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Concepts of Personal Growth, Maturity, and Marketing

Everyone has a moral obligation to develop and maximize his human potentials and to promote his personal growth and maturity through effective, ingeniously devised marketing strategies: Fully developing one’s potentials allows him to build human capital; which is the aggregate of one’s skills, talents, abilities, and professional involvements. It enables you to market your brand and products in an exquisitely professional and talentedly presented manner. In this regard, marketing should not merely be viewed as some grueling regimen designed to maximize the development of your human potentials and to promote the growth and maturity that you so ardently desire: Rather, it should serve as a powerful inspiration that motivates you to promote your brand and move your wares in the marketplace. These two crucial elements of original talent and marketing skill should always go hand in hand and be the focus of every person’s life in this world.

Obviously, by now, you are wondering what in the world is this person saying to you—what is original talent? Well, it is rather unfortunate that so many people in the world assume that talent is a rare commodity that is not splattered about the place, equally distributed among all human beings: The general consensus of opinion on the matter is that only a select few have been accorded the honor and privilege of having talent. Thus, the phrase original talent, as used here, carries the same connotation as the mere word talent; and the point that is being made at this juncture is that everybody has original talent: There is nothing special about talent—it is as common as air. All people have talent that needs to be fully developed and marketed for large sums of money; thus, every person is a marketer and ought to be involved in this exciting line of work. In this regard, talent is not scares: What is particularly scarce and rare is the maximum development of particular types of talent; for example, marketing is the most highly demanded commodity in all societies. Because the world is a giant, sprawling mall; things have to be constantly marketed and sold—everything! Few people really understand the tremendous power of marketing and the very high degree of its demand in society.

Marketing is the equivalent of medicine; its services are almost as important as that of doctor’s. It is the principal factor in business; and when the skill is fully developed, it is a virtual money machine. This is a well-hidden truth, but so are many things in the world: The world is a treasure trove of invaluable, hidden secrets that make all the difference in the world. The book, Crashing Streams of Change, poignantly highlights and distills the value of understanding yourself as a person and the nature of the world around you: It sheds light on the nature of truth and personal growth in the world that in the world that would help you to see things and your life in an entirely different and more meaningful light.

A closer look at marketing reveals that it is needed at virtually every turn in the world; unfortunately, everyone was not cut out to be a marketer—even though everyone can learn the fundamentals of marketing. There is a difference between learning fundamentals of a thing and having a knack for it—and this is the very point that I am making here. Talent is almost ubiquitous—it is found everywhere. Wherever you go in this world, you will run into talented people; and in some cases, extremely talented people; but I will tell you something: You will not find a good marketer everywhere you go. The idea of talent is analogous to the order of goods sold in a region; for example, you will find small shops everywhere you go, but you would have to travel quite a bit to find a good sized grocery store because, in order for that to exist and function effectively, enough people have to be living in that area to feed the large demand that that kind of operation requires in order to survive. A small shop may just require one hundred or even less people living in the area to support and keep it afloat: Contrariwise, a large grocery store may require ten thousand people in order to keep it in existence; and it may require fifty thousand people in order for it to thrive in that area when the dozens of smaller shops in that area are taken into account.

On the other hand, a Rolls Royce dealership may require five million people in order to operate successfully. The point that I am making here is that marketing is a high-order good, and great marketers are particularly scarce. Would you find thousands of people doing marketing? Absolutely, what you would not find is a bunch of great marketers all over the place; and that is just the way things are set up in nature. The reality, though, is that more people need to take marketing much more seriously; for it is the one single factor that makes the difference between success and failure in business.

What is conspicuously noticeable here is the tremendous importance and value of great marketing expertise that is so scarce. Why do you think that so many small businesses fail every single year while others make it? The only plausible difference is the marketing: Barring any particular financial advantage that one small business may have over another, marketing is the ultimate factor that tilts the balance in one direction or another. The business with the better marketing expertise is always going to do much better overall than its competitor because marketing itself is the heart of business. One may ask, “Well, what exactly do you mean by marketing?” And that is a good question, for it treats the very core of the matter at issue here.

What exactly is good marketing? Good marketing is the application of concentrated thought, common sense, and good business acumen all combined together: It is knowing your industry, studying the ropes of it, and applying the finest approach to developing your brand and moving your products through the market place, constantly experimenting with a variety of strategies. The great marketer has a natural knack for what works and what doesn’t, and he applies it every single time and wins.  Bad marketing, on the other hand, is wasting your time and money, messing around with techniques and strategies that do not work.

One might ask, “Well, how do you know what works from what doesn’t: Do you just know this by osmosis—can you smell or sense it? You know what works from what doesn’t work through careful research—both theoretical and field-oriented work. Part of being an excellent marketer is doing one’s homework by understanding that business is an around the clock affair; it never ends. The shrewd marketer is always looking for insight regarding his business, wherever he may be; and here and there, he picks up little tit bits—a little here, a little there.

When most other businesspeople have gone to play golf over the weekend, this hardy marketer is on assignment somewhere, gleaning from the laboratory of the world in which he lives. In other words, the world is always spitting out information about your marketing issue; and if you are listening and paying attention, you are going to connect with the ideas and people whom shallow, disconnected businesspeople and marketers would miss—and it happens all the time. In other words, success in marketing is a function of your degree of hunger and thirst for that next major break that would take you from Point A to Point B. When you run a business, you have to constantly be on the look-out for new ideas and breaks from the blue. This is the kind of business attitude that marketers need to develop in order to achieve the phenomenal success and personal growth and maturity that they so vehemently crave.

What makes one marketer great and another average or mediocre is his degree of hunger, passion, and perseverance for a higher level of success. How much does he want it? He craves it with all his heart and simply does no messing around, wasting his time with unprofitable people. And this is another hallmark of dynamic, successful marketers: They know how to pick their company and do not waste their time with unfruitful, unprofitable people—they are highly sensitive to wasting their time. To the successful marketer, time is urgently important and viewed as a premium. They would not waste their time talking with you if it does not promote their cause.

Unless marketing success in blazing in your heart like a forest fire, you can simply forget it: You may achieve mediocre success, but you will never climb to the top where all the big boys are because you are too distracted and uncommitted to your cause. Marketing is a calling; and in order to hear your name, you must become obsessed with it: You have to be utterly transfixed by it in order to achieve the kind of mind-blowing success that the big boys pull off.  Personal growth and maturity are mirrored in your level of commitment to your cause: The more committed you are; the more likely you are to win, reach the top and stay there; and the more growth and maturity you will evince. Much  of that is exhibited in uncontrolled passion and rabidness to hold marketing workshops, retreats, conferences, and a host of other outlets where you can share what you have learned; thus, creating a dynamic marketing fraternity and powerful societal institution. Once these things get a hold of you, there is no letting go; and you just keep right on going higher and higher and higher!

Maximizing your Human Potentials

Most people’s understanding of themselves and the world is wrong; they see themselves as ordinary, everyday folks with no special talent and gift to offer the world. That understanding of things is wrong: The world is a dark, rayless place that intentionally covers and hides things from people; it pulls the wool over their eyes and stops them from seeing and being what they were meant to be. Crashing Streams of Streams removes the wool, clears away the cataract, and shows people a world that they have never seen before—a world of truth, and beauty, and creativity, and newness, and change: That is the world that everyone deserves to see and enjoy. Nobody is here by chance; you were sent to this earth with powerful human potentials that need to be developed and sold to the world for millions of dollars: The truth is that your human potentials, when recognized and fully developed, will explode in your world like a bomb and transmute you into the pearl that you always were—and is right now.

Few people seem to grasp this fact—this mental twist and peculiar spin of life—people spend their entire lives, spilling their energies on other people’s washed-out jobs without realizing the need to maximize their innate human potentials and harness the dynamic power of their own natural skill mix and talent pool. They have been brainwashed and societally engineered by the false churches and schools that they attend—professors who told them who they are and how far they can go. All people were born rich, but they often fail to recognize the power of their own human resources; accordingly, they flounder and grope through the darkness of this world, looking for that which cannot be found out there. They fail to realize that all that they would ever need is exquisitely packaged in side of them, and the whole parcel came with them at birth. Instead of working for, and enriching, themselves; they waste their precious years in other people’s cloudy, confused employ; marketing their brand where its value remains low. No one came to this world empty-handed, but everyone should leave it completely divested of all the human potentials that he brought with him on arrival.

The mantra of earthly life, therefore, is this: Release everything that you brought with you, and take nothing when you say good bye. In view of these pregnant, sober sentiments; your personal growth and maturity are at stake if you fail to develop those wonderful skills, gifts, and talents with which you were born. Therefore, it is incumbent on you to work as arduously on yourself as possible in order to develop the best and finest version of yourself. It is your responsibility to transmute yourself into the powerful brand and millionaire that you have the potential to be. In this regard, you were born a powerful brand, and the only thing that separates you from being the you that you were born to be is your awareness that that is who you  really are. As you develop your marvelous brand and create a solid product line of unwavering value, that real you will begin to shine for the whole world to see who you are—and have always been.

This win-win approach at personal development strengthens your brand, generates a ton of leads, and results in a rash of sales. It is the negative sentiments that people hold of themselves and others that keep them from turning their lives into pure gold; you must realize that all that you would ever need is already located within you; it is not going to arrive some day on some mysterious flying saucer. That human potential for success is already there; you must figure out what it is and find the environment that brings it out of you.

The more human capital you build through maximizing your natural potentials, the lower the need for extensive marketing budgets is going to be, for fame, talent, and word of mouth are the three most effective marketing agencies in the world. This is no excuse for not taking marketing seriously—and you should do so; however, as your fame, talent, and word of mouth reputation grows in momentum, much of the marketing would take care of itself. In view of that foregoing statement, a critical law regarding effective and successful marketing can be formalized here: Marketing is the fundamental task of every human being with talent; however, the more talent that is developed and fame derived therefrom, the less marketing needs to be done; in other words, marketing’s urgency declines proportionately with the growth of the talent at issue. Accordingly, an inverse relationship exists between the level of development of one’s existing talent resources and the amount of marketing that he needs to do in order to move his products through the marketplace. To put it another way, the marketplace is highly sensitive to the level of talent operating within anyone doing business with it. People who have developed a very high level of talent in any particular area of economic endeavor would also reflect a much greater level of personal growth and maturity than others who continue to struggle; they will always outshine their peers in the broader aspects of life.

Forasmuch as level of talent is a product of personal development, endeavoring to develop your human potentials adds manifold value to you as a hard-working businessperson who sees his innate pool of gifts, skills, and talents as his calling card in life. In this regard, personal  growth and maturity, as presented here, ultimately adds a variety of value to you and is a powerful asset to others closely tied to you. In view of the range of lives and situations that it touches, personal development is most often viewed as a socioeconomic factor because it dramatically increases your value, augmenting the amount of your human capital: It makes you sharper, wiser, and more skilled and employable. For this reason, this kind of personal growth is more expansive in nature. It is also quite political in character because it adds value and power to people’s lives: This new political power is often a game changer and catapults you into a much higher political arena; thus, expansive personal development has both a socioeconomic and political component that involves society at large. The other aspect of personal growth and maturity is highly restricted in range and effect and more provincial and personal in orientation.

Provincial growth and maturity’s real value enable people to understand their inner life more accurately: It has more to do with your inner world and learning to listen to your conscience, to become more familiar with your inner life, and to help you to understand that the world in which you live is a booby trap and mosaic of falsehood. This spiritual component of personal growth and maturity introduces you to a world that is different from the one with which you interact every day and to which you are accustomed: It apprises you of the fact that the world that you see is an illusion and that trusting it carries risks. This spiritual component of personal growth and maturity tells you that, in order to understand yourself, you need to understand your inner world that generates valuable information that is crucial to understanding the outer world; which is flimsy, fickle, fluid, untrustworthy, unpredictable, and false.  In that regard, that kind of growth and maturity provides insight on the phony nature of the world and helps vigilant people to make pragmatically sound decisions and to avoid being trapped by the many snares on the ground.

Meaning’s Role in the Personal Growth Process

Some people do get the message about the dual nature of human society and make the necessary adjustments: they realize that there is more to the world than meets the eyes and endeavor to become attuned with, and listen to their inner world for pertinent information regarding interacting with outer life in the world around them.  On the other hand, people who are morally irresponsible and behave carelessly in the world’s seductive and whirling playground are simply destroyed: Acting as if the world is the safest place in which to be in the universe, they behave as if its inhabitants are angels. Unfortunately, they often find out the hard way: Many, having lost contact with their inner voice, flounder into the formidable mist of this world. Trapped in a world arrayed with gins and booby traps; they wander too far away from the shores of safety and are destroyed in the process.

The understanding here is that the world is not the familiar place that it seems to be, and there are perilous forces at work behind the scenes that directly impact people’s lives; however, the world is built of the platform of secrecy, quite often, these hidden, surreptitious forces are downplayed in the crooked mirror of public life. This is the reason that you need to develop a healthy relationship with your inner life and conscience that hooks you up with the world of truth that is different from the one that you see with your natural eyes.  Provincial personal development is more spiritual in nature and is oriented around finding meaning in the world. To most people, the world is a meaningless place because they have not tapped into the wiring of their inner world; thus, they make a stream of mistakes; and things always seem to go wrong for them. Tapping into the spiritual component of your personal growth and maturity helps you to see the broader picture of life and to understand the meaninglessness associated with its outer shell.

From this point of view, it is clear that the pragmatic aspects of business and marketing are merely the outer shell of terrestrial life; they treat the survival and quality of life aspects of living in this world. Although they deliver a high level of meaning and satisfaction of the physical side of things and play an important role in the personal growth and maturity of an individual, they fail to provide the broader meaning which millions seek every single day. What is quite clear here is that socioeconomic success, brought about by savvy marketing, only treats the physical and most fundamental of human needs—it only meets those needs without which you cannot survive in this world: The assumption that those external cravings are your only needs is wrong. Thus, for most people, living and responding merely to the outer world; life is an empty, meaningless cycle of monotonous repetitions that hang them up to dry. This explains why highly educated people and CEOs of major corporations are now routinely robbing banks. All these things suggest a society on the wrong track and people lost in the fog of meaninglessness and alienation. Something is wrong with the world, but they cannot quite put their hands on it. Becoming in tune with your inner life is necessary to being able to figure out what is wrong with you and why you cannot seem to hold a man—somehow or other, she slips right through your fingers and there you go, crying again.

The world’s mechanistic, cyclical nature has left billions wondering why life is so cruel and meaningless; life’s mechanical cycle just seems to go on and on until it tosses you out of its mouth: The senseless cycle leaves you wondering whether there is a broader meaning to the whole  madness of life that you have missed. You’ve reached the top of your career and have had all the accolades that can be offered along the way: You have gone as high as you can—what do you do now? Well, someone might say; “Hey, that is easy—just bask in the glory of the moment and enjoy the time at the top”. And what are you going to do when the moment ends—and all moments eventually come to an end? Life is just one long moment that eventually ends! “Well, you are not supposed to dig that deeply; you are not supposed to concern yourself with all those arcane, esoteric matters: You are just supposed to enjoy the ride while the engine is hot: The minute it stops running—well, that is an entirely different question altogether; it is a whole different ball of wax—isn’t it?

You have achieved a high level of mastery in your marketing career; you’ve achieved as much growth and maturity as is possible; you’ve gone to the top of your game and have enjoyed it immensely: Now, it is time to reminisce and reflect on the good old days. You are not allowed to look at where you go after it is all over: Life is vain and shallow; why bother yourself with all those profound questions? Loosen up man and just enjoy the ride: Let those matters take care themselves. When that time eventually arrives” Someone else may say, “Life at the top never ends: You finally wear out and move on, but the moment at the top never really ends. You can carry it with you long after you have moved on”. After it is all over with, you may view the top as the launch pad of your moving on ceremony.

You may say, “Well, why are you so da gone deep and trying to take me to places where I do not wish to go right now? Life is shallow; you are not supposed to get that deep, deng: You are only supposed to deal with the need at hand, which is getting to the top and enjoying life there. You are just supposed to leave all the rest to the birds and the bees: They will take care of them for you. And that is the very problem: Too many people are leaving far too many important things to the birds and the bees. Look at the world: See how complex and mad it has become. Why? It is called the birds’ and the bees’ complex  Those people who live in the moment eventually fade away into the past and never get to see the broader picture; thus, if you enjoy marketing; do marketing until all your passion for it has vanished and let time take care of the rest.

This is the philosophy of the lost, happy people of the world: They never grow up to wander into the murky and lost tomorrows that far too many will never enjoy. Perhaps, if many people purchase the parachute needed at the top for their moving-on ceremony, they would treat others better and enjoy the journey to moving on with much greater alacrity and pizzazz.  Far too many people get caught up and lost in the stratus clouds of the top, where the view is so pristine and translunary, they forget that they do not—and cannot—live in that rarefied view forever.: It is crucial to see these lofty, prestigious positions as merely a part of the journey to nowhere; it certainly helps to put things into their proper perspective and gives life the meaning that it truly deserves. The upshot of the matter is that life has meaning; but far too many are too busy to find it: They are caught up in getting to the top where they cannot stay forever; perhaps, enjoying the journey there may be more meaningful than merely looking down the binocular of your nose at others from so far above the ground.

These profound issues and sentiments do help to put things into their proper perspective and to develop a more well-balanced, meaningful life: So many people are washed away in life’s river of distractions, it almost seems as if the world a mistake: The sheer number of people going in the wrong direction glaringly displays the level of error in the world and the fact that it should not be taken at face value; they have been distracted and derailed from the course that they originally knew was right for them and have been washed a thousand miles downstream! For all practical purposes, it seems as if the world‘s masses have forgotten that they were born in a war; the distracted billions have forgotten that the world is a titanic battleground against fiercely competing self-interests.

They’ve gotten lost in the mist of life’s many quarrels and issues; and in the process, they’ve forgotten that man is only here on a brief holiday.  Hence, attitudes about self-development have jarred against building a life that addresses the broader questions of meaning, truth, reality, existence, and balance. Though it is hard to maintain the proper balance needed to view the world correctly, man must keep things in their correct perspective and work on both sides of the self-development issue. It is rather important to remember that self-development is not just about developing your potentials and building more human capital in order to get a better job and live on a higher plane: It must also treat the deeper issues of life and endeavor to find meaning in a seemingly meaningless world.

Though much of this may sound entirely foreign and esoteric to many, these are the issues that make or break people, that give them hope and meaning in a seemingly senseless world—and they must be addressed from the ostensibly poorly developed platform of intellectual honesty; Ultimately therefore, addressing the somewhat clumsy spiritual aspects of self-development helps you to create a more wholesome, unified, and complete brand that is typified by balance and soberness. A genuine, well-proportioned brand offers more value to the buying public than some merely shiny product that did not take enough into account.

The upshot of the matter is that avoiding leaving life’s difficult questions to the birds and the bees and steadily building up your human capital base create a brand that is credible, captivating, solid, and highly vendible. Such real, substantive personal growth and self-development better prepare your brand for success and much business in the marketplace: They enable you to skirt life’s many illusions and distractions and to fully embrace the marketing of your mental wares—the products of your mind. In the final analysis, self-development must address the dual thought stream of man; it must also squarely face life’s difficult questions of meaning and alienation, and develop the human potentials that enhance employability and quality of life. Thus, embracing this more expansive and realistic approach to personal development and endeavoring to build balance in one’s life are the ideal approach to building a strong , durable brand and having a more fruitful  and fulfilling life in this world.

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