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Runaway Moral Decay: America’s Healing Urgency


Healing America: The Disease of Moral Decay

 What disturbs me most about the direction of our society today is its bitter and unmistakable dichotomy, a symptom of a very sick society: America is now two clearly defined and distinct civilizations that are very different from one another; and that difference pours out in neighborhoods, on university campuses, on jobs, in churches, within families, and just about everywhere in America today. Such unbelievable polarization reflects a stark need for America’s healing–healing of the disease of America’s decay. In this regard, healing America cannot be put off for tomorrow.


It mirrors the urgency for the healing of America; and such urgency is rather regrettable and a bold omen that suggests America’s immediate need for healing. Healing America is no longer political rhetoric; the disease of moral decay in America is is a terminal one that cannot be politicized: The need is now a concrete reality and urgency. Against this backdrop, a society that reflects such plain and raw dualistic qualities is schizophrenic and self-destructive at its core—and this is what we see playing out right before us in plain view. Such a dual arrangement would never work or last on a national level: It is entirely unpragmatic and self-defeating; thus, healing America through prayer, humility, repentance, and forgiveness are the only solution to its current schizophrenic condition. The need to clean up the putrid disease of moral decay and and to arrest the impending societal collapse is every American’s business: This is urgent and cannot be put off. 

IS America a Schizophrenic Nation?

When a society that used to know, and serve, the real God abruptly does an about-face turn from him; that society is unceremoniously turned into hell because it now reflects two distinct personality traits: It reflects the personality of the true god that it used to know and serve, and the personality of the new god for whom it has abandoned its original god to serve. This is the state of affairs in America today–utter moral collapse; the disease of moral decay is eating America alive; in this regard, America’s healing  cannot be sidelined.  However, because human society is dualistic and only contains good and evil; the new god which the society now embraces is always the devil because there is only good and evil in the world: whatever is neither good nor evil is in the process of becoming one or the other. Evidence of the moral collapse in our society is is every and is most conspicuous  in news, reporting the shocking barbarity of a seemingly endless stream of shooting sprees, where Americans turn guns on one another and slaughter–how long must this go on? It reflects the utter moral decay in our society and the screaming noise and need for America’s healing: Healing America is the clarion call of the day in America.


A society that changes abruptly from the real God can only gravitate to the doll-baby god, which is the devil—and he is incredibly versatile and changeable in his deceptive practices. This is exactly what America is doing; now: It has left the real God for the false promises of the doll-baby god; thus illustrating the urgent need  for America’s healing: healing America is the essence of reality in our day; and if it is sidelined, world society will pay a very huge price. In the light of these dramatic developments, healing America could not have been anymore urgent that it is right now.


 Thus, a society that leaves the true God for another god is fooling itself if it thinks that that other god is going to be as good to it as the God it has abandoned. America is fooling itself if it thinks that the devil loves it and has its best interests at heart—and this is the cause of all the problems in America today; this illustrates the dramatic need and urgency for healing America: The old is being abandoned for the new; and the new God, which is the devil, is destroying America. This has created schizophrenic tendencies that are innately unhealthy for the mind of America. Healing America and its terribly misplaced liberal cannot be put off; it is an urgency that must be embraced: Treating America’s rapidly decaying societal institutions  and distilling the problems its liberal mindset has fostered cannot be politicized.


The real god is being swapped for the phony one; as a result, everything is thrown into upheavals. Following this evil supernatural spirit; or the new, phony god; has bred schizophrenic qualities: This explains all the problems that you see in America today. Healing America is the most urgent emergency of the hour in the world: This the most critical moment of our time—it is a watershed moment that can blow the world away if it is not handled with care. The splitting of America into two distinct civilizations is tantamount to the end of the world; in that regard, healing America is the urgency of the hour. the schizophrenic division of our society into two distinct civilizations is devouring the very essence of what it meant to be an America. Runaway moral decay, reflected in bizarre behaviors and utter disregard for rule of law screams to the world that America is sick; healing America cannot be left to partisan politics. 


According to the article, Glimpses into the Crash site of Human Civilization; “If the train of woes that currently stalks and bedevils America is not disassembled immediately, the crash site of human civilization cannot be far away.” And the current situation in America underscores the urgency for its healing. Healing America is the most important factor in the world today because it is the leading military power in the world: If a society with the might and power of America, wielding thousands of atomic weapons is sick; its needs must take precedence over everything else in the world.


If America needs psychiatric care, and that need is not urgently addressed; the whole world can be blown to shreds in seconds! We have become so overfamiliar with these dangerous facts and needs that we’ve oversimplified the degree of danger and risk associated with the urgency staring us down: the need for America’s healing. We have adopted the false view that America is the titan of the world: It is just invincible and impregnable; in the process, we’ve deceived ourselves. Healing America is urgent—it is a matter of moments. We have dismantled our society, calling girls boys and boys girls. We have utterly confused the gender system, turning the two genders into one. Now, there is only one recognized gender in America, and as sodomy spreads like wildfire and same-sex marriage takes hold, that single gender will scrap and ruin America’s reproductive capacity; creating a massive population crisis and a tremendous shortage of workers in America. This will mark the end of America as a world power; and unless the moral decay, fueling these destructive processes is halted immediately through the healing of America, the society will face dire collapse. In the light of this urgency, healing America cannot be shoved aside; it is a right now issue.


In the process of deceiving ourselves, we have utterly dismissed the need for Healing America; and in doing so, we’ve marginalized the urgency and seriousness of the problem. America certainly has evinced some very disturbing images that have spooked the rest of the world; these daunting images have left the world’s peoples trembling in their boots because of what it all means for them and us Americans. Healing America is the solution to the schizophrenic problem ripping our nation apart, and that solution must be harnessed to fix the urgent problem facing our society.


The stirring and unnerving images that poured from the Capitol building in Washington DC on January 6, 2021, left many around the world stunned; and it awakened them to the urgency and poignancy of the need for healing America. On seeing the Capitol building utterly overpowered and overrun by people who were not there to sit down and talk, America’s need for healing is no longer a matter of discussion—it is a foregone conclusion. The rate at which moral decay and societal deteiation 

However, if this matter is sidelined, the next invasion attempt will be utterly successful. This accentuates the urgency of the need for healing America; and while there has been much talk about liberals and conservatives over the years, things have not gotten any better: They have rapidly deteriorated, and the United States of America has now morphed into two distinctly different civilizations with two explicitly different visions for the future—and it is frightening! The need for America’s healing is more glaring and immediate than ever.

America’s Need for Healing, Our Time’s most Defining Moment

According to the article, The Collapse of Human Civilization, “The Convergence of an unnerving array of events and forces in the world is an intriguing harbinger that proclaims the end of human civilization.  This is the harbinger that is so Grotesquely portrayed in the United States today: The final world society, prophesied in the Book of Revelation, has crystallized right before our eyes; and the last few moments of time are dripping from the leaky faucet of human doom.


The emergent civilization in the United States today is the tolling of the bell of human civilization’s last rites. The Adamic Interlude, which is the space between Adam’s fall and the end of the age, is rapidly fading away; this explains the urgency for America’s healing, for the events transpiring in the United States of America today are the unmistakable harbingers of the fast-approaching apocalyptic night, barreling down on the earth: Just one wrong move, and it is all over. Healing America is absolutely no joke; it is urgent and utterly critical.

The healing of America is the times’ most defining moment.  When a society backslides from God, that society is always in the twilight zone, ever moving towards that new god and reaching for the old one that it has abandoned; thus creating strong, destructive schizophrenic currents within its institutional structure. Its friends, looking on and knowing how powerful it used to be, merely begin to laugh at its glaring sickness. This is America today; it is patently sick and reflects strong schizophrenic attributes; hence, the urgency for America’s healing: Healing America is a top priority because of its powerful position in the world and the risk associated with such insanity.

America’s Two Civilizations and its Two Gods

In the article, “The World, crushed by the Strain of Change Overload,” the Roman observation that change is a take-it-to-the-bank-certainty is a rather jarring and evident one. Everything changes: Change is inevitable; however, the magnitude of change that is unfolding in the United State today should raises every eyebrow in the world. In his article, The Polarization of America; the author states that, each year, Americans are becoming more and more fractured and polarized. This underscores the urgency of healing America. The liberal-conservative divide in the United States today boldly reflects two distinct civilizations on their way to two clearly different spiritual destinations, and they are tearing America to pieces. It is against this backdrop that healing America becomes a matter of paramount importance. America’s healing is not a trifling matter: too much is at stake. The healing process is critical and must be initiated now.


In the article, Can Biden Heal America? The author states that, the moment CNN projected Joe Biden as its forty-sixth president, the United States began on an utterly different road from the one down which it would have crashed if Trump had won a second term—and correct the first portion of this piece of writing is: The United States are currently at a crossroads of two distinctly different spiritual destinies and; at the end of the road, it will ultimately wind up in one of two very different destinations. But the understanding here is that nothing is wrong with America; there is no need for healing America—and nothing could be further from the truth. With hundreds of thousands snuffed away in the screaming voice of gunfire, drug overdose, and suicide; you wonder how can millions of people sleep with a clear conscience under these starkly insane conditions and still support a view that nothing is wrong with a America; it is just fine and does not need any healing.

How can Americans indeed support party that opposes the Bible, open border wide, send girls into boys’ bathrooms to be raped and abused, and strip society of its reproductive rights and gender balance? Due to the jarring surge of unnaturalness in America, its two genders have become one, stripping America of its reproductive rights. In this regard, in the light of the massive sterilization under way in America; it won’t be long before its population collapses and robots have to be massed produced by the millions to supply work for its industrial machine because the calling for America’s healing has not been heeded; and by the time folks look around; it’s too late.

Interestingly enough, it was the same thing that the reality framers of the Enlightenment age did. They made it clear that they would have nothing to do with God: Isn’t that the same thing the liberal Democratic Party is doing today? In the wake of the blood letting that the French Revolution released, don’t you think that healing America is an urgency? The French Revolution is back, and the same people who were behind it in the past are back again for another go round—the last round. Remove God from America, allow same-sex marriage, cause America’s population to collapse, turn girls into boys and send into boys’ bathrooms to prove that they are boys, turn our women into animal lovers and let them have sex with dogs: These are clarion calls of the day. Will America one day regret its irresponsible moral behavior? Are the writings on the wall for America? You bet. Are the writings on the wall for America? Absolutely!             

Two roads are clearly delineated in American society today: One espouses the Bible and truth; the other rejects it and embraces perversion and unnatural behavior, turning the two sexes into one. The feelings are very incandescent and toxic on both sides, and much is at stake—the society’s very survival! The godless democratic vision for America is identical to that presented to Europeans during the Enlightenment Age, shortly after the scientific revolution; and it is rather sobering to see how dramatically and graphically the same lame, fruitless ideas come back again for another round destruction of the human race: Only that this time, it is unfolding in America, thus illustrating the need for healing America.

 The deceptive, satanic Enlightenment Age did nothing but to effect mass-destruction human beings in its day; It is going to do nothing else but the same thing today. The Enlightenment notion is the same idea that slaughtered over 1.4 million French people during the French Revolution, 230 years ago: Be honest and speak the truth—Is France any more equal today than it was back then? The painful answer is no; French people were protesting economic inequality in France just a year ago—why do you think they were doing that? Do you think that they were doing it just because they had nothing else to do? Therefore, you wonder why people allow themselves to be deceived by the devil and the same lie that he recycles again, and again, and again?


The supporters of each ultimate destination in the United States today firmly believe that their position is correct, but how do we judge which one is correct?  Well, if society plays by the rules of science, we can use the standard of truth: The problem is that truth means absolutely nothing today. However, we can use history to figure things out. We must let history do the judging. America is two pieces or halves of a broken glass that would probably never be mended again: Each piece howls for the healing of America; they represent contemporary American reality in its starkest and most unmistakable essence. This means that America is now headed on a very irreversibly destructive path because no society can function effectively the way America is functioning now. This underscores it urgent need for healing: Healing America cannot be overlooked, and only God alone can do that; man cannot heal—and wrong certainly will not heal our society.

Only two gods exist in the world: Almighty God and the devil; and these two polarities, emerging in the United States today, reflect this truth in its most graphic form. According to the article, Change Overload and the Rapidly Approaching Tomorrow, the writer says that people are flurried and befuddled by the massive change overload that has taken the world by storm. The emergent American civilization, modeled after the present Democratic Party, is the final human civilization on the earth: It is the one that is so clearly depicted in the apocalyptic account of the Book of Revelation. It is ungodly, unholy, and Anti-Christian; and what is so shocking about it all it that it pulls no bones in making its position and worldview very clear what it believes and that for which it stands.


The fact is that only God can heal; and humanistic America has rejected God and the holy principles of the Bible. Manifestly, Trump was not the best choice but was the best of two evils. Many have ignored that and went the other way: Time will tell the truth. Healing America is the only solution; going further into perversion will only make things worse, especially with almost 600,000 Americans dead from Corvid; now is not the time to be messing around with the devil and his program for mankind’s end; however, all people have their own will; and time will tell the real tale that so many are missing right now. But healing America today can make a great difference in the outcome of things.


The powerful change overload in the United States today is the world’s most serious threat because it threatens to turn America into just another secular, atheistic society that does not work. Socialistic atheism is just another sick and self-destructive idea that ruins the minds of a people, deceiving them with the utopian fairytale of a wonderful, Godless world while, at the same time, creating a dystopian world right before their eyes. Look at America today: Behold how dystopian it has become. That system didn’t work during the Enlightenment age; neither will it work today. Healing America, with the power of truth and the Bible, is the only thing that will work for America now—and way into the future. It is one thing to sit down and discuss children’s stories; it is quite another to take them seriously. I mean, anyone  can sit down and have a good laugh with a fairy tale: taking them seriously is like running a marathon with a broken ankle, and only a fool would attempt such a feat.


Folks, the world of the Enlightenment Age did not work during that time for its framers of reality and societal engineers, and it will not work for the new ones in America today. The idea that God does not exist is not new; it has been around: The notion that man can run the world completely free from divine interference is also not new, but it is a sick concept: It is a movement for which healing America is the only solution: healing of America is its best bet, going forward. It is the only pragmatic solution from the destructive and highly satanic sentiments of transhumanism, transgenderism, same sex love and marriage, pornography, incest, public nudity, public sex orgy, adultery, and bestiality.

It is not hard to see that these ideas are coming smack from left field; it is also not hard to see that many Americans have gone to sleep, for only people sound asleep would allow these strange ideas to take center stage. Yes, folks; here is where we are and are sinking deeper and deeper into the morass of destruction every single day. Remember Covid19 and its mysteriously high incidence of casualties; it is just the spark of much larger fire: Sit tight, hold on to your front-row seat, and you will see how liberal, humanistic America is going to fare. But in the meantime, let us call for the healing of America and see healing America as the solution.

These self-destructive ideas warp a society’s mind and corrupt its people—and this is exactly what is happening, not only in America, but also throughout the Western World. Old, corrupt pagan ideas have been exhumed and presented to twenty-first-century American society as cutting-edged fads. Folks, have we lost our minds; calling things that are clearly out of left field cool? In this regard, healing America would generate healing of the West as well. The founding fathers of this country envisioned a society that is based on the Bible’s moral values and principles. They saw the intrinsic relevance and crucial significance of Biblical values in the existence, development, and perpetuation of a workable American society.


Hence, despite all the moral mistakes that these fallible men have made; they went about carving out and engineering a pragmatic society that is based on the tenets and principles of the Bible; the only flute of love in the world. America has no other choice but to accept the fact that it needs the healing touch of Jesus; Corvid is merely a light tap on the shoulder, reminding her that only Jesus would work. God is never in a hurry; his vision for society is the clear medicine on which America needs to feed now; it is the exact remedy and healing of America.


In this regard, we see that America was not designed to function outside the orbit of these biblical ideas: It was founded on biblical principles and was designed to operate thereby only. There have been mistakes made because the people involved were fallible men, and they made some terrible mistakes. Despite their moral errors, they recognized the inestimable value of the Bible and its focus on righteousness. Therefore, they built a society around and upon the Bible’s tenets. This is why healing America is so important. The founding fathers recognized American society would not stay in one piece through a liberal framework because they did not design it to function that way; in this regard, healing America is the only way forward. Though it has not always exhibited such a characteristic, America was designed to function as a Christian society and would only stay in existence if such currents are the dominant power source, driving its giant turbines.


Healing America is the solution for America; nothing else will ever work for this epic society; America is extraordinary, in that it is the only country in world where everybody wants to be; and those who are trying to change it are really trying to destroy it. The perverse system that liberals present for America is a shocking disaster just waiting to unfold; and when it does, oh my: the Trojan Horse will appear from the blue, and it will become as clear as day who the real traitors were. Healing America is an urgency; let us not mess around with foolish ideas that would turn the greatest society ever and the greatest show on earth into a yawning trash heap. It is easier to break down than to build up; let us build up America and strip our society of unnaturalness and perversion so that the normal process of reproduction can be reestablished; for if we don’t, millions of robots will have to be built; and we’ll have to find engineers to repair them. Sit tight and hold on front-row seat; the jarring collapse is not far away. Unnaturalness failed in past, and it will fail again.


Presumably, the founding fathers were right about the Bible’s efficacy in forging the prosperity and perpetuation of a society about which everyone could be proud, for the America that they envisioned has waxed into the most prosperous society in the history of the world; and it is not because they were so brilliant; rather, it is because of the Bible’s blessings on America: Remove the Bible, and watch America sink to the bottom of the sea. Ask Alexis de Tocqueville about the origin of America’s greatness: Do a séance on him; he’ll tell you, in a flash, from where America’s greatness came. Isn’t interesting that someone who was not born here came and saw from whence America’s great came, and people who were born here are trying to change what De Tocqueville saw? What a paradox that is!

 Perhaps, America’s sober, rational, and pragmatic reality framers knew somethings that the liberals of today do not know; they understood the value of folk medicine and the importance of the Bible as society’s fundamental folk medicine kit for the healing of America. They understood what works from what doesn’t; for they carved out a society that has been so massively successful and prosperous that all the nations of the world want to come over here and enjoy what they want to jettison. The Bible’s emphasis is the original American civilization that made our society so rich, so prosperous, so great, and so envied by all the nations of the world. However, contemporary America has stumped its toes on the massive boulder of liberalism, humanism, epicureanism, and ancient pagan, religious ideas—ideas that divide people, tear up society, and plainly do not work.


Liberals’ anything-goes ideas and perversion of society is a flagrant disgrace that has soured the heart of God himself and has set off a range of debacles and diseases that have swept away more Americans than all the wars of the twentieth century. Healing America is the only solution for America; if liberals think that their frothy ideas would work, they have something else coming. If Americans think that the casualties of the Corona Virus are not a warning from God, woe be onto all Americans when the next warning comes. This stark Corona Virus warning has unsettled and disrupted everything and ruined America’s record of prosperity.  Today’s abject, crass liberalism and its blunt disregard for God are the deadliest threat to America’s survival today; and that is the reason that American society so desperately needs healing—healing for America that only the Bible and God can deliver. Healing America is a greater mandate that any other urgency anywhere in the world today.

Yes, I Know how arrogant those of the liberal point of view are; they see Christianity as an old, outdated religion that no one, in his mind, has any legal right to believe in; they see it as being no longer relevant to the craziness of twenty-first-century society and that no one has the right to follow such a religion: The stark irony here is that the times’ craziness is directly caused by the shocking perversion and spiritual darkness that liberalism is promoting today; and from the looks of things, it appears that, if everything goes the liberals’ way, all of society will be transmuted into a jarring mental asylum—and that is what is so satirical and sad.


  This is how arrogant and lordly people have gotten, wanting to deny others the right to follow their own hearts’ convictions and forcing them to get behind the incredible darkness that they are promoting in the world. Since when America became a place where liberals can tell folks what they can, and cannot, believe: it is utterly ridiculously. It is a belief system that is desperately in need of healing itself; thus, an even more shocking irony is that liberals need Jesus to purify their hearts and minds more than anyone else, and to extract them from the obvious dark, spiritual dungeon in which they live. Oh, life and its endless stream of ironies!


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