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Compelling Reasons that People Cheat

One of the main reasons that people cheat is the false nature and set up of society; the world is not designed for truth and for people to have success because the whole arrangement and architecture of society is false. The entire dating and wooing program in society is based on make-believe and falsehood; in this regard, love and marriage are not meant to last: The whole system of dating is an exquisitely choreographed program of falsehood that is meant to be discovered later on. Couples’ cavalier and deliberate lying to each other clearly demonstrates that their dating was a farce, and their marriage is a fairy tale that was not meant to last, thus guarantying its failure. When couples deliberately lie to each other like this, it guaranties that they are going to become sour with each other as time goes by, and with that sourness, they are going to have second thoughts about each other: It is those second thoughts that cause the cheating. Thus, the innate falsehood in human society renders marriage a fairytale and a strange vacation in a distant land. So, the fact that society is a lie predisposes the dating process to be false; and that predisposes marriage to fail. Thus, the whole system of human society is a lie.What this spin on marriage tells us is that marriage is sublime: Human beings are dark, devilish, and cantankerous; so, they cannot get along. Thus, marriage is not designed for the brand of human beings that currently live on the earth today. What we do know is that marriage was created for a particular kind of human beings at some earlier time when different rules applied; but something happened that changed the nature of mankind, thus making him unsuitable for the sublime and exalted institution of marriage. The very nature of marriage itself demands absolute truth and transparency because marriage is a union of two distinctly different human beings, which means that truth cannot be compromised: Marriage must be based on absolute transparency: Anything else would cause too much friction and confusion, and this is exactly what has been happening. People lie, play games, cheat on one another, mess around with the money, put, and tear down, one another, and do a host of other things that destroy marriage. All these things are the result of the false, devilish nature of mankind; it is a nature that renders man unable to get along, no matter what he says or does. If a man cannot get along with his wife, you know that that man is a dangerous human being because, if he cannot bet along with his own flesh, with whom else will he get along? For this reason, the average person, getting married today, is fooling himself; but human society doesn’t function effectively any other way—marriage is meant for human society, but society has failed marriage; this means that human society must, inevitably, be destroyed or be turned back to its original condition that allows marriage to occur and function smoothly: One or the other must happen in order to fix the problem because the present conditions are not sustainable. In the light of these sentiments, I strongly recommend that you read the Book, Crashing Streams of Change: The Rise of World Government Yes, this may seem like a very extreme view of things until you take a closer look; human society is false—just look at what people do: They tell lies all the time, and it is those lies that make marriage an untenable proposition because it was never meant to function in a false, dark societal environment as this current one. Marriage is divine; man is satanic: The two cannot work harmoniously together because their natures are different. Marriage’s nature is divine; human nature is satanic and dark: Can you tell me how those two can work harmoniously together? They can’t –and have not been doing so. With all the cheating that is going on right now, marriage is systematically being shoved out of view because it was never designed to function in the context of the kind of falsehood, guile, and cheating that we see in the world today. Cheating on your spouse is the plainest lie that exists in the world because it is a contradiction of the very vows that you made to your spouse at the wedding altar. Cheating shows you, in plain language, who exactly you are: A liar. When you cheat, you are willfully breaking those vows and publicly stating that you do not belong to God and are due for the full range of curses for breaking those serious, powerful marriage vows. In sum, one compelling reason that people cheat is that they are merely stating that they do not understand their devilish nature: They don’t want to cheat but they find themselves doing that; they realized that they cannot be honest and don’t know why. They find themselves cheating, even though they do not want to cheat—and they don’t understand why they cheat. Cheating, therefore, illustrates the true nature of man and who is his spiritual father is—and he is not God because God does not teach his children to cheat and lie like that. It clearly shows that God is not the spiritual father of man. Cheating, therefore, is an illustration of who man is; and this is the reason that both men and women cheat: They have the same nature of falsehood; they don’t want to cheat, but they find themselves cheating and don’t know why. What is so sick about all of this is that many people cheat, even when they are in happy marriages, thus underscoring their innately false spiritual nature.

Marrying the Prettiest and Sexiest Woman in Town

A second compelling reason that people cheat is again the false theatre of human society: Most people, looking for a mate, want the finest-looking and richest spouse in town; at least, that is what they would rather have as their choice if they can have their way. Folks, this is a mistake: If you want the sexiest and best-looking woman in town, don’t you think that other men want the same thing, too? Where does that put you? It puts you in quandary; you want the same thing that everyone else wants. If you want the sexiest and most beautiful woman in town; and Tom, Dick, and Harry want the same thing, too; it means that all these men are going to be coming after your wife because they want her, too. As was mentioned above, human beings do not get along because of their false nature; thus, after you get this very beautiful, sexy woman whom you want so badly, you are not going to treat her with the respect that she deserves over the long span of time; and she would notice your smug attitude towards her. She would notice that she is being slighted—you are not as excited to see her as you used to be in the past; and, may be, you start messing around on her. Women love attention; it doesn’t matter from whom the attention is coming: They would much prefer the attention to be coming from you, their husbands, but if it doesn’t come from you; that is okay, too. This is the strange way life works in this world, and people undergo strange changes over time.
You may give your wife all the attention that she needs and deserves up front; you may do so at first. It’s kind of like buying a new car, and you doll it, washing, polishing, and waxing it up for the first several months after you purchased it. However, after a while; you get kind of tired of washing and polishing it up like that, and you slow down on all that washing, polishing, and waxing it up; and then, after some time, it just becomes like any other car: It is not that new and fancy anymore. In many ways, a woman is like that: You pay a whole lot of attention to her beauty when you just met and get her; and then, after a while, she farted in your presence, and did that a couple times; and after you’ve sexed her up in all different positions, she does not look that beautiful and special to you anymore; even though she still is that very beautiful woman whom you met at the mall a year or two ago. But I’ll tell to whom she still appears so very beautiful: Those other guys who wanted her, whom she did not pick still see her the way you saw her a year or two ago. They are not going to stop wooing her to them because she is your wife; and as you get tired of her, she may get tired of you, too, and give in to them. This is the basis of affairs; this is how extramarital affairs get started; and sometimes, these affairs can last a whole lifetime. They are sparked by people’s carelessness with their love lives.
If the other man gives her more attention and sexes her up better than you, she is not about to end that extramarital affair any time soon. But what is an extramarital affair? All it is it is a lie; an extramarital affair is a lie: It is the same lie that is causing one woman to be killed by her romantic lover every sixteen hours in the United States of America. Human society is a lie, and for that reason; human beings do not get along. Another way of saying this is that, if you want to get along with people, demand that they tell you the truth, and you tell them the truth, too. Instead of cheating on your husband, demand more of his attention; and if he doesn’t give it to you, divorce him and find another who would give you the attention that you need: It may very well save your life. But this is the problem with marrying the prettiest and sexiest woman in town: Too many men want to screw her—and she is your wife! Too many men want to have sex with your wife; and if you mess around in the attention area, they will. Thus, you may very well find yourself locked up in prison for the rest of your life for merely marrying the prettiest and sexiest woman in the room.

Ignoring the Importance of Size and tightness

A third compelling reason that people cheat is another area of falsehood that many overlook in long-term, intimate relationships: Most people focus their mate selection on physical beauty and sex appeal, and these are flaming gate-ticket items on which to focus. Virtually nobody wants sexual intimacy with an ugly person; the common understanding is that ugly people are not supposed to be loved: They belong to a lower class of human beings; but, wait a minute: Be careful with your pride-driven mate selection criteria. You need to understand that physical beauty alone is quite often not enough to hold long-term, sexual relationships together. In the overall scheme of things, beauty has to be measured in a different way. When we say beauty, what exactly do we mean—a very pretty face and sexy-looking body? That is what is generally viewed as beauty, but wait a minute; that is, at best, a shallower view of beauty: There is more to beauty than just a pretty face and a sexy, curvy body.
There are other layers of beauty that need to be considered; but for the sake of time and space, I would just like to point out the basic elements of beauty in intimate relationships: First, beauty requires being able to get along with the person and liking his or her personality; secondly, liking that person’s overall appearance; and thirdly, enjoying the meat that that person carries around. For most people, the person’s personality and quality of sexual tools are the main elements that keep them together. Let us face it: Some people just have better sexual tools than others—some people just have superior sexual tools to others. This explains why a man would leave his pretty I.V. League wife and hook up with a prostitute: In most cases, the draw here is sexual tools and superior ability to use them. Some women leave very handsome men for ordinary ones with strong penises; some men leave very charming women for average-looking women with tight vaginas and stiff, firm breasts: Do these invisible, hidden forms of beauty play a critical role in intimate relationships? Absolutely! Thus, these hidden elements of physical beauty play a far more important role in intimate relationships than the visible elements of beauty that we see and think are so important. Unfortunately, this is often not the way people connect in love matters; and quite unhappily, is the cause of most divorce situations.
In this regard, quite often, people choose the wrong spouse; based entirely on highly visible physical features; thus, if the choice was wrong, it is a compelling reason that the person who made the wrong choice is going to cheat. Rather than break up marriage and hurt the person’s feelings and devastate his life, he may simply opt to destroy the marriage slowly by finding sex outside the sexual relationship that he does not enjoy with his wife at home. Men who like women with stiff, firm breasts; tight vaginas; and loose waistlines are not going to be happy with women who lack these qualities, no matter how beautiful they are and what they possess: Many women need to understand this fact! Thus, regardless of what they possess; women who are serious about keeping their men should endeavor to tighten things up; firming up their breasts and tightening up their vaginas: Those women would always fare better than the others with merely good-looking faces, sexy bodies, loose breasts that hang down, and loose vaginas in which no man wants to play.

The Political Naivety Factor

All too often, people ignore these very critical dating elements: They talk about education and careers; but, for some unexplained reason or other, people shun this kind of discussion in the getting-to-know phase. They are sophisticated and polished and ignore these fundamental elements of dating; the reason that they do it is that they want to outperform the other party in being polished and sophisticated: What they fail to realize is that being polished and sophisticated do not produce success in long-term, intimate situations. While those things are important, they should take a backseat when it comes to dating and getting to know the nitty gritty about people; in terms of who they are, how they are, and what they want in a long-term sexual relationship. This gives the impression that, at the end of the day, being polished and sophisticated is really that important in forming successful, long-term, intimate relationships. The truth of the matter is that being polished and sophisticated really don’t matter that much in the long run.
People simply need to be themselves, stop playing what they are not, be real and say that they want in an intimate, long-term relationship; ultimately, people need to be honest and to speak their minds by saying what they want, what they would accept in a relationship, and what they wouldn’t. What is also important to note here is that these intimate, sexual matters don’t matter to all people; some people just have different values and could not care less how big your penis is or how loose your vagina is: They don’t care about those things—they just don’t care about them; however, if you care about them, and they don’t; that is one red light that you should probably back out of that situation. The shrewd bachelor does not have time to waste with people whose interests and values are different from his. However, if you insist on being hard-nosed about the matter; you should ask them what their thoughts are about penis size and vaginal looseness: If they rebuff you, then that should be your cue that that relationship would not work for you and be honest to simply walk away from it. What is so funny about these same people, especially if they are virgins; they have not been opened up yet, so they don’t even know what they want; which is another problem in a marital relationship. While they can learn from you, these relationships are typically filled with problems; thus, you should avoid people who are not interested in this kind of critical sex talk during dating. Sex is simply too important to be marginalized and shoved aside, especially if it is important to you.
It is true that God intended for married couples to be virgins on the night their wedding—that is true; however, dating couples need to talk about what they like in intimate situations before they get married; this includes discussion about size, tightness, and firmness; and this brings me back to where I started. Marriage was designed for virgin couples who have not been sipped by every wino in town; but even so, they still need to discuss size preference and other issues about sex to make sure that they are truly intimately compatible. The discussion here is not about virgin couples; rather, it is about the need for dating couples to do the heavy lifting of discussing intimate sexual things boldly, unashamedly, and plainly; especially for couples who have been sexually active and have been around. If you prefer a strong, jumbo penis; you need to tell your date that and get him ready by taking care of business—he may need to undergo a surgery or two to lengthen and fatten his penis. Conversely, most men prefer women with strong vaginas—vaginas that are tight, muscular, and easily lubricated. If that is your preference as a man, you need to voice those sentiments and let the woman know what you prefer in sexual intimacy with her. Moreover, most men prefer women with stiff, tight breasts or boobs that are not sensitive to being sucked: If that is your preference, you must tell the woman; and if she does not have those qualities, surgical procedures may be necessary in order to bring her up to speed, so to speak. If you are a breast man and like sucking your spouses breast, you definitely need to communicate this information to her; and if she is sensitive in the breast area, she probably is not for you because you are not going to want to forgo sucking the breasts because that is part of your romantic routine; and if it is not part of hers, then you are incompatible and are walking in a hornet’s nest. Very simple: If breast sucking is part of your romantic routine, find a woman who enjoys her man sucking her breast—some women even get orgasms from breast sucking; others are turned off by breast sucking. You’d be a fool to marry someone like that when you know that you are breast sucker and can’t do without it; if the woman fools you just to get you to marry her, then you know exactly what to do with a woman like that: Walk away!
You may say, “Well, I thought that this was a Christian website; this stuff is vulgar: Christians don’t talk like this—do they.” Yes, they do; they talk like this in the bedroom—don’t they? In the first place, there is nothing vulgar about sex. God made sex and told men to be fruitful and multiply his kind in the earth; thus, there couldn’t be anything vulgar or nasty about sex per se because it was created for a different kind of world than the one that currently exists and is rapidly passing away. Secondly, it is avoiding these very subjects that are hanging people’s lives out to dry; when people don’t discuss these matters and state what their interests are, along these lines, they often run into irreconcilable differences and conflicts later on in the marriage; shutting their marriages and bringing them to an end. Well, you see, if they had sat down and thrashed these things out initially, their marriages would have been successful. Don’t wait until you are married to tell your wife that her vagina is too loose; discuss the matter of tightness before you are married: Some women are so loose that they may need surgery to patch things up; for others, Kegel exercises may just do the trick. However, it is necessary to discuss these matters before marriage. Don’t wait until you are married for her to see that you are only two inches long and will never be able to satisfy her in this life. Don’t fool yourself like that; in fact, if you are only two inches long, you should not be looking a woman; rather, you should be looking for a penis-expansion surgeon, and there those kinds of people around. This program is all about telling you the truth.
You should discuss your size up front with her and do the surgical procedure that may need to be done in your case. There is a doctor in Santa Monica, California, who does these penile-extension exercises with great success; Connect with Dr. Daniel Moghadam; he can fix the problem for you. Many women cheat on their husbands because their penises are just too small; they suffer from micopenis symdrome; and rather than ending the marriage, they just connect with a partner on the side in order to have some sex that they can enjoy: What many of these women overlook is that their men may not see things that way, and it may very well cost them their lives. At least three women die per day at the hands of their romantic lovers in the United States. Some of these women love their husbands and do not want to end tier marriage, but they are not satisfied sexually by their husbands; so, they seek good, hard-driving sex outside the marriage—and that is what has been causing the problems and the deadly violent confrontations with these women and their husbands who would absolutely have none of that. As a result, so many women lose their way in the fog.

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