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A Falling Star

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A shooting star, quarreling in the heavens;
Its flaming beauty spatters the night with Splendor.
Oh, the cavernous cave of night, as large as the world itself, is a mystery:
It is a world of wonder and the dark glory of another world where nothing is right.
Oh, the giant cave of night; forever lost in the darkness, is a strange falling star.
Night, in all of its blackness and mysterious splendor,
is a star that was not meant to Shine.
Oh, rayless lamp of night,
plucked from the glory of the gods and is so alone.
The falling star of night,
dropped from a million light years away, is a quaint spectacle;
And when it fell, it exploded like a bomb and burned the entire city down to the ground.
Oh, the mischief of night and its many strange comrades and friends who run around in the dark and wear the mask of darkness’ disguise.