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Real Reasons People Cheat

In a world where so much is unexplained, inexplicable, and confused; nothing is really right or wrong: People are always reaching out for answers and change, for what they thought was the answer to their confused lives often turns out to be the very cause of the confusion. As a result, they have to change again; thus, in this seemingly unending carousel of change and disappointment, solutions change and turn into something else—they turn into problems: Just when you thought that you had the right connection and the perfect combination, you realize that it was wrong all along; and though to so many, your choices may seem to be so wrong and frivolous; but to you, they are not wrong to them at all. But why this ongoing paradox of nonsense and senseless change—why this ostensibly endless search for that which is not there? The world is an illusion, and what seems like the solution today changes when what’s really there spins into focus; it changes and turns into the problem itself.
Thus, people make decisions about things way too hastily and brashly. Sometimes, more patience is needed to enable you to see what’s there and to know what to do; this is the reason that knowing that the world is an illusion filled carousels that spin around, and around, and around is so important. However, above all, your best friend is truth, and the truth is that the world is a lie and a very unreliable place, with very unreliable people: You can neither depend on it nor on them. Thus, ultimately, because you can never find truth on the broad road of this world; you are always going to choose wrong because you are making decisions predicated on false information and wrong assumptions.
The basis of your choices is wrong, but you do not know that—yet; and this is one the real reasons that people cheat: They assume that their careless, irresponsible actions are correct and carry no consequences; thus, some people cheat merely because it is wrong and forbidden. And they do that mainly because the world is a lie: You have to be powerfully illuded to undress and have sex with someone who is not your spouse just for the fun and the heck of it; but to you, trapped in the smog of this world—lost in the fog a world where meaning and truth are irrelevant, such behavior is perfectly normal, rational, and justifiable. The problem with a false world is that everybody comes to a different conclusion, which makes the world even falser than it was before. In this regard, the world just keeps on getting falser and falser by the day. Thus, you cheat just see what it would feel like; and to you, that is just as real as the sun shining in the sky. Unfortunately, in a world where everyone comes to his own conclusions and acts as if those conclusions take precedence over everyone else’s, that world is stark mad.

The Thirst to taste some illicit Sex

For some people, especially women, wanting to see what adultery taste like—the longing for a taste of cheating is a compelling reason for many to cheat, even though they get the finest sexual workouts at home. Despite the very high value of the sex they get at home, they still want to get a taste of cheating to see how it tastes like, and this sentiment of wanting illicit sex is often motivated by the fact that it is prohibited and wrong: It is tantamount to wondering what it would feel like, throwing yourself before a speeding car in the street This is how sick and ridiculous some people are; because someone is pretty and sexy does not mean that she is normal and mentally sound. Some people are just drawn to that which is wrong and evil. They want to taste cheating to see what it feels like to them; because everybody else is doing it, they want to taste it, too: They want to tase the poison of cheating so that they can be corrupted by it. As I have stated before; sex is a powerful conduit of evil and destructive currents, and it is the dominant conduit by which vile currents pass from one person to another. Thus, sexual influences, attitudes and spirits are passed from one person to another during sexual intercourse—and they are even passed from one person to another during normal, regular intercourse or conversation. That is why the Bible says that evil communication corrupts good manners. You’d be shocked to know what passes from one person to another during just normal intercourse, and this is so because the world is a spiritual place.

Cheating is a Spiritual Condition

People cheat because they don’t understand the world; this is a compelling reason why many cheat; they assume that there is no cost to them for cheating, but they are fooling themselves. You cannot enjoy God’s world without God; people who cheat are trying to do exactly that, and it does not work. The world is a spiritual place with clearly defined rules, but many people don’t want to see it like that; they want to see the world the way they think it is: The world is not what you think it is: The world is what it is; and regardless of what you think it is, your thinking is not going to change what the world is. For this reason, people’s understanding of the world is wrong because they embrace the broad road of life that is easy and the path of least resistance; thus, they come up with all kinds of phony explanations for spiritual things in the world, and for this reason, millions are destroyed every day. More than a million people commit suicide every year: That alone should tell you that something is wrong with the world. Why? People’s perception of the world is wrong, but they refuse to admit that and to make mid-course corrections; even in the face of defeat. A world where more than one million people commit suicide every year is a very false and dangerous place—wouldn’t you say? And it is so because people want the world to be what they want it to be and not what it is; but the world is not going to be what you want it to be; it is going to be what it is.

Living Without God

One of the principal reasons people cheat on their spouses is their choice to live for themselves and without God; thus, they wax increasingly selfish, dark, doomful, and fantastic because that is the way life ultimately gets without God. Liberals like to live in a world where God does not exist, so that nothing is off limits to them; the problem is that God does exist and regulates the amount of evil and wickedness in the world; and if after a while, people do not repent, God sends his clean-up crew to destroy those people. God loves people and wants them to live righteous and clean lives—and people know what righteous and clean lives are; they just choose to live otherwise; what they fail to recognize is that those choices are pinned to damning and deadly consequences. Is it easy to live righteous and clean lives in a nasty, dirty, filthy world? No, it is not because the world is controlled by the devil who steers people’s lives unbeknownst to them because those people have rejected God. God wants them to turn around and follow his way of right living, but they insist on going their own way which they do not know is the way of the devil; and when they go that way, they are destroyed: This explains why more than one million people commit suicide every year—and that number has, unfortunately, continued to grow every year. What people seem to misunderstand is that God is a good God: If living for God is tough—and it can be—don’t you think that God has some good things for you for merely living for him? Why do you think that living for the devil is better than living for God? You are dead wrong; God made you, and he made you for his own purpose—not for yours or the devil’s; for his own purposes, and he has equipped you with gifts, skills, talents, and other resources into which you cannot tap without his help—and that is the problem. If God made you, you can only enjoy his world with his help and knowledge; you would be a fool to think that you can enjoy God’s world without him; it is called sin: Sin is the effort of man to enjoy God’s world without God—and it always leads to his destruction. Once you understand how the world really works and how much God loves you, you would never live for yourself and the devil again.
It is against this backdrop that I strongly urge you to read the book, Crashing Streams of Change: The Rise of World Government. It will show you a lot of things that you did not know before about the world and will turn on all your lights. God is not an unjust judge, so he gives man plenty of time to repent and to change from his evil ways. God is incredibly patient with mankind; but because man prefers to live in a world where God does not exist; quite often, man refuses to change; as a result, God has no other recourse but to send his clean-up crew to destroy corrupt, impenitent man. This is pretty much what is happening in America today; God’s judgment has been implacable against America. Cheating on your husband or wife is wrong, and you will not escape the wrath and judgment of God unless you turn around; this very article that you are reading right now is a warning to you from, imploring you to turn around. God loves mankind, but he hates his evil deeds and will bring him into judgement. The world is suffering because of its choice to follow evil and not Good. Why does man prefer to live in a world without God? He does because he thinks that God is too strict: What he does not know is that there are two kingdoms in this world: The kingdom of darkness or the world without God, ruled by Satan; and the Kingdom of Light that is ruled by Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. When people choose to live without God, unbeknownst to them, they are living for the devil—they are living the life that the devil wants them to live; as result, many of these people wind up becoming statistics at the end of the year. You see, when you follow God’s way, God will take care of you and will make life lighter for you: When you follow your way, you are unwittingly following the devil’s way, which leads to destruction. How does this destruction unfold? Just listen to the evening news, and you will see how it happens. You see, the world is a funny place, and it is not what you think it is; the world is an illusion: It is not what you think it is; thus, when you think that you are following your way, you are really following the way of Satan; and he will destroy you—it is just as plain and simple as that. All you have to do to be destroyed by Satan is to simply keep living for yourself and according to your rules and not God’s. You see, God designed the world to function a certain way—his way; you cannot enjoy God’s world without God: That is why the Liberals have removed the God factor from the world so that they can live in a world that has been created by the devil, but when that world comes in being, it is riddled with destruction of all kinds. Have you listened to the news recently? It is filled with destruction: Why? God has been removed from it.
This is a discussion about dating and sex, and the focus of this discussion is not to talk about God; mention of God here is only incidental, and he is mentioned because life does not work properly without truth; and God is the factory, and maker, and essence of truth. The whole thrust of this article is to illustrate the importance of truth in the world and in your life; this is why it is so critical to discuss sexual issues with a potential lover and spouse: There are some things that you need to know before entering into a relationship with anyone. Incidentally, it is not treating these matters, or not treating them properly that causes cheating and divorce. If you are going to marry someone, you need to know some critical things about that person, regarding his or her mental framework about intimacy and sex; and you rush into sex with people at your own risk. Because they say that the Bible is outdated, and cheating is cool does not mean that that is necessarily so. Curses drop on people who cheat in marriage, and some of these curses last a thousand years! Why do you think that there is cheating in the world today? Somebody cheated on his or her spouse a thousand years ago, that is why cheating still exist today.

The Broken Sex Machine at Home

Quite often, people cheat because their needs are not met at home: The sex machine at home is broken. Why are people’s needs not met at home? The main reason that spouses’ needs are not met at home is falsehood: Sometimes, it is because the couples were—and still are—wrong for each other, in the first; and that is the case because they did not sit down and talk to each other about sex in forthright and transparent way before they were married; such behavior is stupidity and falsehood: It is false to marry someone who is incompatible with you, but you can only know that by sitting down and going over the critical issues mentioned earlier about intimacy and sex. Some things are difficult to talk about, but they need to be discussed in order to bring light to the issue as of whether a dating couple is compatible or not; and sometimes, they will have to dig in order to extract some invaluable truths about the potential marital relationship. You don’t want to wait until you are married to determine that you are married to the wrong person. You need to talk about vaginal tightness, penis size, oral sex, anal sex, breast sucking, and whole nine yards during the dating process—dating couples need to talk about these things because they are the very issues that tear up marriages later on, and to act as if they do not matter is an egregious mistake.

Confusion About Sex’s Real Nature

This is why it is so crucial to see and understand that marriage does not begin at the altar; marriage begins when people begin having sex and it ends when they stop; this is the reason that people need to be transparent and blunt about sexual issues. If you prefer a man with a big penis, you need to state that and be blunt about it; it is not sinful to address these matters before serious marital involvement; at the same time, you have to address these matters without being sipped and tasted by every man you date: You can tell a man what you want in sex without having sex with him. Talking about sex and sexual preferences should not include having sex; and, as a Christian, or any conscientious human being, you should only have sex if you understand it as a form of marriage so that there is clear accountability in the matter.
When dating couples exhaust the various issues about sex and are fully clear on what they would and would not do in sex, they have overcome a major bump in the dating conversation. I am not advocating making dating all about sex because it is not; however, far too many people rush into marriage utterly unprepared to deal with the reality and obligations of marriage. In this regard, dating couples need to discuss things like preferred time of day for sex, sexual frequency with which they can live, size preference, the importance of vaginal tightness, attitudes about sex perversion (both oral and anal sex), the importance of absolute commitment and faithfulness, breast sensitivity and sucking as a part of the romantic routine, level of libido activity, and ability to function effectively in sex.

Other Reasons that people Cheat

These are among some of the crucial topics that any dating couple need to discuss and nail down before getting into the sack. I tend to take a liberal attitude about sex and marriage: I am not a liberal, even though dozens of my books may sound that way, I am a very conservative Christian man; however, I believe that the traditional view of marriage is wrong. Marriage does not begin at the wedding altar; it begins when people begin having sex because sex is the most ultimate form of marriage. Nothing is mixed and blended at the altar, but everything is mixed and blended during sex. When two people have sex, they exchange sweat, breath, and saliva; they kiss and lick one another’s tongue; they exchange oxygen during the sexual workout; and they also exchange sexual fluids. The man’s semen mixes with the woman’s vaginal fluids: In short, nothing, in the world, comes closer to marriage than sex. Thus, sex ought to be considered the real marriage deal; and this should be incorporated into the law. If you are a woman and sense that sex is coming on, you should separate yourself from that man until you get yourself together and decide that marriage is the right thing to do at that point, in which case you take care of business before having sex with that man. You should not have sex with a man who does not see you as his wife. Sex suggests that marriage has already taken place because sex itself is the purest form of marriage; thus, having sex outside the context of marriage is an oxymoron; you are merely fooling yourself.
If that man is going to get the benefit of sexing you up, he ought to marry you because sex itself is marriage; and when you get pregnant, that problem should not be just yours: It should be shared. However, because of sin in the world, the man often runs from his responsibility of taking care of you and the baby. He wants to screw you, but he does not want the responsibility of taking care of you. A clean, tight vagina is just about the best thing around; and a man ought to pay for that; that should not be given away for free because the baby generally exhibits features both of the man and the woman, underscoring the fact that marriage has already taken place. And the law should reflect these sentiments; but, as was stated above, the world is controlled by the devil; thus, it is not what it should be. Sex should be the standard used for marriage because sex is marriage; it is the most perfect blending of a man and a woman, and there is no way any man should get away with impregnating a woman without responsibility. But again, it all has to do with following God’s way or your way; your way is the devil’s way, and you will pay a steep price for following that way.
Sex, outside the confiners of marriage, is a pauper’s home and is a terrible form of cheating a woman of her alienable right to being your custody; this is why so many young women flounder in poverty and deep suffering because they follow the track of whoredom and let men screw them for nothing; this is also why hundreds of millions of babies are being slaughtered every year because people are treating sex as if it is not marriage—and it is. It is amazing to see, when life is viewed in it proper context, how quickly complicated problems solve themselves: When dating couples address the issue of love, sex, and marriage properly; virtually all the problems of marriage are solved on their own. People often cheat because they are not satisfied sexually at home; either they are not getting the kind of sex that they want—a matter which should have been settled in the dating process—they are not getting enough sex, the sex is boring, or they are not getting any sex at all. All these problems should have been settled during the dating experience; thus, these problems boil down to stupidity and falsehood or lies. If you throw yourself before a speeding car, you will be crushed to pieces; in like manner, if you rush into a marriage without discussing the crucial issues of love, marriage, and sex; your marriage will be crushed to pieces. Thus, people cheat because they are either not getting the kind of sex that they want at home; the sex that they are getting at home is boring; they are perverted and have perverted fetishes and sexual fantasies which their spouses do not embrace; their spouses’ sexual apparatus is not working properly; or, for a variety of reasons, they are not getting any sex at all at home. These are some other compelling reasons that people wind up cheating on their spouses. want If your spouse is not satisfied with your attitude, philosophy, and perception about sex? Very simple: You should never have married that spouse.
They want to see what it is like: They want a taste of cheating to see if it feels the same; they want it because it is prohibited and wrong. They want to taste the poison of cheating; they want to be corrupted some more by the cheating corruption.

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