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The Collapse of Education in American Society

What we see happening in the public-school arena now is the collapse of education in American Society. Where it is not female teachers entertaining their underage male students with sex; It is professors raping students in their custody.

I empathize with teachers, in particular, female teachers, because they get a bad rap from society. One of things that have caught my attention recently about public education is the number of female teachers who are being accused of sexual misconduct with underage, sexually active male students.

The shocking Rise of Lawlessness in the United States

The surge of lawlessness has been one of the most striking and disturbing features in contemporary American society, and nowhere has this anarchical spirit been more evident than in the public-school classroom itself.

I have worked in the system for years and noticed how discipline, decency, and plain morality had been neglected and marginalized by school administrators: Male students tell female teachers practically anything—and I mean, anything.

Breakdown of Discipline and Morality in the Classroom

Some have asked their female teachers out on dates; some have passed their hands in their brassieres: others have even asked female teachers, point blank, for sex; and all that is in the plaything of public education in the United States. Do you think that this is a fairy tale? And why do they do it?

They can get away with it: Judging from what I saw ten years ago in the classroom—and I went everywhere because I was a substitute teacher—I knew that that kind of system would not last very long. LA Unified was already in intensive care back then: I got into trouble for disciplining students who were touching and fondling one another.

Discipline, the Exception to the Rule of Game Playing

The notion that discipline is the exception to the rule is disturbing—I know, but it is the paradox of truth in public education: it was at most of schools that I visited. based on what I saw as a substitute teacher, working for the district, I knew that LA Unified did not have long because all the writings were already on the wall. The rain clouds were already gathering from all directions.

The Writings on the wall for public Education in America

Parents are fed up being told that school districts know what is best for their children and that it is their responsibility to train and educate them. At the same time, students would do all kinds of naughty things and just away with them—and teachers were—and still are—always wrong.

I also knew that what was happening in the Los Angeles School District was really a reflection of what was happening the American Public Education System, as a whole—the system was falling apart; the writings had been on the wall for quite some time—and this was ten years ago.

Since then, no concrete change of direction has occurred. The huge teacher shortage and the mammoth retirement fall away underscore the seriousness of the problem and the imminent rapid collapse of public education in America.

The Huge Teacher Shortage: The Final Straw

Thus, the massive teacher shortage; the frightening imprisonment of teachers for sexual misconduct with students, draining the teacher resource; and the huge retirement wash away of fed-up teachers of the mess that has been made of public education all signal one thing: The massive collapse of public education in the United States.

The liberal, atheistic model of public education and of the American society, as a whole, has failed miserably; but liberals would never admit that: They would never agree that their godless societal model does not work and is innately destructive. They’ve been in charge of the system for the past forty years, and things have steadily trended down; test scores just keep right on dropping.

The Failed Liberal Model

The Liberal model has ushered all the basic societal institutions in America into intensive care. This explains why public education in America has collapsed; it would never work without some logical, wholesome moral system beneath it because that is how nature works.

Unfortunately, liberals don’t believe in rule of law and wholesome morality; they hate God and anything that is remotely connected to him. Liberals want a baby-doll god whom they can manipulate and who would keep them in the driver’s seat.

The Liberal Model is Freedom to Destroy themselves

By pushing extreme unmoral views, liberals wind up supporting evil causes and playing right into the hands of the devil, destroying themselves and the rest of American society—and that is exactly what’s happening right now.

The devil has welcomed their quest for freedom to destroy themselves and the United States of America; thus, wherever this false concept of freedom to destroy oneself is applied, collapse and destruction happen on their own.

The Collapse of Public Education in America

Public education in America would not last: What we are seeing now is its utter collapse: The husky, privileged bureaucratic class; that does absolutely nothing for public education and reaps all the financial benefits that go along with it; is now beginning to tremble.

They are scared in their boots and are wondering what they are going to do now. They don’t need to wonder anymore; their godless, ill-disciplined, chaos-driven model does not work—and will never work; it is merely an illusion in which they believe.

What is so frightening here is that this widespread failure of public education in the United States is not only occurring at the lower public-school level of education.

The Skyrocketing Cost of Education

The exorbitant cost of university education and the burgeoning growth of lawlessness in America are a stark threat to university education as well. Students are forced to accumulate massive student loans that they would not be able repay in their lifetime, and the acknowledgement that university education is not necessarily the only route to success in society is changing a lot of minds about the value of a college degree today.

As the cost of university education gets steeper and steeper, attraction to that venue of success will gradually decline and fewer and fewer people will see university education as a viable option—and that has already begun to happen.

People are re-evaluating the value of a university education today; especially in view of the mushrooming growth of change in society.

Professors’ Smash and Grab Sex Model

In addition, there is another robust threat to the university success model as well: Nowadays, in a world without any moral convictions; just about anything goes—anywhere and every time. Many professors have resorted to rape and sexual assault, the smash and grab model of sexual gratification at the college level: The whole idea of sex has changed.

In some universities, professors glaring violate their being entrusted with the students in their tutelage; and, if what I hear is correct, many professors plainly step across the line, beguiling their students into office-hour consultations that end up in sex in those same offices.

Professors’ Sex for Grade Model

In the light of what is circulating, it is not uncommon for some professors to tell students that they would give them a top grade if they agree to have sex with them—and this is happening all over the place.

Universities Turned into Professors’ Prostitute Stables

Moreover, some professors have even been emboldened to recruit students to work as prostitutes for them; and, unfortunately, many students who started out as regular students wind up working in professors’ prostitute stables. No matter how you look at this, it amounts to one thing: The plain collapse of, not only education in America, but also the collapse of American society itself.

All this is part of the game that liberals play; unfortunately, the term liberal hardly means anything anymore because the entire American society has embraced and adopted this smash-and-grab, get-all-that-you-can approach to life—and it is sucking the very life out of the United States.

Thus, what we are looking at now is the utter destruction of American society; unhappily, many have chosen to behave as if they are blind and cannot see the stark handwritings on the wall: No civilized society functions like this—none.

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