Love Is the Golden Grown of the World

Crashing Streams of Change

Crashing Streams of Change


Unravel life’s baffling mystery by cracking the secret code of this world. The world is a strange illusion replete with riddles, puzzles, conundrums, and Trojan Horses. Use this book to crack earthly life’s mysterious code.



  • Relationship management
  • Finding love in a dark and difficult world
  • Managing sexual emotions
  • Societal Decay and Maniacal Virgins Lost in the Fog
  • Controlling the storm of sexual energy
  • Virgins’ quaint craving for sex Virgins and their cross of sex
  • The virgin sex crisis: Old Virgins, the beating they take, and the Cross they bear
  • Pregnancy, abortion, and the plague of suicide–oh my
  • The golden beauty of love and marriage between a man and a woman
  • The awesome power of sex, the sex rush, and its grinding illusion
  • Sex’s Devaluation and Destruction of Women
  • The Terrible Weapon of the Male Spern
  • Pregnancy’s cheapening of women’s value
  • Abortion’s ruin of women’s value and their prison of the past
  • Abortion, a nasty prelude to suicide
  • Abortion, depression, and suicide
  • Abortion and its damning side effects
  • Sex, pregnancy, single motherhood, and mother-son sex
  • Sex, Abortion, Depression, and suicide: Stapping lies, wrapped in invisible booby traps


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