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Masked Reasons Marriage Fails

Some of the masked reasons marriage fails are  issues that seem ever so unrelated to marriage failure;  but, in reality, they are really  the more important reasons that they fail. Having discussed some of the more superficial reasons that many marriages fail in the article Real Reasons Marriage Fails, it is now fitting to look at a few of the bottom-level factors that contribute to the failure of marriage. These are often not so easily identified at face value; they are more masked reasons marriage fails because they are usually concealed among a host of other things that seem not to have anything to do with reasons that marriage fails. It is rather obvious that the reasons presented in an earlier article are legitimate and real—they make sense: What is so interesting about these seemingly obvious, superficial reasons why marriage fails is their interconnected nature; no one of these reasons cause marriage to fail. It is often the interaction of several factors that work together, in a kind of dance, to bring about the destruction of marriage.  Thus, this is one of the masked reasons marriage fails; it is veiled and not clearly visible to mind.


Most of these interactive elements of marriage failure seem to be connected to two things: First, they reflect a broad program of unwise decisions and poor communication between the married couple, where each individual’s points of view, goals, values, and expectations have been poorly spelled out or have been confused, somewhere along the way. This has caused both persons much harm, in terms of wasting their time and exposing themselves sexually to the wrong person. In the end, they walk away, feeling sexually abused by someone who did not love them


Poorly Addressed Sexual Needs

When reasons why marriage fails are masked or veiled, they cause what seems to be the more obvious reasons for trouble in the marriage to be blamed; in other words, what causes trouble in marriage is not always that readily and easily identified. As a result, the married couple winds up blaming the wrong things for their problems. To put it another way, marital problems are often more deep-rooted than the superficial explanations of the problems themselves. As a result, the married couple walks away, feeling used and mistreated by the other person; they come away with the wrong conclusion as to why their marital relationship did not work.  What they fail to see are the unwise decisions that they made either before, or in, the marriage. What kind of unwise decisions that couples make in marriage?  According to Sheiresa Ngo, sex becomes less important. one of the chief areas of breakdown in marriage is the stalling out of sexual interest; but this problem is often rooted in breakdown in communication, poor boundary definition, and general unreadiness for marriage. These deeper matters are the masked reasons marriage fails and not so much the disrespect for, and the loss of sexual interest in, each other. Those elements only show up because these deeper, bottom level issues were not fully addressed earlier on in the marriage. People need to sit down and define what kind of marriage they want and what kind of boundaries with which they are comfortable. If these things are not clearly defined, disrespect and loss of sexual interests will be early visitors in your marriage.


The World is a lie

Thus, it is unwise to enter a complex relationship like marriage without extensive discussion on what exactly both parties want; marriage is a love-driven human experience, but love does not work without truth and honesty. This simple clarification explains why most marriages fail. If you are a serial liar, your marriage will not work because that is not how marriage works: If you cannot tell the truth, you are going to constantly lie to your spouse, and lies cause disrespect, strife, conflict, and all kinds of fights—you get the picture. The problem here is that the world itself is a lie: This explains why charming couples in beautiful relationships wind up divorcing each other; they are not aware that the world itself is a booby trap because the world itself is a lie. Thus, the world itself is the problem—not the couples getting married. You might say, “Well, you are too deep for me.” I may be deep, but what I am saying is true. The entire context of this world is a lie, and people need to know that first and understand the dynamics of this world’s operation before moving on to marriage. Knowing the truth is necessary in order to keep your marriage alive; according to Christian Family Life, one of the reasons often given for breakdown in marriage is selfishness. How can lovers be selfish; it is an oxymoron; therefore, to be selfish in a love affair is to lie to your lover. Selfishness, in love matters, is a lie and one of the masked reasons marriage fails.


 Therefore, harboring selfishness in a love matter is one of those unwise decisions that are often among the masked reasons why marriage fails. According to Psychology today, trust issues strongly contribute to the breakdown of marriage. Inability to trust one another and false expectations about sexual intimacy are very compelling reasons that married couples divorce. Expectations were not clearly spelled out because one, or both, of the parties were to prudish to bluntly address sexual issues in an honest and up-front manner: Here again we see the importance of honest and truth. As a result, the couple’s expectations about sexual fulfillment have become misconstrued and confused: This has led to confusion and breakdown in the dynamics of the marriage. The couple’s false expectations about sexual intimacy are blamed for the marriage’s failure: what is not discussed here, and is often overlooked or masked, is the couple’s jarring immaturity and ability to trust one another. The truth is that couples who are not ready to talk openly and bluntly about sexual preferences, positions, boundaries are not ready to be married—and they should not get married because they are just not ready for that level of responsibility.


The Masked Issue of Maturity


Marriage is not for children; it is an adult behavior. This is another of the masked reasons that marriage fails. Initially, one or both of the parties were not candid and mature enough to say exactly what they wanted from sex in the marriage. Perhaps, the woman preferred someone with a larger penis but never enunciated that sentiment; letting her lover know where she was coming from right up front could have saved her from the agony and anguish of a shocking ugly divorce. Somehow or other, she assumed that, somewhere down the road, the guy would get that message and would grow up to suit her sexual needs. She might have thought that, eventually, her husband would get around to that issue and fix it. How she thought he was going to do that was anybody’s guess. Penis size is pretty much locked in without a miracle, and the curse of a small penis can truly put a man in bad shape with his lover, for this is one of the aspects of life that is not created equal. Whatever the case might be, this issue needs to be straightened out up front—not later down the road. Because it is often given such little priority up front, amidst all the flowers and the pretty words, it is an  issue that often gets lost in the maze of issues that affect the outcome of marriage; thus, it is one of the  masked reasons why marriage fails; people are too unrealistic about reality and often refuse to see things as they really are, and not how they want them to be. This false view and understanding about the world is another of the masked reasons marriage fails.   


Marriage’s Explosive Outbursts

In these romantic illusions, the guy is often misled into thinking that he is delivering a solid load that completely satisfies his lover; thus, the issue is pretty much kept quiet during the early phase of the marriage.  At the same time, the guy; on the other hand; preferred a woman with firmer and larger breasts; but he, too, did not verbalize those sentiments. Thus, they both got lost in the process; and their real sexual needs have been misconstrued and confused; as a result, neither of them is satisfied with the relationship sexually, but they were often too insecure and immature to voice that opinion. As the relationship progressed, the guy grew increasingly dissatisfied with it because his core needs were not met. Obviously, this kind of thing can only go on for so long; eventually, it gives way to resentment, and anger, and explosive outburst. It is at this point where verbal, emotional, and physical abuse often enters the picture because one, or both, of the parties tend to look for sex outside the marriage. When this happens, this is the point at which the relationship becomes a real problem, and the marriage falls apart.  Such failure to address sexual issues bluntly and candidly is among the masked reasons that marriage fails.


Human society is an engine of need and change that is driven by the fuel of words: When these needs are not clearly spelled out, they often go unmet; leading to conflict of all kinds. Words are the channel through which people express their needs; when words are spared when they should be used to express needs that are not being met, anger and resentment often build up over time. This often leads to destructive outbursts somewhere down the road—and it often comes sooner than later. The explosive outbursts are caused by the couple’s failure to be real with each other and to address their needs in frank and blunt terms; when this doesn’t happen, communication often breaks in the marriage and gets blamed as to why the marriage ultimately failed. However, the reason the failed is masked, and it is not communication per ser: Rather, it is the couple’s own immaturity, game playing, and dishonesty that wrecked their marriage. Sexual intimacy is cited as the reason that the marriage broke up; the couple’s dishonesty and game playing almost never get mentioned. Those are the masked reasons the marriage failed. When needs are not clearly enunciated, they often get fogged up and confused; and this is what typically happens in most marriages that collapse. Recognizing the incompatibility error, many couple’s refuse to deal with the matter; and over time, things just get worse and eventually fall apart.


The False Socialization Error

Now, that is the essence of those two broad factors or reasons that cause marriage to fail—couples’ unwise decisions before, and in, the marriage; and their false expectations having to do with sex. The couple misconstrued and misunderstood each other’s needs, goals, expectations, and intentions; and, after a while, the whole thing blew up their face; and the marriage failed. But are those the only two underlying factors or masked reasons marriage fails? No, not at all. Those two factors are merely the fruits of larger issues and problems within couples and society itself that put unnecessary strain on marriage and cause it to fail. For example, people are socialized incorrectly; the socialization process in society is inherently false and evil because it programs people to think wrong.


Well, you might ask, “What is socialization?” Socialization, according to Google, is the process of learning to behave in a way that is acceptable to society. It is the seat of personal development in a society. Well, we see many societal fixtures that are wrong and false but yet have remained in place. The two-party system in the United States is a false program because it gives Americans so little choice, yet it has persisted; and today, America is falling apart because of it. Corrupt, broken human beings are leading society; it is oxymoron. But this is the societal fixture that socialization forces Americans to see as normal—it not, and this is only the tip of the iceberg. What we see, therefore, is that socialization is merely a ploy that to give legitimacy to those who control society and all the wrongs that they commit. When capital punishment is not applied consistently, more people commit serious crimes; society becomes more strained, people’s lives are greatly cheapened, and marriage is not taken as seriously as it should; not only that, domestic violence washes away scores of married people because of their wanton participation in risky extra-marital affairs. 


Thus, because this loose moral behavior in society is viewed as normal and acceptable; many marriages often come to a painful and sad end. This often has nothing to do with the marriage itself; rather, it has to do with the broader and looser society that does not protect the sanctity of marriage and human life. Thus, the general tone of society leaves people lost and confused, not certain what and who to trust anymore; naturally, in an unsafe and insecure society of this nature, much unnecessary strain is placed on people, loosening the bonds of marriage that ought to be tightened and strengthened instead. Thus, society lacks a practical socialization system that is based on a stable, strong, and secure society. The underlying societal environment in which marriage unfolds is way too shaky and shadowy for stable, successful marriage relationships; and it is obvious that this is true because society has not always been this way. This kind of mysterious societal behavior masks the straightforward understanding of marriage, causing it to falter; thus, it is not so much the marriage that is the problem here; rather, it is complicated society in which the marriage is occurring that is weaking its bonds and tearing it apart. Society’s eerie and mysterious behavior is one of the masked reasons marriage fails. And as these mysterious societal patterns widen, the entire family system is falling apart.


The Harsh Reality on Incest

To put it another way, socialization is the process by which people learn to identify with, and to internalize, society’s norms and practices; in view of developing their own personality. These norms and practices are supposedly what is normal and acceptable, but a closer look at them reveals that they often are not and that the whole system of socialization is a joke. In essence, people develop differently within a society but conform to the same rules, laws, and ordinances. Because the very norms and ordinances to which people need to conform are themselves often flawed, the socialization system itself is flawed; thus, giving rise to a flawed and corrupt society filled with trouble and confusion. Some people choose to break certain societal laws, viewing them as being less important; for example, people are increasingly dissatisfied with incest ordinances and are violating them left and right. Incest is a forbidden hedge that God placed in society, that is not supposed to be violated; yet incest has virtually become a mainstream behavior in American society. The ordinance is violated, yet a proportional legal measure is not taken to stop it because the society itself is too flawed to deal properly with such a problem; thus, the ordinance itself is an illusion—and the people have come to realize that.


An Incest Explosion in Society

Abandoned mothers, trapped with the fragments of an earlier marriage, are now increasingly opting to turn their teenage sons into their sex partners; as a result, incest has increasingly become a mainstream societal behavior. Why? Because the spate of divorce has not been staunched or stopped, it has left behind a backlog of horny mothers and teenage sons, sparking an incest explosion in society.  The problem with incest is that it is a dark hole that leaves both people incarcerated in a cave, unable to move forward with their lives. The incest itself often winds up becoming a dead-end relationship because of its failure to materialize into a more concrete and societally acceptable form of behavior—and, perhaps, this will change in the near future; however, the fact that incest is forbidden behavior, it may eventually mature into more dysfunctional behavior and suicide. Paradoxically enough, as happy an many homosexuals pretend to be, they really are not; and many commit suicide, but that information is often veiled and masked: They do not you to hear and know that. Because gay marriage has become popular and homosexuality has been legalized in the United States, real marriage has been devalued and effort to keep them together in a broader and looser society has diminished quite a bit. This is another of the masked reasons marriages fails.


Against this backdrop, many incestuous couples are holding out; hoping that incest will soon be legalized in the United States. Many of these people cite the rapidly changing society in America as the reason for their incestuous relationship: They claim that incest is safe and secure, and it shields from involvement with risky people whom they do not know long enough, and whom they do not want to waste their time getting to know.  Besides this, incest provides instant sexual gratification, with no messing around. However, although it may relieve sexual tension in the short term; over time, it become more of a nuisance and progress blocker than anything else. Thus, incest is an illusion that deceives people with immediate sexual gratification; but which, down the road; has some harsh realities stored up for those who are deceived by it. The hard reality here is that incest can land you in jail because it is against the law; in addition, it can also deliver some severely deformed children at your doorstep.: It can produce deformities that can easily break your bank; these are deformities that can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars and drive you out your mind.


The last thing you want is to be stuck with a two-headed baby or some child with three feet. Is incest worth it? No, not all. Don’t be fooled by the instant sexual gratification: With the expenditure of some time, you can easily get that from a legitimate sex partner in a more reliable and practical sexual relationship. In this case, marriage does not so much fail as it is blocked by the incest barrier; and the only way by which you can make it happen is that you would have to break up your life and move to another country that allows consensual incest among adults. You can get that same sex from a legitimate sex partner whom you can marry and share the financial cost of living in American cities. In addition, incest often comes to an end, with both of the parties going their separate ways and getting married; however, when they meet up again, the incest often continues—even while they are still married. When their spouse eventually finds out—and they often do—it frequently brings that marriage to an end; and they are right back at square one all over again. Incest is forbidden sex and often among the masked reasons marriage fails; however, it reflects the weakness of socialization in society and its ability to punish moral and spiritual wrongdoing among people. Unfortunately, much of the incest today is directly caused by the loose and raw amount of pornography that is released in people’s homes today. It pushes ordinarily normal people over the cliff on incest, forcing close relatives into destructive sexual relationships.


Society’s False Socialization

Incest, in short, is a coping device or mechanism and a selective acceptance of society’s laws. Although it is against the law, some people choose to violate it because the violation is so difficult to detect; thus, incest may even be viewed as a subjective societal law. When people decide to break subjective societal laws, such as incest and homosexuality, sometimes those subjective sentiments become very strong and deeply intrenched in people; leading them to fight all the way to have the law overturned. Typically, though, the legitimacy of these laws is brought into question; and when society rises up and violates its own legitimate laws, the society itself become detabooized. In other words, the society turns upon its own sacred taboos and violated them: This process is called detabooization—the removal of legitimate taboos from society. Typically, this often heralds the end of that society. Just as how Adam was told not to eat of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, even though the fruit itself was not immediately poisonous; society is told not to partake of certain sexual behaviors, even though the behaviors themselves are not immediately destructive and poisonous. Violating these subjective societal laws often either blocks marriage or masks the reasons marriage fails when the incestuous partner gets married and that married partner finds out about that earlier incestuous relationship.


Overtime, incestuous relationships tend to have a lethal and deleterious effect on society; thus, socialization programs people to develop their own individuality differently, but, at the same time, to understand right-wrong behaviors within that society and how much leverage they have in dealing with those behaviors. Therefore, socialization is that legal pathway to adulthood; it teaches you how, and helps you to, develop personhood: At the same time, it programs you to obeying society’s laws. Do you see any underlying problems with the definitions given above? The first definition states that socialization is the process of learning to behave in an acceptable way to society: The question is, what is acceptable to society—is run-away divorce acceptable to society, even though it is ruinous and destructive to society’s overall well-being?  The second definition states that socialization is the process of internalizing society’s norms and practices: To internalize means to make something a part of you. Well, out of control, run-away divorce is a societal practice; but is that a behavior that is acceptable to society? Do you see how the people who run society confuse all the rest of us? Is run-away divorce a normal societal practice? And the answer to that question is resoundingly no, yet out of control divorce has become normal in society. The question here is this: Why is society being willfully sabotaged and wrecked by these wantonly loose moral behaviors. Out of control divorce is not just an isolated incident; it is a broad societal pattern that is allowed to happen, that should raise many eyebrows but does not. This is among the masked reasons marriage fails: It is just not a prized value withing society.


The Thorn of No-Fault Divorce

According to the article, “Real Reasons  Marriage Fails,” changing societal tone is a major factor in people’s decision to end their marriage.  But it is often more than that; negative patters, currently existing in society, strongly affect that decision as well. For example, the idea of No-Fault Divorce in society  gives troubled couples  a strong push in that direction.  If the behaviors lead to divorce—and we already know that divorce is bad for society—then, shouldn’t society be stripped of those irresponsible behaviors that lead to divorce? Behaviors; such as no-fault divorce, extra-marital affair, and swinging; should be illegal within the society—shouldn’t they? In view of these irresponsible behaviors being allowed in society, it is not hard to see the gaping flaws of socialization. The real question is whose socialization it is, and what it is supposed to do? Socialization is, at the superficial level, a mechanism that is supposed to cause society to be effectively managed and to operate in the best interest of the whole society; but is that what socialization does? It clearly cannot do that in a system of no-fault divorce—a clear and dangerous societal thorn, which plainly encourages people to divorce at a very rapid rate. Thus, causing society to break up into pieces and be destroyed. This is one of the veiled or masked reasons why marriage fails.


In this regard, socialization itself is the root cause of run-away divorce in society because that kind of divorce is viewed as a normal societal practice and behavior. The fact is that run-away divorce is abnormal societal behavior and should not be allowed to destroy society in the manner in which it does. Divorce is usually caused by people marrying the wrong people, thus, causing irreconcilable conflicts and differences between married couples. In this regard, society ought to more carefully manage the behavior of marriage, seeing to it that it proceeds with careful adult counselling and wisdom. The Bible says that, in the multitude of counselors, there is safety. It is such careless and irresponsible societal oversight, on the part of government itself, that has created this massive stream of marriage and divorce in the United States. Very little attention is given or paid to morality and to people’s individual moral responsibility to themselves and others. This kind of looseness causes marital bonds to weaken and disintegrate; thus, the societal atmosphere in which marriage occurs strongly favors societal disintegration and destruction—and that is among the masked reasons marriage fails.


Looking at the divorce situation today, it is obvious that enough caution is not taken by people regarding; as a result, they have come to see marriage as a joke; thus, they quickly and triflingly come to the conclusion to get married; and in tier minds, if it doesn’t work out, they will simply get a divorce. Marriage deserves greater honor than that. While no one should be controlling others’ behavior and telling them how to run their lives, appropriate counseling should be available to engaged couples, and they should be counseled accordingly. In that regard, couples who should not be married should be advised to break off the marriage or should be told that it doesn’t seem as if they are ready for marriage.  in view of saving themselves from greater trouble, and stress, and confusion later on down the road in their lives. When people marry carelessly, they are playing with trouble; at the same time, though, they should be encouraged to do everything within their power to preserve the marriage—and to offer them the no-fault divorce option is like a slap in the face. Such an option is clearly one of those masked reasons marriage fails.


Marriage and divorce need to be managed and overseen by a responsible societal institution, like the Church; and people should not just be allowed to marry and divorce at will because it severely damages the fabric of society itself.  The cold, raw fact here is that no-fault divorce is a thorn and induces divorce: It is a shockingly ugly societal blight. Even though it is a deadly societal disease, no-fault divorce is still allowed to strip society of the pathway of marriage stability and smooth societal order.  Out of control divorce irreparably destroys human society—it throws things into upheavals and upsets the normal balance and dynamics within society itself; yet, according to the above definitions, it is viewed as a normal societal practice. In this regard, it is not hard to see how confusion has been allowed to undermine smooth societal functioning and harmony. This is another of the masked reasons why marriage fails.


The real question about which one wonders is why such clearly destructive behaviors are allowed to go virtually unchallenged and unnoticed in societies that are run by some of the most educated people in the world. Why do we sit and do nothing, allowing marriage to fail; when there are clear steps that need to be taken to preserve marriage but that are mysteriously not taken? Why do we wantonly allow divorce to tear up our communities with senseless marriage break up and destruction of families. Sometimes, people’s lives are held together by a mere string; the string is the marriage: If the marriage breaks up, the string snaps; and the people, depending on that marriage, are snuffed out. Is this all that society can do to help people to live more rewarding and fulfilling lives? I do not think so, but these are the mysterious and masked reasons marriage fails.



Society’s socializing Agencies

Now, let us dig further into this idea of socialization: What is it? It is the process by which people learn to agree with society’s socializing agencies or institutions—and what are those? Society’s socialization agencies or institutions are the family, the school system, the church, the government, and the business community: These are the main currents that control reality within any society. But these currents or forces are often manipulated by shady, under-the-table organizations and fraternities that do not mean society any good.  This explains why negative socializing agencies like drug cartels, gang outfits, and mafia organization exist in society; but those are not the only ones: There are others that exist that mean society no good.  Have you ever wondered why these clearly negative outfits and organizations continue to exist in society, despite its ostensible disapproval—does it really disapprove of these shady organizations, or are they the same thing? They can only exist in society at its wishes and behest. Corrupt people, in government, intentionally work with these organizations and undermine society when, at the same time, these are the very people who are supposed to protect society from these nefarious and destructive outfits. Why do they continue to exist? It is the same reason for which no-fault divorce continues to exist and to undermine the internal workings of society itself. It is the same reason for which masks the failure of marriage in society; it is one more of the masked reasons marriage fails.


Thus, two sets of socializing agencies exist: First, the obvious ones like the family, the Church, the school system, the government, the business community, the media system, and a variety of grassroots organizations; and secondly, those stubborn, seemingly ineradicable evil elements that are just there—they never seem to go anywhere. They are stubbornly resistant to eradication. These include outfits like drug cartels, gang outfits, mafia organizations, and even government entities that work secretly with these very organizations; creating all kind of hell in society itself. Is government making a genuine effort to rid society of these various negative elements? And the answer is clearly no: Why? The government is the real problem here—not the negative socializing outfits. It is just like a play boy who finds a loose church choir in which to sing and to do his thing: Who do you blame in situation like —the play boy or the loose church organization with a lot of whores who are willing to have sex with the play boy? The play boy realizes that the church is a dark hole with scores of loose women who can’t do without sex. So, what does he do? He simply does his thing—which is to screw as many of those loose women singing in that choir as he can. It happens all the time: Choir members of large churches come up pregnant—and for whom?


It is often for a play boy right there in the choir. Well, you certainly cannot blame the play boy: He simply found a company of loose women and screwed as many of them as he could. Some came up pregnant; others protected themselves, and the play boy remained in the church choir. The same thing is true about government; it plays games with society and pretends to protect society from crime, criminals, and other evil forces when the government itself has set up shop with the devil: Paradoxically, government; flush with corrupt people and secret societies; is often the cause of many unresolved societal problems that will never go anywhere under that government. It is environments like these, with untrustworthy governments outfits running the show, that are the greater problem to solve in society—not the criminals themselves, but rather the corrupt government that is overseeing the system and making sure that certain crimes and criminals remain untouched. Crime and criminals only exist in an environment where crime and criminals thrive—and that environment is created only by the government outfit that oversees things.  And even here, the government does get some help from the corrupt community church; the government operates at the behest of the corrupt church that was mentioned earlier.  More often than not, government works with secret, under-the-table currents that can only be destroyed by God himself. At the end of the day, human society is corrupt; and human beings choose to be blind so that they would not have to see what is going on; as a result, marriage is only one of those very unfortunate casualties of a crooked and corrupt human societal machine. It is within this framework that marriage is forced to function in innately unwholesome conditions; and thus, to fail; these are the unmasked reasons that marriage fails.


The Corrupt Roman Catholic Church

Regarding the church choir scenario mentioned earlier, the play boy continued to sing in that church choir: Why? The church itself is a dark hole, and those churches should be closed down—but by whom? Who judges objectively over these matters—no one; as a result, society is riddled with churches that are themselves servants of evil. From a biblical point of view, the Church is the light of the world; churches that are dark, with so many pregnancies outside of marriage in the choir and general membership, should be investigated; but the problem here is this: Who would investigate them—the corrupt government that is allowing negative socializing agencies to persist? The Church is supposed to clean up the government and society, as a whole, by providing an above-repute moral example for both the government and society to emulate and follow. The moral breakdown occurs when the Church begins playing games with the devil by loosening up screws. Once that begins to happen, the whole society becomes dark and eerie; and things quickly wander out of control. The spate of homosexuality and pedophilia in the Roman Catholic Church is a splendid example of how corrupt, demon-possessed churches influence society in a negative way. For more than a century, the Roman Catholic Church has been ruining young boys’ lives, divesting them of the pearl of manhood, and turning them into homosexuals. Hundreds of thousands of boys have been sodomized by perverted Catholic priests at the behest, and right under the shadow, of the Roman Catholic Church itself. Catholic officials have always known about this issue of boys being sodomized by their by their perverted, horny priests and have done absolutely nothing to stop it: Rather, quite to the contrary, they have worked vigorously to conceal this tremendous abomination and crisis in their midst. They knew about it all along, but they concealed it because that is what the Catholic Church is—it is an undercover agent for the other side of things. But why don’t Catholics and the broader society see that and call the Catholic Church to the carpet for a spanking? And again, who would do the spanking? Society is blinded by evil and cannot see what is right or wrong; people are trained and engineered to simply follow directions and not ask any questions. This produces a very passive society that cannot continue existing because, sooner or later, it becomes a nuisance of time. This is exactly what has caused the destruction of all the major civilizations in the past: Wrong kept going wrong until the society is no longer practical—it falls out of favor with time.  Just the other day, the current Catholic Pope officially announced his acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle and claimed that is normal and conformable to Biblical ordinances. 


The Dragon and the Lamb

Well, the Catholic Church isn’t doing anything new; and Roman Catholicism has never been a Christian institution: The book of Revelation makes it plain, as to whom the Roman Catholic Church owes its allegiance: It tells us that the false prophet will be a Catholic Pope, implying that the Roman Catholic Church is an exquisitely planted, last-minute Judas and will make its deceptive allegiance plainly known at the end of this dispensation of Grace. Revelation 13:11 states that I saw another beast coming up out of the earth, and he had two horns like a lamb (Jesus Christ); but he spake like a dragon. Manifestly, this scripture is talking about a huge church organization, with global reach, that pretends to be Christian; as is attested by its two horns, but is really the work of the devil because it speaks like a dragon. It is really the devil because it speaks like a dragon; obviously, any animal having two horns, in Christian symbolism, is a lamb; but when that lamb behaves like a dragon; you know that it is a dangerous animal and a powerful traitor of truth: That is the Roman Catholic Church. It is a dangerous weapon of darkness that moves in circles of light. The Roman Catholic Church is a splendid example of how this world functions and plays the illusive role to fool the simple and those who refuse to think for themselves.


This is the treacherous, traitorous Roman Catholic Church that has betrayed society and has turned our boys into little girls. Is there any wonder that the Roman Catholic Church is so popular and holds such a powerful presence all over the world? It has never been Christian; it has always been a pagan Roman institution, as is clearly presented here in the Bible, in the scripture cited above. Now, this most recent Pope is probably the beast about which the Bible speaks in Revelation 13:11: He has made some clearly avant-garde, unbiblical statements that unassailably declare who he is. First, this current pope has stated that the Genesis creation account is a fairy tale; thus, we know that he could not be a man of God because, here he is, clearly contradicting scripture. Secondly, this same pope voices his support for a one-world government, an idea that the Bible floats in stark opposition to the workings of God: This pope clamors for a one-world government. Thirdly, this very controversial pope is now openly supporting homosexuality and has not lifted a finger to chastise perverted sex offenders in the Catholic Church. Where is the public outcry against this heavily Satanized man? There isn’t any whatsoever. This current pope is, most likely, either the last, or the predecessor of, the last pope. Whatever it may be, the world has reached the end of the line. Too many biblical prophecies are unfolding at break-neck, all over the place for this not to be true. As everything tumbles over the cliff of the end; this, in part, explains why so many marriages are failing worldwide and, is itself, a masked reason why marriage fails today.


Churches that Undermine Society

Somehow or other, these confused, corrupt churches and other negative societal institutions have continued to exist in society; despite their patently negative influence on society: This would seem to hint that human society is under the control, and operates at the behest, of the devil; therefore, the world isn’t really what you think it is.  The bottom line here is that these powerful, negative organizations can only exist in society with society’s approval; thus, suggesting that society itself was instituted by God but is not being run by him: It has been taken over by evil because of man’s failure to defend that which God originally intended: A safe, wholesome, and healthy society for all. The mysterious persistence and eerie presence of these patently negative societal influences in society tells the whole story of how society really works and unwraps the innately evil nature of human society. It is very obvious that these odious outfits could not exist in society without its architects’ approval, a fact which questions the agenda-driven behavior of the societal architects themselves. This is one of the same masked reasons why marriage fails: No-fault divorce, a clear enemy of marriage, is mysteriously allowed to tear up marriages in society. It explains the abstract presence of a clear enemy of society that is allowed to operate freely within the society itself, a fact which makes society a very mysterious entity indeed.


The Good-Evil Societal Model

 In this regard, negative socializing agencies are just as valid and legitimate as the so-called positive ones. Thus, we see here that human society is a two-headed monster; reflecting both good and evil. When you clear your head and reflect back on the Genesis account in the Bible, it is the exact model of society today: Eve ate the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil: This is the exact duplicate of what society is today; thus, vindicating the authenticity of the Bible itself. The very element that got Adam and Eve in trouble with God, thousands of years ago, is the identical model of societal organization and government today. The good and the bad dwell together; and despite all of government’s so-called effort to eliminate evil, it has continued to dog society because its rulers are themselves evil; thus, they cannot get rid of it because it represents them. In this regard, human society is a paradox; involving people who play games and try to fool others with all kinds of cruel pranks. Generally, the paradox rolls from right to left; when it reaches all the way to the left, the society becomes a nuisance of time and simply vanishes from view—and this has been a model of human civilization throughout the abyss of time and space, and it is one of the hidden reasons that marriage fails.












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