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Cheating, the Poisonous Fruit of a False World

Cheating reflects what is fundamentally wrong with human society today: it is part of the willful deception, guile, and corruption that are so rampant in the world; and selfishness and falsehood are everywhere. Each of these elements that contribute to cheating and the breakup of marriage is poisonous and destructive to society, but no one seems to care about that. Taken together, they are one poisonous fruit that tears up both marriage and society in one blow. In this regard, cheating is merely part of a broader system of lies that hinder both personal and societal development. Embedded in the core of world societal programming is the error, the disease, and the problem of willful falsehood and fraud: People who cheat are merely following the example of a world that is false. According to the article, 5 Reasons Why People Cheat | Dr. Kate Balestrieri, the author states that people cheat because they want to experience the forbidden.

What they do not know is that experiencing the forbidden does not come without its consequences, for it hastens the destruction of the marriage itself and of the party that engages in the cheating. Thus, cheating is a powerful vehicle of death itself to the person engaging in the forbidden behavior, the marriage at issue, and the society, as a whole because it tears up the fabric of the broader social order in which the cheating is so cavalierly allowed. According to the article, How to Forgive a Cheater; Reconnect Using these 5 Tips, one should be open to forgiving infidelity and rebuilding trust. As forgiving and magnanimous as this may sound, it is rather naïve advice because people who wantonly cheat on their spouses have built-in complexities that would drive them to cheat again; creating a revolving door of cheating and massive emotional trauma: Simply put, cheating trauma. While many relationships, stained and beslimed by cheating, can—and often do make a reasonable come back—the relationship, itself, may come back; but the cheating almost never stops because the person just becomes more guileful, agile, and cunning at hiding his or her cheating.

Cheating, A Moral Disease

At the most fundamental level, cheating is a moral disease and is caused by the senselessness of the world itself. Generally, people cheat because they do not understand themselves and the world around them: Nothing seems to make any sense to them; thus, they view the world around them as being merely meaningless. And to a large degree, it is, in the context of the evolutionary perspective without the presence of a loving God. What evolution is trying to do is to reduce the level of conflict in the world because the concept that God created the universe itself creates conflict and trouble among people; therefore, the evolutionist surmises that, perhaps, if we can simply eliminate God from the picture, the world would be a much better and more harmonious place—quite a clever idea indeed! At least, that is a pretty clever and twisted way to look at reality, The problem with this evolutionist view is that God is real and is the universal governor over the spiritual and physical realms; according, just arbitrarily concluding that God does not exist does not invalidate his concrete existence, and this certainly does not give anyone the license to cheat on his spouse; but, perhaps, this is exactly what the evolution scientist wants: He wants the liberty to do whatever he pleases morally, but this is the very cause of all the chaos and corruption in the world –leaving God out the picture. Thus, the world becomes a much more complicated place when the God element is removed from the picture, and this is what modern science is trying to do—and it does not work. I urge you to read the book, Crashing Streams of Change: The Rise of World Government leave a comment at the close of the article.

By dint of eliminating God from the picture, people are only left with the devil; but how does that make for a more level-headed and meaningful world? –it just doesn’t. One might ask, why do does modern science want to eliminate God from the picture, even though it already knows that the alternative is even worse than the status quo—why has modern science chosen a Godless world? Could it be that modern science and all of its evolutionists are agents of the devil himself because that is the side on which they have chosen to be—they have picked that side, even though they already know that it will not work. In a similar vein, there is a fresh crop of American scholars and politicians who staunchly believe in socialism and Marxism, even though they already know that that system of government has not worked anywhere in the world; then, the question that you ask them is this: Why have you, among all people in the world, choses socialism? Again, where does modern science stand in this debate? Removing God from the picture creates the illusion that people can do what ever they want to, and this includes cheating on their spouses: They desire to heat the poisonous fruit of cheating in a false world

Again, modern science stands squarely behind the socialist; but who are the socialists? These are the same people who bluntly reject the existence of God and right and wrong in a conventional sense; suddenly, these same people want to defund the police—anybody home? It is not hard to see what is going on in the world: It is not hard to see that the whole world is being overrun by the vines of deception on a global scale. And what is deception? That is just another fancy name for lies; the whole world is awash in lies, and cheating is merely one of those nasty lies.  This is what God hates, but he never argues with man; he simply gives man time to repent and to change his mind; but if doesn’t, God merely dispatches his clean-up crew to take care of business: God argues with no man; in a similar vein, cheating on your husband is inexpressible deception because of those serious marriage vows that you made before him, that minister, and that wedding audience at the altar:  Cheating, in marriage, did not start today or yesterday: Cheating is as old as man himself. It did not start yesterday, and it will not end today nor tomorrow. The problem with cheating is that when you cheat on your spouse, you are tapping into that cheating stream that would wash your generation into that cheating wash for another thousand years! You are cheating because your mamma cheated on her husband or your daddy on his wife; now, you are a whore and cannot understand why: You want to stop cheating, but you simply can’t. Your fourteen-year-old daughter has five boyfriends, has been pregnant three times in the past two years, and you are looking for a psychologist to counsel her about her whorish behavior—at least, you recognize that she is a whore. Where did it all come from? It came from her parents, you, and your parents, and their parents…all the way back to a thousand years ago! You have to break it now with the name, power, and blood of Jesus Christ. If you don’t, that cheating and consumption of that poisonous fruit will continue ad infinitum. It is against this backdrop that I strongly recommend that you fetch a copy of the book, Crashing Streams of Change and get it into your bones; it will help you to clean out some of the mess in your system, for it teaches you the truth.

But that is not all that it does: Along with the curse of all that cheating are all those diseases that kill people well before they should have left this world. You may wonder what diseases? Well, have you just arrived in this world—what diseases are killing people today? These are some of the same diseases that latch on to you when you cheat on your spouse, even though you are utterly unaware of what is going on at the time. While you may be swinging your hips in that coming orgasm and giving your husband’s vagina to that other man, spiritual things are happening to you about which you are utterly unaware. A few years later, you come sick; and the next thing you know; “Child, didn’t hear, Naomi passed: How old was she? Well, she was just in her late thirties or early forties. Playing with God is very serious business: God never argues with man. Did you notice that God did not tell Naomi not to have sex with sweet man so and so across the street when her husband went on that business trip—hah? Did you notice that?  Cheaters see human relationships, including their marriage, as utterly valueless and meaningless: They view them as if there are no consequences for cheating on their spouse; while your spouse may not see your whorish behavior, God and his angels see exactly what you are doing—and they take notes, too. They enter the time, the date, the number of screams, and how intense the orgasm was. Yes, they do: They got you covered on all ends! —you will not get away. You must seek counselling, prayer, exorcism to break these destructive curses now and to set up a new cycle of life for your family.

Spiritual Payback for Adulterous Cheating

Although all forms of cheating are intrinsically odious and difficult to handle, violating a marriage is as low and sick as it gets because marriage is not just a flippant relationship between a man and a woman; there is much more to marriage than that: Marriage is a deadly serious trinitarian relationship between a man, a woman, and God himself; and as it turns out, there are serious consequences for violating a marriage, both for the adulterer and the person causing the adultery. Unfortunately, this spin of morality and societal reality has been washed out of Western living; and because Christianity has somewhat faded in the West, people’s moral obligations have been downplayed; leading to cavalier and smug tampering with, and violation of, very dangerous spiritual matters.

Accordingly, many have resorted to living very dangerously; breaking sacred laws and thinking that there are no consequences for their lawless and out of control behavior. What most people are not aware of is the steep cost of adultery and other wrongs in this world; quite often, because these damning consequences don’t occur right away, people assume that there aren’t any. God doesn’t settle human accounts every Saturday evening; for, in many cases, the gavel falls years later. And in many situations, the two events hardly seem related: Your cheating on your husband, years ago, hardly seems related to the sudden rash of miscarriages that you’ve had recently. You look around; and lo, there is no one in your family who has even had miscarriages; but suddenly, you are having them. Conversely, sometimes, you inherit that curse that fell on your family line because of stuff that someone back there did 250 years ago. In many instances, it runs in a family for as long as five hundred years—and some curses may even stretch to a thousand years! Why do you think that adultery is in the world; it didn’t start yesterday. It is in the world because people are committing adultery, and the adultery is following their family line. Because adultery is cheating on a spouse, and that behavior is a poisonous fruit: This explains all these risky miscarriages that you have been having recently. Have you cheated on your spouse recently—have you, hah?

Unfortunately, when adultery is the issue; the adultery is not the only curse that stalks that family as a result of the adultery itself: Several other terrible things are often involved. Matters; such as deformities, broken marriages, broken marriages, broken bones, accidents, freak accidents, misfortune in matters of love, miscarriages, teenage pregnancies, shortened lifespans, and a range of other things are often involved. Now, what is so interesting about all this is that you do not have to believe any of this; God is not going to force you to believe his word—it’s up to you: I’ll you what God is going to do: he is going to give you time to repent; but if you don’t; God will simply his clean-up crew to mop up the mess in your life, and you will regret that you did not obey God when he had first warned you.  You can write all this off as mere mumble jumble, but I assure that this is no joke: I dare you look around, even in your own family and look for things that just keep coming back again, and again, and again: There are reasons for those cyclical patterns that just seem to dog your family.  Nothing happens out of the clear blue: Adultery is sin and falsehood, and the wages of sin is human destruction—the demise of mankind. This is exactly what is wrong with the world today. That orgasm that you enjoyed that woman who is not wife or with that man who is not your husband is costlier than you would ever imagine: Cheating on your spouse is very expensive and spiritually damning. If you are in a bad marriage, get out of it; however, you may very well realize that staying in that marriage and fixing it may be much better than the next music that is coming to you. What you have to understand is that the world is messy, and most people are living in a mess; you might as well fix the mess in which you are now rather than jumping out of the frying pan into the fire. Again, I strongly urge to fetch the book, Crashing Streams of Change; it is available at Straws Publishing Company: it will open your eyes to new truths and show you your way forward.

Cheating and Fraud’s Widespread Growth

The widespread presence of falsehood in the world complicates things; such behavior renders normal, everyday interaction very difficult because so much is done in the context of falsehood and fraud. Because the world is so false, these rather unfortunate behaviors and terrible cyclical patters are inevitable: Every man insists on doing his own thing, and the result is ongoing destruction of the family and society. This explains why there is so much death, doom, and destruction in the world. What people do not know is that these evil, sinful practices that are done as if there are no consequences are mere illusions; for they are the very cause of all the doom and destruction happening in the world today. It is lies and fraud that cause all the cheating in marriages today; in order to cheat on your spouse, you have lie and falsify you’re your real self. They are the very effects of cheating and lying; they are the poisonous fruits of a false world. Cheating is lying, and lying is cheating.

Cheating, an unavoidable Given in a False World

World society has waxed so fraud-driven that trust is the greatest problem in the world today: This explains why so many marriages are sexless and fail; people are so dishonest, nothing that they do prospers anymore; and the whole world is sinking into the abyss of darkness and destruction. You cannot break moral rules and get away with it; moral rules will break and crush you to pieces. People cheat because they are dishonest; they believe that lies are a major pillar of life and that there are no consequences for their false, deceptive, and guileful behavior; they do not see cheating as a poisonous fruit of a false world: Rather, they see it as a given in a false world. They are wrong: Lies are the only route to human doom and ruin, and the whole world is being disassembled by lies. Most people who live on the streets today find themselves there because of false decisions that they have made earlier in their lives; which they though had not consequences. Those mendacious decisions, more often than not, are tightly connected to trust in, and involvement with, the wrong people. The world has become so driven by lies and selfishness that cheating has become a normal component of contemporary reality: It is now viewed as a given.

According to the article, The Collapse of Human Society, Because of the proliferation of lies, cheating, and messing around in the world; human society is a wobbly, rickety tent that would eventually collapse in the violent storm of fraud and lies. Most married couples today view cheating as an unavoidable given; in that, one, or both of them; are going to cheat at some point in the relationship: They have already concluded that their relationship is toxic dump. Such fraudulent and guileful behavior is not sustainable at the societal level: People just cannot live like this, especially with all these deadly diseases floating around today. If cheating is an unavoidable given; other things, in the mix, such as the rash of deadly sexually transmitted and degenerative diseases, are also dangerous givens. In other words, that married couple is living in a toxic dump, and it will only be a matter of time before they both suffocate and perish in that dark cave that they call marriage.

According to the article, The Fall of Human Society, no credible society can function on lies, with loose and missing bolts all over the place; but this is the state of world society today: With the rapid rise of cheating worldwide, marriage has been turned into a joke. Virtually everybody is lying nowadays and functions that way; this certainly tells you that you are living at the end of human civilization—things are rapidly racing to the end.  The widespread nature of cheating in marriage today is a troubling storm cloud that augurs the advent of even more sinister events about to unfold in the human world; this explains why society’s many troubling problems would not seem to go away. Just when you think that you’ve gotten rid of one mutation of the Corona Virus; another more deadly one seems to appear: This is because the poisonous fruit of cheating has bloomed so abundantly in world society today; it seems to appear everywhere in the world from the blue: Nature is trying to get man’s attention about his corruption and poisoning of the earth with adulterous cheating and sexually transmitted disease, hate, racism, homosexuality, gay marriage, abortion, and suicide. With more than one million people taking their lives every year, in increasingly uglier and more and more grotesque displays; nature is speaking loud and clear. Cheating is not just clearly unacceptable; it is also unsustainable and the wrong path forward, but this is the path that man has chosen.

God is about to retrieve the earth from man and the devil; for the Times of the Gentiles are up, and God’s retrieval of the earth is now due. Man has been upon this earth for more than six thousand years; his lease has expired, and the world will wax increasingly complicated, regardless of what man does or does not do.  Worldwide cheating, swinging, and public nudity are mere auguries. These morally smutty behaviors are simply harbingers of the fast-approaching apocalypse on its way to stop mankind dead in his tracks from destroying the beautiful world that God has crafted with his world. The message and clarion call could not be clearer: Stop messing around; clean up your life and your marriage. Things are rapidly winding down, and we are not far from the end.

Today, we see the effects of unregenerate man in a world; and he is utterly out of control. Thus, cheating is the fruit of a sick and false world society: People are out of control because they have lost control of the truth and a sense of fear of God; they have been tied up in the dark, mysterious thicket of modern science and its mysterious allegiance to falsehood and evil. As a result, the same Sodom and Gomorrah world has returned with a vengeance; and people have absolutely no respect for God, themselves, nor for morality. Thus, as people continue to lie and cheat on one another; the world is becoming dimmer and darker every day, cheapening the real value and meaning of life. This has created a world environment that is toxic and which has become a poisonous fruit of cheating, lying, and playing games with one another. What is so frightening about all of this is that no one seems to notice: No one seems perturbed and to care about what appears to be the utter collapse of human civilization in the world today—and this is what is so disturbing. Kindly leave a civil comment of your thoughts.

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