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The Fall of Public Education in the United States

Human society’s exaggerated emphasis on sex has cheapened and devalued the very essence of existence in this world; thus, billions become unbalanced without sex. In this regard, female teachers; undergoing a romantic dry spell, in essence; lose their psychological balance and enter into a kind of insanity, where they become unable to think logically.

Female Teachers’ Romantic Dry Spells

Thus, they wax extremely vulnerable and irrational in their thought processing. This explains why so many female teachers wind up becoming statistics in the sexual misconduct department. Now, you tell me: What sense does it make for a twenty-seven-year-old female teacher to intentionally allow herself to become pregnant for a for a thirteen-year-old student?

That does not even have a shred of logic or common sense; ignorance and stupidity is written all over that; the behavior is so illogical that it makes you wonder, “Where, in the world, are we going as a society?” The shock value is so high and powerful that you wonder, “What is the next shocker going to be—the student having sex on the desk while the teacher is conducting class—just who do they think they are fooling, and where is this going—what is the next shock bomb?”

Public Education’s Bureaucratstic Lies

No matter how you look at this shockingly ugly public education story, what you see is the end of public education and the American society. No society can survive this kind of storm; lies are written all over this narrative, and those who have created it will, sooner or later, have to pay the piper.

Don’t the public education bureaucrats see that their lies are not working anymore? The whole system of public education in the United States is a lie; and one thing about lies: They always fail. The devaluation and abolition of morality in the United States have rendered society into a very ochlocratic state; morality is viewed as irrelevant. Thus, nothing is right or wrong; but that is the very essence of insanity—and is what is playing out in the United States, in so many different forms today.

The Devaluation of Morality in the United States

You cannot have a thirty-six-year-old female teacher becoming pregnant for a thirteen-year-old student and have any shred of morality left. Lawlessness is running the show, the public education bureaucrats should be ashamed of themselves because this asininity is unfolding right under their watch. Liberals should be ashamed of themselves to tacitly side with such ridiculous behavior.

The Hard Drug of Society’s Sexual Obsession

The societal sex overdrive has become a kind of hard drug that renders these female teachers unable to think straight. My point here is that things are happening—and are happening with frightening regularity—because human society, itself, is false; the enginery behind all of this is falsehood.

What does it mean? It means that the whole system and arrangement of reality in the world is a lie—and one thing on which you can count about lies is that they do not work, and they will fail you. Thus, the whole world is on a crash mission: It is an ill-fated aircraft on a crash mission; and if you don’t believe me, just take a good hard look at the world today—you’ll come around to it.

Female Teachers’ Loss of Control of themselves

One of the most striking features of these female teachers’ unwise and illogical behavior is the insanity of allowing little boys to impregnate them. They sleep with these little boys allow them to impregnate them, thus demonstrating their total lost control of themselves.

These adult women greatly underestimate the sexual prowess and skill of the underage boys whom they allow to have sex with them. These young women greatly misjudge the sexually active boys’ ability in matters of sex.

Drunk Female Teachers Playing with Fire

In looking more carefully at the problem, what we have here are drunk, adult female teachers; playing with fire; and fire here means getting pregnant for little boys. It also means losing their job, humiliating themselves and public education, being sent to prison for most of their lives, being forced to register as a sex offender, and being stripped of the right to be hired by any straight-playing employer in the future.

That is a staggering price to pay for just a few minutes of sex—wouldn’t you say? In this regard, although the male students, to whom these female teachers open themselves, played a leading role in pulling off the sex, they are never punished.

The Injustice Dealt Against Female Teachers

These female teachers did not have sex by themselves—they did not impregnate themselves; thus, it seems as if the male students who impregnate them should be punished, too; but that never happens. Though it takes two hands to clap, things are almost never presented with this fact in mind.

Additionally, many of these underage boys who impregnate their female teachers also have sex with their mothers at home; thus, having sex with adults isn’t anything new to them—they certainly are not angels—are they? And I know the average reaction to all of this—“Oh, what a terrible thing to say!”

The Shortage of Straight, Eligible Men in the United States

Friend, it is a complicated lattice: Some scholars believe that there is a shortage of eligible, straight men in the United States right now; moreover, the American society has become a hookup culture, where especially young women advertise their vaginas in plain view, and men send women pictures of their penises.

Thus, reality has been reduced to the bare bone of penises and vaginas. In this shocking sex scramble, millions of young women often find themselves without a suitable sex partner; and they claim that most of the eligible men are not worth their time. They are low-grade, unclassy men.

Women’s Financial Independence and the Changing Male-Female Narrative

Additionally, many claim that they are now financially independent and don’t need a stable man in order to survive, as if money is the cure-all and the essence of human happiness and meaning in life. There are thousands of people who have millions of dollars who take their lives every day; however, these women who claim that they no longer need a steady man are used products with undesirable baggage.

These women are often saddled with children from earlier, unsuccessful relationships; and they hate the men who’ve messed up their lives. In essence, they are really men-haters—they hate their earlier boyfriends for hurting them. Unfortunately, many of these women are left with the fall out of those previous, failed relationships; and much of that baggage involves children who grow up fast. Now, this is not the standard and does not apply to everyone of these situations; but it does apply to quite a few.

The Growing Climate of Incest in the United States

Many of these same angry women who claim that they no longer want a steady man because they are financially secure now—they have their college degrees and a good job—have teenage boys at home.

These are the same teenage boys who are having sex with their horny mothers at home; and this is not to imply that all mothers have sex with their sons, but many do and are not ashamed of it. The Internet abounds with blogs of mothers who have sex with their sons—and they do not view it as a big deal!

The Shocking Rise of Mother-Son Incest in the Home

These are also the same teenage boys who are impregnating their horny female teachers who are sent to prison, stripped of their teaching licenses, forced to register as sex offenders, and trashed by society. What often gets lost here is the fact that these same teenage boys are; by no means, children because, before they get to their teachers; they have already had a regular routine of sex with their own adult mothers at home. This has been happening but has been merely swept under the rug.

Many mothers, already horny, find resisting their sons’ sexual interest in them and come-ons difficult to resist; thus, mother-son incest has grown dramatically in the United States within the past fifteen or so years.

These are difficult things to say because they seem so wrong; but unfortunately, they are daily occurrences; and many mothers celebrate sexual relationships with their sons. Hard to believe indeed but true!

The Mother-Son Living Alone Narrative

Do you mean to tell me that some of these young women have sex with their own sons? It’s a funny world, and things have changed quite a bit since Gram Ma was alive; it is a shockingly ugly thing to say—and to even conceptualize, but these are the realities of today. Some—not all—young men do have sex with their mothers in an age where incest has become mainstream.

The problem is the juxtaposition of horny teenager and horny mother, living alone. Just the plain circumstances in which these people find themselves contribute significantly to this kind of mother-son incest. Young, horny women find themselves living with their teenage son or sons in a morally loose home environment.

Everybody looks at pornography, and that often serves as the trigger for the incest in which they become involved. This, in part, is what emboldens these sexually active, underage male students to aggressively pursue their female teachers for sex.

Pregnancy, the Shock of these Female Teachers’ Lives

I suppose that many of these female teachers, ignorant of what is going on at these boys’ homes, get careless with them. They spin into the whirl of these boys’ adult understanding of sex and, as a result, get pregnant, the shock of their lives. The fact is that some of these underage male students are even more advanced, in matters of sex, than their female teacher sex partner, herself.

These adult women wind up becoming pregnant for little boys who can easily pass as their little brothers. Thus, these women underestimate their male students’ knowledge and understanding of adult life and sex; this is what gets them pregnant and throws them in the lion’s den of public condemnation.

Shocked at what these underage, sexually active boys are able to deliver to them, these women are at a loss. These female teachers play around with fire and poison: Some of these underage male students spend much time, looking at pornography and having sex with their parents.

The Sexual Relationship Process

Over time, in the classroom, these horny female teachers get pulled into these boys’ whirl. Because they are in their sexual prime and are able to deliver a powerful sexual payload to them, these female teachers are shocked and give themselves entirely over to them.

They give themselves to sexually active males students, who were well trained by the pornography that they watch and by their mothers who teach them how to satisfy a woman. Thus, by the time they get to their female teachers, they are even more advanced in sexual matters than their female teachers themselves; this is a naughty paradox, but it is true.

The take away here is this: If teenage boys have sex with their parents at home—and this happens for a number of reasons—who do you think horny female teachers are if they get in these underage, sexually underage boys’ way—and they often do because they go to their teachers with their problems.

The fact that they are already having sex with an adult at home, switching to sex with their teacher, a far more comforting experience than what they are having at home, is often quite a relief.

In this regard, a horny female teacher, going through a dry sex spell, may gladly welcome the opportunity to counsel these male students; and before you know it, they are having sex with those same students.

Poor School Discipline and Administrative Back up

Many female teachers have complained to administrators again, and again, and again about troubled male students; doing all kinds of inappropriate things to them in their classrooms but have been simply brushed aside.

Often, the male student pokes the female teacher in her side and winks at her. Obviously, the teacher recognizes this as a threat to her authority in the classroom and resents it; thus, she complains to administration about it, but they do nothing about problem.

Because of what is already going on at home, calling the parents lends little or no help whatsoever; more often than not, though, the teacher is not aware of the depth of problems and the upside-down nature of the students’ home environment.

Disruptive Classroom Behavior

Usually, the home response is mute and of very little value; hence emboldening the student to go a step further with that teacher; increasingly crossing forbidden lines. Over time, the student gains political power over the teacher; and if she is weak, she loosens up somewhat.

As she capitulates to his sexual taunting and pressure; gradually giving him more and more control over her situation. This is how sexual relationships often develop between male students and female teachers: The same scenario often transpires with the opposite sex.

The Male Teacher and the Horny Female Student

A horny female student begins tempting a male teacher, poking him with her pen and winking at him. When these teachers complain to administrators about these issues, they are given every possible reason in the book why it should not be viewed as a big deal; after all, he or she is just an adolescent—he will grow out of it.

The reality is that these students are not children; they are sexually active young adults who are fully educated about sex and often fantasize about having sex with their teachers.

Frankly, throwing away teachers into prison for twenty and thirty years because of this kind of trashy behavior is absolutely false and inappropriate. Well, you might say, “What are you saying—are you intimating that teachers should get off the hook for sexually abusing students?

Not at all; what I am saying is that schools need to have rules that students respect and follow, and administrators need to support their teachers and to find the appropriate learning environments for the range of students to whom they cater.

The Importance of Strict School Rules

You cannot expect the student to challenge the teacher sexually in such a situation, and he or she would always backdown—these teachers are human beings, too, with like passion as their students who challenge them sexually. It is not uncommon for male students to ask female teachers out on a date—and shockingly enough, it is also not uncommon for male students to point blank ask female teachers for sex and wink their eyes at them—clearly, this is not the behavior of a child, is it?

The student goes right up to the teacher, whispers in her ears “I want to “F” you,” winks. And then backs off and laughs. But none of this ever makes the news: It is always the predator female teacher, molesting the angelic male student—and that is a lie. That is an incorrect narrative that has been told again, and again, and again.

Speaking from experience, I was subbing at a school some years ago; and I heard one of the boys—of the baser sort—in the classroom, point blank ask the teacher’s assistant for sex, right in front of me. Judging from the dynamics that I beheld that day, that student probably got his way with that teacher’s assistant.

Looking at the situation, it seemed to me as if that wasn’t anything new or strange to that teacher’s assistant: This is how it goes down in these classrooms, but this is not how it comes out in the news. These students are allowed to cavalierly disrespect teachers and disrupt their classes—they literally run the school; and everybody is afraid to mess with them, lest they lose their job. Why? Human society is false, but few seem to notice that the world is a lie because truth doesn’t really matter to them.

Female Teachers Turned into Sexual Predators

While there appears to be a sizable number of female sexual predator teachers on the circuit today, the story is never told in its proper context. Based on what I have seen as a substitute teacher myself, I would lay wager that most of these predator female teachers have been spawned in the classroom, itself.

That is because of the level of lawlessness that occurs on public school campuses that I, as a substitute teacher, have visited and seen for years. Many of these female teachers, with their own share of life’s problems, drown in classroom lawlessness and are forced into becoming sexual predators.

The truth is that the discussion of sexual misconduct in the classroom is terribly skewed against women—and against teachers in general. The notion that students often blatantly subject teachers to jarring disrespect and sexual temptation is no news, and it is relatively difficult to teach effectively in a sexually driven environment like that.

Lack of Proper Support in the Classroom

More often than not, teachers are not adequately backed up by school administration that has to maintain their average daily attendance record in order to be eligible to receive a certain measure of funding from the state. This is the built-in corruption within the public school system.

And disturbingly enough, even administrators themselves are often caught in this strange sex trap, involving students and district employees. The whole idea of tying students’ average daily attendance to funding has destroyed public education in the United States.

It forbids schools from being able to adequately discipline students who wantonly misbehave, bluntly disrespect their teachers, and blithely disobey their directives. Even more curiously, schools are spanked and sanctioned for dealing with these school problems of a political nature.

The Challenge of Treating School Problems

quite often, these discipline problems are very severe, forcing administrators to treat them appropriately. However, when administration treats these problems; they often involve suspension and expulsion. What they find is that the more suspensions and expulsions that they do, the less state dollars they earn; thus, they are sanctioned for taking appropriate steps to curb lawlessness at their schools.

In this regard, administrators are encouraged to go along with the mess; and when they do, the overall community suffers; and the quality of life ultimately declines, with more and more of that community’s young people going prison and getting lost in the spin of things.

Thus, it is not just school discipline; female teachers having sex with sexually active underage boys is a knot of problems is a knot of problems that have been exquisitely created not to be solved. Here we see that human society is a lie that is disguised into being something it is not.

The Hard Facts About Public Education in America

In this regard, public school in America; especially in minority areas; are really colleges of how to become a criminal—and this applies to everyone who works in that environment, including teachers and administrators.

It is not uncommon to hear of administrators who are sent to prison for having sex with students, and that is rather unfortunate indeed. Thus, solving the problem of school discipline is a catch twenty-two that most school administrators would rather leave alone.

However, it is when they leave these problems alone that things often get out of hand in these classrooms. And who gets to hold the nasty end of the stick? Yes, you have that right: Teachers are left saddled with the problem, and it is then that all the deal making and hanky panky gets going.

Teachers Dealing with School Games

If students can ask teachers for sex and get away with it by administration saying that that is how students play around with teachers today, can you tell me why administrators are shocked when teachers become pregnant for those same students, or when students become pregnant for teachers?

They shouldn’t be—the school overlooks students’blunt stepping out of line; and shockingly enough, even assistant principals and principals of schools are, themselves, routinely caught in the sex trap in the public school system: There is simply too much sex in the air and too much messing around with the truth.

The Need for School Games to Stop

School districts must either get real about these problems and use the police where need be, or they must leave these high-profile jobs that they cannot seem to handle effectively. Strangely enough, there is a lot of secrecy that goes on in these situations; and schools are programmed to be a certain way. More often than not, administrators are in the know—they are privy to what is going on.

They understand that even them cannot solve the problems because they are put there to solve those problems; they are put there to make sure that those problems don’t get solved. Why? It is because human society is not what you think it is; it is mass brain washing and societal engineering by people who pull strings behind the scenes—people whom you would never see and know.

The same thing is going with public nudity—can you tell me why people are allowed to appear in public nude and what explains the growing incidence of people having sex in public?

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