retirements; even after sending millions of young people prison, out of their minds, and away this world.

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