Love Is the Golden Grown of the World

The Vanity of Election Cycles in America

In a world that is rapidly unraveling in all directions, people who operate at the helm are going to have to be made out of sheer steal. Involvement in politics merely for the power grab is a plain drain on society’s scarce and precious resources. In a world where morals have all but dried up, […]

Simple Things that we Take for Granted in life

Things that really Matter Life; with all of its nuances and funny faces, its many quirks, twists, and turns; is a quaint mixed bag of bundles–bundles filled with things, good and bad; desirable and undesirable They come in all kinds of ways; and we, as human beings; must adjust to the many seasons that wash […]

Real Reason Marriage Fails

Marriage used to be the most coveted and important event in a person’s life: Not anymore; during the past quarter of a century or so, it has come under vicious attack and has lost most of luster. As a result, most marriages today fail and are destined to a nasty divorce court. The real reasons […]

The Collapse of American Society

The collapse of American society is as plain as day: Not a week goes by that you do hear of professors engaging in sexual misconduct with students; or of female teachers raping their innocent, angelic, underage male students. Thus, in a world without morality and the love of Jesus, just about anything goes—anywhere, and any […]

America: A One-Time Friend of God

If you, too, are intrigued and concerned about how bad things have become and are musing about the possible end of the world, this article is for you: It would clear up all doubts and give you even more reason to be concerned about the fact that the world is indeed ending, right before your […]