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America’s Frightening Social Change 

Change never stops happening; but, perhaps, it will at the end of this age of darkness. However, society has changed—it has undergone some rather disturbing and frightening changes; and things that never used to happen are now happening every single day. In fact, they are happening with such regularity; it is as if America and the whole world are spinning out of control.  We are now living in the Brave New World about which Aldous Huxley wrote in the 1930s; moreover—and more accurately—we are now living in the Age of the Apocalypse.In the article, Glimpses of Human Civilization’s Crash Site, the writer enumerates the sudden of rush of destructive events coming upon the world at the same time, now casting a long shadow upon the peoples of the earth. The onrush of these destructive events have a story to tell the peoples of the earth, and it is not a pleasant.

There was a time when right and wrong clearly existed; people respected each other, and there were clear and rational standards to be followed.  There was a time when homosexuality was declared a form of mental illness; and in 1973, the American Association of Psychiatry declared that it was not a form of mental illness; and from there, we see the instrumental role of modern science in the destruction of morality and human society. As the amoral changes rush forth, society’s standards and morals have been ever tumbling down like giant boulders over a steep cliff. The societal changes have been swift: Moral standard after moral standard has been trashed and thrown out; and, in view of that catastrophic ruling, look at society today and compare the two brands of society—the post-1960s society and the one today and see what you find.

The 1960s Watershed of Change

 The society before the Woodstock Era, the society before Roe versus Wade, and before the American Psychiatric Association declared homosexuality normal…look at the two brands of society and tell me what you see. The two societies are as different as night and day: The Pre-1960s’ society had its problems, but it was nothing like this demon-possessed mental Asylum that we call America and the world today.  The upside-down American society started in 1960s with the Hippie and Free-Sex Movement and the Woodstock drug-infested party with Jimi Hendrix and the others. Drugs flowed like water and people had sex in plain view in Bethel, upstate New York. The idea of free sex and drugs like water are nice fairy tales, but they are simply not tenable nor sustainable over the long hall. No society can function like that and be sustained for any length of time, so the whole Hippie Movement and its drug culture were a great fairy tale that played out and was highlighted at Woodstock, at the end of the very tumultuous decade of the 1960s.

Woodstock, of August 15, 1969 was the climax of the 1960s era of moral decay and lawlessness in the United States; and on the heels of that came those devastating 1973 rulings to what we have today. Ever since the 1960s and those 1973 rulings, the United States—and the world, for that matter—have never been the same. But it is very difficult to present these views today; even though, in retrospect of how sick our society has become, the Supreme Court is now having second thoughts about that 1973 ruling; most literals do not see anything wrong with society and like the way things are going. Obviously, people with no morality would always see things their way and try to justify the worst of circumstances.

And if the truth be told, most conservatives feel the same way; when it comes to semantics and use of words, you have to be very careful because of the jarring difference of perception of reality and the different prism though which reality is seen by both groups.Liberals see nothing wrong with society per se, in spite of all the horrendous things that are happening all over the United States; and if the truth be told, conservatives don’t feel any different. You see, you have to be very careful when it comes to the use of terminologies because they do not mean the same thing for everybody. Why?This is because the heart of man is evil and desperate wicked above all things; thus, peopledon’t really care who is being hurt and destroyed as long as it is not them and their family members. In this regard, agreeing on the definition of terms is very difficult; even Russia and China deem themselves democratic societies—it doesn’t get any more laughable than that.

The World Trashed by Liberal Democracies

What is not disputable here is the stark change that has occurred between the two time periods and the level of safety and calm in society. The society of the fifties is, by any measure, much calmer, safer, and more civil that the post 1960s society—that cannot be disputed: Why? The 1950s society was strongly influenced by the Bible and the Christian influence in society; the post 1960s era is typified by a stark decline of the Christian influence and the Bible’s presence in society.  Psalm 14:1 States that the fool has said in his heart that there is no God, and this notion has been the standard in American Society since the 1960s.

Proverbs 14:43 states that righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a curse to any people; here we see the diametrically opposite nature of the two societal periods very clearly today. People had seen the unvarnished devastation that World War II had generated, and many must have thought that the world was going to end; and thus, they had turned to God after the war. However, that was not the sentiment of the Western Intelligentsia: It had grown hard and impenitent towards God; they pushedfor an entirely Godless society, accessing the principles of the Enlightenment Age and emphasizing liberal democracy, evolution, atheism, and satanic worship, theysquelched and crushed everything that had to do with Christianity, calling it old and archaic. This is the reason that, in all of these liberal societies today, suicide is the number problem and national emergency, all over the world. The peoples in these liberal democracies are taking own their lives in droves, and the authorities are stunned and dazed. They do not know what to do nor how to staunch the flow of suicidesin their midst—and today, the whole world is in a moral emergency. Marriage is rapidly becoming moribund, and monogamy is way out of style as everybody is on a world mission to screw everybody else: The world is in a mess, and there is no solution in sight.Most of these messy societies are the so-called liberal democracies that have now replaced the former European colonies: Everywhere you look and find liberal democracies, they are in a mess; with droves of people taking their own lives.

The End of America’s World Dominion

Psalm 9:17 states that the wicked shall be turned into hell, and the nation that forgets God: American society has forgotten God at the risk and expense of its own destruction. What we are looking in America today is the end of American hegemony in the world—and this is unmistakable; it has to come to an end because world dominion was given to America by God: It was given to America and Europe by God: Why?  Because,towards its utter demise, the Roman Empire declared Christianity the state religion:God blessed the area that Rome once occupied; he didn’t bless Rome because it was under the influence of the Roman Catholic Church, a pagan religion; and that is not a Christian religious institution. The Roman Catholic Church is a Roman religion that recognizes all the Roman deities, which have absolutely nothing to do with Christianity.In addition, the Roman Catholic Church honors the moon god and displays its flag at the Vatican, the same one as Islam’s.Some scholars even believe that the Roman Catholic Church gave birth to Islam because they have the same flag of the moon god and honor him.  For this reason, God could not have blessed the Rome Empire; but he blessed the area that developed into a Christian region, under the auspices of the Roman Catholic mirage because that was the largest religion representing Christianity, even though it was not a Christian religion.

 Because the United States of America is a Roman Society and had traditionally promoted the gospel, God specifically handed a special brand of world dominion to America. It is Interesting that both China and Russia are larger than the United States of Americaand are just as well endowed with economic resources as the United States; yet they’ve lagged behind the United States economically, politically, and otherwise. Why?  Both China and Russia are authoritarian societies that are not favorable to the Bible and have done much to repress Christianity; accordingly, those societies have not been given world dominion, even though they have striven so hard for it. In this regard, the geopolitical situation in the world is a spiritual program with a clearly defined agenda and ultimate outcome. Therefore, in the end, Russia and China will remain regular regional powers; no matter how hard they try to gain world dominion, they will not achieve it because it can only be given to a nation by God.

The Nebuchadnezzar Factor

This has been demonstrated in the Book of Daniel, where God told Nebuchadnezzar that it was he who made him the head of Gold.Later on, nonetheless, Nebuchadnezzar got beside himselfand God and was turned into an animal-like creature;as a result, he was made to eat grass for seven long years until he came to himself and realize that God rules in the heavens—not him.Nebuchadnezzar was cut down to size and humbled by the Almighty God of heaven. The same thing will be done to Russia, and China, and all the nations of the earth that snub God who loves to demonstrate his power and put proud, vain people in their place of the dust of the ground. Quite often, many national leaders forget who they really are, and get proud and puffed up; but God knows exactly how to deal with them. Because the Nebuchadnezzarian spirit has arisen in America against God, he will do the same thing to America that he did to Nebuchadnezzar: God made America Great; and because she has snubbed him, he will humble the United States and bring her right back down to the ground from whence she sprouted.

The United States will continue to decline because of its snubbing of God through gay marriage and its grand promotion and marketing of evil in the world;at the same time, Europe or the Revived Roman Empire will rebound and dominate the whole world because God blessed the Roman people—not the Roman Empire. In the end, according to the Bible, all the armies of the world will join together to battle against Christ as he assumes dominion and establishes his millennial kingdom over the whole wide world. They will all join together to come against Jesus and will be summarily dismissed by the awesome power of God. This scenario is presented in Psalm 2:1-7: Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing? The kings of the earth set themselves, and their rulers take counsel against the Lord and his anointed saying: Let us break their bands asunder and cast away their cords from us.he that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh; the Lord shall have them in derision, then shall he speak onto them in his wrath and vex them in his sore displeasure. Yet have I set my King on the holy hill of Zion. I will declare my degrees: The Lord hath said unto me, thou are my son; This day I have begotten thee. Verses eight and nine say, “Ask of me, and I will give you the heathen for thine inheritance and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession. Thou shall break them with a rod of iron, and thou shall dash them in pieces like a potter’s vessel.”

Christ’s Millennial Rule in the World

In this psalm, the Bible says that they will come up against Jesus; but Jesus will not be in any mood for anymore foolishness from mankind. He will break the same men who crucified him like a rod of iron and will dash them in pieces like a potter’s vessel. This implies that Jesus will not be any more suffering lamb here: His role changes drastically into an extremely cruel king to any opposition whatsoever to him. The rest of the story is picked up in Revelation. Fire will descend from heaven and burn up the enemies of God. The satanic power structure of this world will meet its match and end in the scenario depicted in Revelation 19: 17-21, and it will be quite a remarkable event indeed.

What we see in the world today is merely following a script that has already been penned by God Almighty; wise nations will line up on the right side of things. Notice that the world is behaving very strangely today, and nations are doing things that no one had ever dreamed that they would do. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is not a single event; rather, it is the tipping point of a devastatingly destructive war and the ushering in of world conditions that are rapidly beginning to unfold in the world.  You see, people who read the Bible understand the almanac of history and know exactly what is going to happen in the very near future—and it is not good for the nations of the world,but is very good for Christians. Christ’s Millennial Kingdom is being established one moment at a time, even as I speak right now.

The End-Time Generation

You see, the world is run by the devil, largely unbeknownst to the world itself; the people in the world are not allowed to know what is coming in the world because it is against them and their satanic way of living, with all this free, hook-up sex and sour wheeling, dealing, desecration of their lives and bodies. Thus, what we are looking at in the world right now is a unique generation called the end-time generation that is utterly ungodly and loose to the wire. If you think that you’ve seen something in the world; you are sadly mistaken: The world is going to get much looser, sicker, sadder, and more and more psychopathic; and world conditions are going to wax worse and worse. Don’t let the smart boys, who are ruing the world, fool you—this world is rapidly rushing over a cliff that is ninety degrees steep, and there are no cranes that can pull it back. Mankind has rejected God, and he will destroy him again; but this time, the destruction will be by fire in hell and, ultimately, in the lake of fire and brimstone.  The end-time generation’s ultimate destination is the howling lake of fire.

You might say, “Well, you are into that fire and brimstone stuff, hah? That scare tactic Christianity is old and out of style: Don’t you see nobody uses it anymore?” Well, it may be old and old out style; but it is what God has said he is going to do with ungodly humanity who’ve chosen the devil over him. So, find you a ringside seat and sit tight; the end of this dark, satanic world is at hand; and you very might witness it with your own eyes. It is very obvious that the world is changing in very unusual ways, sharply departing from patterns that were expected.

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