Love Is the Golden Grown of the World

Is the World Ending? Is this Current Age Ending

If you, too, are wondering if the world is ending—if you are disturbed about many of the things that are happening in the world right now and are wondering if we are at the end of time, this article would clear things up for you and give you solid facts, proving that the most time […]

The Uncharming End of the World

The end of all things, so mythical, is a picturesque candle in the night;oh, the dramatic change of things in the world is a flaming ball of fire and a flickering candle burning in the night. Who had ever believed that things would have gotten to this?Doomful rockets; blazing in the dark,eerie sanctuary of night’s […]

A Falling Star

A shooting star, quarreling in the heavens;Its flaming beauty spatters the night with Splendor. Oh, the cavernous cave of night, as large as the world itself, is a mystery:It is a world of wonder and the dark glory of another world where nothing is right.Oh, the giant cave of night; forever lost in the darkness, […]

Time’s Oldest Trick

A charming girl, time’s oldest trick; She’s as pretty as a falling star,And as rugged as a mountain. Her eyes are as bright as a solar flare and long as a luminous lake: She’s quite a girl that catches the eyes of wandering married men.Who has not fallen for the illusion of a beautiful girl […]

Snowflakes’ Picturesque Beauty

Snowflakes, whistling in the wind and washed away in the whirl;Oh snowflakes, like a royal garment that coats the trees’ leaves:They look like a glorious bouquet of white flowers, fluttering in the air.Their hooks latch on to the leaves like woolen blankets and colorful beanies:They imprison the shivering lady of beauty inside in a cave […]

The World and its Painful Sorrows

The world, walking away from itself, is lost in a fog of Confusion; its loud screams howl for help to staunch the spurt of pain that won’t seem to go away. Oh, the world and its endless troubles; who will give him a helping hand today—or tomorrow?A long line of trees, away in the distance, […]

An Old Friend

An old friend, as pretty as a star, drifted back into my world:Her eyes; filled with tears; is a charming, intriguing poem—A poem, regretting the false steps of the past that can never be corrected.Oh, the screaming moments of false, forbidden love; lost in the chasm of the past, Those dolorours, remorseful moments that never […]

Drips of Ice

Drips of ice, falling on the ground; whirling in the squealing wind:They create a strange mountain that soon fades away;A flashing river of flux, carrying away everything in its path.The piquant snowflakes are everywhere;they are there for man’s admiration and for his honor to God.Snowflakes’ Picturesque BeautySnowflakes, whistling in the wind and washed away in […]