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Cheating and Marriage’s Former Honor

Marriage used to convey a certain level of respect, and people recognized the sanctity of those vows: They acknowledged that, even though the woman might have been of the looser sort morally; most men would tend to pull back once they understood that she was married: There was that natural respect and honor for marriage. Now, this is not to intimate that bygone generations of married people were perfect—they were not, and there had always been extramarital affairs; and, as long as people continue to lie and to pretend to be what they are not, there will always be extramarital affairs: All extramarital affairs amount to is a lie, thus, there have always been extramarital affairs—and there will always be extramarital affairs. However, the people of bygone generations were clearly more discreet about how they went about violating holy marriage vows. A married woman really had to beg to be screwed by an adulterous lover in order for that to happen; people just had more respect for sacred societal traditions than they do today: All that is gone today, and the moral lawlessness, raging today, has peeled off a shockingly sick and psychopathic society that would spit in God’s face if it had a chance.

Cheating has become so old hat nowadays that hardly anyone raises an eyebrow about it anymore, even if it is done in the plain glare of the street. Morality in society has dropped to the floor, and people don’t care about that anymore. This is a stark warning for people who think they are in love and are contemplating getting married; it is critical to understand that love, to most people today, does not mean what it used to mean in years gone by; and to a large degree, it is a plain joke. Because love has been deposed and relegated to a lower station in most people’s eyes; marriage, too, has been stained and has lost its former glory and honor. Love and marriage used to be two of the only things that made life worth living; but, as morality has continued to plunge to the bottom of the floor of people’s values, life today has waxed very meaningless. From this point of view, people; visualizing marriage; need to count the cost of the inherent risks that are involved in marriage today. I know that you are in love with the most wonderful person in the world—I know, but so were millions who walked down the aisle and, later on, found themselves in shockingly ugly divorce court hearings; so, G O, go, mind how you go. It is so sad to talk about love and marriage in such cynical terms, but the reality is that life today is very cynical and depraved: People are and sick; they really don’t care about love, and marriage, and family—they only care about themselves. So, Go, go; mind how you go. It is in this regard that I strongly urge you to read the book Crashing Stream of Change; it will help you to understand why people are so selfish and why the world is a lie. You see, the world is false and is engineered by people who do not want others to succeed; thus, the world is not designed for your marriage to work and for you to succeed, but you don’t know that: You assume that the world is set up to promote your interest—you are dead wrong. Crashing Streams of Change would show you a world that you never thought exist; and, as a result of coming into contact with this information, you would never be the same again; you would never see the world in the same light again. Millions of marriages fail because people see the world in the wrong light.

The Senselessness of Marriage

People today are conscienceless and would not think twice to cheat on you and break your heart at the slightest whiff. Marriage is, indeed, honorable, but honorable to whom? It is honorable to God and to societies that take God seriously. Marriage fails today because society has swept God under the rug; thus, because God has been removed from the picture, things; like marriage and honor; don’t seem to belong anymore. In fact, they seem to look even ridiculous: Why should you marry and have sex with one person when you can be screwing up the whole world? Why should marry and have sex with one man when you can sell your body and enjoy unlimited sex with whoever you choose? Does this sound familiar? Yes, it absolutely does because this is the way most people reason today—and to a large extent, in the light of the moral climate of society today, this kind of reasoning does make sense. However, there is much that is often left out in this kind of rhetoric: God created marriage, and he does not cease to exist because society has ceased to follow his laws. While marriage may seem senseless in your eyes—and it does for a lot of people who view the old, archaic religion of Christianity as irrelevant and useless; but again, G.O go, you better mind how you go because God has destroyed all societies that spurn his laws and live vile, licentious lives.

Look at how horrible life has become today—and it seems to be getting worse every single day. Why, man has walked away from God’s laws. Wise people cling tenaciously to traditional laws and ways of living and are much happier and healthier that those who view love and marriage as a no-go zone. You need a spouse there with you because no one remains young, pretty, and rich forever: These are merely loans—they are not gifts. Even a woman’s private tells her so: It does not remain tight and ready forever; it changes loosens up after a while; and there is nothing as disgusting as a loose vagina that no longer works the way it used to in the past. All these things are telling you that you should not live like a fool and slam your body against every wall in town. Marriage is honorable to God, whether you believe in God or not; loose, licentious living is dishonorable to God and to your body; and if you continue living like that, sooner or later, you will find out how senseless marriage really is, or is not.

Society’s Changing Moral Mood

The pendulum has swung so far to the left now that a growing number of single men have banded themselves under a curse to only have sex with married women; marriage has become so watered down and old hat now that there is plenty of sex available from married women whose husbands haven’t given them the time of day in years—and this is a terrible tragedy on both sides because a sexless marriage is a weak and vulnerable marriage! You cannot hold someone liable to faithfulness from whom you are holding back affection and sex; sooner or later, that person is going to wake up and realize that she is wasting her time with you. Although society has loosened up quite a bit morally, some people do take their take their marriage vows very seriously and are not the cheating king; however, if love and sex are senselessly withheld from them, that day does eventually come when they reason differently and see their marriage vows in a different way. In the light of society’s changing moral mood, you cannot hold back sex from your spouse and expect to have full commitment and faithfulness: This is what has bred a whole new breed of men who claim that they only have sex with married women. You cannot hold back sex from your wife and expect her to be faithful to you; that is not how the world works, especially in a society where marriage’s former honor has waned and faded away.

Unfortunately, though, this new trend of unfaithfulness and lack of commitment, on sides, has led to a rash of domestic violence incidents and to the demise of thousands of women being slaughtered at the hands of their romantic lovers. Thus, this kind of moral looseness benefits no one and is very costly to society itself. Married people need to honor their marriage vows and continue to feed one another with love and sex, thus creating a healthy environment within the home. If a woman withholds sex from her husband, it is just a matter of time before he finds another woman to meet his sexual needs—and with good reason. Some women, even though they do not deliver enough sexual intimacy to their lovers, can get very jealous and hurt their lover: All this can be avoided by married people simply making themselves available for systematic romantic expression and sexual intimacy. In this regard and in view of the changing moral tone in society today, people should enter serious, intimate, long-term relationships very carefully and talk things over really well before committing themselves to these increasingly dangerous relationships that in shocking surprises. As a married couple, you two should honor and uplift one another and not tear each other down; but how does it get that way—how do such wonderful relationships ultimately get so nasty, viscerally disgusting, and dangerous? Why do people eventually change from those wonderful, flowers-bringing lovers into curt, brusque, and nasty people who are no longer in any mood to bring flowers anymore—why does it eventually change?

Human Society is a lie

Ultimately, the question comes down to this: Why do people eventually change and go in the opposite direction? In virtually every situation, things start out wonderfully well; and then, for some strange reason, it changes and turns sour. This is the pattern of human society and the trend that human interaction follows almost every single time. Why do people change—why have they changed their attitude towards marriage? What did marriage do to them? Nothing: The problem here is not marriage; it is the phony people who do not know who they are. The reality here is that you cannot love others if you do not know who you are. When men are bringing flowers and telling women how much they love them, they mean it—or so they think; however, because they do not know their natural selves, they think that they can love; and thus, they mouth off a lot of talk about love with all kinds of charming flowers. Ultimately, though, none of those poems, love songs, bouquets mean anything if you do not know yourself. Human society is a lie; you need to know that and understand how that lie has affected and held you back all your life. Crashing Streams of Change systematically unwraps the whole process and program of lies in the world and shows you how to maneuver life outside the influence that false system that so exquisitely engineers people’s lives from the day they were born to the moment depart from the fraud of this world.

What most people do not realize is that they have the devil’s nature but were made in the image of God; thus, man is innately corrupt and screwed up because he has the devil’s nature but was crafted in the image of God, thus creating a monstrosity—man is a monstrosity and cannot tell the truth. People change their tune because they do not understand themselves, so they lie in order to cover up the mistakes that their not understanding themselves causes. At the end of the day, human society is a lie—and that is the first and most important think that you need to know in this world. When a man cheats on his wife, he has to lie to that woman with whom he is doing the cheating because most women prefer an exclusive relationship, and vice versa. A woman, cheating on her husband, also has lie to herself and to the man with whom she is cheating on her husband. This is the sort of conflict that eventually drive people to take their own lives; ultimately, they come to conclusion that life is meaningless, and there is no more reason to go on. Well, is that true? No, it is not: Life is full of meaning; but all of its meaning lies in knowing the truth, and it does not lie in cheating on your wife or your husband. The same thing that an affair partner can give you, you wife or husband can give you—and much more because you are married to him or her. All thing does is to load you up with guilt, and shame, and low self-esteem, and unhappiness, and ultimately, suicide.: Is it worth it? You will find out later on as your sins begin to find you out and terrorize you. Cheating in your marriage will sour you and fill you with guilt, and shame, and sorrow. Why?

Cheating on your spouse is wrong; and sooner or later, the unwanted baby arrives, and you have to dispose of it, God’s little angel; and that murder will bring on even more guilt, and shame, and sorrow, and low esteem, and depression.

Over time, this kind of stuff builds and grows into your bones and circulatory system. And just as how you fell out of love with your spouse, you are going to fall out of love with your extramarital partner; most of those relationships don’t last beyond six months. You look around, and you are alone and growing old fast. You have dishonored yourself, your spouse, and God; and not only that, you have murdered your extramarital lover’s baby in your womb: Is it worth it? Not in a long shot. Marriage is the way that human beings ought to travel; it is the lifestyle that they ought to adopt because that is the lifestyle that God has created and crafted for mankind, and cavalierly walking away from it and rejecting it carries steep and unlooked-for consequences that are not worth the bother. Marriage puts maximum dependence on your spouse to meet your sexual needs and on you to meet your spouse’s sexual needs; it creates a perfect bond, tying all of society together. In this regard, marriage is the most honorable and meaningful thing to do so that society remains delicately interlinked with all of its parts; and the resultant children are properly nurtured and trained. Cheating sours that entire program and poisons all of society.

The spike of Sexless Marriage

Quite often, cheating and its resultant dishonor of marriage starts off with the couples mysteriously either forgetting to have sex or getting too busy for sex; over time, they form connections with other people outside the marriage because they take the marriage and one another for granted. In some cases, the sexless marriage was born out of great intentions; they just got too busy for sex and let things get out of hand. Sometimes, it was not planned that way: It just kind of got that way, and gradually, they begin to drift away from one another; sealing their sexless marriage. The very idea of sexless marriage tells you that trouble lies further down the road. While all sexless marriage is not inherently evil and destructive, especially if the couple decides to go on a hiatus; but, by and large, marriage was never meant to be sexless unless there is some kind of devastating illness that renders one or both of the parties incapable of performing sexually. While some spouses, for whatever reason, can mutually agree on a period of sexlessness for some time and the marriage can come out of it practically unscathed, sexlessness is probably the fastest way to destroy a marriage with horny people who should be having sex with each other every night. Over all, the whole idea of sexless ness is a bad one and very destructive to marriage.

Sexless marriages and the cheating that it often spurs are the symptoms of a false, sick society: it reflects a culture that cheats; it fosters cheating, the poisonous fruit of a world society gone mad.It is a world from which all the traditional rules have been abandoned for a cheap, anything-goes reality that is rapidly undoing and unframing society every single day. It is society’s blithe disregard for marriage and the former honor that it once held in people’s hearts that stir cheating in marriage and disrespect for one’s spouse. This kind of sick, psychopathic culture has spawned a new breed of men who insist on only having sex with married women. Formerly when marriage was more honorable, there were only two groups of people in society: Single and married people; however, society’s rapidly changing moral tone has incubated a third group of people.

The New Brand of Adultery

Society’s moral mayhem has created a third group of available romantic partners; of course, the traditional single and married people that used define the romantic dichotomy in society are still around. But today, all that has changed; and there is a third group of sexless married women who cheat on their sexually inactive husbands: Their husbands are sexually inactive with them at home but are sexually active with other women outside the home. Lost in some kind of fog, they force their wives into riskyadulterous affairs. In the sense that these women ordinarily would not cheat on their husbands without this extra nudge, this is a brand-new kind of adultery. Nonetheless, it is a very risky one which has caused a huge spike in domestic violence and is the reason for thousands of women losing their lives every year.

The Nasty Fad of Cheating

All these things reflect the collapsing pattern of morality in society; human society sinks or swims on the presence of solid respect for morality. Morality has to do with what is right and wrong in society; when that breaks down, the whole superstructure of society falls apart as well—and this is what we see unfolding right now before our eyes. Adultery is wrong; but if no one cares about right and wrong in society, it is obvious that the society is being systematically destroyed. These cheating husbands literally drive their wives into adulterous behavior;however, this raw understanding of it is an oversimplification of the kind of adulterous sex that one sees in society today: Married women do not just engage in adulterous sex because they are horny and starved of sex at home; this is certainly true in some situations—and bless their hearts; they are dumped into a very difficult spot—but many married women who actively have sex with their husbands at home also engage in routine adulterous cheating. Thus, it is inaccurate to come to the generalization that married women cheat on their husbands because they are sexually starved at home. Cheating has become the norm and a picturesque fad in society today—and virtually everyone is doing it; this nasty fad of cheating sets society up to be destroyed by powers that be. God created people and sex for marriage; any smug abuse of sex has historically resulted in the destruction of the society in which the abuse and perversion has occurred; this society and current age will be no exception to that rule of God’s and holiness demand for natural order to be adopted and followed

The Rapid Rise of Women-Initiated Adultery

What we are looking at in society today is a flagrant disregard for being married—period: With unfettered access to pornography, the whole world society has been poisoned by unclean sex; and that is the brand of sex that is both preferred and viewed as exciting and electrifying by people across the board now. Thus, more and more women who are sexually active with their husbands are also willing to take the chance of being caught in adultery and having their marriage smashed to pieces.In other words, these women do not care about their marriage; that is no longer important to them. In the article, Finding love in a Dark, Decadent, and Amoral World,the writer underscores the perils of finding love in a dark, sick, and false world society; and for that reason, more and more people are now resorting to incest—and even sex with their own mothers. The world has become so utterly upside-down, and it is anything but normal; reflecting conventional natural order. In fact, there is so much disregard for marriage now that adulterous sex has become the fad of the times and is now increasingly viewed the norm. As was said before, this explains the rapid rise of fatalities among women cheating on their spouses. What this shows is that, although society may look at adulterous cheating as normal; the rise in fatalities among women, engaged in adulterous relationships, underscores the fact that there is nothing normal or faddish about adulterous sex.

It is very disrespectful and stirs incandescent anger in the person who is being cheated on and disrespected. Marriage is an exchange of possessions; and when you marry someone, you are exchanging everything that you have and own with them—and that includes your body. Thus, you have no legal nor moral right to take that person’s body and give it away to some other person without his consent; accordingly, some people take this exchange very seriously and would go to blows when their marriage vows are violated. When you cheat on your spouse, what you do is execrable and odious because you are indirectly forcing that other person into adultery because the two bodies become one; thus, when you commit adultery, you also forcing that other person to commit adultery by virtue of his association with you. You are also forcing that other person to violate his marriage vows, and some people would just shake their heads and walk away; but others will shoot you dead—and this is exactly what has been happening now. The incidence of domestic violence has skyrocketed worldwide, especially in France, England, Thailand, New Zealand, and the United States; and things are getting worse every day. Much of this domestic violence is positively correlated to an attendant rise of women-initiated adultery.

Thousands of women are losing their lives over a new penis and a fresh and exciting orgasm. Folks, it is not worth it: Turn your lives over to Jesus; he has more in store for you than you can ever imagine! Unfortunately, because these adulterous relationships cut across the grain of natural societal order; they are inherently risky, and many of them are increasingly ending in deadly domestic violence. Now, one can hardly attach any fault for cheating to some women who have endured so much abuse; a cheating woman who has endured a sexless marriage for years can hardly be inculpated for her inappropriate behavior. Sadly though, the reality is that, ever increasingly so; these are not even the women who are doing the bulk of cheating on their husbands. Well, who should be surprised about that—isn’t this the world in which people cheat and play games? But why do they cheat and play games on their spouses? They do it because of the most important thing that you need to know about the world: The world is a lie, ad people cannot tell the truth unless they are intimately tied to Jesus, the only truth in the world; but this is not what people want to hear: they want to tell others how wonderful they are—and they are anything but wonderful.

Accordingly, other factors equal; people, disconnected from Jesus, are going cheat—and don’t be surprised if your spouse is cheating on you right now: We are currently living in the age of cheating. There is a cheating revolution going on in the world right now, and people who are not closely tied to Jesus will cheat. However, it is particularly disturbing when most of the cheating is both initiated and done by women. Although abused women, in sexless relationships, are among some of the cheaters; they are, by no means, the leaders among today’s hundreds of millions of discreet lovers who cheat on their husbands every day. The focus is directed at womencheaters for two reasons: First, this trend is intensely destructive to society because women have traditionally maintained the home environment and kept society humming along while men were running around out there—and everybody knows that men are dogs and would have an occasional play; but women were never viewed that way. No more—all that has changed.Women now lead men in adultery, three to one. The problem becomes particularly acute when women become dogs, too; and now, you have two bull dogs living in the same house: This is what is causing all the fatalities among women, engaged in adulterous affairs today.

Secondly, the focus is directed at women cheaters because women are now the leading cheaters; that is particularly societally significant; in addition, women are also the leading ones who initiate adulterous relationships today, throwing themselves like crazy at already pumped-up, horny men in the office, at the park, in the supermarket line, at the bank, and in university classrooms; where the adulterous partner is increasing a college professor who is devouring some free meat in her classroom.  All in all, what we are looking at today is the frightening rate of women-initiated adultery and its dramatic effect upon society. This accentuates and encapsulates society’s stark disregard for conventional, monogamous marriage—and that is intensely troubling and worrisome indeed. This fact also dovetails and impinges on the notion that women are increasingly opting for sex with their boy children, and turning motherhood on its head; these new trends have alarming consequences for society and the world. It is against this backdrop that I strongly recommend that you read the book, Crashing Streams of Change in order to get a clearer understanding of how and why human society is false: Mind you, you will not understand your life outside of this fundamental fact; You need to understand how the system of lies works in the world and why the world is a lie. More than one million people commit suicide every year because they do not understand their lives.

Cheating: Moral Decay’s Shocking Rise

The cheating that you see in the world today does not arise from a vacuum; it stems from the rampant moral decay that is presently sweeping the whole world. Thenet effect of this kind of moral decay and societal ruin that glare at you today is plainly frightening; the home environment is being utterly washed away. According to the article, Glimpses of Human Civilization’s Crash Site, in view of the sweeping storms and debacles that now inundate the world, the human species is danger of disappearing from the world altogether; the rate at which morality is declining worldwide is a stirring catastrophe in the making. History has convincingly and repeatedly demonstrated that no society can function effectively without clearly defined moral standards: They are the trade mark of effective, healthy societies. Today, society is functioning on the evolutionary model of survival for the fittest—and the fittest are those who can lie and cheatthe most, but they will never tell you: They give you the impression that the fittest are some rarified group of people somewhere. That is not true: The fittest here are the drug dealers and gang bangers who are leading your children astray. Have you ever wondered why those fringe organizations never disappear? They never do because, in the evolutionary model, they are fittest who’ve learned the tricks of life and survive to do what they are doing to society and to remain in existence because your government never gets rid of them. This is what we are looking at in society today.

The caring grandmother who used be there to replace or substitute for the dysfunctional mother on drugs is now viewing pornography with her adulterous daughter, and the dedicated pastor who used to be there at the church office to provide good, Christian counselling to his congregants is now on he down low. The praying pastor who used to be there to advise hurting single parents is also now viewing pornography in his office and probably has several wives at the church. This is what society has become today; it has become a place of cheating, and lying, and messing around; these are all poisonous fruits of a very sick, false world society that is rapidly fading away in moral decay. Wherever you look today, you find people cheating and telling lies; and they are so slick and deceived that they are not even aware that they are lying to themselves and to others. Cheating has become such an integral part of society today, that cheaters have waxed increasingly clever at hiding their cheating. The whole enginery of society today is set for crook, evil people to survive and thrive; thus, cheaters know how the false system of this world works, and they are working to their advantage and to the destruction of society.

World society has become so corrupt and polluted that a whole industry has evolved around cheating; thus, allowing cheaters to get away with their cheating. According to one source, 89% of women who cheat on their husbands never get caught: Why? They are cleverly covered and protected by the mask that the cheating industry puts up to protect its loyal clients. However, of the 11% that does eventually get caught, many of them never make it out alive; The question is this: Are people, out there, still looking for serious, long-term relationships in a licentious societal environment like this one? And the answer is a resounding yes; however, as the pendulum has swung all the way to the left and society bristles with cheaters, the rules of dating are changing rapidly. More and more people are opting to date their relatives; and incest, in all of its forms, has gone off the chart. But even in that dating environment, cheating has not been entirely abated; as genuine commitment to long-term relationships has been relatively difficult to find. Thus, his charming sister would date him but would also have sex with her classmate somewhere on campus after school. In a deceptive, guileful, and amoral world where people willfully falsify their behavior; even relatives, with the best of intentions, cheat on one another. Thus, they take the problem of dishonesty home with them; and it is rather important that cheating is a lie that begins at home: People do not just wake up one day and find themselves cheating; that art has been internalized at home. Ultimately, the problem is that society has become a place where morals have rusted; and where truth does not matter anymore: And sad to say, most of this begins at home and in the classroom. Cheating is merely the flame that burns in a society that no longer honors and values truth, love, and marriage. In the putrid decay of societal morals, people have become complaisant and cavalier about the things that really matter in life; thus, nothing works in society anymore. The whole place has become a dark dungeon of frightened people are petrified of one another. Trust, as scarce as oxygen on Mars, is so difficult to come by; meaningless relationship have waxed even scarcer, and life has become increasingly meaningless and vain.

Cheating and fraud are merely the flags that represents world societal values;in fact, cheating and fraud are the hellish insignia and billboards that loudly proclaim falsehood’s and evil’s utter triumph over the fallen human race.Thus, the widespread moral decay that one sees in the world today is merely the shimmering augury of the fast-approaching apocalypse. It augurs mankind’s utter defeat by lies and evil and his complete inability to fix and solve the staggering array of  problems that face the human race today. Cheating is not some occasional, happenstance matter; it is the very fruit of a sick, false world society that is heading in the wrong direction. Whereas the iconic handshake used to be the symbol of honor in bygone generations; today, the falsehood and guile are the icons of contemporary world society—and there have been plenty of sorrows to go along with them. Incurable, sexually transmitted diseases are increasing like wildfire; many swingers are succumbing to these destructive scourges. Suicide is at an all-time high: hundreds of thousands die from gun violence, and drug overdose kills almost one hundred thousand Americans every year. The exact number of swingers who drop out the sex orgy platform and commit suicide is not known because candid, reliable statistics are not available on this jarring and highly questionable behavior.  Cheating represents what is fundamentally wrong and disturbing about society today: People’s cavalier and open embrace of falsehood and trickery is shockingly disturbing.Nonetheless, as disturbing as it may be; cheating is merely the fruit of a sick, false world society:It is a glaring sign of moral decay, societal senescence, and human doom. Thus, society’s embracement of the false behavior of cheating is just another sign of its decrepit and senescent condition.

Cheating, the Glitzy Face of a lie

According to the book, Crashing Streams of Change, the world is an illusion—it is a plain lie; and unsuspecting people innocently and falsely mistake the world that they see for the real world. They assume that the world that they see and have come to know is believable, trustworthy, and designed with their best interests at heart; the reality is that nothing could be further from the truth. In view of people’s false and deceptive understanding of the world, they find themselves in bed with extramarital partners, tearing up and confusing their lives even more with the smut of cheating. Somewhere along the way, they were gaffed and tricked that another sex partner… a new penis or vagina—a new orgasm would make them happy, and they go for that. All that does is to confuse their lives, make them unhappier people, and prepare them to die from the sheer guilt, disgust, regret, and shame that cheating on their spouse ultimately produces. Have you ever wondered why one million people commit suicide every year—and that number is constantly climbing. Why do people take their lives?

Well, there are complicated situations that occur in this world, and life can be funny at times: I am not talking about that—and that does not give people the license to take their own lives either; however, what I am saying here is that the world is funny and would not allow you to see its real face: The world hides its true character and nature from people in order to force them to believe a lie; as a result, most people in the world believe lies—what they believe about the world is not true. And it is lies that drive people to cheat on their spouse; load up themselves with shame, and guilt, and regret, and low self-esteem; and to ultimate take their own lives. The lie of cheating is a glitzy one that tells you that sex is everything as long as it is not with your spouse—sex with your spouse is too Vanilla and dray; you need something more exciting and wet with fun!  Thus, extramarital sex has become the fad of the day; that is the in-thing now: Having sex with your spouse is too boring, dry, monotonous, and routinized; but sex with some new, dashing affair partner is the cool thing to do now. The only problem here is that this whole assumption and understanding of reality is a lie; unless you married the wrong person, whose penis is either too small or too large, or whose vagina is too loose and unexciting; all this other stuff about sex being too dry is a lie. Unless the sex was no good from the beginning—in which case you had no business marrying that person in the first place—you are plainly fooling yourself. If sex with your spouse is boring today; sex with this new, dashing affair partner is going to be boring tomorrow; you are looking for sex to do the wrong thing for you, and it will never happen!

Misunderstanding the Use of sex

Sex, obviously, meets a crucial need of man: It is very entertaining, relaxing, and refreshing: It is also a splendid form of exercise, but it is not designed to fulfill you and make you happy. Of course, sex can contribute to your sense of happiness; but it would never make you happy, especially happy ongoingly because it is not designed to do that. The truth is that good sex does not really get boring; just as good, delicious food does not get boring and distasteful: You can get tired of eating the same food over, and over, and over again: Nothing is wrong with the food; you just need to mix up the dishes over time. The same thing is true about sex: If you are not hungry, any kind of food may seem unappealing to you; however, when you allow yourself to get hungry, you would be surprised at how delicious that same food that you turned down yesterday has become.  The same thing is true about fruits: If you eat a half-ripe fig; it will have a tart, sour taste in your mouth. If you leave that same fig to ripen fully and eat it several days afterwards, you will be shocked at how delicious and tasty that same fig is. This is called understanding the secrets of life. You have to learn how to love your spouse and to make lovemaking interesting and exciting.  If it is boring, dry, and unexciting; it is your fault, and finding another sex partner would repeat the same cycle in which you find yourself and have been for the past several years. This is the reason that I strongly recommend reading the book Crashing Streams of Change because it teaches you how to understand the world and how it works.

Cheating, the Broad Road of Destruction

Saying that sex with your wife is boring is, itself, a whole volume of information about you. For one thing, it clearly shows that you have been around and have had several other women whom you also found boring sexually. You are looking for that perfect sexual fit—and I don’t blame you either; but such a fit is an illusion. Your wife may even be your fourth one in that frantic search; and all the others were boring before her. This fact confirms what was stated above: Your wife was never designed to fulfill you; that has to be done in another way. Now, don’t get me wrong: She can facilitate in the process of fulfilling you, but she cannot do it herself for you; that is your job. The point that is being made here is this: Any kind of food or sex can become distasteful if it is handled improperly. If you have sex every day, you can become tired of the same person and sex positions; Just the idea of having sex every day is a mistake because of the damage that it does to the body. Thus, sex should be done within a clearly defined program or regimen that allows your body to enjoy it without destroying itself. To say that you need another woman to turn you on sexually because you are tired of this same old, same old woman tells me that you are looking to sex for fulfillment—and you will never find it there.

You are looking for your wife to do what she cannot do: Your spouse is not designed to fulfill you; that can only come from the talents and gifts with which you came into the world. You may not even believe in God, but God sent you into this world to execute a particular purpose: That is your reason for your being here; therefore, you will never be happy and fulfilled doing anything else. Having sex with your wife will not make you happy; it will just meet that need—and that’s all it would do for you. This is not to say that you should not sex your wife up—no, far from it; however, what I am saying is that cheating on your wife because she doesn’t turn you on anymore would not fulfill you and bring you more happiness: Quite to the contrary, I’ll tell you what it will do for you: It would only tear up your fourth marriage; load you with guilt, shame, and low self-esteem; and get you to begin thinking about leaving this world. Quite often, when all this is going on; drugs, alcohol, and a host of other negative things are happening, too. Thus, cheating is the glitzy face face of a lie: It does not bring your more joy and fulfillment; much to the contrary, cheating is the illusive face of a lie that would only take you further and further down the broad road of destruction. Every living person is on a road; that road is either narrow or broad, for there are only two roads in this world. You were born on the broad road that leads to destruction: Have you ever wondered why there is so much destruction in the world? People are on that broad, anything-goes road; and it always brings them to destruction: Marriages that seem so wonderful suddenly fail; families that seemed so prosperous and successful suddenly torn up and ripped apart; countries that seem to have all together suddenly turn into howling hell holes.

Your Spouse is just as Sexy

Yes, your spouse is just as sexy and wonderful as your new, curvy affair partner; the problem here is that she is a whole, and your spouse is not: She is a woman of honor. You can have just as much fun with your spouse as with a cheating extra-marital partner: The cheating revolution under way in the world today has tricked millions; it has put society under a terrible spell, driving people to cheat on their spouses and break up their marriages. It is obvious that something has happened to society, as more and more people insist on living wrong; we see this surreal emphasis on wrong living and the necessity of cheating among swingers. The power of lust has become so strong today, it is as if people can no longer resist the strain and pressure of whorish, lustful drive that drive them to smash their marriages to pieces with their own hands; and society itself has become a lust machine. What this says is that your spouse is not good enough; she is stale and boring: You want fresh, new, and exciting sex—new meat; and she cannot provide it anymore. It is as if people have given into evil and declare it their victor; modern society has become the trophy of plain, false, evil behavior. It is as if human society has utterly surrendered to that which is clearly wrong and false; and so, we see swingers giving in to plain adultery; engaging in group orgies and glorifying it as the new societal fad and cool thing to do and enjoy.

Swingers have worked out the logistics and the technical details in their passion to have sex with the whole world.  To them, this mutual agreement to cheat has become glitzy and exciting; people dress up and go out to these dashing swinging parties to engage in mutual, extramarital affairs. Their wanton adoption of falsehood, as a way of life, illustrates why serious relationships and marriages are so cavalierly abused, marginalized, and disrespected through dismissive cheating. Many do not view cheating as being wrong anymore; in fact, swingers refer to regular, monogamous relationships as being vanilla, old-hat relationships that are dry and boring. The plain idea here is that your spouse is not good enough; she or he is too boring, vapid, and routine-driven. The fact that swinging has made cheating the world societal standard, it israpidly becoming more and more acceptable; people are becoming more and more accepting of it and of the fact that cheating is the way forward.

Cheating, the Flag of the New World Society

And from the looks of things, it appears as if the whole world is being prepared for one massive sex orgy, where virtually everyone having sex is cheating; transmogrifying marriage into a plain joke. People are so cheap and dishonest nowadays, they cheat on their romantic partners at the drop of a hat; sending the signal that their relationships are either utterly meaningless, or they themselves are mentally challenged or crazy. This is how they have turned cheating into the flag of their new world order and the fruit that represents their sick, false world society. It is a brave new world of sexual fantasies and fetishes, where cheating is both the trademark and colorful flag that represents a different kind of world that honors lies and evil and dishonors whatever is good and wholesome; and as the day goes by; the world waxes darker, and sicker, and more psychopathic than ever before.

However, in that false context, the world cannot function effectively; it simply cannot operate efficaciously in a context where virtually everyone cheats on his spouse: While such a world may be the wild, new fantasies of billions of people today, it is obvious that such a world is but a mere illusion and would collapse before it even gets off the ground. This is so because nature did not design the world to function like that, and the society that promotes that kind of world will be utterly obliterated from the face of the earth. Thus, such a world is but an interesting children’s story. In view of the massive slaughter that natural disasters and pandemics have executed upon the earth, and the strange stream that natural disasters have wrought; it is obvious that whoever designed this universe is not pleased about a lot of things: The news is flooded with woe and destruction, and they seem to appear from the blue just about every day. It would appear that all this senseless destruction and pain in the world are saying something specific to mankind: They seem to be a picturesque message to the human race who has opted to go along with all the false behavior that currently stalks the world today.  Because the principle of human civilization is predicated on mutually agreed upon arrangements and contracts that permit reality to function effectively, smoothly, and positively predictably; it is evident that any contract to go along with false, evil behavior will bring incalculable doom on mankind himself.

Cheating Cuts Across the Grain of meaningful Existence

Thus, what we see unfolding in the world today may not be as sexy and trendy as it has been purported to be. Human society cannot function on the principle of chaos and unnaturalness as we see unfolding in the world today. A world in which virtually everyone cheats is a doomed world because cheating cuts across the grain of effective, productive, meaningful human existence—it will never work but to the destruction of the entire human race. If what we see crystallizing in the world right now is any indication of what is to come, it is very evident that we are living in the final society and the last generation of human beings on the earth; merely because the circumstances that are forming right now definitely and ineluctably point to end of human civilization in the world. Things are so unnatural, and confused, and perverted, and disturbing, and downright frightening; only a fool would think that this current world order has much more time on its hand. The writings are on the wall—and they are everywhere!

Thus, thecurrent world societal culture and order that is based on deception, guile, fraud, and falsehood is clearly not sustainable; for it is a world order that allows people to cheat on one another and to kill their innocent babies. This is manifestly a culture of destruction and doom. Obviously, a society that promotes cheating functions on the basis of mutually agreed upon contracts and arrangements that produce chaos; it does not promote basic peaceful, reliable human interaction. Generally, society functions on the basis of mutually agreed upon contracts and arrangements that promote peace and societal cohesion; they result in what are called morally acceptable and self-reinforcing traditions.These moral traditions are the oil that lubricates the whole system of human society and all of its interactions; thus, naturally, cheating does not belong in this kind of climate.

The Lie Machine to Bring down the Human Race

The natural order of society is order itself; it was never designed to function on the chaos-driven principle of falsehood, guile, and fraud; but somehow or other, these are the principles that are being pushed by the phony modern scientific machine of the United Nations and its false, Christless vision for the world. Morality has been virtually abolished, and people are being told all kinds of lies that would eventually bring down the entire human race. So much falsehood is flooding society today and so many wrong ideas about sex are roaring through the various channels, more and more women are opening up to having sex with dogs and treating them as their romantic partners. They do these things on the basis that dogs are loyal and faithful, and men are not.

This is how deep the falsehood indoctrination and societal engineering have gone. What is so curious here is that many of these women have been driven into intimacy with dogs and horses because they claim that they have been so emotionally wounded and betrayed by men, that they have resolved never to entertain romantic involvement with men again. This is the other side of cheating; it has driven many people out of their minds because it is the very essence of falsehood. If you cannot trust your lover, the closest person to you; who, in the world, can you trust? Cheating is the fruit of a sick, false, psychopathic world society; and it is a wreckful and destructive societal machine that results from society’s departure from the moral contracts and arrangements that nature demands from mankind: Nature demands these orderly conditions from man in order for society to flourish and thrive in an orderly and highly disciplined manner. Liberals have propounded new, out of control rules that embrace perversion and every single brand of unnatural behavior; and this has literally turned society upside-down.

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