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Healing America: Moral Decay’s Disease

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 Healing America: Moral Decay’s Disease

 What disturbs me most about the direction of our society today is its bitter and unmistakable dichotomy, a symptom of a very sick society and a strong for healing America: America is now two clearly defined and distinct civilizations that are very different from one another; and that difference pours out in neighborhoods, on university campuses, on jobs, in churches, within families, and just about everywhere in America today. Such unbelievable polarization reflects a stark need for America’s healing: It mirrors the urgency for the healing America; and such urgency is rather regrettable and is a bold omen that suggests America’s immediate need for healing. Healing America is no longer political rhetoric; the need is now a concrete reality and urgency. Against this backdrop, a society that reflects such plain and raw dualistic qualities is schizophrenic and self-destructive at its core—and this is what we see playing out right before us in plain view. Such a dual societal arrangement would never work or last on a national level: It is entirely unpragmatic and self-defeating; thus, healing America through prayer, humility, repentance, and forgiveness are the only solution to its current schizophrenic condition.


America’s Healing: Is America a Schizophrenic Nation?

When a society that used to know, and serve, the real God abruptly does an about-face turn from him; that society is unceremoniously turned into hell because it now reflects two distinctly different personality traits: It reflects the personality of the true god that it used to know and serve, and the personality of the new god for whom it has abandoned its original god to serve.  This plain walking away from the real god is the most severe form of moral decay and opens the society to serious damage from the dark realm. The dark realm is the kingdom of the devil, and it is deadly destructive; this is the kingdom to which America has opened itself and is causing all the shooting sprees today. This is what America has done; it has abandoned the true and living God and has begun doing business with the devil, the god of darkness.


This has set up the entire American society for a dramatic fall and incalculable damage and defeat; illustrating the urgency for healing America. It demonstrates, rather graphically, America’s need for healing. However, because human society is dualistic and only contains good and evil; the new god which the society now embraces is always the devil because there is only good and evil in the world: whatever is neither good nor evil is in the process of becoming one or the other. A society that changes abruptly from the real God can only gravitate to the doll-baby god, which is the devil—and he is incredibly versatile, deceptive, changeable, and destructive in his deceitful practices. This is exactly what America is doing: Now that It has left the real God for the false promises of the doll-baby god, America is finding itself in all kinds of confusing and deadly straits; thus illustrating the urgent need for healing America: In the light of these dramatic developments, healing America could not have been any more urgent that it is right now. In view of understanding current world events, the book, Crashing Streams of Change: The Rise of World Government, is a poignant exposition of the falsehood in the world and would leave you with insight and understanding of reality that you never had before.

 Thus, a society that leaves the true God for another god is fooling itself if it thinks that that other god is going to be as good to it as the God it has abandoned. America is fooling itself if it thinks that the devil loves it and has its best interests at heart—and this is the cause of all the problems in America today; and without a moral reset, things are going get worse—not better. This quandary illustrates the dramatic need and urgency for healing America: Healing America is an urgent spiritual matter that cannot wait. The old is being abandoned for the new; and the new God, which is the devil, is destroying America; left and right With ancient pagan religious practices and left-field ideas, which are clearly out of the pit of hell itself. In this regard, only prayer and healing can fix America and bring it back to where it used to be, in service to the real God. America’s working with the two gods has created schizophrenic tendencies that are innately unhealthy for the mind of Americans.


The real god is being swapped for the phony one; as a result, everything is thrown into upheavals because the two different gods have two completely different moral agendas: God’s agenda is life and peace; the devil’s is destruction and death—and the two programs are like parallel lines; they will never meet; and thus, will never agree. That is why there is so chaos in American society today. Following this evil supernatural spirit; or the new, phony god has bred schizophrenic qualities within the society, throwing it up into upheavals: This explains all the problems that you see in America today—and those problems are going to get worse. Healing America is the most urgent emergency of the hour in the world: This is the most critical moment of our time—it is a watershed moment that can blow the world away if it is not handled immediately with care. The splitting of America into two distinct civilizations is tantamount to the end of the world; in this regard, America’s need for healing is as clear as day; healing America is the urgency of the hour.


According to the article, Glimpses into the Crash site of Human Civilization; “If the train of woes that currently stalks and bedevils America is not disassembled immediately, the crash site of human civilization cannot be far away because the evil agenda for America will intensify.” And the current situation in America underscores the urgency for its healing. Healing America is the most important factor in the world today because it is the leading military power in the world: If a society with the might and power of America, wielding thousands of atomic weapons, is sick; its need for healing must take precedence over everything else in the world. If America needs psychiatric care, and that need is not urgently addressed; the whole world can be blown to shreds in seconds! We have become so overfamiliar with these dangerous facts and needs that we’ve oversimplified the degree of danger and risk associated with the urgency staring us down: We have adopted the false view that America is the titan of the world: It is just invincible and impregnable; it cannot go down. Well, we all have heard about many impregnable, titanic societies that could not go down: Since then, they have all been turned into rubble. Today, in the process, we’ve deceived ourselves. Healing America is urgent—it is a matter of moments in just one drunken, wrong turn; and it will be all over!

In the process of deceiving ourselves, we have utterly dismissed the need for Healing America; and in doing so, we’ve marginalized the urgency and seriousness of the problem. America certainly has evinced some very disturbing images that have spooked the rest of the world; these daunting images have left the world’s peoples trembling in their boots because of what it all means for them and us Americans. Healing America is the solution to the schizophrenic problem ripping our nation apart, and that solution must be harnessed to fix the urgent problem facing our society. The stirring and unnerving images that poured from the Capitol building in Washington DC on January 6, 2021, left many around the world stunned and wondering if America has been turned into a mental asylum; and it awakened them to the urgency and poignancy of the need for healing America. The grotesquerie of the situation is surreal and mouth-opening; it just leaves you stunned and confused as you ponder what could be next. On seeing the Capitol building utterly overpowered and overrun by people who were not there to just sit down and talk, America’s need for healing is no longer a matter of discussion—it is a foregone conclusion. And the situation has come to this because politics in America has nothing to do with truth; rather, it is just a matter of which party can spin the most believe and ingenious lies to the American people who have no time to sit themselves down and figure out what is going on in their country, and they will pay an exorbitant price for their folly, their carelessness, and their irresponsible behavior.

However, if this matter of healing America is sidelined; the next invasion attempt will be utterly successful. This accentuates the urgency of the need for healing America; and while there has been much talk about liberals and conservatives over the years, things have not gotten any better: They have rapidly deteriorated, and the United States of America has now morphed into two distinctly different civilizations, with two explicitly different visions for the future—and it is frightening! This creates inevitable conflict and confusion because the two societies are going in starkly different directions, thus rendering the urgency for healing America greater than ever before. The need for America’s healing is more glaring and immediate than ever.


America’s Need for Healing, Our Time’s most Defining Moment

According to the article, The Collapse of Human Civilization, “The Convergence of an unnerving array of events and forces in the world is an intriguing harbinger that proclaims the end of human civilization; a frightening swarm of facts, coming together, now point to what seems to the inevitable end of human civilization as we know it. This is the harbinger that is so Grotesquely portrayed in the United States today: The final world society, prophesied in the Book of Revelation, has crystallized right before our eyes—and right here in America among us; and the last few moments of time are dripping from the leaky faucet of human doom. The emergent civilization in the United States today is the tolling of the bell of human civilization’s last rites. The Adamic Interlude, which is the space between Adam’s fall and the end of the age, is rapidly fading away; this explains the urgency for America’s need for healing. We are living in the final moments of time; all the facts are revealed in the everyday news—and it is all happening right here in America. In this regard, healing America cannot be any more urgent and poignant.


The events transpiring in the United States of America today are the unmistakable harbingers of the fast-approaching apocalyptic night in which the world will be turned into a heap of trash: This is what is barreling down on the earth from all sides right now. Just one wrong move, and it is all over. Healing America is absolutely no joke; it is urgent and utterly critical. Most people do no realize that the Garden of Eden narrative is not fictitious; Crashing Streams of Change delivers a breathtaking understanding of the real world and helps you to understand that part of that that you, hitherto, have been able to understand. When you understand that the world is false; you will begin to understand yourself and where you are going in this world.


The healing of America and a dramatic moral are the times’ most defining moment.  When a society backslides from God, that society is always in the twilight zone; ever moving towards that new god and reaching for the old one that it has abandoned; thus creating strong, destructive schizophrenic currents within its institutional structure. Its friends, looking on and knowing how powerful it used to be, merely begin to laugh at its glaring sickness. This is America today; it is patently sick and reflects strong schizophrenic attributes; hence, the urgency for America’s healing: Healing America is a top priority because of its powerful position in the world and the risk associated with such insanity as is being played out in America today.


Healing America:  Is it Time for Another Political Party

In the article, The World Crushed by Change Overload, the writer argues that the world is changing too rapidly and that change is quickly becoming a nuisance. The Roman observation that change is a take-it-to-the-bank-certainty is a rather jarring and evident one. Everything changes: Change is inevitable; however, the magnitude of change that is unfolding in the United State today should raise every eyebrow in the world. In his article, Political Polarization in America is Still on the Rise, the author amplifies the constant rise of polarization in America, Americans are becoming more and more fractured and polarized. This underscores the urgency of healing America.


 The liberal-conservative divide in the United States today boldly reflects two distinct different civilizations on their way to two clearly different spiritual destinations, and they are tearing America to pieces; trumpeting its strong and vehement need for healing; healing America cannot be put off; it must happen now in order for America to survive this latest cataclysmic shock that has divided it into two clearly defined and different parts or societies. It is against this backdrop that healing America becomes a matter of paramount importance. America’s healing is not a trifling matter: too much is at stake. The moral reset and healing process is critical and must be initiated now—not tomorrow!


In the article, Can Biden Heal America? The author states that, the moment CNN projected Joe Biden as its forty-sixth president, the United States began on an utterly different road from the one down which it would have crashed if Trump had won a second term—and how correct the first portion of this piece of writing is: The United States are currently at a crossroads of two distinctly different spiritual directions and destinies, and both political parties want the same thing: World Government, but the Democrats are more liberal, radical, and aggressive about their world government mission is. But let me just insert my little two cents here.


The world should know that something is wrong with the whole idea of world government: if America, one of the world’s most advanced societies, can’t even govern own itself and is having so many problems; can you imagine these corrupt suckers running in an election for world government and sitting at the helm of such a monstrosity—can you imagine the chaos that would unfold in the world? Just plain logic alone tells you what is coming for this world—and the Bible says that they will have their world government—God will let them have it for seven years, and five billion people will vanish from the earth. The devil has already deceived the world’s smart boys; he has already told them that that is what is necessary to bring about this grand, new world order.


 You see, the dark peoples of the world are out of the kingdom of God, the only system of light in the world; thus, they do not know that the devil is a liar; he uses secret societies to deceive the human race; it is his lies that have transmogrified this world into the mess in which it finds itself today. It is the same devil who lied to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden; it is the same evil personality that was in that garden with the supposed fairy tale characters of Adam and Eve: Let me tell you something; this whole world is a lie, and evolution is the cathedral of that lie; thus, the liberal-conservative divide is the same lie as the evolution-Christianity divide; it is just the devil showing up in a different manner to keep the world confused and to befog the real issues. The devil is deceiving the educated people of this world and is telling that world government is the solution to human problems. Away from the Bible and lost in their own pride, they believe his lies—and they will see the truth; but by then, it will be too late for them. The end of human society is a sad and very sour story.


Once they accomplish their goal of world government, it would bring the whole world under one demonic, devilish rule: When that is accomplished, it will give the devil maximum leverage over mankind, and it is then—and only then—that these smart boys are going to see the real nature of the devil: It is all written in the Book Revelation. Thus, these smart boys’ world government push is no news to God; he has already predicted it—and it is all bad news for the mankind in this world. Folks, if you know what is good for you; you would run and accept Jesus before the curtain of that apocalyptic night is pulled on this world.


These smart boys know that most people are too busy to keep up with the real issues that matter to them and to America; thus, they rely on their ability to stir Americans up like ice in a glass of wine at election time and to tell them what they want they to know—not what they should know about what they are telling them. In this regard, is it time for a pragmatic third party in America today, one that addresses the real issues that need to be addressed in American society today? Hasn’t America been deceived by the two-party system long enough—aren’t Americans tired of being deceived by the same-old, same-old political rhetoric that leads them by hand over the cliff of destruction? Do you see why America needs healing–do you see why healing America is the answer to the problems of the day?


However, things may have gone too far downhill to reverse course now by merely adding a third party. The American populace appears to love the darkness and to enjoy the ability to poison themselves with the perversion of wrong living. May be, most Americans are not ready for a moral reset—and that is the crux of the problem in America today. Presumably, most Americans are not ready for a moral reset even though American society will not survive without a dramatic moral reset. Corrupt politicians who would tell them what they want to hear are everywhere: The problem is that what most people want to hear is not what they need to hear and what would turn things around in America.


This country needs a moral reset and a revival from God, but nobody appears to be in the mood for that; accordingly, a third political party, even with the best of intentions, will not be able to fix America because, it would only be a matter of time before that political party understands how the corrupt system works and becomes even more corrupt than the existing two political parties in America right now. Ultimately, therefore, America’s principal problem is a moral one; and, unless that is treated and distilled in a head-on manner, America will fade away just like all the other great civilizations of the past. Does America need healing now—is healing America an urgent matter now? You be the judge.


The upshot of the matter is that civilizations do not last forever; they eventually become tired of fighting evil and succumb to it—this is what America is doing right now. Liberals are telling people to live wrong in order to succeed: Have sex with your mother, have sex with the same sex, marry the same sex—have sex with animals; the other way does not work—the other approach to life does not work. And what is that? That is a society that is tired of living; it is tired of fighting evil and fighting against itself. It is tired of doing what it doesn’t want to do; many married women are tired of cheating on their husbands but can’t stop. This crossroads has occurred in every great civilization of the past: They eventually came to the conclusion that life is not worth living because it is so meaningless and fleeting; therefore, they all came to the same conclusion: “We will accept evil’s perverted way of living and bear the consequences—whatever they may be.”


 And the reality is that such a passive, fatalistic approach always means the end of that civilization: Here is where the West is today. Meaninglessness dogs the West, and people’s lives are unhappy and filled with troubles of all kinds; accordingly, they go along with the easy believism of liberalism–live wrong in order to be happy: Those are poisonous words that kill a civilization stone dead. That is what liberals are telling Americans to do right now; that is how they are telling them to live right now.  That is why America needs the power of God, not the power of the devil. Healing America and dynamic revival are the answers to America’s troubles—not confused psychologists and psychiatrist who can’t even find their way in their own homes, many of whom have been married a half of a dozen times.


Healing America, through the power of Jesus, is the answer; and it is the scientifically accurate answer. America has been here before and has had two revivals that turned things around: That is what America need snow—not having sex with your mother or with a dog—how further the moral cliff will America go before it finds itself smack in hell itself. The time for fun and games is over; America needs to get right with God—it is just that simple. The Corvid fiasco is just a warning of what is likely to come next if America doe not turn around and turn back to God.


 People are tired of fighting evil alone; they find that what they do not want to do is what they are doing, and they cannot stop themselves from doing those things; thus, they identify with them and become liberals. In doing so, they are identifying with the devil; and that is what is causing all these terrible things in the news. They’ve seen how phony many So-Christians are and would have none of that kind of Christianity; they do not believe in the Christian Church because of the massive amount of hypocrisy and fraud in the Church. The problem is that people are looking at the wrong thing—corrupt people. Corrupt people are found in every single religion, and Jesus himself says that many will say unto him in the judgment, “Lord, Lord, didn’t we do so and so in your name and did might works in you name?” Yes, corrupt people are in every religion; you should base your conclusion about Christianity on corrupt examples of Christianity because you are always going to find a whole lot of them. People don’t want to do right because wrong is easier than right and works for a short time.  


Jesus was not corrupt, neither are all Christians; thus, Christianity is the answer to the problems that people face, but they are looking at the wrong reference point, and it is failing society big time.  This is why healing America, through the power of Jesus, is so important. I understand that people are tired fighting with themselves, but the alternative is to give up and give in to the evil forces that are trying to destroy them: Millions are dying from suicidal—that is why there are so many shooting sprees in America today; it is also why more than one million people commit suicide per year. I understand your problem—we all struggle with the same issues; the difference is that Jesus helps us, real Christians, to conquer those dirty things that we do not want to do but find ourselves doing.


You can’t do it alone; you need Jesus to help you overcome those vile, satanic cravings and drives—men have them; women experience them: They are the thorns of human beings. We all grapple with these evil forces but cannot overcome alone; we need Jesus to help us.  People have given up on trying to live right—they can’t: That is why Jesus came, and he is the only answer to people’s problems—not psychiatrists or confused psychologists. They are just as troubled and confused as you are; they have just learned how to manage their confusion and to make it seem as if they have it all together. People have been corrupted by the devil, and they don’t like themselves; but they do not want to change because they do not think that they can change: they’ve failed so many times before—they literally hate themselves and wish that they can just go away. Thus, most Americans are not in the mood for a moral reset, even though that is what the country really needs above everything else in order to fix things. This is why healing America, through the power of Jesus, is the right message.


The current mindset in America is that that kind of talk is old and archaic—and that is the real problem facing America today: That is the problem that is causing the guns to go off in destructive shooting sprees every two days or so, that most Americans can’t understand—and never will. America is moving further and further into a darker and darker moral cave every day—no society can function effectively without a reverence for morality. That is not how liberals see the problem of the dramatic surge of violence all over America today: they see any form of adherence to morality as going back to the old, archaic religion of Christianity—never mind that that is what it would take to stop all these destructive and murderous shooting sprees in American society today. Do you see why healing America is so crucial—does it make sense to you now, why these destructive events have failed to cease in America?


At the end of the road, it will ultimately wind up in one of two very different destinations. But for many liberals, the understanding here is that nothing is wrong with America; there is no need for healing America—and nothing could be further from the truth. With hundreds of thousands snuffed away in the screaming voice of gunfire, drug overdose, and suicide; you wonder how can millions of people sleep with at night with a clear conscience under these starkly insane conditions and still support a view that nothing is wrong with a America; it is just fine and does not need any healing. As barbaric and slaughterous as it can get, it has gotten, with at least one shooting spree every two days; and virtually no place is off limits to this kind of senseless, murderous fury; even the slugs from the guns are crying, “Healing America healing America—Healing America right now!”


How can Americans indeed support a party that opposes the Bible, opens its border wide in a world that is so volatile and incendiary, send girls into boys’ bathrooms to be raped and abused, and strip society of its reproductive rights and gender balance? Due to the jarring surge of unnaturalness in America, its two genders have now become one; stripping America of its reproductive rights. It won’t be long before millions of workers vanish because heterosexual love has faded—away. In this regard, and in the light of the massive sterilization under way in America today; it won’t be long before America’s population collapses and robots have to be massed produced by the millions to supply work for its industrial machine because the call for America’s healing was heeded; and by the time folks look around; it will be too late.


Interestingly enough, it was the same thing that the reality framers of the Enlightenment age did. They made it clear that they would have nothing to do with God: Isn’t that the same thing the liberal Democratic Party is doing today? It is amazing to see how the same lies are recycled; they come back again and again and again to do the same destruction that they did in the past.  In the wake of the massive bloodletting that the French Revolution released, don’t you think that healing America is an urgency? The French Revolution is back, and the same people who were behind it in the past are back again for another round—the last round. Remove God from America, allow same-sex marriage, cause America’s population to collapse, turn girls into boys, and send into boys’ bathrooms to prove that they are boys, turn our women into animal lovers and let them have sex with dogs: These are the clarion calls of the day. Will America one day regret its irresponsible moral behavior? Are the writings on the wall for America? You bet. Are the writings on the wall for America? Absolutely!  Is healing America urgent and a now-issue—can America’s healing afford to wait?  I really don’t think so.   


Two roads are clearly delineated in American society today: One espouses the Bible and truth; the other rejects it and embraces perversion, unnatural behavior, and the devil; turning the two sexes into one. The feelings are very incandescent and toxic on both sides, and much is at stake—the society’s very survival! Those who openly embrace this kind of moral insanity are just misguided and honestly lost in the fog of their own false judgment and upside-down minds: In the light of all of this, can America’s healing wait for tomorrow when girls to told that they are boys; this is a shocking attack on the very divine order in the world. The liberals are proud of who they are—and they pull no bones about it and about where they want America to go. Healing America is a need and a necessity that cannot wait; liberals’ mad rush to the edge is not far away from the train wreck and the crash site of American society, when all the chickens will come home to roast at the same time.


 Waking up and healing America cannot wait for tomorrow: The hour glass is almost devoid of sand.  The godless democratic vision for America is identical to that presented to Europeans during the Enlightenment Age, shortly after the scientific revolution; and it is rather sobering to see how dramatically and graphically the same lame, fruitless ideas come back again for another round of destruction of the human race: Only that this time, it is unfolding in America, thus illustrating the need for healing America and for folks to wake up and smell the coffee. Healing America is needed now in order to unite the society and to create a more cohesive political system that would bring America back to what it used to be and to its glorious past. But that is not how liberals think; their glorious future for America is the burgeoning growth of shooting sprees, young boys having sex with their mothers, and more and more women having sex with dogs: That is where America is today—and the chasm is going to get deeper and deeper by the day.


 The deceptive, satanic Enlightenment Age did nothing but to effect mass-destruction of human beings in its day; It is going to do nothing else but the same thing today, only that the steam of that doomful locomotive is picking up speed in America. The urgent need for healing is now; America is drowning in the truculent sea of liberalism and its left-field agenda. How much more time do America-loving people need to see what is going in America—how long: How much more time do you need to see with you own eyes where America is going. We must wake up and heal America now—not tomorrow, for the hour glass is already dry of sand.  The Enlightenment notion is the same idea that slaughtered over 1.4 million French people during the French Revolution 230 years ago: Be honest and speak the truth—Is France any more equal today than it was back then?


Despite the massacre that occurred there back then, the painful answer is no; French people were protesting economic inequality in France just a year ago—why do you think they were doing that? Do you think that they were doing it just because they had nothing else to do? Therefore, you wonder why people allow themselves to be deceived by the devil and the same lie that he recycles again, and again, and again. The supporters of each ultimate destination in the United States today firmly believe that their position is correct, but how do we judge which one is correct?  Well, if society plays by the rules of science; we can use the standard of truth: The problem is that truth means absolutely nothing today because it has never really meant anything to society; the lies were just more covered up in the past: Today, as evil gains momentum of human civilization, it has become more and more obvious that the world is controlled by the devil. Crashing Streams of Change distills the dynamic of falsehood in the world and explains how it works. Most people have no idea that the world in which they live is a lie: Yes, the world is a lie; and that lie is going to get clearer and clearer as we crash headlong into the chasm of human society’s end.


However, we can use history to figure things out. We must let history do the judging. America is two pieces or halves of a broken glass that would probably never be mended again: The feelings are too incandescent, and the people are too far apart; each piece howls for the healing of America; they represent contemporary American reality in its starkest and most unmistakable essence. This means that America is now headed on a very irreversibly destructive path because no society can function effectively the way America is functioning now. This underscores it urgent need for healing: Healing America cannot be overlooked, and only God alone can do that; man cannot heal—and wrong certainly will not heal our society. Healing America would only work through the power of Jesus; but many American politicians do not believe that; they believe that, perhaps, Islam would heal America, even though there is plenty of evidence way to the contrary.


 Islam is not healing people in Muslim countries, what makes many American politicians think that it will do that here in America. The upshot of the matter is that many American politicians just hate America and its spiritual traditions; therefore, they are open to anything but Christianity. It is irrational and does not make sense, but that is how many American politicians and academics about America’s Christian traditions, and many of them feel that way because they belong secret societies that hat Christian teaching that exposes the devil and his kingdom of darkness.  Too many people take the world at face value and think that things are the way they appear—they are not. Many scholars and politicians want Islam to be the truth and Christianity to be a lie and would, therefore, do anything to make that a reality; even though it is an utterly perverse concept. It is the kind of world where truth is irrelevant, and lies rule supreme; thus, there is a natural bias against Christianity, in favor of Islam, whether it is true or false. Truth does not matter in the world. The world is an illusion in which truth seems wrong and lies, right.


Healing America, a Two-Headed Monster

Only two gods exist in the world: Almighty God and the devil; and these two polarities, emerging in the United States today, reflect this truth in its most graphic form. According to the article, Change Overload and the Rapidly Approaching Tomorrow, the writer says that people are flurried and befuddled by the massive change overload that has taken the world by storm. The emergent American civilization of liberalism, modeled after the present Democratic Party vision, is the final human civilization on the earth: It is the one that is so clearly depicted in the apocalyptic account of the Book of Revelation; and it is arising right here in America; choking up the societal stream, calling boys girls and vice versa, and encouraging society to get success by doing and living. In that regard, it is called the Left-field civilization; and American society is smack in its hands. America better wake up and see what is really going on; the children of perversion have taken the helm, and they are running with it at the speed of light. Does America need healing—is healing relevant? You better believe it. Folks from the blue, out of left field, have come to snatched America and make it into some strange other world. Healing America is the answer to the titanic identify crisis with which America grapples today. It is two distinct societies operating within the same country with entirely different morality and value systems; this has turned America into a two-headed monster that is living in the dark moral cave called America. Liberalism; with its dark, shy, ancient religious system; has turned America into a strange moral cave, where just about anything goes; and Christianity is enemy number one. The liberal agenda is manifestly a dark one; therefore, Christianity does not fit into that system because it is dark, and shy, and lucifugous.   


 Today, America has turned away from God: It is ungodly, unholy, Anti-Christian, and unamerican. What is so shocking about it all is that it pulls no bones in making its position and worldview very clear about what it believes and that for which it stands. The fact is that only God can heal; and humanistic America has rejected God and the holy principles of the Bible. Many are up in arms about America’s many shooting sprees today: What they do not understand is that shooting sprees are one of the byproducts of a society had has abandoned the true God: the false god lives on human blood and even sucked the blood of Jesus; It was the blood of Jesus that had to be shed in order to save the human race. Thus, as America wanders further and further away from God; these shooting sprees will wax more and more frequent and intense, and more and more people will lose and cry. If America wants to play with fire, let her go right ahead: Things will simply get worse and worse; and more and more people with cry.


  Manifestly, Trump was not the best choice for America—everybody knows that; however, he was the best of the wo evils, a fact that fake news and false journalism overshadowed because they play partisan politics. Look at what’s happening at the border right now! The fake news calls it a challenge; they call a behemothic, monstrous problem a challenge; this is how the news lies and plays games with the truth. Instead of reporting the news; they give you a spin—they call the massive border crisis a challenge! The liberal news lines up with the liberal left wing and agenda in America; thus, it is very difficult to find the news anymore because all that you are getting nowadays is a spin. This is a moral issue: It is flagrant evidence of how moral decay works and how it undermines and eats a society alive. When the newsman stands and delivers lies, then you know that society is a jarring lie. Do you see why healing America is so crucial and necessary? The newsman does not lie and distort the news, giving you spin, because he wants to do so; the world is an exquisitely engineered system of lies, but most people remain too busy to see how the system works. Crashing Streams of Change: The Rise of World Government  disrobes the world and delivers the truth to you in ways like you have never had it done to you before.


In the light of the fact that America is one of the most hated nations in the world, messing around with an open border spells nothing but trouble for America. Terrorists will not think twice to pour across that border to do incalculable damage to America—and that is what they are going to do—damage to America. I love America and don’t want any of that to happen to her, but this is what a plainly silly, agenda-driven administration does; it is as destructive as an atomic bomb.  Many have voted wrong; they have ignored the plain truth and went the other way: They are having second thoughts now: Well, it’s too late for that now. Time will tell the truth. Healing America is the only solution to its burgeoning troubles in a dualistic society; going further and further into perversion will only make things worse, especially with almost 600,000 Americans dead from Corvid. Now is not the time to be messing around with the devil and his program for mankind’s end. However, all people have their own will; and time will tell the real tale that so many are missing right now. Healing America today can make a great difference in the outcome of things tomorrow: Messing around today with the wrong people at the top will most certainly lead to more screaming cannons and deadly shooting sprees.


America’s Unsolvable Problem of Wrong Direction

In the light of these serious circumstances, healing America cannot be overlooked; it is a matter of paramount importance. The powerful change overload in the United States today is the world’s most serious threat because it threatens to turn America into just another secular, atheistic society that does not work. The real problem is America’s rejection of Christianity, the very platform upon which the entire society was founded; suddenly, that is gone, and the society is without a solid spiritual foundation. This is the fundamental problem in twenty-first-century American society today. Socialistic atheism is just another sick and self-destructive idea that ruins the minds of a people, deceiving them with the utopian fairytale of a wonderful, Godless world while, at the same time, creating a dystopian world right before their eyes. Look at America today: Behold how dystopian it has become; and, as it pulls away from God, it is gradually getting worse.


That atheistic system didn’t work during the Enlightenment age; neither will it work today. Healing America, with the power of truth and the Bible, is the only thing that will work for America now—and way into the future. Creating a schizophrenic society with a liberal atheistic, socialistic wing and a conservative secret society wing would just create two societies that both do not work and are filled with unsolvable problems. It is one thing to sit down and discuss children’s stories of liberal America; it is quite another to take them seriously. I mean, anyone can sit down and have a good laugh with a fairy tale: taking it seriously is like trying to run a marathon with a broken ankle, and only a fool would attempt such a feat. Liberalism does not—and will not—work because it encourages people to throw their lives away, living wrong and perverting themselves, and this is seen so vividly in the number of women who now routine have sex with tier pet dogs—strange but very true!


The world of America is falling apart on all sides, and we see it in as graphic a manner in the American university system as possible; free speech and free exchange of ideas have been abolished; thus, man people are now turned off from university education and have dropped of school. it is as if the United States has been turned into Humpy Dumpty; and each part that collapses and falls away, the society waxes weaker and sicker than the day before. Each shooting spree scares more and more Americans and forces them to wander; “What, in the world, is going on?” What is going on is America’s need for healing from the real healer, Jesus—not from the prince of darkness and the pride of men who are just as scared as everyone else. Folks, the world of the Enlightenment Age did not work during that time for its framers of reality and societal engineers, and it will not work for the new ones in America today.


The idea that God does not exist is not new; it has been around: The notion that man can run the world completely free from divine interference is also not new, but it is a sick concept: It is a movement for which healing America is the only solution: healing America is its best bet, going forward. It is the only pragmatic solution from the destructive and highly satanic sentiments of transhumanism, transgenderism, same sex love and marriage, pornography, incest, public nudity, public sex orgy, adultery, and bestiality. It is not hard to see that these ideas are coming smack from left field; it is also not hard to see that many Americans have gone to sleep, for only people sound asleep would allow these strange ideas to take center stage in their society. Yes, folks; here is where we are, and we are sinking deeper and deeper into the morass of destruction every single day. Remember Coravid19 and its mysteriously high incidence of casualties; it is just the spark of a much larger fire: Sit tight, hold on to your front-row seat, and you will see how liberal, humanistic America is going to fare. But in the meantime, let us call for the healing of America and see healing America as the solution.


The Founding Fathers’ Origin Vision

These self-destructive ideas warp a society’s mind and corrupt its people—and this is exactly what is happening, not only in America, but also throughout the Western World. Old, corrupt pagan ideas have been exhumed and presented to twenty-first-century American society as cutting-edged fads. Folks, have we lost our minds; calling things that are clearly out of left field cool? In this regard, healing America would generate healing of the West as well. The founding fathers of this country envisioned a society that is based on the Bible’s moral values and principles.

They saw the intrinsic relevance and crucial significance of Biblical values in the existence, development, and perpetuation of a workable American society. Hence, despite all the moral mistakes that these fallible men have made; they went about carving out and engineering a pragmatic society that is based on the tenets and principles of the Bible; the only flute of love in the world. America has no other choice but to accept the fact that it needs the healing touch of Jesus; Corvid is merely a light tap on the shoulder, reminding her that only Jesus would work. God is never in a hurry; his vision for society is the clear medicine on which America needs to feed now; it is the exact remedy and healing of America.


In this regard, we see that America was not designed to function outside the orbit of these biblical ideas: It was founded on biblical principles and was designed to only operate thereby. There have been mistakes made because the people involved were fallible men, and they made some terrible mistakes. Despite their moral errors, they recognized the inestimable value of the Bible and its focus on righteousness. Therefore, they built a society around, and upon, the Bible’s tenets. This is why healing America is so important. The founding fathers recognized American society would not stay in one piece through a liberal framework because they did not design it to function that way; in this regard, healing America is the only way forward. Though it has not always exhibited such a characteristic, America was designed to function as a Christian society and would only stay in existence if such currents are the dominant power source, driving its giant turbines.


Healing America is the solution for America; nothing else will ever work for this epic society; America is extraordinary, in that it is the only country in world where everybody wants to be; and those who are trying to change it are really trying to destroy it. The perverse system that liberals present for America is a shocking disaster menu just waiting to unfold; and when it does, oh my: the Trojan Horse will appear from the blue, and it will become as clear as day who the real traitors were. Healing America is an urgency; let us not mess around with foolish ideas that would turn the greatest society ever and the greatest show on earth into a yawning trash heap.


 It is easier to break down than to build up; therefore, let us build up America and strip our society of unnaturalness and perversion: Let us do that so that the normal process of reproduction can be reestablished. This will bring back the brilliant American minds that have been lost to abortion; If we don’t, millions of robots will have to be built; and we’ll have to find engineers to repair them. Sit tight and hold on to your front-row seat; the jarring collapse of the plastic, liberal society is not far away. Unnaturalness failed in the past, and it will fail again. Nothing that artificial can lost long.


Presumably, the founding fathers were right about the Bible’s efficacy in forging the prosperity and perpetuation of a society about which everyone could be proud, for the America that they envisioned has waxed into the most prosperous society in the history of the world; and it is not because they were so brilliant; rather, it is because of the Bible’s blessings on America: This is why healing America cannot wait; every spilled moment is the loss of irretrievable time; healing America is a now thing. America was built on the blessings of the Bible: Remove the Bible, and watch America sink to the bottom of the sea—the sinking has already begun. Ask Alexis de Tocqueville about the origin of America’s greatness: Do a séance on him; he’ll tell you, in a flash, from where America’s greatness came. Isn’t interesting that someone who was not born here came and saw from whence America’s great came, and people who were born here are trying to change what De Tocqueville saw? What a paradox that is—isn’t it!


 Perhaps, America’s sober, rational, and pragmatic reality framers knew somethings that the liberals of today do not know; they understood the value of folk medicine and the importance of the Bible as society’s fundamental folk medicine kit for the healing of America. They understood what works from what doesn’t; for they carved out a society that has been so massively successful and prosperous that all the nations of the world have wanted to come over here and enjoy what liberals want to destroy and jettison. The Bible’s emphasis is the original American civilization that made our society so rich, so prosperous, so great, and so envied by all the nations of the world. However, contemporary America has stumped its toes on the massive boulder of liberalism, humanism, transhumanism, epicureanism, and ancient pagan, religious ideas—ideas that divide people, tear up society, and plainly do not work are trying to destroy our wonderful fairy land of America. Can America survive without healing? Absolutely not: Is healing America urgent and a now idea? Most certainly!


Liberals’ anything-goes ideas, societal model, and perversion of society are a flagrant disgrace that has soured the heart of God himself and has set off a range of debacles and diseases that have swept away more Americans than all the wars of the twentieth century. Healing America is the only solution for America; if liberals think that their frothy ideas would work, they have something else coming. If Americans think that the casualties of the Corona Virus are not a warning from God, woe be onto all Americans when the next warning hits. This stark Corona Virus warning has unsettled and disrupted everything and ruined America’s record of prosperity. Today’s abject, crass liberalism and its blunt disregard for God are the deadliest threat to America’s survival today; and that is the reason that American society so desperately needs healing—healing for America that only the Bible and God can deliver. Healing America is a greater mandate that any other urgency anywhere in the world today.


Ultra-liberals’ arrogance

   I Know how arrogant those of the liberal point of view are; they see Christianity as an old, outdated religion that no one, in his mind, has any legal right to believe in; they see it as being no longer relevant to the craziness of twenty-first-century society and that no one has the right to follow such a religion: Do we need the traditional freedom to follow our own conscience in selecting the God that we worship? Yes, we do. Do we need liberals to tell us which God to worship and which ideas to follow? No, we don’t. This is why healing America is so important. The stark irony here is that the times’ craziness is directly caused by the shocking perversion and spiritual darkness that liberalism is promoting today—and that is what is darkening people’s minds and hearts and causing them to lose control of themselves and to shoot up their own communities. From the looks of things, it appears that, if everything goes the liberals’ way; all of society will be transmuted into a jarring mental asylum—and that is what is so satirical and sad. This is why the Bible needs to be reinstated and to be restored to its rightful place in America today; thus illustrating why healing of America cannot wait, for another day is one day too late for America.


 This is how arrogant and lordly people have gotten, wanting to deny others the right to follow their own hearts’ convictions and forcing them to get behind the incredible darkness that they are promoting in the world. Since when America became a place where liberals tell folks what they can, and cannot, believe—do you see where things are going? Not only is the society getting sicker and darker every day; the ones behind the darkness are beginning to tell everyone else to follow them or else. Do you see what is happening here? it is utterly ridiculously. It is a belief system that is desperately in need of healing itself; thus, an even more shocking irony is that liberals need Jesus to purify their hearts and minds more than anyone else, and to extract them from the obvious dark, spiritual dungeon in which they live. Oh, life and its endless stream of ironies! Many times, people who need a thing most make the most noise against it.  What a strange and curious illusion the world really is!


If you have been stirred and challenged by this riveting piece of writing, I strongly recommend that you leave an objective comment to announce how the post has struck you; moreover, if you’ve been touched by the article, pick up the book Crashing Streams of Change: The Rise of World Government; it mirrors spirit of the age and what Western liberals are trying to accomplish with world government.


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