Love Is the Golden Grown of the World

About The Author

About the Author

Moulton Mayers

Hello, my name is Moulton Augustus Mayers; my sobriquet is Straws—you can call me Straws. I am the author of the book Crashing Streams of Change, The Rise of World Government. This scintillating, tantalizing thriller will tug on your heartstrings; ignite an inferno in your loins; teach you how to love your spouse; give you the secrets to a happy, lasting marriage; and unlock all of life’s arcane mysteries to you. This bold, fictional monograph; tinctured with poetry, is a book of pure wisdom and profound understanding. It will make you laugh, as if you were watching. 

The Nutty Professor movie, and cry as if you had lost everything. Its undisguised message of pure, plain truth is written to a universal audience that appreciates an exquisite blend of sizzling romance, spine-tingling adventure, unvarnished theological truth, and Babylonian display of wealth. The book squarely and straightforwardly confronts the rank fraud of evolution theory and its quaint role in the marginalization of western morals. It clearly points out the unanswerable association between naturalism and dark, occult religious systems that disport themselves as true allies of the human race. The book’s matter of fact, no-nonsense approach to unearthing the plain truth of how earthly life works and its hard-hitting, promethean treatment of established religion would leave you holding your breath and wishing it had not ended. Its sprawling, cosmopolitan settings reflect this author’s signature style of creating mystery and piquancy around the venues he has selected; it mirrors his flair for distant, exotic places and the mystery often associated with them. The book itself is a cosmorama of quaint, far-away places which conjure up an aura of their being just a stone’s throw away. But I must get back to talking more about Straws.

I was born in a hamlet in Saint Vincent, a tiny island in the West Indies. More than a quarter of a century ago, I migrated to the United State of America in search of a better life—and I found it. I went to college and buckled down to rigid, academic life. I did quite well for myself and graduated with honors, receiving both a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in geography. My professional life has been quite rewarding. I have taught geography, both full-time and part-time, at the community college level for more than twelve years. I was a popular and much favored instructor, epithetized as professor extraordinaire! Many of my students are now running important societal institutions–and that connection is still intact!

I am happily married and enjoy a variety of hobbies; and oh, the beauty and wonder of a sizzling life of intimacy with the woman of my rib, Shelley-Anne Babb-Mayers. I am an avid defender of the sacred merits and practical efficacy of traditional marriage. There are baneful, internecine forces that are working titanically to disassemble and bulldoze the inviolate temple of holy matrimony. Oh how sad; and what a surreal, uncanny place that this world has become. We’ve lost it; we’ve lost respect for ourselves and for the Holy, Almighty God of the universe. And what is even more pathetic is that those who violate the sacrosanctity of marriage; and cause the flaming, incandescent fires of Sodom and Gomorrah to fall; play a major role in the destruction of so many moral treasures! Both the righteous and the profane and unholy perish in the searing smoke of such destruction. God help us all: we are going to need it, for a Holy God must judge the vileness of mankind and uproot the poisonous weeds of evil from the earth. Oh see our beloved United States; lost in the strange, uncanny parlor of unnaturalness and witchcraft. God help us, for we are going to need it; help us, oh God! But again, I must get back to Straws and his very colorful life and interesting scientific views!


I am an exquisite guitarist, a flaming poet, a Promethean author, and a fine scientific ethicist. I also have expertise in site analysis and business consulting. And, above all these things; intrigued by the questionable, subjective nature of evolution and naturalism; I have dedicated much time to researching the bold claims of Jesus Christ. Predicated on the matter of fact, objective research that I have executed; yawning gaps have been uncovered, in terms of what I have been led to believe was true and what I actually found to be true in the process of my research. One of the things that I discovered was that the Scientific Establishment of this world had cleverly and slickly concealed a treasure trove of truth, both about nature and the person of Jesus Christ. I noticed that broad patterns of design in nature had been cavalierly brushed aside or discarded altogether. I also discovered that the undisturbed facts surrounding Jesus point to one thing, and one thing only: All that he said about himself was true—he is the son of the one true God of the universe. Moreover, all those hard-core atheists who have done objective research on the matter have come to that same conclusion. However, many visceral, academic villains; with axe-grinding agendas, have soiled the truth. They claim that Jesus—this strange, historical phenom; conceived without physical intimacy—was stolen from his tomb under the watch of Roman Centurions’ insuperable might, These guileful, tarnished experts have disturbed and distorted the facts having to do with history’s golden boy; and oh, what damage they have done! The truth is: they do not know what they are saying or doing.

Many top-notched quantum algebraists have done sophisticated mathematical equations that point to a young universe and the impracticality of the notions presented by evolution theorists. Subjective, evolutionary concepts are presented as natural laws; and that is very troubling and untrue to the intrinsic nature of science. Thus, modern science is, at best, religious in nature; pumping into young people’s impressionable minds unscientific notions as facts that cannot be proved. Most naturalists are religious nuts who have faith that what they believe is true. The evidence is not in the fossil records, and those who tout the big bang theory often speak as if they were there when it happened: 

They were not there when it happened, and they cannot prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that any such astrophysical phenomenon ever happened. In other words, all they are saying merely amounts to conjecture, speculation, and surmise; but they do not present it that way: They talk and act as if they were there and can prove what they are saying beyond the shadow of a doubt; and therein lies the religious fervor of their false, unscientific teaching. In sum, modern science is a religion that is ardently advocated by mindless atheists who abhor the pure truth of the Bible.They reject Christianity and have developed their own religious brand called Modern Science; and, in the process, they have washed the world into a turbulent, whirling, brawling sea of doom.

The truth is: they cannot explain the origin of the universe. All they present are merely guesswork and speculation—nothing else. The scientific analysis presented in my work Crashing Streams of Change is objective, thorough, unbiased, and colorless with plainly no hidden agendas: Truth is the only star of the show—and of the universe, too. My view of the world through the prism of objectivity allows me to see the undisguised truth about how this world works; and though my controversial findings about this world’s nature and operation may be jarring to some; their objective, scientific focus points the way to the truth and allows those with a clear mind to see what others have hitherto overlooked. This novel, refreshing Mayersian system of analysis; woven throughout the book; is fresh, crisp, poignant, provocative, and mind-blowing. While it may seem as if the book is an axe-grinding machine against certain groups of people in the global community, it is not; it merely draws the curtains on the lies that evil has told mankind, unkennelling the fact that there is a concrete personality of evil that is operating through secret organizations in this world. If the world really knew the truth, it would follow an entirely different course; but the truth is hidden by a vulpine machinery of sociopolitical engineers who run the show on this earth. This revolutionary, no-holes barred system of analysis offers plain, straightforward solutions to human problems as it bites away at the core of all human hurtles, woes, and ills. Read it and see for your own self!