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Reasons People Cheat

People cheat because their needs are not being met either because the relationship is a wrong fit; they are both incompatible sexually and perceptually; and their understanding of sex and relationships, as a whole, is different. These relationships are workable, but they are a good piece of work and require much humility and compassion. One of the things that this reveals is the fact that single people are only whole while they are single, and their understanding of life is oriented around being single; thus, the model that they have created for their lives is one that is oriented being single, and that may only work within that single framework: Once they connect with another person, that single structure has to be dismantled but, quite often, is not: It is maintaining that single structure after having been married that causes the bulk of the problems in marriage.
Marriage is the union of two single people with individual perceptions of reality, in terms how they think a relationship should function; what love is for them; how they must express it in the relationship; and what they are, and are not, willing to do in order to make the relationship work. This realignment and reprogramming of their understanding of reality is what causes most, if not all, of the divorces out there. Love and sex bring people together and render them vulnerable to being hurt because they are forced to expose their weaknesses and vulnerabilities. For one thing, they are forced to disrobe and reveal their nakedness to one another, and this is one of the reasons why people should not have sex before marriage. Once you expose your nakedness, you are showing that other person all your strengths and weaknesses.
The woman exchanges kisses with her male lover and shows him her breasts, the essence of her nudity; and when they get to the actual sex aspect, she is giving him herself. These elements of femininity should only be unpacked after considerable conversation about this, and that, and the other—and especially about sexual things. In view of the complex nature of intimacy, sex should be absolutely left for last; on connecting with men initially, Brazilian woman willfully dress skimpily and expose themselves to see how much restraint that has. They reason that, if he cannot handle some skin initially, he wouldn’t be around for long because he doesn’t have what it takes to enjoy a woman. They reason that any man can come up with an erect penis up front; but only a mature man can handle some skin being exposed without losing control of himself. They maintain that a real man allows a woman to show some skin and still is control himself: They say that they are not in it for a few humps, and it is over—they’ve been through that before, and that does not work. The slam, bam, thank you, Ma’am routine does not work; it is a deal breaker. In the context of proper relationship engineering, sex must come last and should be separated by several months of relationship overview and casual discourse, which are needed to define each other’s perception of reality over the several months and to determine if they are similar.
That is where you find out the physical details of the person’s body and the spiritual details of the person’s mind. Here is where you determine whether you are sexually and perceptually compatible because here is where most marriages march off to the divorce court room after all that sexual heat burns off. Here is where you determine if the person has fantasies and fetishes and whether you are cool with them. Here is where you have to determine whether the person wants interesting conversation, oral sex, and anal sex; whether he is a morning or evening person, how often he wants to have sex, and what kind of relationship he wants. This is how Brazilian women go about testing their potential lovers: Do they want an exclusive monogamous marriage or a marriage with open boundaries? And do they want a swinging marriage and want to have the option of having sex without other people? In this very perverted society today, these are questions that you better ask if you want to keep your sanity intact and prevent yourself from falling apart and losing your mind.
All these elements reveal that there is a distinct difference between single people and married people, or at least, there ought to be—and this is especially true if the couple are Christians; and you better ask all of these questions because most Christians today are not living holy lives: They swing, they do oral and anal sex, and many have open relationships which allow them to have sex with whoever they want. Be careful with people who call themselves Christians today—you will be surprised who these reprobate people are. In essence, this is what relationship engineering does; it is like a website crawler that checks your website to see what it has and how it should be ranked. This is called relationship engineering, checking to see what is under the hood—you would be surprised—and even shocked about what so-called Christians do in bed. Coming back to the issue of why people cheat is that people cheat because their needs are not being met both sexually and perceptually; what this reveals is that there is a relationship between perception or worldview and sex, and this problem of marrying the wrong person can be avoided thorough extensive relationship engineering dialogue. Do not marry anyone merely because you are horny and can’t wait: You will regret it; you will be sorry.
You must find out whether this man thinks the same way as you do, both sexually and perceptually. How many times should he write you poetry? Does he write poetry? how many times should he bring you flowers? Does he bring women flowers? How does he show affection, and would he cheat on you if he got a chance? Here is where you settle the singlehood model of the reality issue. They must discuss this, and, having done that; they must move to crafting a vision for their marriage, based on mutual understanding and agreement. This sets the basis for a reasonably successful marriage; based on mutual definition of reality, mutual understanding of success, mutual agreement about family size and appropriate time to start a family, and reciprocal understanding of the woman’s position in the home. This kind of programming forestalls and prevent angry divorce court hearings, wasting your time with the wrong person and putting a serious hurting on your own life.

Confused Role Playing in the Home

Often, confusion about each person’s correct role in the marriage often flares up, especially in confused marital situations: This is often reflected in inconsistent understanding about the couple’s respective roles in the home; in view of who should handle the money, do the baby sitting, clean the house, carry out the trash, initiate sex; and how to deal with sex and to prevent the onset of sexlessness. Couples grapple with the issue of who should initiate sex, in terms of scheduling intimate dates and romantic moments; Christians often struggle with the issue of time to pray and read the Bible together as a couple. Thus, as it turns out, getting married is a major change in one’s life that often requires significant expenditure of time to determine how best to enregiment the various roles and tasks that need to be executed in the home. There should be a common thread of understanding of how a couple’s lives ought to be lived

Confusing the Sex Initiating Role

All marriages need to be fertilized with compliments, and the matter of compliments should rank very high on the marital satisfaction scale: Compliments should rank second to sex in the overall functioning of the home itself. As a married couple, both parties should always look for some reason to compliment each other and to remain positive, feeding your marriage with positive ideas and vibes. All people want to know that they are being appreciated for what they are doing, and it should not be difficult to simply tell your spouse that you love or her and that he or she is doing a wonderful job in a particular area. It just lifts the spirit of the marriage itself: Are compliments part of the role playing in marriage? Absolutely! A role is simply a task that you execute in your regular life; and, as was mentioned earlier; love, marriage, and sex should be viewed as duties: When you view them that way, they become a conscious part of you and of your responsibility to execute those roles. In this regard, complimenting your spouse on her slick initiation of the intimacy play would drive her to become even more creative in initiating sex in the future.
Although the world is rapidly ending right before our eyes, as is very obvious; many women are still prudish and squeamish about sexual matters; and most are still old-fashioned, as far as sexual roles are concerned; they are convinced that sexual initiation is the man’s role, and this can be quite a turnoff for many men who want their wives to pamper them. There is more to sex than just sex itself; it is a time of displaying intense affection one for another; this is the reason that foreplay is so critical. Sex without foreplay is confused loved or no love at all: When a woman initiates sex, she is sending her husband the message that she really loves him and can’t get enough of him; he, understanding his wife’s erotic code, returns the favor to his wife by turning into a beast and delivering sex that she has never gotten before. As a result, their marriage grows and becomes even more romantic and intense. Sometimes, a husband may need to help and goad his wife along these lines. These women feel like whores if they try to initiate sex with their husbands, and that is exactly what they need to become to their husbands; men like whorish women, and they truly like them when they are their wives.
A man wants his wife to tease him and turn him on by behaving whorishly around him sometimes. This is not any advice to become a whore in public places; you have to respect yourself and public settings’ right to be free from such intimate images; but you should look whorish for your husband. This does not mean that you are a whore; it just means that you are sending your husband a telegram: You want to have sex with him; and, of course, you should do this with a great deal of tact and moderation—change up on him ever so often. Sometimes, you send that message that you want sex; at other times, you just wait on him. Now, if the table gets turned on you, where you have to initiate sex all the time, then, something is wrong; and it is time for a measured conversation with him about sexual initiation. Shame on any man who wants his wife to initiate sex all the time—it is plain inappropriate.
compliments should be rather fluxional and liberal; there should be an excessive tendency to compliment your spouse, especially when he or she deserves it; when the compliment is right there, it needs to be said. If you had a vigorous sexual work out, you need to compliment your partner for the workout; failure to deliver compliments and to express interest in sex are a sign that the relationship has communication issues that need to be worked on. Couples need to work on their sexuality and their sexual appeal ongoingly; this means, holding gas and easing it out in order to avoid farting out loud as much as possible during sex. It is disrespectful blurting out big farts during sex; this can become a problem and a deal breaker in marriage, jarring your partner to such an extent that it can lead to diminished interest in you and perhaps, interest in somebody else. For this reason, you want to hold your gas, ease it out, or leave the room entirely. Farting up the place with one fart after another is emotionally unhealthy for a marriage. It is poor marriage etiquette.
Being generally unavailable for, and prudish about, sex can jar and confuse your partner, slowly pushing him or her away from around you. in this regard, couples should sleep without underpants and wear sleeping attire that invokes the sexual come on, making it relatively easy to have sex whenever the urge comes on whoever. A great rule of thumb for all marital relationships is this: Never tell your spouse no to sex: Unless you are sick and cannot perform, give sex to him or her whenever he or she expresses an interest in that regard; if you don’t give sex to him or her, who then should do that job. Regularly saying no to your spouse about sex is a decided turn off: It is one of the fastest ways to get an extra-marital affair going and to send your marriage into the trash. If you do not want to have sex, you should not marry anyone. Sex is designed for marriage, and marriage exclusively for sex. While you should never cheat in a marriage, you should never make its enticement so obvious by disrespecting your spouse and turning down his or her sexual overtures. This is one of the greatest causes of sexless marriages and the fastest starter of extra-marital affairs. Saying no to your spouse is weaking your marriage and rendering it increasing vulnerable, for a sexless marriage is a vulnerable marriage—and one that is most likely heading for the divorce court.

Perpetual Thrill Seekers

According to the article Why do people Cheat? 16 Common Reasons for Infidelity; the author advances the idea that people cheat because they are looking of thrill and excitement; and sometimes, you are just pinned to the wronged person and are in an incompatible marital relationship. Can these relationships work? Yes and no: The degree to which these kinds of relationships can work depends on how fixed and set the people are in their ways. Generally, people who are inflexible and utterly opposed to changing their perception of reality cannot even live with God himself—and you know how fussy God is already. He is not fussy; he just cares about people and wants the best for them. Sometimes, you may ask the Lord about a particular person being your mate: The person has been wheeled into your path and is definitely interested in you; thus, you put the matter to the Lord, and he tells you no: He flat-out turns it down—and sometimes, without any explanation. Whenever God does that to you, you better start thanking him because he knows everything about that person; and, if he tells you no, he already knows that you and that person would not get along; and perhaps, the union may end in sorrow. Everybody knows how to be nice and to put on a show up front, but it is the millions of moments afterwards that determine whether your relationship with him or her is going to work—and God has already seen that ahead of time. Thus, if he tells you no about a relationship, know that that is the best deal for you because he has something better for you. Some people are perpetual thrill seekers, and they love newness—they worship it; to many people, happiness is in newness: The only problem is that there is nothing new under the sun; your new boyfriend is the dog whom the lady up the street has just dumped into the trash. People should emphasize good, strong, and sound moral values and not new thrills and gimmicks of excitement.
Sometimes, the Lord will tell you no because he knows that that person is too flighty and unstable for you; he has something better for you if you would trust him and hold on. All airplanes are not going to land safely, and God knows which ones are going to crash. Some people just want excitement all the time—and nobody can have excitement all the time; it is just oxymoronic because life is not like that. We are dealing with sex: virtually no couple has great sex every single time; There is a time for everything. Thus, no one can have thrills all the time; it is a sociological paradox. perhaps, you know of that couple—I surely would like to talk to them. And some people’s sex lives are down in the dumps; they have all kinds of dysfunctions—orgasmic dysfunctions, dry vagina dysfunctions, erectile dysfunctions, don’t touch my breast dysfunction, and on and on they go with their endless array of dysfunctions. My point here is that nobody can be crazily excited all the time; I surely would like to know the secret of anyone who has mastered that art.

The Lazy Woman just Lies There

People who are thrill and excitement seekers want much spice and variety on their sexual menu; this is not all bad because God created sex and wants it to be very thrilling, exhilarating, and exciting in its proper marriage-bed context; unfortunately, far too many women are too prudish and expressionless; they lie there with their lover as if they are dead or are in some stupor. Sex is an exciting drama: it is very Aristophanic and Sophoclean; therefore, people; having sex; should be very expressionful, and the sex should bristle with noise. If your husband is giving you a good sexual workout; you should, at least, let him know that you are enjoying his body in yours. He, at least, needs to know that; thus, he can hump it up even more. In other words, the more a woman lets her lover know how well things are going with the sexual workout, it is the more energy he is going to expend in the effort. By all means, your sexual noise should be clean, wholesome, and energetic; however, to just lie there and say or do nothing is absolutely unacceptable and disrespectful to your husband: It is telling your him that he is not up to the mark and that he is risking your having an extra-marital affair.
By the same token, not making any noise during sex is ridiculous and unacceptable; again, you are sending the wrong message to your husband. He can easily misconstrue your silence to mean that you are not enjoying it; and that can discourage him, pushing him away from you towards that sexy woman who batted her eyes at him. She has been eying for the longest while and waits for him in the parking lot. She saw him yesterday and cranked up her enthusiasm for him, by lifting her skirt and batting her eyes at him this very afternoon after work. He may want to taste her to see how noisy and exciting she is. This may sound vulgar, but this is where people live: a woman must let her husband know that he is doing a good job under the sheet—it just makes sense to do so. Lying there, lazy and undramatic is a turn off and can break up your marriage; and if it does, it would be entirely the lazy, apathetic woman’s fault. You may say, “Well, I am just quiet;” and that is fine if your husband wants a quiet woman in bed. If he wants a noisy woman, then you need to learn how to be noisy in bed for him; thus, giving no place to the devil. The Bible says, “Give no place to Satan;” and being quiet in bed is not cooperating with your husband because he is your covering, and you are his glory. I strongly urge that you read the Book, Crashing Streams of Change: The Rise of World Government. It is a wealth of fresh insight about the nature of the world and how it really works. Sound knowledge about how the world really works changes the way one thinks, how he sees the world, and how he interacts with it.
Thus, insisting on not being noisy in bed is a violation against the clear word of God, which says, “Shun the very appearance of evil.” If it even smacks evil, you must shun it: Shun means to stay away from that which has the very appearance of evil. The Bible also says, “having done all to stand, stand against the forces of darkness.” Now, if your husbands want noise in bed, and you withhold it from him; you are not doing all that you can do in order to stand against the forces of darkness. Therefore, you are not going to be able to stand against the forces of darkness because you are willfully dishonoring your covering by being quiet in that bed. Some people are quiet, and it is okay with their spouses; but if their spouses want noise, then they should see to it and learn how make noise during sex.

A Sense that the Marriage is Boring

As was stated earlier, it is the false nature and people’s false understanding of the world that causes all adulterous cheating and attendant divorce storms. People assume that they understand the world and base they worldview and perception system around those mendacious beliefs and ideas; thus, to begin with, they are starting out in life with plainly false ideas about the world and how it works. This is the principal reason that people cheat and rush to divorce court to settle humongous marriage break ups. The cause is the false understanding and perception of the world; thus, all their ideas about love and marriage are dead wrong because they do not correctly understand the world in which they live. Obviously, if you marry with the wrong understanding of marriage; you do not need rocket science figure out how far you are going to get in that marriage. You see, the world operates on the principle of deception, ego, and pride; thus, people in the world tend to fail again and again and again because their understanding of things is wrong. The truth is that the people in the world do not know what they are doing; they believe that they have all it all wrapped up and know what they are doing, but they don’t.
And you know this by just looking at the world—it is a mess! Millions of people marry every year, and millions divorce because they are using the wrong frame of reference. The world rejects the Bible, the only reliable frame of reference in the world; and it contains accurate, precision information about how to do everything in the world. The Bible tells you how marriage works and how to be successful at it. In the first place, you have no business having sex if you are not married: Why? Marriage and sex are the same thing: You should not have sex before you are married because the Bible, the Master Book, says not to do it because it damages the wiring of your body. And not only that, having sex outside the context of marriage causes you to wind up having sex with somebody else’s wife or husband; in which case you have cursed your life by committing adultery with another man’s wife. It is important to note that most people who have sex don’t get married to those people with whom they have sex: This means that they have had sex with somebody else’s husband or wife. Most people who are having sex today are not going to get married; thus, they are committing adultery with other people’s spouses.
Yes, I know that they don’t see that way; but God sees it that way, and he has power to punish and to destroy evil doers; thus, only what he sees and thinks is important in the universe. They don’t see it that way, but that is how God sees it; and that is why he says that you should not have sex unless you are married. Not only are the majority of people having sex today are having sex with other people’s spouses, they are also murdering God’s little angels. Now, babies are not angels, but they are symbolically viewed that way because they are so precious and innocent. Over eighty million babies are being aborted every year worldwide, and most of those mothers are not going to marry the fathers of those babies; thus, the world is in the dumps because it has rejected the Bible and does not know what it is doing because people’s perception of the world is wrong.

Rejection of the Bible

People’s blunt rejection of the Master Book, the Bible, has caused billions to lose control of themselves and of their lives; and as satanic influences continue to grow in the world, what more and more people are finding out is that there are only two powers in the world: Jesus and Satan. What people are increasingly discovering is that rejecting Jesus renders them increasingly unable to control the satanic chaos in their lives; and, as the age crashes to an end, the darkness and evil in the world are rapidly intensifying; thus, making it even harder for more and more people to control the unprecedented chaos and destruction in their lives. In this regard, they find that when they reject Jesus, their lives are rapidly becoming more and more complicated and foggy, and out of control; and it seems as if their whole world is falling apart. All the columns of their lives are being avulsed and destroyed.
First of all, most people in the world are not aware that the world is an illusion—it is a lie and a place where people perpetually tell lies; thus, the world model is based entirely on falsehood and guile. Every day, billions of people are deceiving one another all day long—and that is just how the world works. In this regard, the first thing you anyone needs to know about the world is that that it is a lie; if you do not know that, you are going to mess yourself up again, and again, and again, and again. This is exactly what is happening in the world every day. Have you ever wondered why people make the same mistakes over, and over, and over again? If you are driving in an area that has sink holes but are not aware of these vicious disaster potentials, sooner or later; you are going to fall down into a sink hole and may not make out alive. This is exactly what is happening to people in the world, and many of them never make it out alive. In this regard, knowing the truth is the most important fact that you need to pocket and get under your belt in this world; and the truth is that the world is a secret, and the secret is that the world is a lie. All the problems in the world are caused by lies, but because people in the world are programmed to be insensitive to lies, they cannot see nor discern the lies; accordingly, they are constantly being tangled up with the lies of the world. How do you get out of this mess? You cannot without the aid of Jesus: Jesus is your only way out of the abyss and dark moral cave of this world. Well, how do you get out? You must call upon Jesus and ask him to take you out of this messy world of cheating on your spouse; it is difficult to stop doing that on your own.
Well, whoever is writing this article is in this world; thus, he couldn’t mean to physically come out of the world—well, what exactly do you mean by coming out of the world? Another way to ask that question is to ask, “How does Jesus want us to come out from this world? I’m not saying anything that Jesus didn’t say: Jesus says, “If any man would come after me, he must first take up his cross and follow me daily.”—not sometimes, but daily. Let us take all the mystery out of it: You come out from the world by abandoning the system of this world and begin to watch it as a detached spectator or objective scientist. Let us say that you don’t agree with Jesus that you need to abandon the world. Jesus gives you a challenge: Step away from the world—its movies, its ball games, its sex shops, its racy television programs, and the whole system of the world and monitor it as an objective spectator and see what you find.
One of the first things that you are going to notice as you step away from the world is that your life is going to begin to make sense because you are going to the see world for the first time for exactly what it is, and you will quickly notice that the world is a mess and is overflowing with lies. Once you pull away from the world, and you get seasoned to living like that; you are going to begin to find a new life as you continue your observation as an objective scientist, and you are going to see the world in an entirely different light. All of a sudden, what was murky, and blurry, and confusing will begin to clear up as you continue reading the Bible and talking to Jesus. You might even think that you are losing your mind because you are—and have already lost your mind and have gotten Jesus’ mind. Just in case you begin to slip back into this world, all the confusion and unpeace will flow right back into your life. And you will know exactly why you are not happy anymore. This world is a one rapidly ending, black pi; and all the people who live in it can attest to this statement being true. I strongly urge that you read the Book, Crashing Streams of Change: The Rise of World Government Why did I say all that to address the issue of boredom? Does living in this world make you bored? –and the answer to this question is a resounding yes. This world is a moral cave that is flooded with chores that keep people busy all the time and locks them up in a giant prison of stress and worries. Those who run the world already know that the world is false, and they are paid huge amounts of money to keep people busy and miserable all the time. You see, the world deceives you into thinking that happiness is contained within it; that is an illusion: If that were true, mor people would have been happy. Have you ever wondered why you can count the number of seemingly happy people around you on the fingers of your hand? The only reason that you can do that is that there aren’t many happy people in the world—why? The world is a dark, moral cave that is constantly trying to suck you into its guts by making you believe that your happiness is contained within its darkness.
Notice that, in order to get the world’s happiness, you have to go where they tell you it is; and by the time you get there, they will tell you to go somewhere else: Each place to which they send you, they heighten the stakes; making that place more attractive than it really is. This is how the lies in the world work; and this is why, once you understand that the world is false, you will gladly want to get away from it as fast as you can. As a result, you will know that Jesus is the victor and Master Champion of the ring. Now, don’t get me wrong; the world contains some very wonderful things; however, in order to get them, you have to go after them; and by the time you get there, they have moved, or they are not as attractive as you thought they were: Why? The world is an illusion?
What does all of this have to do with boredom? The world is a boring place because you do the same things over, and over, and over again until you are no more; this is why people get bored because the world is boring, and its answers do not satisfy people’s hearts’ longing. Thus, it is not your sex partner nor your husband who is boring; it is false world around you that is boring, and vile, and evil, and destructive. This is why the world keeps you busy, doing this, and that, and other; going here, and there, and everywhere: My friend, the world is a lie and will never satisfy your heart’s longing. It will offer you peace and send your war and hell. Don’t you see how many hell holes are opening up all over the world every day: Every time you look around, a new hell hole is opening up somewhere in the world; the United Nations has steadfastly promised peace, security, safety, and stability: Where is the peace and security? Instead of all those wonderful things, the world has continued to be filled up with hell like you have never imagined. Look at what is going in Myanmar and now with the Coronavirus.
Why hasn’t the United Nations stopped this flood of blood in Myanmar and the flood of disease in the world? It hasn’t because it can’t: It is not designed to do that; it is merely doing what it is designed to do—deceive the human race about peace on earth. Accordingly, you need to know that the true nature of this world is falsehood and doing the same things over, and over, and over again. Thus, people who got married, expecting their spouses to make them happy are on the wrong track. I have news for them: Prepare for the divorce court. I am sorry for these people—the world used to be more real in the past; marriage used to mean more back then: it meant something back then; it means absolutely nothing now as the world explodes in a massive cheating revolution. Now, don’t get me wrong: a good, well-balanced, well-proportioned marriage is an inherently happy situation—having unlimited intimate access to the woman of your dreams and the love of your life has to be a happy experience—that is what it was meant to be; but notice that the marriage has to be well-balanced.
When people get married for the wrong reasons and with the wrong understanding of the world—which is the case with most married people—their marriage often turns into a hell hole itself, and most people’s marriages are. Oh, how sad and unheartsome: Marriage is wonderful only when you know the truth. You might say, “Well, most Christians are in a mess; and their marriages are very unhappy—and I could not agree with you more; however, you need to watch your words. Those people call themselves Christians; they say that they are, and they are the standard by which Christianity is judge in America. It is a wrong standard: Real Christianity gives you peace, shows you the darkness in the world, taps you on your shoulder about your millions of dollars with which you were born, and shows you the real world in which you live. Be not be deceived by dishonest, shallow people who call themselves Christians; Jesus has a word for them: “They say that they are Christians.”
Why are so many people bored and messed up? They are bored and jacked up because they do not know the truth, and they are looking for it in the wrong places. Without giving it away, I’ll give you piece of advice; you must buy the books in order to get the rest. I refrain from making too many of my of my products free because people do not appreciate whatever is handed to them for free; thus, I make it a point to require payment for all my absolutely life-changing products, not because I am greedy; I require payment for my products because people do not value whatever is free: Oxygen is free, but you cannot live without it, and look at how carelessly so many people live their lives. Anyway, here is a piece of your new life: All people were born rich, but they do not know that because they follow the world system that does not care about them: They work for people who mistreat, overwork, and underpay them. There is a better way: You were not born to work for others; you were born to work for yourself and to deliver your talent back to God by using it to adorn and beautify the world. Several books are coming that would absolutely blow your mind. Look for the Extraordinary You; Finding the Real You; and Finding your way in this World. These books are coming, and they will blow your muddled and overwhelmed world away and give you a brand-new life. Watch the screen for the dramatic life changers. You can start with the introductory reader, the book, Crashing Streams of change: The Rise of World Government. Please leave a civil comment of your thoughts about this article; that would be immensely appreciated.

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