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The Cost Cheating and Desecrating Marriage

People have been brainwashed by religion because it pollutes their character and understanding of truth; thus, they pay very little attention to the value of truth in their lives; and it is that inattention to truth that causes them to cheat on their spouses. In essence, therefore, inattention to truth is nothing but society’s lack of proper fear of, and respect for, God. Quite naturally, any society that does no fear and respect God’s presence in its midst is really a doomed society, and such a society will not honor its marriage vows because it marginalizes and trivializes the most important being in the universe! When a society becomes so mesmerized, perverted, and profane as to ignore God’s presence and to trash the holy institution of marriage; you are looking at a doomed society, for those are the elements that point to that society’s dial in God’s overall framework of things. The term dial here has to do with how much more time that society has left. In essence, therefore, a society in which people cavalierly cheat on their spouses and trash and desecrate their marriages is a society that is playing with God and warming up to the devil. Such a society is about to crash, be destroyed, and dumped into history’s trash heap. What am I saying here to you? What do you really need to understand here about marriage?

Cheating’s Devastating Consequences

This is what I am saying to you: Cheating in marriage is not without its devastating consequences, both to the cheater and to the society as a whole; for marriage is a divine institution: What you need to understand about cheating is that, when you willfully cheat on your spouse, you are not just cheating on your spouse; you are desecrating a holy institution that God himself put into motion to work in a clearly defined way for society’s benefit. Thus, when you cheat on your spouse, you are cheating on God and warming with the devil, God’s arch enemy; and there is a palpable cost for cheating on your spouse and desecrating the holy institution of marriage. You may not think that your behavior carries any consequences, but it does, and all this is going on unbeknownst to you. You don’t have to know that cheating on your spouse is really blasting your own life: What is another word for blasting here? Another word for blasting is a violent explosion, such as the detonation of an atomic bomb. That is what you are doing to your life when you cheat on your spouse. What so many people get mixed up is the timing of the blast; sometimes, God is so angry; he moves right away and destroys the target that is desecrating his holy institution of marriage.

Do you mean to tell me that people can become targets of God? Whoever is desecrating God’s handiwork of marriage becomes serious target of God; and sooner or later, he will put his hands on them: Playing with God is a very dangerous undertaking. Well, do you mean to tell me that God is violent? I am not telling you that God is violent; I am telling you not to cheat on your spouse and what the consequences of cheating on your spouse and desecrating your marriage are. Marriage is a divine institution; when you desecrate marriage, you are desecrating God’s work, and he will deal with you in ways that you don’t want him to. God does not play games with men, and men must not play with God. Much insight on this matter can be gathered from the Book Crashing Streams of Change: The Rise of World Government. Because the consequences don’t always follow right away, many people assume that there aren’t any and think that they can get away with the wrongdoing of cheating on their spouses: Just the word “wrongdoing” alone tells you not to mess around with it; for sooner or later, the axe is going to fall on the wrongdoer. All too often, God waits on wrongdoers to repent and to turn from their wrongdoing, especially when that wrongdoing is done on a societal scale, as it is being done today with marriage.  Far too many people only tend to see God as good; the reality is that God is neither good nor evil; he is just God, the superpowerful judge of the universe: God is neither your friend nor your enemy; he is just God, the owner of the universe:  God is not a German nor an American. All too often, people who talk about God give you the impression that God is like them—and he is not. They are liars, fraudsters, game players, and crooked deceivers; and God never lies: God does not embody these disreputable attributes of man; God must be praised, and honored, and glorified because he is God.

God is not a thief; he is not a liar, and he is not a whore either: God is holy and must not be compared to mankind.  God loves man, but he is not his friend; he is God; and being holy, God has to judge evil and wrongdoing in the world—he has to do it; thus, when a society begins to stray away from the natural course of events or order of things, God has to deal with that society: He deals with it in two ways. First, he gives it time to change its mind because people know what is right from what is wrong—everybody does: God puts that ability in every man; thus, everyone man knows right from wrong. If man does repent after a certain amount of time has elapsed, then would God implement his second way of dealing corrupt mortals.: He dispatches his cleanup crew; this is the entirety of nature and all of its forces, and God will use nature to fix corrupt mankind: This is how he deals with evil in the world. This may come in the form of an earthquake, a tsunami, the earth opening up and swallowing a whole city, a storm surge that seemed to come from nowhere, a typhoon…you get the picture. God has an inexhaustible supply of cleanup crews and knows exactly how to deal with corrupt mankind; and when he is ready to take care of business, he just goes right ahead.

You may say, “Well, do you mean to tell me that God is revengeful and psychopathic—do you?” No, God is neither revengeful nor psychopathic: God is holy and has to judge sin and evil in the world—and one day, he is going to judge the devil himself. God has given mankind the liberty of choice: He is not going to force you to follow his way because he tends to move at his own pace; and sometimes, that can seem to be slow.  God doesn’t think like man; thus, man does not understand God; he is a strange riddle; but if you follow him closely enough, you will begin to see things from his point of view—you will begin to see what is going on with him. God is totally understandable, but you have to throw away your mental view of reality and take on his. God is not a psychopath; he is pure love, but he has to deal with you when you cheat on your wife because that is not consistent with his character, and that because he is pure love. When God allows destruction to come upon a nation, as is happening now to the United States right now—the United States is slowly beingly disassembled and destroyed by its own evil and corrupt ways; and sometimes, God would use man himself to destroy his own world and himself—this is what is happening in the United States right now.  he has to do it because he loves America, but America has rejected God; thus, because God does not want America—or any other nation for that matter—to pollute his world, he has to dispatch is clean up crew to mop up that society and throw it into the trash. Have you noticed that America is being systematically trashed by its own government? Our society has become as loose as a screw, and God would let it happen because American and Americans are letting it happen.

God gives those nations enough time to change its minds, but if they don’t; he has to move in with his cleanup crew and destroy those nations—and he has done it again, and again, and again. In essence, though, it is not really God who is destroying those nations; it is those nations themselves that are doing it to themselves.  God does not destroy any one; he puts his hand over the world to block the destruction from coming through from the devil: when a nation refuses to follow the path of righteousness, God removes his hand of protection from around it,; strange things begin to happen in that nation, and the nation is ultimately destroyed. This has been pattern throughout history: Nations have been—and are being—destroyed when they step away from the natural order of things: This is what is happening in the United States of America today. Destruction has been steadily slapping the United States, left and right, because it has violated nature’s order and god’s prescribed program or order for mankind. One of its violations of natural order—and there are plenty in the United States today—is the profusion of extramarital affairs. The runaway rate at which married couples are cheating on one another in the United States is absolutely shocking and horrifying—and God will have none of it, for God is not an American and has to judge sin, and falsehood, and evil wherever they occur, especially in great abundance; thus, America is being slapped, left and right, for its sundry violations of natural order; and if those violations are not stopped, America will be smashed to pieces—mark my word! America knows better and ought to follow God; there is no nation, in the world, that has been preached to and exposed to as much light and gospel as the United States of America, but it has rejected God; and now, all the chickens have come home roast, and oh, what party America is having. America is having several hundred billion dollars a year in storm damage alone—a number that is clearly unsustainable; but that number is not decreasing; it is getting worse every year. There is a reason for all this destruction in America: God is fed warning Americans of the coming apocalypse and the doomful storms coming.

Americans have lost their sense of fear of God; thus, just about every minute you look around, a new calamity is striking America. Don’t, for one moment, think that those calamities are just accidental and missionless: Those calamities are laser accurately directed with a message to those communities, and the message is “Straighten up or else, worse is coming to you”—and worse has been steadily coming to America. Somehow or other, though, it seems as if the United States has become deaf; thus, the train of calamities has intensified and has become increasingly deadly and destructive. God is trying to get America’s attention, but it seems as if he can’t get through because the calamities just keep right on coming, and they have gotten worse and worse, each time they hit. What is the take away from all of this?  Well, you know, Americans have all changed their minds about God—you don’t change your mind about God: Once you belonged to God, he does not give up on you and will allow destruction to come upon and move you the way because he loves you. God never gives up on his children, for they were saved by grace; and when they begin messing with unnatural behaviors that stir the wrath of God, he will send the warning; yea, he would send warning, after warning, after warning; and eventually, if those warnings are not heeded; the axe will fall with catastrophic consequences.  After the axe has fallen, many will have to pinch themselves and ask, “Is this the United States—what happened—what happened to our great country?”

The Titanic Story

This is the take away from all of this: America knows how to fly its aircraft of society; and if it does not straighten up and begin to fly correctly, it will be smashed to pieces.  But you say, America is the strongest nation in the world: I can almost hear the cracking of that Titanic Ship that went down in the Atlantic; it was the largest cruise liner afloat in its day: The captain was warned of icebergs in the area, but he insisted that the Titanic was too big to sink: It was unsinkable; but a few hours later, at 2:40 A.M., it became the greatest tragedy at sea on that Monday morning of April 15, 1912. Playing around with marriage is playing around with God and asking the devil to destroy you. It is God who shields the world from the devil who wants to destroy mankind, but he can’t without God’s yielding the destruction. The Titanic went down because of the captain’s cosmic foolishness; and America, too, will go down if it continues to tamper with danger. Marriage is honorable, and the bed is undefined; but whoremongers, adulterers, and effeminates God will judge. Marriage is just about as sacred as it gets;’ and when people cavalierly and glibly pass off their marriages as a joke; cheating on their spouses and desecrating their marriages as if there are no consequences for that, those people are irritating God and stirring his anger against them; and the Bible says that God winks at the foolishness of man. It is against this backdrop that I strongly recommend that you read the book, Crashing Streams of Change.

Cheating and the Illusion of Religion in the World

You might ask, “Why do you say that religion is the central force that drives people away from the essence of truth?” Religion corrupts people by deceiving them about God. People, in their own way, are seeking God and would like to know him; and religion pretends to know the way to God. The problem here is that there are over ten thousand religions in the world, and they all point you to a different route to God: That is what corrupts people’s minds about truth and God. Once people get God wrong, they will get everything else wrong—and this is exactly what religions do in the world: They help people to get God wrong.  Religion, therefore, is not what you think it is: Religion is a devious contraption of the devil by pretending to lead people to God; but instead of doing that, it leads them away from him.

This is the reason that people behave so devilishly, trivializing truth, and cheating on their spouses: They cannot find what they are looking for because religion has created a fog, befogging their world and making sure that no one in the world gets it right; thus, religion is a tool of the devil; it is not designed to lead people to God; it is geared to doing the opposite. Jesus, the resurrected man, says that he is the only way to God; religion says that there are many right paths to God: Who must you believe—Jesus, the resurrected God, or religion? Which one is telling the truth? This explains why some of the most religious people in the world are some of the biggest cheaters that you would find, and you would be shocked to know who some of these pastors really are. You would also be shocked to know that the world that you think you knwo so well is quite another world; not the one you thought you knew. The world is a lie, and it is not what you think it is.

People commit adultery because their hearts are dark; they have been darkened by religion to ensure that they never find God. And please, don’t be deceived by the term religion: Religion is any force in the universe that is trying to influence you about God, so when you go into a university classroom; and your professor is telling you that God does not exist; you may not be wise enough to know that you are in a church, but that is exactly where you are: The professor himself is the preacher, trying to influence you away from your Christian understanding of God. When a preacher teaches you from the Bible, he is influencing you about God, too; the only difference is that the Bible is true, but the preacher may not be. Keep in mind what I stated about religion: It is designed to lead you away from God, and this can be done in a million ways: Although the Bible is true, millions of people use it to deceive and to lead people astray every single day. The main thing that I want you to see here is that religion is evil; the Bible is good for you. Buy a Bible, ask God to teach you what’s in there, and begin to read and interpret it on your own; you will find all the truth for which you have been looking all your life. If you have been divorced and the cause was your fault, ask God to forgive for the error and to lift the curse of divorce and all of its troubles off you; for senseless divorce is cursed with many unpalatable consequences that most people who divorce never bother to understand; they fail to connect the negative cycles in their lives with their seemingly endless stream of serial marriages and divorces.

Remember: People are not crooked because they want to be; all people want to do right and to treat their fellowmen with respect, but they can’t because of the way they were born. The Garden of Eden Story actually happened, putting man out of communion with God; thus, people are born at war with God because the devil is their spiritual father, but they do not know that because the knowledge is vigorously withheld from them: That is why the world is so messed up—that is why people commit adultery and cannot keep their word. The world is corrupted by religion, and it cannot help itself because the people in it are born wrong, and religion is there mainly to deceive them about God and to keep them going in the wrong direction: They want to do good, but they find that they can’t because they were born with the devil’s nature; thus, when they try to do good, evil comes out instead—and they don’t understand their lives. Has that ever happened to you: Have you tried to do good, but the opposite seems to happen instead?  You are trying to clean up your mind, but dirty thoughts about having sex with your neighbor’s wife, or even with your teacher seem to fill up your mind: All that is telling you is that you were born wrong, and you need to be born again and to undergo the internalization process.

The Importance of the Born-Again Experience

However, you must understand that being born again is no magic wand; you would still have to learn the path of the Bible, pray daily, and ask God to open your understanding of how to live the Christian life effectively. You see, since you were born; you have been relating to this dark world of evil and wrongdoing; and you think that you understand how it works: You don’t; you are only allowed to think that you do. Naturally, as someone who has not been truly born again; you hardly can live an upright life because that is the nature of God; and you were not born with the nature of God: You were born with the nature of the devil, but you don’t know that. That is why everybody in the world is playing games: Why? They realize that the whole world is a game. Why? The world is conducted according to the selfish nature of man, which is the nature of the devil. You cannot live uprightly without God’s assistance; neither can you enjoy God’s world without God—forget it; it wouldn’t happen. That is your devilish nature working there, and you cannot stop it on your own. You were born wrong; thus, right living is not possible on your own; that is why you need the Bible and God to clean up your life, but you have to make the first move, get a Bible, call upon God to teach you what is in it. Going around to different religious establishment and expecting to get the truth about God from them is simply asking for trouble. Religion is not designed to draw you closer to God; rather, it is a tool of the devil and only leads people further and further away from Go; this is the main reason that people have no morals and cheat on their spouses.

Mark my word: You will never be able to live right on your own. If you are committing adultery now, you probably will continue to commit adultery because that is your nature; that is the spiritual engine that is working in you: All that lust and pornography have taken its hold on you; they have planted their seed of lust, and pornography, and adultery into your soul. You cannot fight these powerful spirits on your own; you need professional assistance, sex anonymous, and even exorcism to help you get back on the right path. This is part of the cost of messing around with adultery and desecrating your marriage.   Don’t you find that you prefer adulterous sex that sex with your wife or husband?  That is the way the world works—right is wrong and wrong is right: Why do you think people commit adultery and cheat on their lovers? Somehow or other, they find cheating sex better and more exciting. As was stated earlier, human society is owned by the devil because of what Adam did in the Garden of Eden; for that reason, it is not normal for you to do right: You may want to do right, but you really can’t on your own. That is why you so strongly desire extramarital sex because sex with your wife or husband is no longer right and interesting in your eyes; thus, you prefer the forbidden or evil version of sex: Why? Your spiritual father is the devil; and he does not care how much sex you have, as long as it is not with your husband or wife. The Book Crashing Streams of Change: The Rise of World Government provides powerful insight into understanding world society and how you can clean up your life and start over again.

It is not that extramarital sex is better; you just prefer that brand because marital sex can get boring after a while if you do not love your spouse, but it all depends on your perspective. I’ve been married now over twelve years, and I can’t get enough of my wife: Why? I just know that marital sex is the best sex that there is out there. What does another woman have that my wife does not have? I recognize, long time ago, that all I have to do is just to be satisfied with my wife—and it is there whenever I want, and are ready for, it. She is not perfect; neither am I: I just learned to be contented with whatever I have. I don’t want another woman out there; my wife is enough—and so are yours: You just have to wake to that realization and stop messing around. You go out there, hunting for new sex; pick up AIDS; and take it home to your lover: Now, look at the humungous problem that you now have created in your home! You have AIDS; and he or she has, it, too. Does that make any sense? No, it doesn’t; and it doesn’t have to be that way either. Evil and lies are not based on what makes sense; they are based on what would destroy you the fastest.

If you are cheating on your wife or husband, you should stop; whether you seek spiritual solutions or not; for if you don’t, that guilt and cheapness of self will continue to depress you. It will continue to harrow —and eventually overtake and destroy—you; and you may eventually wind up a statistic. Cheating in marriage is a fundamental moral and societal sickness; it is committing evil against your own body, and that is a heavy burden to carry. Marriage turns you and your spouse into Siamese twins; the two become one; thus, when you cheat on your spouse, you are sinning against your own body. No one can cheat indefinitely and get away with it: What most people don’t realize is that the other side of illicit sex is violence; and sooner or later, all that cheating turns around and leaps on you like a hungry lion. The next minute you look around, and you are a statistic in the newspaper; cheating is wrong, whether you believe or think so or not. The world is a place of order and divisions; there is day, and there is night; there is light, and there is darkness; and there is marriage, and there is singlehood. The world is a place of order: Society has waxed increasingly disorderly and disregardful of nature’s laws, but nature never argues with mankind; it just gives mankind plenty of time to change his mind; and when he doesn’t, nature just responds with its clean-crew.

The Dark Nature of Cheating

1)    Cheating is corrupt and wrong at the most fundamental level; it is dark and twisted to cheat on your lover, even if it occurs at the most unforeseeable level of a slip. No married person just wakes up and finds himself in bed with someone who is not his wife; all extramarital sexual encounters are planned and consciously executed. What most people don’t understand is that all new sex is thrilling and exhilarating until it gets old again like that which you have at home now; it is all an illusion. If you don’t have any desires for your lover at home, the best way to fix that is to just wait until you get horny again—and you will; and you will see how sexually appealing your lover gets again. Some people have too much sex: Sex is not always fun; and, in fact, too much sex can be harmful to your health. That is why you must ease off of it until you get horny again.  It is like a glass of juice: When it is full, you want to drink; but as you drink, you get filled up. As a result, your appetite declines and slips below the horny level. When you fill the glass again, you did that because your appetite for sex has returned; and you wanted more again. Even if the sundial of your sexual appetite has slipped below the horny level and you connect with some new sexy mamma, you are going to have sexual desires for this person because she is new, and sex is particularly exciting when the person is new.

Once you start having sex with her, then naturally, you are not going to be able to serve your wife sexually because you don’t have unlimited sexual desires; thus, what happens is that, you begin to give this new sexy mamma your wife’s sexual energy; and, quite naturally, you are not going to be able to service your wife’s sexual needs—and there is where you start desecrating marriage and getting on God’s last nerve. There is also where the curses and woes will begin to stalk your life and marriage. Thus, you do not just wake up and find yourself in another woman’s arms; that situation requires a great deal of conscious planning.

There are limits to how much sex you can have and remain healthy; thus, if you have no feeling for your spouse right now, sit down and talk things over with her; she loves you and would understand that the feelings are just not there right now. At the same time, though, while you are doing that; you have to start hugging and kissing on your wife in order to regenerate that sexual spark. Don’t tell your wife that the feelings are not there now and not get close to her and start rubbing and kissing on her. If you are not doing the things that are necessary to generate that sexual spark for your wife, you are really fooling yourself, and her, too. Tight man-woman physical interaction generates sexual sparks, even if it is with your sister or even with your mother. No intent to be vulgar here: Some mothers are sexy, and their sons are not blind eiter; thus, they need to conduct themselves quite circumspectly around their adult boy children. Mothers who are careless with their sexual space in interacting with their sons often wind up having sex with them—and incest brings and invites all kinds of curses into your family’s life. Perhaps, they either intentionally set themselves up for it; or it happened by accidentally—they discover each other in the embrace. Close, physical man-woman hugging and embracing stir sexual desires and eventually morph into full-blown sexual intercourse, regardless of who is doing the hugging and embracing. Thus, this is the remedy for sexless marriages: Sexless couples just need to hug, embrace, and kiss more; which essentially amounts to mere intimacy. Just give it some time and let the feeling come back again naturally. In fact, you may be surprised how much you still love your girl; and how wonderfully things can still work. However, if you don’t love each other anymore, none of those things would work; you will have to fall back in love again before doing those things and expecting them to work

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